No Jared Gaither trade is imminent

The Ravens supposedly want someone to make an offer for him.  And the Bills supposedly want him.

But the decision of tackle Jared Gaither to sign his restricted free agency isn’t the first step toward a trade.

Per a league source, Gaither signed now in order to avoid the June 15 rule that would have allowed the Ravens to reduce his tender from the first-round level for a player with three years of service ($2.396 million) to 110 percent of his 2009 base salary of $460,000.

So if he had failed to sign his tender offer by June 15, the Ravens could have dropped the offer on the table by nearly $2 million, from $2.392 million to $506,000.

Absent a trade, Gaither gives the Ravens a solid bookend to Michael Oher, helping to make Baltimore one of the strongest teams in the AFC.

28 responses to “No Jared Gaither trade is imminent

  1. Screw Gaither and his prick Agent….. you know they ratted out the Ravens to the NFL. Who wants to trade a stud OL tackle? No one. He is a lazy bum who takes plays off and doesn’t want to workout.

  2. Baltimore is so over-rated. Weak secondary, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are on their last legs, and Joe Flacco is pure garbage. Enough Ravens talk already…

  3. @dbartdog I think your prediction/statement is a little to far south when pertaining to the # of wins. I say 11 or 12 wins this year.

  4. As soon as Marshawn Lynch finishes filming his next GEICO commercial maybe the Bills can then send another disgruntled RB to Baltimore

  5. @dbartdog – boy your parents must be really proud. to have raised a child with mental retardation as profound as yours and still have you be able to type on a blog is really a feather in their cap.

  6. Make sure to find me after week 7 when we already passed your total there bartdog. Elite O-line, still a top 5 D, completely upgraded WR’s, RB in the top 3 in the NFL… I’m sorry where do you see only 6 wins?

  7. Maybe he means winning 6 games in our division. That is more realistic considering Browns are easyand the Steelers are lead by Rapistberger. In my opinion, the Bengals will be a tough opponent.

  8. By the way D-Bagdog check out this lineup:
    QB: Flacco, Smith
    WR: Boldin*, Mason, Stallworth*, Reed*, Clayton
    TE: Heap, Dickson*, Pitta*
    RB: Rice*, McGahee, Parmele
    FB: McClain*
    OT: Oher, Gaither, Cousins, Harewood
    OG: Grubbs, Yanda, Chester, Moll
    C: Birk, Hale
    OLB: JJ, Suggs, Kindle*, Barnes
    ILB: Lewis, Ellerbe, Gooden, Phillips, McClain
    DE: Ngata, Jones*, Pryce, Redding*, Kruger
    NT: Gregg, “Mount” Cody*
    CB: Foxworth, Webb, Carr, Washington, Williams, Gerrard, Fisher
    S: Reed, Zbikowski, Nakumura, Landry
    * = Key Offseason Additions

  9. Dbartdog and silverback,
    I bet you idiots wish your teams could be overrated like the Ravens. That would mean someone thought highly of your teams. Silverback-maybe a Raider fan? Patriot Fan? Lion Fan? Beat all of them in ’09. Eagles? Beat them in ’08 and helped Mcnabb’s train to DC shift into 5th. Dbart? Bart Scott? Please, more like Bart Simpson. Biggest disappearing act in the NFL when it is important. But oh yeah, that could be said for the whole Jet D. Number one my ass…

  10. iscull, as in you give scull?
    “Rapistberger” as you call him is 7-2 in his career against the Ravens, with the only losses coming in his motorcycle crash/appendectomy/concussion year in 2006. Go ahead and sleep on the Steelers, you could barely eek out 1 win against them at home in OT vs Dennis Dixon who had 1 day to prepare for his 1st career start.
    Keep living in your little purple sky world where Joe Flacco doesn’t have a career 46.5 QB rating in the playoffs with 1 TD’s and 6 INT’s… Keep pretending that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are 1 injury or 1 season away from being retired. Keep pretending that Donte Stallowrth isn’t a murderer, and that your corners aren’t one of the worst groups in the NFL. Keep pretending that Anquan Boldin is more than a 30 year-old posession receiver who could only muster 4 TD’s with HOF QB Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald taking the heat off of him last year…

  11. Reading the negative comments about the Ravens tells me that people know little about football or they are Steeler fans. The Ravens will finish no less than 10 and 6, but more than likely
    will finish 12 and 4. They should be one of the top seeds this year. They have a very good chance to go to the BIG game.

  12. According to there are 24 teams worse against the pass than the ravens, so yes, I will continue living in that world. I’ll also live in a world where a QB from D1-AA school is still better than 19 other team’s starting QB and has taken his team to the playoffs every year since he’s been in the league. I also like the world where Ravens still win without reed on the field and Zbikowski filling in gets 2 INT’s and 17 tackles in his first 4 games ever starting. I’m also a fan of the world where Anquan Boldin still gets over 1000 yards with a team with basically no running game, and comes into one of the best running teams in the league. You know what world is also fun to live in? The real one, where I am right now. You know the interesting thing though? All those worlds I just mentioned ARE the real world, idk which one your living in silverback, but it must be filled with unicorns and wizards cause thats the only place where its even possible to not see the ravens as a super bowl contender

  13. Gaither to the bills for Lynch and a 3rd pick nxt yr ain’t bad at all ! Get it done Ozzie ! We can get a trade for Mcgahee the seahawks would love to have a back like him ! Go Ravens

  14. ROFL at silverback… that must mean that you give yourself to those species of apes like a CooR… ignorant, non clever, filth of the nfl thinks he has room to speak. Don’t normally waste my time commenting on retarded uninformed basket cases but here I go. Yeah everyone calls him that, I have a friend actually from PITT.. unlike most of the posers who call themselves squeelers who is embarrased by big ben and could care less to what he does for staining the organization and he is a native.. For the most part no Squeeler has any sense of integrity or understanding of the word. Get bright, gain substance and learn to play football without the ref throwing your terrible towel known has a penalty flag for illegal contact and fighting. You obviously do not know what a good front office and GM look like who bring in the right players with the right skills and tread left on their tires…. Stop hating .. little buddy.. Grow up, the steelers might sniff at a wild card this year if they are lucky, i apologize in head of time if the ravens sweep you.

  15. @Cambodian Breast Milk
    Look at any Mock Fantasy draft and let me know where Ray Rice lands.. May have been 6th in rushing yards, but was #1 in receiving among RB’s (along with being 19th in the NFL).
    When did Ray Rice become a Top-3 RB?lol

  16. When did Ray Rice become a Top-3 RB?lol
    Last year. But that’s only if you like guys that gain 2,000+ yards from scrimmage, I guess.

  17. When did Ray Rice become a Top-3 RB?lol
    Last year. But that’s only if you like guys that gain 2,000+ yards from scrimmage, I guess.

  18. When did Ray Rice become a Top-3 RB?lol
    Since he had the same .3 less yards per carry than Chris Johnson and had the 6th most yards in the league behind players who averaged 74 more carries than him last year. If Ray Rice were given the same amount of carries as Chris Johnson I would have no qualms about saying he could easily be a 2000 yard rusher.

  19. love all you haters. i guess Flacco and the Ravens making the playoffs two years in a row and getting to the AFC championship game counts for nothing.

  20. Silverback, I’m glad you know how to copy and paste other articles. Ravens lucky to win 6 games this year? Your a joke dude, not even worth my time to argue with you.

  21. chc36, thanks for breaking it down for silverback. I really just wasn’t in the mood to do it myself. Unicorns and wizards bahahaha!
    P.S. GO HALL!!

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