Luke McCown: Garrard is Jaguars' starter

Despite offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter’s suggestion last month that the Jaguars would open their quarterback position to competition, backup Luke McCown is under the impression that he’s not getting a chance to unseat David Garrard.

It’s David’s job,” McCown told Sirius NFL Radio.  “There’s been a lot more made about it being a competition than there really should be.  If anybody even hints to me about the idea of it being an open competition, I’m all for it.  But that’s not the case.”
McCown’s comments indicate that Garrard has received virtually all of the first-team reps at Organized Team Activities.
Alex Marvez of conducted the radio interview with McCown, and still calls Garrard “squarely on the hot seat entering this season.”  
While the Jags may not hold a true camp battle at quarterback, Garrard figures to be on a short leash after posting a 12-20 record over the last two seasons, including a string of four straight losses to close out 2009.

18 responses to “Luke McCown: Garrard is Jaguars' starter

  1. I hope McCown is ready to start because I really doubt Garrard will be the starter for the Jaguars come mid season. What a terrible record for a starting QB. I am embarrassed.

  2. Who cares. It’s the Jaguars. Nobody cares about the Jags. There are WNBA teams that have larger fan bases. If they wanna sell tickets they should hand out free blunts at the games, that way people could get all blazed and actually tolerate watching this team. They’d sell a lot more snacks at the concession stand that way too.

  3. sadly it seems like typical luke mccown just like in tampa he gets a shot to be the man but doesnt have the talent or skills to get it done it seems and thats a shame he seems like a great guy

  4. I know life long residents of Jacksonville and they are Still Dolphin fans. Jacksonville would be better off relocating.

  5. Really? Come on! Everybody was all over David’s nuts in 2007 when he threw 18 tds and only 3 ints. All of you haters out there, be ready!

  6. Oh well, David feels like his job is safe. Prepare for another mediocre season, Jags!
    Luke will always be a backup if that’s his attitude.

  7. Luke’s getting paid the same whether he gets dirty or stays clean. What’s his motivation to do anything aside from ensure he’s the #2 as we’ll likely only carry 2 qbs this year with Zach Miller as the disaster qb?
    Based on that, I wish we’d get some more guys in here to challenge Garrard and at the most, light a fire under McCown’s ass. Trevor Harris needs a lot of work, Brandsteder’s out there, hell, I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing Patrick Ramsey in for a tryout. I still say the biggest mistake we made is not making a play for Matt Schaub when he was a free agent. Damn you Shack Harris!

  8. I couldn’t care less if Garrard is getting the starting job or not. He doesn’t much of an excuse for this coming season. His play determines if how long he’s gonna stay. Because whether he wants to or not, the Jags are going to draft a QB next year with such a strong class.
    If Garrard sucks, we could at least put in Luke McCown or Trevor Harris to get some reps. If Garrard (and the line) returns to 2007 form, then I’m sure that we could give any team in the league a run for their money. Especially with a rebuilt front 7 along with Derek Cox and Rashean Mathis holding the CB positions.

  9. The Jaguars have a good fanbase and they aren’t leaving town. I love how one person says something as fact about a team and everyone from reporters to the fans that read and listen to the reporters jump on it and accept it as fact because they are too lazy to do the research to qualify the statement as fact or fiction. The Jaguars are still a young NFL expansion team, of course we are going to still be having growing pains. People outside of Jacksonville and fans of other football teams don’t have a clue how much the people in Jacksonville and Jaguar fans love our team. We will not let the Jaguars leave Jacksonville, and the strong ticket sales so far this offseason should be proof to all those that want to see Jacksonville fail and lose our NFL team that we will protect what is ours and do what is needed to survive and succeed in the NFL . We Love our JAGS ! We will be great again, our time is coming. The Jacksonville Jaguars will win a superbowl and when we do hopefully we won’t be disrespected anymore. I am so looking forward to that day.

  10. Dude this is PFT, where every fan disrespects every team because it’s funny.
    Somehow a starting QB story turns into some guy baggin on the the Jag fans. A story about Favre will turn into an “LA Vikings” trash talk between guys.
    I have loved the Jags since the mid 90s, and have always had people tell me how no one cares about the Jaguars.
    I’d like to cordially invite all the haters to consume my fecal matter.
    J-A-G-U-A-R-S … JAGUARS!!!

  11. Where are we gonna’ go? Not to a city in a state that may be filing for bankruptcy. L.A. can’t support an NFL franchise. By the by, Garrard posted the second best TD to INT ratio in NFL history. He made that game saving run in Pittsburgh. Both behind a stellar OL. We were hit HARD with injuries on the line last season. Even the running game suffered. Read up on Tyson, the man is a winner plain and forkin’ simple. give my man some time behind the line LoS and he will do some things. the only team to EVER win twice in one season in Pitt will be back on their feet in ’10. Since the day they pulled the cloth off the helmet; GO JAGS!!!

  12. Kenzster,
    Garrard is not embarassing. A 12-20 record in two years is. The Head Coach is responsible for that. Is it on Garrard that the Jags got beat 41-0 in SEA last year. Is it on Garrard when he is playing behind two starting rookie tackles, something no other NFL QB has had to do in one game, much less a whole season. Is it on Garrard that his top three WRs in 2008 were NOT EVEN ON AN NFL ROSTER IN 2009? Continue to be a Jag fan but try to educate yourself about the roster before pooping off like that.

  13. Norv Turner,
    So you don’t care about the Jaguars? Of course you don’t b/c they are not your team. Just like I don’t care about your team which I suppose is the Chargers by your screen name b/c they are not my team. As a matter of fact there are 31 other teams that I don’t give a damn about. And if the Chargers are your team which is a pretty good team for the past few seasons which has been horrible over past decades still aren’t selling out their stadium and getting 24 hour extensions to sell tickets. If they aren’t your team please inform me and I’ll give you something negative about that team.
    As far as Garrard, yes he needs to play better, but it’s hard to play to your full potential when you constantly have pressure in your face. The O-line is young but they are definetely improving and should be top-notch with Monroe and Britton having a year under their belt.
    I do like Garrard and I hope he does well, but he does make some critical mistakes as times, especially in crunch time situations at the end of the game that sometimes makes you want to punch the TV. But he’ll have the protection this year and I do believe we will see him at his best. He will show and prove this year. But regardless the Jags should and will draft a QB no matter if Garrard has a Pro Bowl year or not.

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