Jets leave permanent mark on Tomlinson

LaDainian Tomlinson didn’t want to live in the past.

That’s why, upon arriving in New York, he was inked with a New York Jets tattoo on his calf, to match the lightning bolt tattoo he’s long had on the other half.

“I think that shows the type of commitment he has,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said.

Or it shows the risks of starting a tattoo theme early in your career.  Where’s he going to put the St. Louis Rams tattoo next year?

87 responses to “Jets leave permanent mark on Tomlinson

  1. LT will really get tattood by the Ravens the first time he touches the ball in the openor. As he’s leaving the field on a stretcher his tatoos will be the least of his worries.

  2. In a couple years that tattoo is going to be just like if he had tattooed an ex girlfriend name on his calf… He is going to say……WHAT THE F*@K WAS I THINKING!!!

  3. He should tattoo a bench, because that is where he is going to spend most of the season

  4. Jack’s tats mean nothing…they were his real one’s. They just tried to write it into the show.

  5. So more worthless info but lemme be the first to say, years ago I liked LT, and his words and actions since then has soured me on him. He seems like a sook and bitch that sates a girl and a week later tats his arm with her name.
    Sad and Lame LT

  6. Who cares? It means a lot to him.. I have tattoos that I got that have deeper meanings.

  7. TheSleepness-
    before anyone glosses over your comment… nice 🙂
    the most uninteresting mystery I ever saw revealed on that damn show.

  8. Getting at tatoo shows his committment ?
    Another intelligent comment from the HC of the Newark Jests.
    LadyT classiest player in his own mind.
    2010 2.5 yards per carry

  9. Did that moronic coach actually equate commitment to a freaking tat??? What a joke, ask the chargers about his commitment dumb ass!
    This Revis thing will get very ugly FYI.

  10. Leave it to Rex Ryan to look at something as worthless as a tattoo to determine “commitment”….. I wonder where Rex has his tattoo…..probably on his head, which is always up his ass.

  11. Where is his tattoo telling us how much class he has? Or complaining how mean the Pats?

  12. Tomlinson is an HOFer as far as burning bridges. Favre is the all-time leader (not just interceptions) but Tomlinson is a competitor. You get ’em tiger, can’t wait to see what this moron does next.

  13. That’s just dumb, it’s kinda like getting a tattoo of your girlfriends name 2 weeks into your relationship.

  14. “As he’s leaving the field on a stretcher…”
    Rooting for serious injury makes you cool.

  15. This website sucks. Why am I wasting my time on it. I’m gonna go to one of them naked ladies websites now.

  16. I don’t understand why you people bitch about the material on this site, if you don’t like it, DON’T effing read it!!!

  17. Naturally Tomlinson would get the tattoo of the team he wins the SUPERBOWL with. Only he got the tattoo first.

  18. Boy, I thought what Michael Vick did was bad… but putting a New York Jets tattoo on his Baby Cow?
    Now THAT’S cruel.
    The SPCA is going to go ballistic over this.

  19. Really, if you’re the sort of person who gets tattoos, a “list of NFL teams I’ve played for” isn’t really that bad a theme. You’re much less likely to regret those down the line, as even if you didn’t have a particularly stellar career with a team, it’s still a point of pride to have been chosen to play with them to begin with.
    I would wait until he actually makes the final roster to get the ink, though.

  20. yea i mean seriously…why in the hell would you report this? no one gives a damn about tomlinson’s tattoos…report nfl news, this article should be in a women’s gossip magazine…c’mon man!

  21. wait till ol Rex sees how many times LT is tackled behind the line of scrimmage by the “Turf Monster”.
    You’ll quickly see what the Jets committment is to LT 😉

  22. yo ampats…..
    just spell tattoo right….ya bandwagon dump..
    and tell us more about your heavy long standing football greatness that paved the way…..
    could’nt mean it more chowda head.

