Ravens lose final week of OTAs

Offseason practices routinely involve contact, even though they aren’t supposed to involve contact.  For the most part, the league and the NFLPA look the other way; the trade off, as it has been explained to us, is that training-camp practices have become less grueling.

Still, every once in a while a team gets smacked for violating the offseason workout rules.  Three years ago, the Raiders got their knuckles rapped.  This time around, it’s the Ravens.

The union and the NFL have issued a joint statement regarding the violation, which will result in the forfeiture of the final week of the Ravens’ Organized Team Activities.  Here’s the full text:

“The NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association have
resolved a complaint by the Players Association against the Baltimore
Ravens concerning violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement’s
off-season workout rules.

“It was determined that the Ravens violated the rules concerning the
intensity and tempo of drills conducted on the Club’s organized team
activity days (‘OTA days’) and the length of time spent by players at
the Club’s facility on such days.

“As a result, the Ravens will forfeit the final week of their off-season
program (June 14-18, 2010).  Ravens’ players are not permitted to be at
the facility on those days, but will be paid for the sessions.  The
Club cannot reschedule the canceled days.”

It’s unknown how the violation was detected.  Often, the situation hits the union’s radar screen after one or more players complain.  If that’s the case, then the Super Bowl contenders may have a little locker-room problem.

And the folks who complained may have to answer to Ray Lewis.

49 responses to “Ravens lose final week of OTAs

  1. Or, the info gets pointed out–Mangini style–to the league after the employee has left and/or they are employed by a division rival.

  2. More likely the players will have to answer to Ray Lewis’ knife. I am not surprised that the Ravens have a very physical camp, just that someone spoke up about it.

  3. “And the folks who complained may have to answer to Ray Lewis.”
    What’s Ray Lewis gonna do? Stab them?
    Oh. Yeah, i guess they should be afraid.

  4. LOL @ Harbaugh trying to gain an edge. They are probably just ticked because Harbaugh doesnt take it easy on them in TC like Billick did.

  5. Wahhhh we dont want to play in Pittsburgh in primetime
    Wahhhh our coaches make us spend too much time on the field in June
    Wahhhh practice is too hard
    Wahhhh I got hit without pads on
    Wahhhh the refs hate us
    Wahhhh its too cold in New Jersey for a Super Bowl
    Did I miss anything?

  6. hahah guess some boys on the team can’t handle the pressure of getting ready and trying to win a super bowl..they had to tell mommy and daddy (the NFL) that they were playing to rough outside

  7. keep stirrin’ the pot, Florio………..
    …….God knows you ain’t got nothin’ else to do

  8. Nothing really happened and there was ZERO contact, it’s just that the Ravens scorers were trying to pad Ray Lewis’ stats as usual and give him credit for tackles that didn’t exist.

  9. The stab jokes were old like 10 years ago…
    Ray Lewis is still God… your God… because he OWNS YOU.

  10. Guarantee it was Frank Walker. He was the most pathetic excuse for a CB I have ever seen and just a flat out non-athletic p*ssy. Have fun for a year in the UFL Frank, then selling insurance which I’m sure you’ll fail at miserably as well.
    Hey “WhoDey” some people spell it “contender”, that is those of us that aren’t back woods northern Kentucky trash like you. Cincy 5 way chili sucks donkey balls.

  11. @ Stillerz
    Wahhhh your team will lose to the ravens.. twice.
    Two things to watch out for: Rays metal knife, and Bens “Flesh” knife.

  12. So does this constitute cheating? I mean, there was a violation and then a penalty. Boy, I hope they don’t have to have an asterik put on there next championship. Or does this cheating count towards last years season. I’m confused.

  13. Honestly the NFL probably just read the Ravens website. Its pretty obvious they have contact when you read that Terrence Cody is sacking Troy Smith.
    When you listen to Harbaughs press conferences he’s pretty blatant about it.
    I mean more power to my birds, but cmon hide it a little better.

  14. fleet10 says:
    June 7, 2010 2:31 PM
    keep stirrin’ the pot, Florio………..
    …….God knows you ain’t got nothin’ else to do
    Hey fleet10,
    You do realize that with every hit on his website and every comment entered, Florio makes a little more money, don’t you? If you don’t like the site or don’t care for Florio, the way to get him is to not visit PFT…..or at least don’t comment!! That way, you keep a little money out of Florio’s pocket…….and you’d be doing the rest of us a favor!!!

  15. cutler_eats_it says:
    June 7, 2010 3:06 PM
    I’m confused.
    Between your stark glaring illiteracy and un-funny and irrelevant comment, you should have just started–and stopped–with that.

  16. Didn’t the skins do this a couple of years ago. The league found out cause they put the OTA highlights up on the Redskins owned Internet Site?
    @ Stillerz
    Whaaa My Quarterback is a Registered Sex Offender who can’t be 10 yards near a school, janitor’s closet or tv repair shop.

