D.A. to get Brandon Underwood case on Tuesday

Police nearly have completed the investigation regarding the claims of sexual assault against Packers cornerback Brandon Underwood.  According to Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the case will be given to Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett on Tuesday.

It’s believed that Barrett will make a decision on the case by Friday.

The fact that the women initially claimed that they were assaulted by multiple players could lead to a decision that the evidence will not meet the very high standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

“That, obviously, is somewhat troubling when you have such a big
discrepancy in the initial statement than what they claimed shortly into
the investigation,” Lake Delton, Wisconsin Police Chief Tom Dorner said Monday, per Charles Davis of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

In other words, Underwood likely won’t be facing charges.  That said, the women still could file a civil lawsuit against him, given that a much lower standard of proof applies.

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  1. He could very well be innocent of anything, but I find it interesting that his teammate(s) seemed so outspoken in their implication that he was a problem.
    Wonder how bad he has to be before he is cut simply because his teammates dislike him…

  2. He’s at least guilty of being stupid. He might not be charged given the lack of credibility of the witnesses, but he has some serious apologizing to do to his team mates, coaches and fans. Either he learns from this and cleans up his act, or he will be gone. It doesn’t sound like his fellow Packers were too happy with him for getting them involved in this. The worst part is that his coaches were talking him up before this incident, saying he had shown big improvement going into year two. Underwood has good potential as a player, but now we have to wonder where his head is at. What was he doing with those drunk cougars?
    Maybe Underwood should be traded to the Vikings, so that he can go on the Love Boat.
    Go Pack!

  3. From what Leroy Butler said on the radio, he believes these were prostitutes from Milwaukee that underwood hired for his own amusement. After he did what he was going to do, they ended up robbing the dude in his sleep, and then went to the police crying rape. I don’t know if this is the case, but it would probably explain the huge difference in their stories.

  4. Can somebody tell me why a person’s guilt needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in order to put them behind bars, but not to take millions of dollars from them? Don’t make no damn sense to me.

  5. I’m sure they’ve reamed him pretty good over this. Maybe the kid will wake up, but you can see he’s on thin ice.

  6. Even as a Viking fan this whole story stinks. Police get a call at 3am about a sexual assult…when they arrive, everyone, including the women are still there….most of the guys are drinking….. the only guy missing UNDERWOOD is in the other room with both women. Sounds to me like the Ho’s thought his check was going to bounce.

  7. DCViking says:
    June 7, 2010 6:44 PM
    He could very well be innocent of anything, but I find it interesting that his teammate(s) seemed so outspoken in their implication that he was a problem.
    Wonder how bad he has to be before he is cut simply because his teammates dislike him…
    I dont know. Based on the reaction of his teammates and how fast they threw him under the bus it appears that the teammates know what really went on and simply want to walk away as quickly as possible. With that being said it appears some dirty work went on with Underwood.

  8. it sounds 2 me like he wont have any charges brought against him! these bitches r just out 2 get him!!!! and possibly even his money too.

  9. From precious thread: “You mean there are actual fans of Ted Thompson?”
    Yes, Wisconsin is full of those sheep. For some reason, unlike any other fan base in the country, about 50% of Packer fans will throw any player, past, present, or future, under the bus if it will save a little face for Ted Thompson.

  10. I have always maintained that nobody had all the facts so its hard to make blanket statememets like the Viking fans have tried to do. It only makes you sound like an idiot, something that seems to come naturally to most Viking fans.
    But the suggestion that these were prostitutes from Milwaukee makes the rest of the story logical . Not that whores can’t be raped (where else do Viking fans come from?), but Underwood’s own admission that he had sexual contact and their story that they were held down by more than one person and the later changed to rape by one guy reminds me of the Duke Lacrosse rape charges, constantly changing and without any substantial evidence to back it up.

  11. Viking players with whores-Outrage
    Packer players with whores-..mmm that’s O.K.
    Jimmy you are an ass, but stating that is like telling everyone the sun sets in the west.

  12. This kind of stuff must be prevalent in many NFL cities if this kind of stupid stuff happens in Green Bay. So funny this comes out of Green Bay. Sounds like something more likely to happen in Tampa Bay than Green Bay. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m usually on the victim’s side in things like this but it really doesn’t appear that the women are the victims here. How can multiple women be raped by one unarmed guy (presumably at a party with a lot of people around) and mistake it for being raped by multiple perpetrators? The story doesn’t make sense.
    My guess is Underwood brought in some paid Hos against the advice of his teammates (that’s why they’re pissed at him) and then there was some sort of dispute either about pay or performance.
    But we may never know the whole truth for certain.

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