Tony Romo withdraws during U.S. Open qualifiers

T. Romo.jpgIt wasn’t meant to be for Tony Romo on Monday.

Hoping to qualify for the U.S. Open Golf Championship, Romo knew he couldn’t afford weather delays.  Anything that pushed back the 36-hole event to Tuesday would get in the way of his day job.  (A Cowboys practice.)

After a second weather delay and a rough start to his second 18 holes, Romo withdrew from the event.  It wouldn’t have mattered.

Romo played very well on his opening 18 holes, bouncing back from an early triple bogey to shoot a 1-under-71.  At that point, he was in a tie for ninth place, just three shots out of qualifying.  (The top two players at the sectional move on.)

But Romo fell apart quickly after that, recording a snowman on his nineteenth hole of the day.  He followed that up with a bogey, and then a triple bogey before weather halted play.

We will resume this story next year around this time, when our hero valiantly tries to climb the mountain again.

44 responses to “Tony Romo withdraws during U.S. Open qualifiers

  1. the biggest tool in the shed.
    glad all of tony’s practice this offseason is paying off! and it will result in plenty of time to practice more golf come january when the cowgirls are sitting at home watching the playoffs.
    7-9 for the cowgirls this year and their annoying redneck idiot southerner fans

  2. Why not concentrate soley on football then maybe the senior tour? I’m a skins fan, but I’ve never liked this guy. He’s a Gus Forgot and we’ve seen his upside. Next….

  3. This is typical for Romo…he does very well until he gets to the game that matters…and he totally blows it..this is usually December/January incident …. Romo must be destined for Stardumb…

  4. The last sentence of this piece was obviously written by somebody whose only brush with athletic greatness was opening a recalcitrant bag of Chee-tos without using his teeth back in 1998. Jealousy is a sad little emotion to have, Gregg.

  5. Funny how some QB’s spend their off seasons…some try to better themselves in other areas that they excel in and others kill dogs and rape women…go figure

  6. absolutsaints says:
    June 7, 2010 9:55 PM
    This is typical for Romo…he does very well until he gets to the game that matters…and he totally blows it..this is usually December/January incident …. Romo must be destined for Stardumb…
    Seems like he did OK against the aint’s…you probably need to get off the internet and go clean up the beach…one Super Bowl and you think you’re an expert… come back and talk sh%t when you’ve won, oh I don’t know, maybe 3?

  7. Way to choke Tony….Typical, just like every important NFL game you play. Happy to see you concentrating on your real NFL job.
    NFC East

  8. Look at all the pathetic romo haters on it again. Obsessed much? Knowing he’s made it 1000 times where any of you did in TWO sports? He’s improved vastly in each of his THREE full seasons and you clowns keep on talking. This is only the beginning…

  9. Sadly for the spectators, Jared Allen wasn’t chasing Romo all over the golf course- same effect though.
    Quitters don’t win.

  10. @downwithdansnyder
    “He’s a Gus Forgot” You’re absolutely right, that is provided that Frerotte’s QB rating was 20 points higher. Of course, Gus would also have to have been about 20 games better record wise. And lets not forget that while Frerotte played until he was 37, he’s only ahead of Romo by 7 TD passes at present. Romo passes Gus when, week 2 or 3?
    Maybe Romo likes to play golf and he’s good at it. It’s not as if he’s missed any practices.
    I guess it’s not unusual for a Skins fan to mistake the 4th highest rated QB in history for the 108th ranked QB, right?

  11. Other than some Olympic competitions and the Triple Crown races, I hate any sport that isn’t American football. Especially golf. And for all I know about it, Gregg, you might as well have been speaking Japanese (“snowman”–seriously?). But props to Romo for coming close to qualifying for a top tournament in another major sport.
    Yes, if I were a Cowboys fan, I’d prefer he waited until his NFL career ended. But if T.O. could do a reality-show obstacle course last year and #85 could dance with the stars, why can’t Romo golf during the off season? He has far less chance of being injured than they did.

  12. Good QB.. Wonder how good he would be if his head was in the game… Not on chubby country singers..or Mexico..or Golf..or holding kicks..or “no homo”. Like I said good QB.. Could even be great if he or the coaching staff was in the right state of mind.

  13. coon-ass said:
    # absolutsaints says: June 7, 2010 9:55 PM
    This is typical for Romo…he does very well until he gets to the game that matters…and he totally blows it..this is usually December/January incident …. Romo must be destined for Stardumb…
    DEC 19
    2009 week 15 Romo 22/34 312 yds 1 TD O INT
    Brees 29/45 298 yds 1 TD 1 INT
    FINAL SCORE Cowboys 24 Saints 17

  14. Tony Romo will be starting his 4th full season as the Cowboy’s qb.
    It’s all coming into place for him. If you are the kind of person who hates to see Romo doing well, you may want to find something else to do this football season.

