Lions want Jahvid Best to be the next Chris Johnson

There were a lot of preconceptions about Cal running back Jahvid Best heading into the drop.  Topping the list, was the 200-pounder couldn’t handle a “full workload” at the NFL level.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz remembers hearing the same thing about Chris Johnson when he was in Tennessee.  And with a little wishful thinking, Schwartz hopes Best follows the same path.

Best is going to start in Week One, and MLive’s Tom Kowalski writes that Schwartz has no preconceived notions about Best’s workload.  If the kid can handle a lot of carries, he’s going to get them.

Translation: fantasy football owners have every right to be excited.  Now if only Best was running behind Tennessee’s offensive line, we might really have something.

28 responses to “Lions want Jahvid Best to be the next Chris Johnson

  1. Best has a lot of potential, just keep a concussion helmet on his head and he should be very very good.
    BTW the concussion helmet thong isn’t a joke or anything I’m being serious he’s had a few and they need to protect him

  2. oldest story in the book..everyone wants to recapture lighting in a bottle, not easily done. good luck on your obvious soon to be failed mission detroit.

  3. and I want to win the lottery every time I play it…oh ya and the sky is blue and grass is green…

  4. Skins want CP to be the next Chris Johnson
    Jets want Shonn Greene to be the next Chris Johnson
    Cowboys want Felix Jones to be the next Chris Johnson
    “Insert NFL TEAM HERE” want “INSERT PLAYER NAME HERE” to be the next Chris Johnson.
    DUH E

  5. Hopefully Smith can recover and they can be a good RB tandem. A stronger Lions team can only help the league, talent parity would make games more enjoyable to watch.
    And maybe they’ll reduce the capabilities of the offense so we can see more hard fought low scoring games.

  6. Why? Speed backs burn out fast, CJ will be out of the league or coming off the bench in 3 or 4 more seasons.

  7. Claiming a guy can’t handle a lot of carries cuz he’s only 200 lbs is silly. Walter Payton was 195, & Barry and Emmit were about 205.

  8. The Colts want Donald Brown to be the next Chris Johnson
    The Colts want Joseph Addai to be the next Chris Johnson
    They also want Jerry Hughes to be the next Deacon Jones or Bruce Smith
    They want Pierre Garcon to be the next Jerry Rice
    They want Gary Brackett to be the next Dick Butkus
    They just want Peyton Manning to win playoff games at better than a .500 clip

  9. This team needs an O-Line in the worst way. The front office has neglected this unit for years. They have some nice pieces in Stafford and Best, however both those guys will have trouble making an impact with out anybody blocking for them.

  10. Is “the drop” a nickname for the draft that I’m not aware of? It’s hard to tell when Rosenthal is being clever or when he’s typing with his forehead.

  11. You mean the Lions want their 1st round RB to start? Man, I’d have never known. Thanks PFT!

  12. Best and Johnson are the same exact size and have almost the same speed. So what is the difference between the two? Is it the vision?
    If you compare the two’s college careers, Best seems to have the upper hand.

  13. Why are the Lions so focused on becoming like Tennesse? How about just trying be the Lions but better. History doesnt always repeat itself.

  14. Detroit does not want to be like Tennessee. If they did, they wouldn’t have drafted a QB who could play.

  15. Best could quite possibly be the next CJ2K, but I wouldn”t hold my breath. Too many gaping holes Detroit still needs to address. He may surprise people, but I wouldn’t expect him to be GRAND.

  16. There were a lot of preconceptions about Cal running back Jahvid Best heading into the drop.
    Do you mean “heading into the DRAFT”???
    Gregg you are a friggin idiot, you really should have someone go through all of your articles before posting them, for the 5 damn time

  17. So the Lions want him to bitch about his contract, potentially hold out, and sport a grill that would make a gold prospector jealous? Cool.

  18. …..And I want Santa Claus to bring me Samantha Pratt, unwrapped, and unclothed of course…..

  19. Stephanie….my bad…There’s prolly a ultra-hot Samantha Pratt too….I’ll take ’em both!

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