Jeff Ireland feels great about the Fins

300h.jpgThough G.M. Jeff Ireland apparently isn’t ready to predict a Super Bowl berth (like his boss did on Saturday), Ireland generally feels good about the Dolphins heading into 2010.

Actually, he feels better than good.

I feel great where we’re at,” Ireland said Friday, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

“Nothing really concerns me,” he said of a roster that has raised questions at safety and linebacker.

We’ll defer to Jackson as to the rest of the details.  But we’ll leave you with the perfunctory Pat White update.

As to the possibility of White being moved to another position, Ireland said, “Not right now.”

Actually, we’ll leave you with this.  There’s no hint in Jackson’s item that Ireland faced a single question about the “thugs and hoodlums” that the team seems to be harboring, despite V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells’ broad claim when taking the job that he wanted no such players.

Given the small army of Miami media covering the team, it’s somewhat amazing that the team isn’t facing greater local pressure for the conduct of its players.  If the Dolphins aren’t held accountable by the league or the media for a failure to avoid problem players and to keep them from causing problems once in the building, the team never will change its ways.

Then again, the Bengals have been held accountable by the media, and they’re still willing to add tiger stripes to an orange jumpsuit.

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  1. This isn’t the NCAA. There’s no incentive to punish players on your own team as an NFL coach/GM. The NFL has a personal conduct policy in place, have faith in it’s ability to work. Why would a team want to punish it’s own players? It causes friction between the players and front office. The players are allowed to appeal, and you draw out weeks or months of unnecessary separation and alienation of the players, who may choose to not show up for involuntary workouts. Until the NFL provides some sort of incentive for punishing yourself, I don’t see the point at all. Because it’s the “right thing to do?”. Sorry, but wins and business come before political correctness. Welcome to a billion dollar industry.

  2. Ireland’s a douche. He’s a figurehead. Fat Tuna the Quiter pulls the strings. The Dolphins suck like every season (except when they had the NY Jet Pennington).
    2010 Dolphins 5-11

  3. I feel great about my Panthers too, obviously because the season hasn’t started yet.

  4. All NFL teams are full of hoodlums. Have you ever met any of these guys?
    Don’t delude yourselves.

  5. No one can really tell how a team will play together with many new young players. The only thing certain is that Florio will continue to claim that the Dolphins are a bunch of hoodlums and thugs for whatever personal reasons he may have. Only one player can be characterized as a hoodlum and thug; Phillip Merling who was arrested on battery charges against his pregnant girlfriend. Ronnie Brown is a solid citizen who made a young man’s mistake of driving under the influence of Alcohol. There is no substance to Florio’s claims that the Dolphins are a bunch of hoodlums and thugs. Ireland did not face any questions of “hoodlums and thugs” because only Florio is delusional over Parcells and the Dolphins.

  6. Thugs & hoodlums on an NFL squad will happen naturally, like the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening. Nothing can be done about it. It’s the severity of the crimes they commit that needs to be capped: rape & murder=NO GOOD, irresponsible insemination (or near insemination) of dumbass or gold-diggin’ bitches=ACCEPTABLE as it is the lesser of two evils.
    Big Ben was smart if you want to call it that as he targeted loose as a goose hoochified morons with no credibility *cough*SOCIOPATH*cough* and relies on his fame to escape justice. But at least there haven’t been a string of little Ben’s or Bennina’s brought into the world populating our trailer parks living off welfare that we know of so for that society should be grateful.

  7. All of this self-promoting by the Dolphins and Jets is great! As a Patriots fan I am looking forward to the upcoming season. You see, the games still have to be played.
    Here is one for all of you to mark down: The rookie, Aaron Hernandez, will be a game-changer. The kid has mad-skills that will be used in a creative way.
    Then the questions will have to be answered as to why a little marijuana use by a college kid knocked him down in the draft? LMAO that my team scored him in the fourth round!
    Keep talking Dolphin and Jet fans. You will be eating those words.

  8. “Predict a Super Bowl berth”
    But…but…I thought the Jets were going to the Super Bowl?
    You can bet if Robert Kraft did this, he’d be ripped to shreds.
    But since it wasn’t him, it’s okay.