  23. profootballtalk is a freaking jets gossip website. every little minute thing regarding the jets ends up on here and then all the dbag flipper fans come flocking

  24. Enough about LT. He is established. And it is established that he is over the hill.
    What about my man Braylon? “Hands of Stone” need a new deal! What else is left for him to prove? He’s led the NFL in drops for three years! That’s gotta be worth something.
    Poor boy can’t even afford to buy his friend Donte a drink! Talkin’ about tradin’ in the Bentley for a Prius! (He would think about it but “Hands of Stone” also has “head of air”.)
    The man needs a car; he can’t even catch a cab. Could sell his meds for cash, cause he can’t even catch a cold!
    Show the man some love. Give him the deal he deserves!

  25. by the way…i would really love to know why ampats comments on every jets article there is? are you really that obsessed with the jets? cause i never look at any new england i mean really are you secretly a jets fan? same goes for a lot of these asshole dolphins fans..i didnt know soo many of you cared so much for the jets…just stick to your own teams, cause no one cares about your opinions

  26. That’s why Tomilson choose the Jets over the Vikings. It would have been a lot longer of a tattoo (with the detail) to get a viking than the word Jets.
    I guess that means Tomilson is somewhat of a pu$$y.
    Funny thing is he has a lightning bolt on one side and the Jet logo on the other…………….maybe he is trying to say the Jets will crash and burn this year.

  27. Invaiduh
    I understand your anger , if my team was 29-83 over the past seven years I might be alittle insecure therefore trying to be a tough guy on the internet while typing from the slums of the East Bay.
    I can spell 2011 1st round draft choice that your genius owner traded away for Seymour who is currently holding out which based on past history should be a top 5 pick.
    Save the plithy response moron your team is not worth the space for Florio to post anything about.

  28. He should get one of the Lombardi trophy since he’s never going to hoist one up.. Or one that says ” THIS TEAM ISN’T A GAME OVER .500 IN THE PAST DECADE YET WE’RE GONNA WIN IT ALL”

  29. I…..was……….running, with my new magic jet leg…….. eee eeee eeeeeeeee

  30. could be worse you could name your kids after players you don’t like very much (poor Brett Mangini)

  31. He should get a tat of Shaun Alexander’s face, because thats what hes about to become!!!
    Hes completely washed up. I cant believe the hype for the Jets this year because they signed this bum along with Cromartie (garbage) and Cracktonio Holmes (thug). This team will be lucky to go 8-8, mark my words!! You people cant handle the truth, you’ve been brainwashed by the morons at ESPN…

  32. A tattoo is a permanent solution to a temporary urge.
    I can’t wait to see all these idiot “warriors” in 20 years, you know the ones I see at the gym all friggin marked up.

  33. NYMets says:
    June 6, 2010 12:32 PM
    Naturally Tomlinson would get the tattoo of the team he wins the SUPERBOWL with. Only he got the tattoo first.
    6-10 teams rarely win Super Bowls. But hey, if the Mets building your dreams up every year to crush them in humiliating fashion in September isn’t enough misery, keep thinking the Jets are going to win the AFC East; let alone the Super Bowl.
    On a side note, I would think Mets and Phillies fans should get along…you’re the two biggest douchebag fanbases in MLB.

  34. ” I think it shows the type of committment he has”….
    Yeah. Ok Rex. So, the players who don’t get inked up aren’t as committed?…What an idiot…

  35. “Where’s he going to put the St. Louis Rams tattoo next year?”
    Duh… Horns on the side of his head!

  36. yo ampats……aside of your new found fame with a bi-curious brady what was your team EVER….
    just a footnote in the ’85 Bears notebook…..
    It’s still that good in the only NATION.

  37. How a tattoo shows anything is just….it shows how stupid some people can be
    It shows that they wanted a tattoo and are emotional….that is about it

  38. Mike in regards to your “this revis thing will get ugly”
    I’m personally hoping that happens so the eagle’s spend a 1st, 2nd and someone half decent for him lol

