Lions to lean heavily on Levy

D. Levy.jpgThe Lions improved this offseason.  How much they improved will depend largely on a shaky–looking defense, especially in the back seven.

And how well that back seven plays will largely depend on the development of second-year linebacker DeAndre Levy.

Levy started eight of his ten games last season on the outside, but he’s switching to middle linebacker.  The team’s coaching staff is smitten.  “I’ve never seen a young linebacker like him,” defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham told  “I can’t compare him to
anybody. He’s really coming out of his shell.”

The Lions like Levy’s ability against the pass, and believe he’ll improve his play against the run. 

While the No. 2 overall pick of this year’s draft will get plenty of attention on Detroit’s revamped defensive line, Levy could ultimately be the most important player on the defense.

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  1. Really… a guy with that many years in the league as Cunningham’s old ass hasn’t seen anyone at LB of the caliber of one DeAndre Levy? I’m chalking this up to mid-summer coach speak to kick up the kids expectations for himself.

  2. Snagging O.J. Atogwe would have HUGE impact on the secondary. I do hope that Levy can be a difference maker.

  3. detroit is my dark horse to be the most improved team from last year. i really like them to make some noise (not playoff noise however)

  4. halitzor says: June 7, 2010 10:45 AM
    Having Ndamukong Suh on your D-line also helps improve the play of the back 7.
    Not to mention the addition of KVB, Correy Williams, and addition by subtraction in the trading of Ernie Sims. Whats that Ernie? The defense is too hard to understand and you would rather just chase after the guy with the ball?

  5. Yet another young stud on this defense. Levy, Avril, Suh, Delmas, Houston, Sammie Lee Hill, Follet, Spievey…..8 guys on this Defense that will all start or see significant playing time. This team is mean and nasty and about to be the team of the decade!!!

  6. I sure hope patpatriotagain is right. I’m a long suffering Lions fan living in Chicago who is cautiously optimistic that this season could prove a turning point…6-8 wins would be huge, especially with the crappy opening schedule they got stuck with (playing Bears, Vikes, and Packers on the road in the first four weeks with the Eagles at home in Week 2).

  7. Oh wow, get a load of this guy…
    megatron81 said of the Lions: “This team is mean and nasty and about to be the team of the decade.”
    A decent draft and a couple players to build around, but I would be shocked if the Lions were even playoff caliber for at least another 2-3 years, but “team of the decade”… seriously?!?

  8. I will say… nobody can bash the Lions for not making moves that most of us can collectively agree were good moves at the time… Draft picks, FA’s…. the key being “at the time” though. That’s a very important factor. Hindsight might see some of these guys not panning out, but it’s not as if we disagree with the players right now and the fact that the moves were made with the intent of bolstering a very weak roster. They’re active and seemingly very intelligent in the moves, being made with both foresight and an eye for marked improvements in the product they put on the field starting immediately.
    Playoff bound might be a stretch, but winning a few more games than 2 (0r 0) is a very likely scenario with a Millen-less regime in place.

  9. Hey XLI,
    Not only are those 8 defensive players I listed in their early 20’s but so are our key offensive weapons. Stafford, Megatron, Best, Smith, Pettigrew, Felton. These young bucks are gonna be getting better and better. Were going to making playoff runs immediately and it’s not gonna stop.

  10. The Lions will be a force to reckon with. Their division will be a complete joke in 2 years (the Bears already are), and they will be a perrenial playoff powerhouse, take it to the bank!!

  11. 6 wins will be huge this year , killer schedule , but the tide is definatly turning.

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