  9. Florio has a problem with Parcells. I think big Bill stole his girlfriend or something. Does anyone think that maybe Merling’s girlfriend was lying? I haven’t seen anywhere on this or any other site that he was punished by the law for this “slapping of his pregnant girlfriend”. Nor did Rothlisberger get into any trouble by the law for what he did. Am I the only one in the world that understands there are golddiggers out there for whatever they can get? And why didn’t he include the jests criminals in his article? I think making 20 babies from twent women is pretty bad also, and stating on your twitter that you regularly wake and bake isn’t real “legal” either (though it should be).

  10. Hoodlums or not..the Phins are going to dominate the AFC east this year. F-u dumbass Jets fans and you haters out there. Who cares what Jeff says his mom is a prostitute. What matters is on the field……oh yea J E T S..suck suck suck!!!!

  11. Gonna be another tough year for the Fins.
    “As to the possibility of White being moved to another position, Ireland said, “Not right now.”
    How about you move him to another team instead?

  12. Mr Florio,
    you never seem to amze me. Getting on your soap box to make a story out of nothing. Just to post something on your site. Do some real homework and then write about a team numb-nutts!
    Oh, the media is not asking the hard questions to the local team….boo-hoo. go cry somewhere else, you self-righteous a-**#$.
    from your extensive knowledge of investigative reporting, who is the thug or hoodlum you speak of? Merling? Brown? these guys had DUI’s. dumb choices? absolutely. thugs? come on now.
    You must be a choir boy or something. dont ever slip up fool! you are going to have an army of people ready to lynch you!!!
    go find another non-story. fill up more space and waste all of our time.

  13. Doesn’t matter. Three quarters of the time the player is found not guilty or the charges are reduced or dropped. “Innocent until proven guilty” is still the American way, since a lot of you seem to have problems with that. And also when you serve your time or suspension, eg; Rich Incognito, you are ready to go on with your life, another American quality. So stop your moaning cause the Phins are good and will be a team to reckon with for years to come. Go Phins!!!!

  14. Must mean the Dolphins are poised to have a great season when so many people are taking shots at them. Florio tries to imply there are more thugs on this team than anywhere else. Where is he getting his information from? Some of the players made bad choices this off-season….agreed. But to call them ‘thugs’ is nothing but sloppy and sensationalist journalism at it’s best. Is he trying to call Ronnie Brown a ‘thug’? Ronnie is one of the classiest guys in the league and his DUI was out of character and poor judgement on his part. I sense some jealousy on the part of Florio for what lies ahead for the Dolphins this season.

  15. what is the criteria for earning these criminal points that have the dolphins ranked first in the league?
    is a dui conviction like 1 point for the team and rape allegations are 0 points?
    carrying a gun is half a point i guess.
    murder charges equal what again?
    dog fighting i guess has fallen out of season with you folk.
    i’m pretty sure there have been drug charges aplenty around the league too.
    i know florio can beat the shit out of a story, and i appreciate pft for that because it is all the more potential clicks to keep me busy. but i genuinely thought there was some substance to all the shit beating.
    this dolphins are criminals and thugs silliness is just nonsense when you consider some of the few but veritably dangerous people in the league.

  16. @NYMets
    When they HAD C. Pennignton? He’s still on the team idiot!

  17. Wait … what’s the story?
    That a GM feels great about his team? Should he answered he feels lousy?
    Or … that he wasn’t asked the same questions he’s been asked for a week now?
    OK one more time for you Florio … They’re going to follow the process the NFL has in place, and see how it plays out …
    Any more brain busters?

  18. Enough of this cr@p… I’ve watched Florio make an @ss out of himself for 3 f’n years over the comment Parcells made.
    The Dolphins have had four players arrested this year. To my knowledge all four payers had NEVER had a problem previously. Yet all he can do (and all he’s been looking to do for three years)… is throw Parcells words back in his face.
    Meanwhile… the Steelers FINALLY cut Santurdio Holmes after FIVE f’n different incidents…. have a QB whose raped two different women, which the biggest discernible team appointed discipline for was holding a press conference to say he would do better…. and somehow they are the example to follow???
    Miami is harboring “thugs and hoodlums” because they haven’t cut anyone after ONE incident… NONE of which have been adjudicated. What happened to being proved guilty before being punished?
    Wasn’t the commissioners personal conduct policy focused on REPEAT offenders?
    Personally I think there are more thugs and hoodlums writing for this website, than there are playing for the Dolphins…. albeit it’s the TRUTH upon which they carry out their thug and hoodlum ways.