  39. NYMets says:
    June 6, 2010 12:32 PM
    Naturally Tomlinson would get the tattoo of the team he wins the SUPERBOWL with. Only he got the tattoo first.
    With this comical cast of wash-ups, has-beens, and prematurely anointed stars the Jets go into 2010 with, they will be lucky to win 9 games again. They sold out chemistry for big names to sell their PSL’s, not to win a championship. By nature, jets fans were born with a warped sense of reality. Until you grasp reality & quit pretending that the Jets actually stand a chance to win anything more than the free agent bowl in 2010, I will continue to remind you of how sorry your franchise has been, is, and will be. Let’s look back:
    Bill Parcels drafts Chad Pennington, a QB with no arm & Jets fans think he’s the second coming of Broadway Joe after he leads the Jets to a 9-7 record & a 41-0 win against the Colts in the AFC Wild Card round. The Jets follow-up that “stellar” season by going 6-10 & finishing LAST in the AFC East in 2003. Then In 2004 the Jets return to their schizophrenic form by going 10-6 & once again make it to the Divisional Round of the playoffs by beating the Chargers behind the great play of a defensive star, Jonathan Vilma. Jets fans are pumped & feel their team is primed to make a run. Mike Tannenbaum makes some offseason moves & the Jets respond by going 4-12 in 2005, spelling the end of Herman Edwards & in comes Mangenius for 2006. The next Bill Belichick & Bill Parcels (both started with the Giants I must add) brings the Jets back to the playoffs yet again by going 10-6, but gets a thumping from the Pats in the first round. Once again, Jets fans are stoked, thinking they have stolen the baby Belichick from the Pats & the Jets are primed for long-term success, right? WRONG! They respond by going 4-12 in 2007 & watched their co-tenants, the only real NY football team, the Giants win the Super Bowl & do something they could not do in 2 tries: beat the Patriots. The Jets used their #4 pick that year on defensive stud Vernon Gholston. Jets fans argued until blue in the face that 2007 was aberration & that Mangenius & KELLEN CLEMMENS would bring them back to success (not that they ever had any). So in 2008, the Jets go 9-7 & miss the playoffs yet again. Out goes Mangini, in comes Fat Rex & Dirty Sanchez. The Jets respond by going 9-7, backing into the playoffs, and reaching the AFC Championship for the first time since 1998 (which they followed up with an 8-8 record & LAST place). The Bengals sucked, but the win against the Chargers was impressive.
    History has a habit of repeating itself, especially with the Jets. The Jets got a lucky season from a small armed QB in Sanchez (ala Chad Pennington) and had a fluke season under yet another first year head coach (ala Herm Edwards & Mangenius). The Jets went out & signed some free agents, just as they did after 2004’s aberration, and have stoked their fan base. The Jets did not sign Taylor & LT & trade for Holmes to improve their team; they made those moves to butts in the seats & sell PSL’s. As history has shown, they Jets are primed not for success, but for yet another disappointing season. The Jets are & always will be the little brother in New York. Across the board, the Giants are a better team & in a better position to achieve & maintain long-term success. Since 1960, the Jets are 350-420-8; by definition that is below average. They have a lifetime winning percentage of .455, which is good for 7th worst all-time; ahead of only the Houston Texans (.383), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.392), the Atlanta Falcons (.415), the Arizona Cardinals (.419), the New Orleans Saints (.422) & the Cincinnati Bengals (.438). Furthermore, of those bottom feeders, only the Cardinals have played more games than the Jets’ 778. By definition, that is the earmark of a team destined for life-long mediocrity & below average play. With that being said, Jets fans should temper their expectations. Like the Mets in baseball, no matter what the Jets do, they will always be losers (at least the Mets have more championships & playoff appearances in a shorter existence). Therefore, the 2010 AFC East will look like this:
    1. New England Patriots: 12-4
    2. Miami Dolphins: 10-6 (Wild Card)
    3. New York Jets: 9-7
    4. Buffalo bills: 5-11
    Enjoy another disappointing season, which will be followed by an even worse season. Football is not a win-now league; the best teams build for the long-term by developing through the draft & supplementing through free agency; the complete opposite from what the Jets did (ask Daniel Snyder).
    J-E-T-S Just End This Sh!t

  40. I can’t wait to read about Jason Taylor getting his jests tattoo. All the years he bad-mouthed them and now he’s one of them so he should go ahead and join the trend.
    And to all you stupid jests fans, we all come onto all the jests articles because we love to laugh. It’s going to be even funnier when that simpleton coach of yours starts crying and all you stupid fans disappear!!!!!!!!

  41. @ Kappy says:
    “The Bengals sucked, but the win against the Chargers was impressive.”
    C’mon, how is the Chargers kicker missing three chip-shot FGs that impressive?

