Adrian Peterson hopes heavy football helps reduce fumbles

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson promised in January that he’d work on fixing his fumbling problems this offseason. Part of that work involves doing running back drills while carrying a football that weighs 14 pounds.

NFL Network caught up with Peterson in Minnesota today and shot video of him and other Vikings players working with the sand-filled ball that was described as football’s version of a medicine ball.

Solomon Wilcotts of NFL Network, who interviewed Peterson, said the thinking is, “If you can secure a 14-pound football, you probably can hold onto the ball when defenders are pulling and tugging at it.”

Will it work? Who knows? But Peterson knows that reducing his fumbles has to be his top offseason priority.

Wilcotts also reported that Peterson and everyone else in Minnesota seems to believe that Brett Favre will be back before the season starts.

21 responses to “Adrian Peterson hopes heavy football helps reduce fumbles

  1. What’s his next idea? Super glue?
    And I probably wouldn’t want to be in the vicinity if Brett Favre rifles that 14 pound ball. Wouldn’t make a difference for Troy Williamson.

  2. I hope it works, this kid can be something really special if he cures this problem. Heres to hoping he knees Favre in the balls while taking every handoff.

  3. Just as long as he doesn’t fumble the “heavy” ball on his foot and break it, life should be good.

  4. Good to hear the Vikings doing everything they can to help Adrian secure that ball. Doesnt seem heavy enough to me, make it 25lbs Chilly! Make sure Adrian doesnt drop the ball baby!!!

  5. …and Brett Favre who loves Minnesota so much and loves his football team so much was there to work on handing the ball off to him…and working on his cross-body passes.

  6. LMAO..Saints players will still knock it out of his hands.After they knock Brett out 1st…:-)

  7. I think his running style needs to be addressed more than how he carries the ball. He gets stood up and held up more than any other back I see. I read something about a renewed emphasis on whistling stalled forward progress this year also. Maybe that will help.

  8. Dumb that will just make him drop his arm even lower. Its not securing it its how he carries it like a loaf of bread hanging out there.
    Watch a tape of Tiki pre change and after he changes how he secures the ball once he moved to high and tight the fumbles went away. Until he changes his style of literally holding the ball Detroit will still strip him 4 times a year

  9. The heavy football seems like it would cause more fumbling. When you go back to a regular ball, it seems to me you’d be more likely to come flying out because you’d be less concious of it. And if he’s running with a weighted ball, won’t his arms get even more muscular. I heard a few explayers say his biceps were too big and that couased his problem. Anyway, the way to cure fumbling is like Tiki did, by constanly working on maintaining the proper grip. That’s a mental thing, not a physical thing.

  10. ….because 14 pound balls are going to increase his holding strength? WTF, look at this freaks arms and shoulders ya morons!

  11. In other NFC North news, the Green Bay Packers are placing balls with chains on the players. To keep them from being a danger to society.

  12. Fumbling is not a mental issue. It is a physical issue that is developed threw years of bad habits. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to develop muscle memory in the proper ball position. This can be done using the Fumble Pro. Check it out at

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