  19. At least they didn’t draft Dez Bryant.
    Pat White will be moved to another position. In the shipping and receiving department.

  20. What do you know, another DOLPHINS post and a bunch of Jet QU33RS feel the need to stalk the Dolphin fans out of jealousy and envy.
    It never gets old hearing these ignorant Jet fans say how bad Miami sucks but the one question I have for them always goes unanswered.
    If the Dolphins suck yet they SWEPT your team last year, what does that make your team?
    Now that the Dolphins have added one of the best WR’s and ILB’s in the league we are going to DESTROY the Jets who relied so much on their running game last year but are now without Thomas Jones and Alan Fanaca who contributed over 60% of that success last year.
    The Jets will have to rely on Sanchez more than 20 times a game this year and the opposing defenses are going to flourish with INT after INT. I can’t wait to hear the excuses from Jet fans after they get swept again for the second straight year.
    The first time they play the Phins it will be because Santonio Holmes is suspended but I have no idea of what lame excuse they will have for the second game but I’m sure those moronic fans will think of something.

  21. Ahhhh, I think I’ll watch some replays of the Jets/ Dolphins games. Nobody on the Jets kickoff special teams seems to be able to tackle Ted Ginn. Loser!! Or, Monday night Chad Henne and the Wildcat spank Fat Boys vaunted defense. (Revis can’t run with Ted Ginn, too bad). Laooozer! Or two seasons ago the Jets are home the last game of the season with a slim chance to make the playoffs. Nice game, Favre! DOLPHINS ARE DIVISION CHAMPS! So I ask all you Jets fans, WHO’S YA DADDY!!! LOserS! lol

  22. I would love to hear your definition of Thugs and Hoodlums because where you stand now it can be safely assumed you mean most of the country.

  23. Florio will need to go on vacation on Oct 23 so he won’t be around on Sunday to watch his team go down in Miami, but he won’t, instead he will be on here crying about how his girls got beat, speaking of girls, if big Ben would leave then alone perhaps they could have a few more wins this year. Bill

  24. Let it go Florio. I’m beginning to think you like sound of your own opinion even if it’s beating a dead horse.

  25. The reason the local media isn’t making a big deal about it us because half of the charges are DUIs and the other half are just allegations. I’m waiting to hear who was convicted of anything Florio.
    We don’t have rapists or murderers on the team, which several other teams have, and fans tolerances are relative – so in an age where we have some NFL athletes raping women and murdering people, DUIs seem tame.
    And Ireland needs to shut the hell up, just like Ross. You don’t boast about your own team.
    Both Ireland and Ross are tools.

  26. 305phinphan says:
    “The Jets will have to rely on Sanchez more than 20 times a game this year and the opposing defenses are going to flourish with INT after INT.”
    Are there even 20 colors their stupid coach can color code for Sancheezy to use in his pee-wee style offense?

  27. Dear Mr. Florio,
    For the past year and a half I thought I was reading legitimate material on your website. I just come to realize your posts are loaded with as much CRAP as THE “National Enquirer and Star” magazine!!! …Can someone slap me with the STUPID STICK!!!
    The way that you are SERIOUSLY suggesting that the Dolphins are “harboring Thugs and Hoodlums” has me baffled out of my mind!!! You’re accusations are equivalent to players that have rap sheets. The Dolphin players that were arrested are 1st time offenders.
    Randy Starks was driving in a overcrowded vehicle (13 people built for 4) on a crowded South Beach. He accicidently swiped a officer while trying to pull over. Ronnie Brown and Will Allen had DUI’s. Phillip Merling hit his pregnant girlfriend. Each used bad judgement and made “A” mistake. You are treating Phillip Merling like he’s Ray Carruth, a cold-blooded murderer!!! You are treating Ronnie, Will, and Randy like their Mike Vick, Adam “pacman” Jones, Tank Johnson, Cedric Benson, Santonio Holmes and the list goes on with players that are HABITUAL offenders!!!
    I’m started to think you are trying to keep your contract with NBC by writing crappy non-stories (National Enquirer material) about NFL teams to fill up your website!! In the process you are losing followers and your credibility!!!

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