Saints to visit residents affected by oil spill

For the second time in five years, the state of Louisiana is dealing with a disaster of epic proportions.

The BP oil spill doesn’t have a massive direct impact on the Saints like Hurricane Katrina, but the team isn’t forgetting about those in the region who have been affected.

On Tuesday, the entire team will take a break from OTAs to take a 8:30 a.m. bus and head to Plaquemines Parish to spend time with residents there.  They will also tour a Wildlife Rescue Center and meet with Governor Bobby Jindal there.

“These people have been a big part of our fan base,” coach Sean Payton said.  “This is a way for us
to be supportive of them especially in this time. We will
be a better team on our way back tomorrow than we are on the way

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  1. Is this going to be the ‘Tag Line’ for the Saints to get the NFL approval for a Repeat?

  2. Saints PR guy: “And what do you want?”
    Kid: “Cure the disease I got from the oil in my drinking and bathing.”
    Saints PR Guy: “Okay, here is a mini football signed by Drew Brees complements of Sears.”
    Kid: “……..thanks?”

  3. In close games put your money on the Saints! What a feel good story it would be to win another Superbowl after all the heartache caused by another disaster.

  4. The Saints have now done more for those people than BP and you commenters are going to criticize them and make jokes about it? Nice.

  5. In a related story, Sean Peyton will be handing out free prescriptions to help the residents deal with the agonizing pain of it all.

  6. Anybody who actually believes deep down that games are somehow rigged by the refs and the NFL as a whole because of external negative socioeconomic factors in a region should simply never watch the sport, as it would fall into the same category as WWE entertainment in which the results are predetermined. This of course is pure nonsense since the risk of any real officiating scandal would cause irreparable harm to the NFL’s brand.
    And to the bitter Vikings fans out there who are constantly trolling, do you really think the NFL wasn’t salivating at a chance to have a Favre vs Manning Superbowl? As a private organization, the NFL only cares about rating, not the public’s interest(British Petroleum?) or regional charity cases, and while last years Superbowl had the highest rating in history, I can assure you a Viking/Colts championship would have been even higher. I’m sure many of you who think otherwise also believe 9/11 was orchestrated conspiracy as well.

  7. Hey hey804
    Did you watch those Saints games down the stretch? I don’t believe there was a conspiracy but I do believe the business that is the NFL has a rooting interest and the officials know which side their paycheck is buttered on.

  8. and you don’t think a feel good story about a team that’s gone 40+ without a Super Bowl appearance with a community that was devastated by a hurricane doesn’t make a good byline for a Super Bowl? Refs in the NBA have been outed as manipulating the games, what’s to say the NFL is any different.
    Also wouldn’t 9/11 be considered a conspiracy according to the definition? Conspiracy- an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

  9. Did you watch those Saints games down the stretch?
    The Saints lost their last three games.

  10. You can’t deny that, in all sports, big market teams and big market players get the benefit of the calls. The same often goes for the sentimental favorite. I’m sure the Saints have been victimized for this far more than they have recently benefitted, I’m not sure, I’ve never followed them because they sucked for so long. But, to say that the outcome of games and seasons is not influenced by league or officials bias is just ignorant. What is home field advantage? What are homer calls? They aren’t urban legend. They are measurable advantages. The calls that went New Orleans’ way last season were clearly beyond random chance.

  11. First of all the Saints won the Superbowl over 4 years after Katrina. When would it have been okay for them to win? 6 years later? 10 years? They’ve been a competitive team since acquiring Brees and Payton. In case you haven’t noticed, franchise QBs and great coaches give your team a better chance of winning.
    Secondly the NBA refs that got outed were working for the mob in their own self interest, not the NBA, so that’s a ridiculous example to bring up.
    And thirdly, are you saying we refer to all crimes of two or more people as “conspiracies”? Well here’s one for you: did you here about the Vikings fans hanging out behind the 7-11 dressed as Helga and perfecting their foot tapping skills? It was a total conspiracy.

  12. Name some.
    Hell, name one.
    Were the Vikings and Brett Favre in on it too, because the Saints don’t win without the turnovers, no matter how many supposed calls they got.

  13. And if you bring up the pass interference in overtime, was he or was he not touched.
    And would it have mattered if the Vikings didn’t get called for 12 people in the huddle followed by the Brett Favre interception? Or were Childress and Favre in on it too?

  14. LMAO some of you football “fans” should be ashamed of yourselves. No matter what the story is, you bitter morons just have to be cynical about it…especially when it comes to the Saints.
    So…how come they didn’t win the Super Bowl between 2005-2008? The Saints have had the top ranked offense for most of the time Payton and Brees have been there. All they needed was a legitimate defense to make a run. They finally got it…and the rest is history.

  15. WoW Saints fans get testy when you questioned their astriek superbowl… Put the Saints color glasses down and chilax. I get became BIG TIME Saints fan this past December and you’re very passionate about them and you get very upset that you sometimes wet yourself when defending their SB. Calm down and put on your New Orleans Saints: Road to Super Bowl XLIV DVD and sit back and smoke your weed…..

  16. Every team makes mistakes in the course of a game. If we are talking just about the NFCCG the Vikings would have won if they played a flawless game. The officiating would not have mattered if they played perfect football. But, the Vikings dominated to such a degree in every other aspect of the game that the score was tied at the end of regulation despite the 5 turnovers. There were several times in overtime that the Saints were stopped only to be aided by a very questionable call. “Touching” does not constitute pass interference. There is no proof of course.