  42. Classic jilted lover on the rebound behavior. Only this is the released over the hill athlete version. Even jets fans know better than do something that dumb.

  43. “Or it shows the risks of starting a tattoo theme early in your career. Where’s he going to put the St. Louis Rams tattoo next year?”
    Well, considering the state of that franchise he should probably put it around his cornhole.

  44. ampats. you could get more than 2.5yards behind the jets online, come on now.
    kappy that was just a gigantic waste of time…you should maybe invest some more time into ur team than hating on the jets. pathetic. jets 12-4

  45. “That’s why Tomilson choose the Jets over the Vikings. It would have been a lot longer of a tattoo (with the detail) to get a viking than the word Jets.”
    Not only that, but Fireman Ed would have to be there to spell it out for him and he was busy.

  46. Kappy,
    The Dolphins wild card joke told me exactly who you are. The only success the Dolphins had since Jay Fiedler was booted from town by the dumbest fans in the NFL was when a NY Jet, Pennington and his noodle arm showed up.
    The Dolphins suck year after year and that’s with Jason Taylor, his brother in law, and the guy who’s second tier because he never won the big one. And this year will be no different.
    As bad as the Jets have been historically go and check the all time head to head record and especially for the last 12 years.
    Dolphins won’t even have a chance at a win until week 6. Sorry loser.

  47. JetsAreAJoke says:
    June 6, 2010 6:12 PM
    @ Kappy says:
    “The Bengals sucked, but the win against the Chargers was impressive.”
    C’mon, how is the Chargers kicker missing three chip-shot FGs that impressive?
    it was impressive in that they capitalized on the Chargers’ mistakes. They flat beat them up & that fourth down call at the end was gutsy & good football (even though I disagreed with the call at that time).
    Jets fans live on “ifs.” Even IF the Colts played their starters in week 16, the Jets would have won. Even IF the Bengals played their full game & not worried about giving away too much, the Jets would have still won. IF Strickland wasn’t opposite Revis in the AFC Championship, we would have won. How about this “IF”: IF the Jets ever had a clue on what they were doing for the past 50 years, they wouldn’t be the joke of every football blog & New York newspaper week in week out.

  48. @kappy….shortn’ it up nobody cares that much
    @blackglass…et al… Christ on my kids NOOO…

  49. It’s in all caps….losers…..INVAIDUH.
    “DUH” is the easy joke… smarter..

  50. @ NYMets:
    Head to head record for Jets vs. Dolphins the last 10 years is 13-7 Jets, with 5 Jets sweeps & 2 Dolphins sweeps.. Despite that, the Jets have finished ahead of the Dolphins with a better record only 4 times. My point is that historically, the Jets have been in this same position before & have nothing to show for it. The Dolphins have a track record if success; .574 all-time winning percentage (2nd best all time) and more than 100 points higher than the Jets. The Dolphins have played merely 9 more total games than the Jets have, but have 76 more wins! The Jets are a joke. The Dolphins are in a much better position to achieve & sustain long-term success than are the Jets. If the Jets don’t win this year, they’re in trouble for 2011 & beyond. That’s why many people are predicting them to be this decade’s Lions.
    @ Kris Jenkins:
    Taylor is a joke. He’s a 4-3 DE, not a 3-4 OLB. He is weak on the run & 7 sacks is nothing. He’ll be lucky to get 5 all year. As for Santonio Holmes, a 5th round pick in the deepest draft in recent memory for 12 games? The guy hasn’t done jack sh!t in any other game besides the Super Bowl. Desmond Howard was a Super Bowl MVP, as did Dexter Jackson & Deion Branch, are they great players? One game doesn’t make a career. Brandon Marshal is head & shoulder above Santonio Holmes & Chad Henne is better than Mark Sanchez. The Jets needed names to sell PSL’s. There is no other reason they signed these other than to excite the fan base & sell tickets. They had chemistry & a good team last year; no reason to blow it up. These guys will not hep.
    If the Jets didn’t have such a sorry tradition, it would be shorter. The only ones who don’t want to read it are the Jets fans living in denial of how horrible & sorry their franchise is.
    @ ampats:
    Thank you. Jets fans are the stupidest fans in any sport I’ve has the misfortune to watch a football game with. They continue to reject reality even when it’s staring them in the face year after year.
    @ HellRelle24:
    I don’t need to worry about my team, they are just fine. They’ll show you how football in NY is played.

