Rams acquire Isaac Bruce, who will retire

We noticed in recent weeks that Isaac Bruce’s salary remained active on the 49ers roster, and wondered if he had still was harboring some hopes of returning to the field.

Perhaps he just wanted to return home.

The Rams “acquired” Bruce via trade Monday, and will announce his retirement at a news conference on Wednesday.  (We didn’t know you could trade a player for nothing, but this all seems ceremonial.)

Bruce was originally drafted when the Rams were based in Los Angeles and holds every major receiving record in team history.  He retires fifth all-time in receptions and second all-time in yards, and yet we don’t think Bruce is a slam dunk for the Hall of Fame.  Let us know if you disagree.

59 responses to “Rams acquire Isaac Bruce, who will retire

  1. Why Not?
    Isaac Bruce should be 1st ballot! And I’m glad that he’s going to retire a Ram. Good story here.

  2. If L.Swann, A.Monk, and M.Irvin all got in then Bruce should be 1st ballot. The guy was a stud. Played in SBs, PBs, and won a SB. The guy is a proven stud,

  3. Bruce is a stand up player and person, this coming from a 49ers fan who was happy too see a great player play for us. I can say we had the best two wide outs EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats Bruuuuuuuuccccccccceeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Logjam of recievers… Super Bowl win’s are BIG part of the hall fame now and without a couple it’s difficult to get in..

  5. If Art Monk got in- Then Bruce is a slam dunk! They were similar players and Bruce is ahead of Monk in every single category. If he does not get in- they should pull the undeserving Monk out….or I discredit the HOF in its entirety.

  6. -greatest receiver of the greatest show on turf
    -won a championship
    -holds all records in franchise history
    -5th all time in receptions, ALL TIME
    -2nd all time in receiving yards to the GOAT.
    You guys solely put these inflammatory comments in these articles to make people comment, I swear.
    That, or you’re just really really messed up on something.
    Not saying he’ll be a first ballot HOFer, but he’ll DEFINITELY be in.

  7. I don’t know if Bruce be a slam dunk for the Hall of Fame either.
    But I’m fairly certain Bruce IS headed for Canton.
    It’s great to learn! ‘Cause knowledge is power!

  8. Bruce was traded to the Rams for a scratch-off ticket (denomination tbd at a later date), and a pack of Grandma’s Cookies.

  9. I disagree. Are you out of your mind?
    What does a guy have to do to make the HOF in your eyes, besides dying in a war?

  10. If he isn’t a slam dunk off of his production he should be off of his attitude and character. This guy was an idol of mine growing up and deserves nothing less.

  11. slamn dunk for hall of fame. you even said why. top five all time in catches and yards. He also has a super bowl ring.
    why don’t you think he’s a slam dunk?

  12. Not a slam dunk for HOF? Please. He’s on the first ballot even in a strong field of candidates.

  13. why wouldn’t he. anyone can get into the nfl hall of fame.

  14. He will make it to Canton, no problem. The guy was amazing; the only reason people don’t consider him a slam-dunk was because he was a quite leader. No, he is not Jerry Rice, but his ranking is among the greatest of all time. How can you dispute the numbers? Sure media types might get upset because he rarely spoke with them, but it seemed as though he was always open and never dropped the ball. He did this consistently. Isaac is a Hall of Famer for sure.

  15. Pretty sure they have to trade him for something. Maybe they can just say “future considerations” and push it off until everyone forgets about it.

  16. The only argument you could make against Isaac Bruce is that at no point in time was he the best at his position in the game. When he first entered the NFL, Jerry Rice was the top WR, and over the rest of his career, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens and now Larry Fitzgerald/Andre Johnson have been “The best”.
    With that being the case, I think a lot of people will not think of him as a HOF player until they look at the stats and then see how truly great he was.
    He is as consistent as they come, and is on the short list of players who have a game clinching Super Bowl catch.

  17. of course he’s a hall of famer.
    15,000 yards receiving
    91 TD’s
    ….those are the facts. Usually there’s one thing that prevents someone with those kinda numbers…and thats the lack of a super bowl ring…
    ….and he has one……..so yeah..he’s a HOF …maybe not first ballot…but he’ll get in.

  18. So, an average safety without good stats gets in for going to war (again, appreciate what Pat Tillman did, not knocking his decision or calling him out for any reason), but a man who has all of Bruce’s credentials doesn’t get in in your eyes?
    What the hell are you smoking?

  19. He is the Emmitt Smith of the receivers. Never the very best, but was top 5 for so many years. He is sure fire. I think Monk deserved it, and so does he.