  17. The Saints are going to yell at Capt Josh Culp to clean up the birds and turtles for them!

  18. ChillyP says:
    June 7, 2010 4:29 PM
    WoW Saints fans get testy when you questioned their astriek superbowl… Put the Saints color glasses down and chilax. I get became BIG TIME Saints fan this past December and you’re very passionate about them and you get very upset that you sometimes wet yourself when defending their SB. Calm down and put on your New Orleans Saints: Road to Super Bowl XLIV DVD and sit back and smoke your weed…..
    Saints fan since 1986 (age 8). I would say put in your Vikings Super Bowl DVD, but you know…

  19. Maybe the Saints could bring all of those affected by the oil spill a pair of Wranglers…it’s what Brett Favre would do, right?

  20. The more comments that accumulate, the more it’s shown what low-class, bitter idiots the Vikings fans are. Saints doing something good? Well hell, let’s bring up the loss we took FIVE MONTHS AGO and continue to dissect it, when the only information you need is that it was an L, and the Saints went on to collect the Lombardi. Period, end of discussion. Enjoy rooting for your team in Los Angeles. Morons. If they had women worth looking at in Minnesota you’d probably be a less bitter lot. Just go to you guys’ team trophy case, polish off your Lomb, err, patricipation trophies and relax.

  21. Oh come on!?!?!?!?
    For those conspiracy theory toters, if there was ever a time for the NFL to give the Saints a favor and get them in the Super Bowl it would have been 2006. That year the Saints were in the NFC Championship AND they had just come off a year where they played 16 road games. Hurricane Katrina was in August 2005, this so called officiating favor (which is utter BS) came in January 2010. That’s four and half years late ya fools!
    The very suggestion of it is insane!

  22. ChillyP, several questions for you:
    1.Why do you even ponder passing?
    2.How many men can you have in an offensive huddle? 3.Besides you and the 42 yr old guy you play madden with in your mom’s basement who else put an asterisk by the Saints superbowl?
    4.Did you watch the road to the superbowl dvd? It’s really good, I would make you a copy of it but I think you should go the legal route and purchase your own copy. The game vs Minnesota was really awesome. I actually enjoy seeing Favre get hit over and over again (not like you and your 42 yr old hit each other, Favre is married).
    Now that I’m done talking to the child in the room, this is a REALLY classy move by the Saints. Down in South Louisiana they are huge Saints fans and it will no doubt be the talk of several towns that the Saints took time out of their day and paid a visit to that area.

  23. “astriek superbowl” – ChillyP
    I assume you meant an “asterisk”, or is it that an “ass-streak”…like a skidmark in your tightie-whities? Like, say, an “0-4 in the big game and haven’t been there since the mid-70’s” kind of skid? Or a “5 turnovers in the Divisional Championship” kind of skid? Those ones really cling to your arse, don’t they?
    Saints won. Get over it already.
    As far as the story goes, nice to see the team involved in some way. More to come, I’m sure.

  24. The whole team will undergo treatment to remove the stain of the tainted NFC Championship game.

  25. I don’t know what’s funnier the ‘NewComer’ Saints fans, the Saints fan who wants to rape people in his parent’s basement, or the stoopid Saints fans who automatically think I’m a Viking fan just because I put out a ‘What if?’. Rather funny….

  26. but then again I haven’t met many Saints fans who have mastered how to tie their own shoes…

  27. So, “ChillyP” who ARE you a fan of? I would think you would’ve cleared it up by now…no?

  28. This seems to be a pattern amongst Vikings “fans.”
    I remember when the Giants killed them 41-0 in the NFC Championship game, and then afterward Vikings “fans” were crying about how the Giants defense stole signals all game long.

  29. ChillyP says:
    June 7, 2010 8:54 PM
    but then again I haven’t met many Saints fans who have mastered how to tie their own shoes…
    Hey ChillyP, come on down and you can show us how to tie a shoe when it is up your ass. Now go back to your shanty…

  30. hey ChillyP, you do know why we think you’re a viking fan right? Well first off your name is ChillyP and your coach’s name is Childress, commonly referred to as ChillyP, I know you probably forgot about that so I thought I’d bring it to your attention.
    Secondly your posts reek of jealousy, bitterness, and soreness, which is a common trait among Viking fans when it comes to anything to do with the Saints. So I’m sure you can understand why everyone KNOWS your a viking fan.
    It’s funny you thought people couldn’t make that connection yet you attempt to make fun of New Orleans fans with your shoestring joke which was a pretty poor effort.
    Now time for you to go get your hot pockets that mommy put in the microwave for you it’s halftime in Madden 09!

  31. Other Saints fans would be well advised to learn the lesson I learned — never try to argue with someone for whom the facts are irrelevant.
    You will never convince many Vikings fans there weren’t 15 blown calls in that game, no matter what level of proof you might have.
    They frequently make incoherent, unreasonable arguments, such as it being a sign of your stupidity to guess that someone with the username ChillyP who sounds just like other disgruntled Vikings fans is also a Vikings fan. That’s like having a username BigTuna and blasting the Jets — then making fun of people assuming you’re a Dolphins fan.

  32. oldlefty:
    I’m sure you’re right, it’s really a falcons fan posting under the name Chilly to throw everyone off. Nah, even falcons fans are smarter than Vikings fans.
    I think it’s good that Vikings fans like ChillyP are so bent out of shape over their loss back in January and we’re in June. Too bad they didn’t show the same detestable behavior for their previous 0-4 superbowl record, might’ve lit a fire under the club.
    Superbowl championships:

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