Raiders rookie McClain vows to not hold out

Last year’s No. 8 overall pick, Jaguars offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, didn’t sign a rookie contract until roughly three weeks into training camp.

This year’s No. 8 overall pick, Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain, intends to avoid a repeat.
I’m not looking to sit out,” McClain told the Decatur Daily.  “In order to play for the team, I need to be in training camp.  I’m going to OTAs and not worried about the contract.”
McClain did acknowledge that negotiations have yet to begin.
“We haven’t started contract talks,” said the 2009 Butkus Award winner.  “I’m not sure where we are on that.  I leave that to (agent) Pat Dye Jr. and the Raiders.  I just play football.”
Based on Monroe’s deal, McClain is likely looking at a rookie contract worth some $36 million with at least $20 million guaranteed.
Of course, that’s assuming the Raiders don’t significantly overpay their top pick.

39 responses to “Raiders rookie McClain vows to not hold out

  1. mikeincali says:
    June 6, 2010 6:21 PM
    why do i have a feelin they gonna screw up another young kid
    Oh brother another JaMarcus lover loser …. HELLO you got it wrong … JaMarcus screwed the Raiders.

  2. There’s two takes on this one:
    1. Many believe McClain was a ‘reach’ at No. 8, so no matter what kind of contract he does end up landing, the Raiders will ‘overpay’ for him.
    2. After seeing what Al Davis handed DHB, expect McClain to land a nice contract with a hefty guaranteed figure.
    This might be a first-round pick for a long time for Oakland that is ready and willing to suit up and play football for the Raiders. Its a nice positive turn for Oakland.
    McClain doesn’t seem too worried about money, he probably knows he’s going to get around $20 million guaranteed regardless, but it’s clear he’s passionate about the game of football, unlike the other first-round pick (No. 1 overall) Davis handpicked a few years back.
    If McClain lives up to the hype, the Bay Area may have two of the finest middle linebackers in the game. The 49ers’ Patrick Willis being the other.

  3. “If he knew what was good for him, he’d run screaming from NoCal.”
    Wouldn’t you so like it if he then ran to your team, whatever that is instead? Guess what, he’s not. He’s a Raider, and of course it all points to him being a quality player.

  4. Historically the Raiders have not had problems signing draft picks. JaMarcus was definitely an exception to that.
    I like McClain, I think he’ll be able to help them out quite a bit against the run.

  5. This is exactly the type of guy we need playing for this team for us to begin the long road to recovery.

  6. The news has all been positive this offseason for Oakland. It seems things are getting better. This will be a telling season…

  7. As a decidedly pessimistic fan of what has recently been the goofiest franchise in the league, anyone on this thread talking that “Same ol’ Raiders” crap can eat a big giant bowl of turd salad. We’ve had a solid offseason and are – at least for now – free of the circus that has weighed the team down for so long. Deal with it, Haters for Hate’s Sake. Time to get back to the swap meet and desperately unload those LT and MerRoidyMan jerseys!

  8. # mikeincali says: June 6, 2010 6:21 PM
    why do i have a feelin they gonna screw up another young kid
    # blackglass says: June 6, 2010 6:42 PM
    If he knew what was good for him, he’d run screaming from NoCal.
    Haha. Giants fans sure do hold a grudge, huh? Move on..

  9. When are the Raiders fans going to realize that as long as Al Davis is the owner of this team they will continue to be a bad team? Check that – a pathetic team.
    Oakland: A football wasteland.

  10. I just don’t get why Raiturd fans expect us to believe this team is going to be so different than last seasons Raiturd team, which just so happened to post an NFL record 7th straight season with at least ELEVEN (11) losses!!! The Raiturds are a mess.

  11. With the recent exception of Giant Dufus noted, Al usually gets his guys signed on time.
    Speaking of Oakland, what’s up with Mel the Kiper? He’s already backing up on his “analysis” of their last draft. What a pussy.

  12. Raiturd wasn’t funny the 1st time, though by the time you dropped the third one it was clear that this invention is the highlight of your existence.

  13. McLain, who scored 16 on the Wonderlic, vowed to “not hold out” until the team pays him less than he is worth.

  14. Saying the right things, let’s see him back it up with a solid season. I wanted him to fall to the Giants to anchor our D…I think Oakland can do some damage this year…
    8-9 wins.

  15. To Sourdough and Bossman. Why don’t you too go powder your noses and hold each others mirrors. Whatever team you root for, they’ve been losers just like the rest of us. No team has gone without having their ups and downs. I’m sure you candy asses have bandwagoned and jumped ship plenty of times. Keep hating on us. WE LOVE IT.

  16. Wow Sourdough. “Raiturd” fans? That’s quite clever. Tell me, what team are you a fan of?

  17. “I’m not looking to sit out.” How is this a vow? He’s leaving it to his agent. Wow. How is this different than what every single other rookie is saying? Vow. Waste of space.

  18. I hope he can turn the negative culture there. He does seem he genuinely wants to be there. That been missing from my boys organization for a long time.

  19. i wonder what finger he is gona put the superbowl ring on this year?
    hey pft maybe you should check into that.
    Raiders will dominate the nfl this year

  20. I was merely pointing out the facts re: Al’s joke of a team. Nothing I said was untrue. 7 straight seasons losing while losing at least 11 games in each of those seasons is an NFL record. Typical thin skinned ‘turd fans. Always whining…

  21. He has to leave it to his agent, McClain spends most of his day in bathroom, I even heard he’s going to be the first athlete to be a spokesperson for Pepto-Bismol.

  22. To Sourdough:
    We’ve dominated the NFL for years and years and years and years and years. We finally have a setback and here you are. Toughguy all of a sudden. You’re starting a fight you know you can’t win. You finally make a basket after 1000 shot attempts and you think you’re Michael Jordan. Get outta here kid. Your team is not better than mine.

  23. I wouldn’t promise anything with the Raiders
    They will try to lowball you beyond belief

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