  20. One of the best of his generation but doubtfully one of the best of all time. Its going to get harder and harder for WRs to get into the HOF. Especially in the current era where, what 12? QBs threw for over 4,000 yards last year.

  21. Hall of Fame conversations bore me. Am I the only one?
    It’s a freaking museum, for christ’s sake. We spend all year blasting these blowhard sports writers and then hang on their every word and vote when it comes to the HOF.
    Why give these self-important ego maniacs yet another forum to beat us over the head with their knowledge and wisdom about the rich tradition and history of football?
    I couldn’t care less about what some lame windbag thinks of someone’s career. Does it really matter?

  22. While I agree he should end up in the HoF, I don’t think it’s quite as much of a slam dunk as some think it should be. The strategy, rules, and ‘points of emphasis’ have changed the way the game is played dramatically. Bruce may rank 5th in receptions in NFL history, but take a closer look and you’ll see nearly every player in those rankings played in the 2000’s. It wasn’t all that long ago that Steve Largent was the NFL all time leader in receptions, and he’s already all the way down to 20th. Laveranues Coles is 35th but Fred Biletnikoff is only 56th; if that doesn’t show how useless those rankings are, I don’t know what does.
    Something else to consider: while Bruce is 5th all time in receptions, he had only two seasons in which he ranked in the top ten for receptions. Not ragging on Bruce, he’s been a great player; just saying take his carer numbers with a grain of salt.

  23. What does a guy have to do to make the HOF in your eyes, besides dying in a war?
    Awesome… pretty much sums it all up right there.

  24. @gentile610
    Wow. Art Monk didn’t deserve the HOF? It was a joke it took as long as it did. He held a lot of the WR records until Jerry Rice came along.
    And yes, Isaac Bruce deserves the HOF as well.

  25. Actually, Isaac Bruce was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams.
    And, 1,000 catch wr’s are piling up on the doorstep to Canton. Liberalizing the passing rules in 1978 is catching up to the NFL. It’s going to get worse.

  26. In 1995 Bruce had 119 catches for 1781 yds (2nd in NFL history) for 13 TD’s in addition to a game winning SB catch in 99′.
    That’s a HOF lock!!

  27. Players are traded quite a bit during roster cuts for conditional picks based on playing time/time spent on the roster but when the players are cut before the season or before reaching those conditions the team acquiring him has to give up nothing or at times its a swap of late round picks. With Bruce retiring its almost common sense he was traded for a conditional pick based on some type of playing time which if he stays retired the Rams would have to give nothing up. Pretty dam sad NBC is paying Rosenthal.

  28. Florio still hates the Rams for stealing the 99 season from his beloved Vikings. He will die hating everything associated with the Rams. And if you need proof, this is it. Slam dunk HOF for Bruce.

  29. Another player from my childhood that I will miss watching. Crazy to think I was 13 when Bruce entered the league. At least I still get to watch Brett Favre for another 4-5 years

  30. why should the reverened be in the hall? What is your arguement against it?
    What? I will never get an answer because you guys could care less. Oh right.

  31. I guess when you don’t make a fuss as a WR this is the type of reaction you get from the media.

  32. I’ll put it this way. If Kurt Warner gets in, this guy needs to get in (and I do believe Kurt Warner deserves to be a Hall of Famer). This was the main target for that offense that won the Super Bowl. He’s obviously had good longevity and racked up solid career statistics. He should be a HOF’er.

  33. “He retires fifth all-time in receptions and second all-time in yards, and yet we don’t think Bruce be a slam dunk for the Hall of Fame. Let us know if you disagree.”
    Way to go out on a limb and then back it up.
    Why wouldn’t Bruce be a slam dunk when players who have produced less on the field are already in?
    Would Bruce have had to supersede Rice’s record of yardage to be a slam dunk, or are we talking Super Bowl titles here?
    I’m calling shenanigans.

  34. The Rams recieve Isaac Bruce and a gatorade bottle, the 49ers recieve a broken headset. Done and Done.
    Also, Bruce is without a doubt a HOFer.

  35. paleandpasty says:
    June 7, 2010 4:21 PM
    why should the reverened be in the hall? What is your arguement against it?
    What? I will never get an answer because you guys could care less. Oh right.
    WTF??? Maybe you won’t get an answer because no one can understand what the hell you are saying.

  36. Once again, thanks for everything you did for the Rams, Issac. He’s a Hall of Famer, but all the receivers are just going to have to wait. None of them and in my thnking this includes Moss and Owens – is a slam dunk.