  17. “And the folks who complained may have to answer to Ray Lewis”
    got news for you Florio. It was Ray Lewis that turned em in. He got clipped with a little contact and was afraid he was gonna break his hip…or some other old man injury.

  18. @tritan306
    Division Championships since 1996
    Super Bowl Appearances
    Pittsburgh–3 with 2 wins
    Baltimore–1 with 1 win
    Steelers lead series 16-10
    Oh, and who won the first ever game played at M&T?
    Whose owner wants his franchise to be modeled after the other?
    Congrats on those two wins last year though…given the anemic history it is at least a little something to look back fondly upon.

  19. Hey “sacdaddy”
    Thanks for proof reading my post you deusch.
    Not a Kentuckian …or even close. Thought you should also know, I prefer my chili in the 3-way format, not 5…..then again I’m not suprised at all that you know what donkey balls taste like….”sacdaddy”
    Are you a divisional foe that we t-bagged last year while routing the AFC North? Hope so, cuz I’ll really enjoy dropping our proverbial nutz on your face again

  20. Lol, at the 9-7 Ravens being Superbowl contenders. If so it looks as though they may be taking a page from the Pats…

  21. I’ll bet it was that little bitch Troy Smith.
    They should have sent his ass to Oakland or just outright released him so he could crawl back to Cleveland like he wanted!

  22. I bet Steeler fans love this, takes media time away from the knuckle dragger that is their QB

  23. @ dooey
    Irrelevant? Cheating is cheating. Right? Wasn’t trying to be funny. Sarcastic would be more like the description.
    I was told there’d be no math …er english.
    You’re such a douche!

  24. It was Ray Lewis, the rumor is he told the union he was getting to old and being exposed in practices. If they would not do anything Lewis would hire 2 guys to stab a bunch of players.

  25. “Whaaa My Quarterback is a Registered Sex Offender”
    Wow. You have to register even if you don’t get charged? In that case, Ray Lewis is a convicted murderer. Baltimore does have the second highest murder rate in the country so, you have that to be proud of.

  26. @cmich06
    You continue to hold on to the past as the Ravens and Bengals continue to take over the AFC North while you fade into mediocrity.
    All the Championships in the world won’t get you into the playoffs this year.

  27. Stillerz says:
    June 7, 2010 2:22 PM
    Wahhhh we dont want to play in Pittsburgh in primetime
    Wahhhh our coaches make us spend too much time on the field in June
    Wahhhh practice is too hard
    Wahhhh I got hit without pads on
    Wahhhh the refs hate us
    Wahhhh its too cold in New Jersey for a Super Bowl
    Did I miss anything?
    You forgot Wahhhh Indianapolis stole our team

  28. So, they got busted…
    I hear they’re still gonna petition the league office to let Ray Lewis’s tackles count.

  29. Bengals class of AFC North? LOL LOL LOL. Let them go to the playoffs in consecutive years! Bungals are a 6 win tean this year, look at their first 2 games and it is downhill from there. Ravens def is getting old and will be exposed and Crappo is above average QB. Steelers win the AFC North by 2 games if not by more.

  30. They should lose some draft picks for this…
    At least it takes the media scrutiny off of their murderer and double murderer on the roster….

  31. PittsburghSteelerz says:
    June 7, 2010 2:28 PM
    As a Steelers fan, I enjoyed reading this post.
    That’s because you’re an impotent buffoon loser that gets off on watching your own 8 year old daughter sleeping in the bed.

  32. How is ravens defense getting old when only two starters on the defense are over 30? Ray lewis (35) ed reed (31).

  33. Its funny that worthless crapsburgh fans are ragging the ravens?? At least our qb didnt rape 2 women. Good luck winning 6 games this year.

  34. Why does everybody pick on Florio? The guy sits here and gives out his opinions, gets a crap load of money from advertisers to post stories, and you guys come on here (looking at his advertisements while doing it) blasting him telling him not to write some of his stories and that they are a “waste of time”. You wanna know why he does, your why. Shut up.

  35. Funi, the Bengals beast you twice last year and it looks like a repeat this year but they will not just beat you they will bitch slap you – as will the Ravens as well. Both the Bengals and Ravens got better and your Steelers will be lucky to play as well as they did last year if not worse.
    I know it is hard to take. Just breath easy and seek some therapy you will be glad you did when the Steelers go 6-10 this year and. It entirely possible that the Browns beat you twice rather than once and that the Bengals and Ravens both sweep you. I have no dog in this hunt – I am an objective Colts fan observer who is just looking at the facts. It is your turn in the barrel.

  36. It’s funny to hear a Dolphin Fan talk smack. After all they haven’t won anything since the Nixon administration

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