  51. LOL. my Dad had a tat of his first wife, he always had to ‘splain why he had “Pat”on his arm

  52. # PATtunya says: June 6, 2010 6:30 PM
    He shoulda a tat of a box of tissues!
    That comment was held for approval by the blog owner? That means I can probably get this one through:
    Ladanen shuld get a big tat of a L on his forhed cuz he s big LOOSER!

  53. EXCELLENT WORK Kappy… too bad it’s wasted on these bonehead irrelevant newark inbreds.
    They are just as irrelevant as the pets and we will all be laughing when this “house of cards” falls down around their feet. 7th worst all time sounds about right for these hopeless wannabes.
    What excuses will we hear this time I wonder? We’ve ALL heard so many before… posers, nothing more.

  54. TAts are the worst thing to happen ever! If you need tats your a weak person. You either need them or or dont. All tats do is grab a look for a brief moment. Then you say what an idot! Cant wait for 2020 when all this ink looks even worse.

  55. Hey Pat fans you forgot when you were the bottom feeders, right catfish. O wait I remember back in 85′ you did something… right, got the piss beat out of you by the Bears… before that??? It was an impressive little run but go find a comfortable rock to crawl under for the next ten years.
    You can point at Jet stats all you want but the real problem with the Jets the last 20 years is that all the caoches we’ve had sucked. Ritche Cottite? Bruce Coslet? AL Grogh? Herm(clock manager) Edwards? Eric (read and react defense)Mangini???
    The only good coach we had in that time frame took a 1-16 team, got them to the playoffs that year and into the AFC Championship game the next year, Parcells.
    PS Don’t worry Giant Fans, you’ll be kissing our asses soon enough.

  56. Kappy has destroyed the whole jet franchise in 3 paragraphs what a nice thing to read .
    To Kris Jenkins “what about santonio holmes? a superbowl mvp and elite receiver for only a 5th” how dare u say elite and santonio holmes in the same sentence – you need to play some fantasty football before you call santonio holmes an elite reciever , hell hes not the best reciever on his team.

  57. Kappy is 100% correct, only he left out a few juicy tidbits. #1 Faneca is gone and Mangold is holding out, oops, there goes that great o line that had the most rushing yards (with the most carries) #2, They dismantled thier run game, and paid LT the Same thing as T jones for 600 less yards, and thier new star rb showed hes a wuss in the only AFC champ game hes ever gonna sniff “my ribs hurt, wahhhhh” sounds like LT in the Pats playoff game, don’t it? #3 Lardass Jenkins showed up after being hurt all season 400 lbs smoking a cig, now you know why the Panthers dumped his sorry ass. #4 No man is an island Revis holding out, because he wants to get paid before he has to face Moss X2, Marshall X2, Boldin, Megatron, a pissed off Ocho, Andre, Fave throwing to Rice, and the best qb in the NFL last season throwing to Jennings/Driver. #5 Take a look at the Jets home schedule, those psl owners are gonna be lucky if they see 2 wins out of that brutal home stretch #6 and lets not forget the Jets everyone was fawning over were still a 500 team that had 2 laydowns to get them in the playoffs, and 5 missed fgs to get them to the AFC champ game to sell psl’s. Enjoy jests fans, your qb is the next Bubby Brister!

  58. Oh, and one more thing Jests fans seem to miss, dirty Sanchez threw an int every 10 completions, (and only completed 12 passes a game) so it really doesnt matter who the wr’s are, they are all gonna suck.

  59. buahahahaha!!! I love reading how the Jets will implde. Kappy great posts, and love the fact that you have My Dolphins winning the wildcard!

  60. Wow!
    Isn’t that a little like showing up–for your first date–
    with the gal’s name tattooed on your arm?
    To be fair to LT, though, he went old school:
    Remember, the Jets were initially the “Titans”
    and their first helmet was just solid black.
    So, technically, LT can argue that he has
    “Jets tattoos” in LOTS of places! 🙂
    (Likewise, I was such a fan of the Beatles’ “White Album” that…)

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