  37. Chris Carter retired as the #1 receiver in ALL major wide-receiving statistical categories, by the time he was eligible for the hall he was 3rd to Tim Brown and Jerry Rice on most of them, he wasn’t a first ballot hall of famer and I doubt Isaac Bruce will be too.

  38. I think Bruce gets into the hall. But this does bring up an interesting topic. Wr’s are piling up numbers at the drop of a hat because its a passing league. So, the fact that Bruce’s numbers were better than guys like Monk and Swann, in the future shouldnt matter because its different generations.

  39. Presumably you could acquire him for a conditional pick with absurd conditions. Like a 7th rounder conditioned on the fact that he plays 16 NFL games in the state of Nebraska this season. Or that he starts 16 games at LT, throws for 5,000 and is named to the Pro Bowl as the starting kicker.

  40. LOL Art Monk shouldn’t be in HOF? Wow, that is crazy talk bro. Anyways I am sure Bruce is a lock for HOF, eventually.

  41. You or Florio recently mentioned Hines Ward as a potential hall of famer but you are not sure if Isaac Bruce deserves to be inducted into the hall of fame? Rosenthal you are quickly becoming just like Florio. The Steelers love fest on this site is pathetic.

  42. Just because you play in an era where increasing passing means increased receiving yards, it doesn’t mean you’re a hall-of-famer.
    At what point was Bruce considered the best WR in the league? Hell, many times he wasn’t even the best receiver on his team.
    Now, maybe he’ll get in any maybe he won’t, but when you consider that players such as Cris Carter are not getting in on stats alone, you have to wonder whether Isaac Bruce was one of the top 2-3 receivers of his generation.

  43. good guy, quiet, came to work, did his job and was dam good at it !!!
    nothing but the best wishes for his retirement and I don’t see why he shouldn’t eventually obtain Hall of Fame status …

  44. Considering every single receiving record has been set, broken, reset, broken again, all since the golden age of the forward pass (1983), receiving records aren’t that difficult to come by.
    Isaac Bruce was a good player but he was NEVER considered among or one of the best in the league… and was rarely ever the best on his own team.
    Receiving numbers are grossly overinflated and in 10 years Bruce won’t be 5th in anything, he’ll be 15th-2oth because he will get passed by everybody. Nice player, but not a hall-of-famer, not even close.

  45. I, for one, think Isaac Bruce is slam-dunk, NOT a HOFer. At any time in his career did you ever think he was a top-5 WR? I didn’t. He was a product of the offense, nothing more, nothing less.
    Furthermore, someone compared him to Art Monk earlier. That’s not a fair comparison. Art Monk was considered a top-5 WR in his era…Isaac Bruce was not in his. The passing game was far different in the 80s than in Bruce’s prime.

  46. If James Lofton, whose career statistics are roughly the equal of Bruce’s but lacks a Super Bowl win, is in Canton, then Bruce should be elected as well. He caught the winning touchdown pass in the Rams’ only Super Bowl victory and put up monster numbers in his prime. A clutch player with all-time statistics. That says hall of fame to me.
    Anyway, what does it matter if he gets in? The Pro Football Hall of Fame is admitting far too many players whose career trajectory stopped way short of great (shorter than Bruce’s even), and in the process is detracting from the achievements of the truly deserving. Halls of fame, by their very nature, should be distinguished by their exclusivity and reserved for the best of the best. Since the NFL doesn’t seem to have an issue inducting players of the caliber of say, Floyd Little, why not Bruce?
    I think the baseball hall of fame has it right. One, maybe two players a year get in. It is that very selectivity which ensures that the Edgar Martinez’ of the world aren’t viewed in the same light as the Babe Ruths.

  47. what the hell are u talking about ‘PatricktheDookie’ Isaac Bruce & Torry Holt at one time were considered the best WR in the league respectively so u think the year he had 119 catches and over 1700 yards was on accident he was no one hit wonder, he put up many 1000 yard seasons

  48. Crazy, guy’s one of the best of all time with a champ ring and pro bowls and records to boot. Played a long time at a very high level, if he doesn’t make it, something’s wrong.

  49. Bruce is a Hall of Famer. Top ten in catches, yards, and TDs, and put up outstanding production playing with QBs like Miller, Rypien, Banks, often being the Rams’ only legit offensive threat and routinely drawing double coverage. Not to mention he was a fierce run blocker and ran routes like few others(if any) in the history of the game. Patrick, Swede, brasho, your box score reading capabilities are impressive. But on this topic you are utterly clueless.

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