Colts claim Brandstater

The Colts aren’t in need of a starting quarterback as long as Peyton Manning is around, but the departure of Jim Sorgi means they could use a new backup. They hope they’ve found one in the man they’ve just acquired, Tom Brandstater.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Colts have claimed Brandstater after he was waived by the Broncos last week.

Brandstater was a three-year starter at Fresno State who was drafted by the Broncos in the sixth round of last year’s draft. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels explained last week that the team waived Brandstater not because he did anything wrong, but simply because there weren’t enough reps to go around in Denver.

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  1. Brandstater thought that old guy with the bad neck and the bad knees looked vulnerable.


  3. glad to see this & as a frequent critic of McD props to him allowing Brandstater an opportunity to catch on before training camp
    a good place to land & hopefully he can at least follow in the footsteps of Jim Sorgi

  4. Good pick up for the Colts.
    Brandstater has talent, and is a class act. Kind of like the QB he’ll be backing……..

  5. Finally. They get a good QB. Time for someone to actually play up the the level of the WRs on that team.
    Who was their QB anyway?

  6. Here you go Colts fans, your REAL savior has arrived. 😉 I make jokes for the sake of the lulz.

  7. Ah the good life of Manning’s jockstrap and clipboard roadie. Get paid excellent money to almost never have to play and very little pressure on you when you do.

  8. @HarrisonHits – If you don’t think Curtis Painter didn’t have pressure on him during that Jets game, I don’t want to know what constitutes as pressure in your world.

  9. “KILLER FIN says: June 7, 2010 6:49 PM
    The Caps Lock key is usually located on the left side of the keyboard, between the Shift and Tab keys. Do us all a favor and press it.

  10. # Beauregard says: June 7, 2010 7:29 PM
    Good pick up for the Colts.
    Brandstater has talent, and is a class act. Kind of like the QB he’ll be backing……..
    Do you need a napkin?

  11. I’m sick and tired of “Colts backup qb” stories….WHO GIVE A F–K??!! Colts fans obsess over having a solid veteran backup. What the hells the point??! Peyton has missed 1 SNAP his whole career!!! And if he does happen to go down, the season will be over. Its ridiculous

  12. The value of a solid veteran backup is nothing to take lightly. Yes, Peyton Manning is ultra-durable and has been forced to miss only one snap. Yes if Peyton has a SEASON ENDING injury, our season will be over. But what if he rolls and ankle or tweaks his shoulder, etc. and is forced to miss 1-4 games. That could be the difference between a first round bye or wildcard, or between a wildcard and out of the playoffs depending on how the season goes. That’s where having a competent backup can actually mean something, even on the Colts where for nearly the past decade the backup QB has been a glorified head-set wearing, clipboard holder…and in Curtis Painter’s case, a laughing stock. My mind is still boggled that HE of all people is the backup. He sucked at Purdue in a QB friendly spread offense. How in the hell is he supposed to have the talent to succeed to ANY degree at the NFL level. Unbelievable!

  13. @ Abe the Hoosier,
    Find a “solid veteran backup” and then you can have that opinion. Brandstater is a second year player that was 3rd string last year and 4th string this year in Denver. When does that make someone a “veteran backup”? I say he’s about as green as any rookie now, considering he’s going to learn an entire new system this year. What I’m saying, is pray to god Peyton doesn’t go down, because as I’m sure you know, you’re teams season would be over if that happened.

  14. @J-oh,
    I was simply talking about the value of having a solid veteran backup, not stating that Brandstater was anyway that solution. I’m talking about a guy like Jeff Garcia, or A.J. Feely, or Marc Bulger — not Brandstater. You are absolutely right in saying that he’s as unproven as they come. And of course, if Peyton is done, so are the Colts. I’m just saying it would be nice to have someone capable of holding his own in the event that Peyton has a minor injury that causes him to miss a few games. In this case, that veteran backup could hold down the fort and try to avoid blowing the whole season’s progress, whereas a guy like Curtis Painter will blunder away any hope of winning a game without Manning behind the helm.

  15. Good for Brandstater. Getting out of Denver was the best thing to happen to him. Brandstater has talent. Being on a team like Indy with a Vet like Manning will provide him with the time to develop and play up to his ability. It’s a no pressure situation. Josh is clueless. He has picked five QBs in 15 months. Josh has also traded away players who were without a doubt very talented so we know he doesn’t really know talent. Brandstater will be fine, Josh will be the one looking for a job in a year or two.

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