  15. Wow, look at all the haters. While your teams players are hitting the strip clubs, hitting the bongs, and doing their best to stay out of trouble, Tony is playing golf WHILE attending to the team OTA’S!!!
    Obviously most of, if not all of you are hackers. The mental side of golf is a game in and of itself that can be carried over into any other high pressure sport.
    Not too many athletes in this world can play two sports at such high levels, just ask Jerry Rice, Charles Barkley, Jordan, LT (when he’s not raping under-aged girls), etc…
    If any of you (see Downwithdansnyder) thinks Romo is in the same league as Gus Forgot, think again. This will be only his 4th year as a starter and is shattering records left and right. Tony can’t win the big one? How many did Marino win?

  16. Romo is a much better QB than old Gus.
    But I cant wait for him to come back north to the Dome this year, we had so much fun with him last year.
    Oh, dont forget to pound your chests after 7 yard gains and 1st downs again. That made it even better.

  17. There are probably highschool kids in the area who could shoot better golf than that.

  18. If the eagles actually had offensive line in that playoff game it would of been 15 years in a row.

  19. haha you guys are crazy…….the preliminary rounds of us open qualifying if hardly blowin it in the big game lol you guys are a bunch of idiots but as an eagles fan i love to hear anything that involves romo and failing

  20. Way to see it through to the end Tony! Freaking quitter! Hero? Please, what a joke Florio. You should know better.

  21. This is why the 1-7boy will be at most, the 1-8boys next year. Though I would hedge my bets on them staying the 1-7boys.
    Their entire team can’t seem to focus on the task at hand, which is winning the Super Bowl.
    When you are an elite QB in the NFL, you do nothing but football until you get your ring. Other positions can afford to slack off a little bit, but the QB cannot. Until he does, the 1-7boys will never go very far.
    That and Jerry Jones does just enough to make his fans THINK he knows what he is doing. But, by himself, he’ll never get that team to a Super Bowl.

  22. DEC 19
    2009 week 15 Romo 22/34 312 yds 1 TD O INT
    Brees 29/45 298 yds 1 TD 1 INT
    FINAL SCORE Cowboys 24 Saints 17
    Okay, so he’s 1-1 against the Saints. Congratulations…I guess.

  23. Stfnwlf08 says: CASE CLOSED.
    ???? really cause i think ur an idiot for ending with how many did marino win…….sorry but im pretty sure thats the same reason 90 % of all real football fans leave him out of the top 5 convo……and as a cowboys fan are you really promoting no rings for ur qb???? lol oh so all that matters are his personal accomplishments??? thats exactly why ur a moron
    football is about champions not individuals marino is remembered just as much as reggie miller homie….if it wasnt for him bein on tv we would forget about him all together because of his lack of jewelery…..same reason why ill forget about mcnabb some day

  24. If someone says anything remotely considered to be non-supportive of a player or team that makes them a “hater”, so does that mean if you are supportive you are a “lover”? Guess so.
    Okay, so for all “Romo lovers” out there, let’s toss aside the accolades for Tony’s obvious athletic gifts, how does one reconcile the fact that trying to be good at one sport (golf) likely interferes with trying to be great at another (football). If you read anything (you can read, right? no, not picture books, word books) at all about what it takes to become great, at anything, you know you have to focus on it and spend inordinate amount of time at it (if you don’t understand “snowman” you might need help in understanding “inordinate” essentially means “a lot”, you know, like a snowman in golf). Romo isn’t great yet. He’s good, but he isn’t great.
    Romo has been rightfully criticized before for not focusing on football. He’s not great enough yet to take it for granted. One can’t help but wonder if his head really is in the game or if he’s merely playing out the role and cashing big cheques.
    So, guess that makes me a “hater”, but I’d rather be that then a “lover”. No homo for Romo!

  25. Cowboys finally win another playoff game since the Clinton presidency and they act like they’ve actually won something since then. The team sucks, it has talent but hasn’t done squat since Bill Clinton was president. Quit taking tokes off Jerry Jones’s shlong.

  26. Please, you can’t mention romo and MariNO in the same sentence. When it’s all over, I seriously doubt that no homo will be mentioned as one of the greatest of all time.
    I mean, get serious for once. Yes, he stayed out of trouble “this offseason”… Woot.

  27. …only a know-nothing Redskin fan would think Romo is comparable to Gus…………LOL………Looks like the fans are as “good” at evaluating talent as their team is……….LOL

  28. The line in this story that pretty much sums up Mr. Rom-O-Choke’s career:
    “But Romo fell apart quickly…”
    Steers & Queers!

  29. What records are being shattered left and right? Don’t just rattle off a bunch of team records, that’s just lame.

  30. What wasn’t printed was the fact Romo scored Denise Milani, Katy Perry and Christina during his round.
    When it says he recorded a snowman, that means he dumped 8oz on 3 different chicks

  31. I love all the Cowboys haters. What’s the difference between him playing golf on his off days and the rest of the NFL playing Tiger Woods on his off days?

  32. Tony Romo was trying to become the FOURTH professional athlete to qualify for the US Open. The second NFL QB (Brody who won an event on the SR tour).
    He does not miss OTA’s! He has not missed a workout! He comes in early and stays late.
    Playing at that level can only help make him a better QB. Learning how to handle pressure and playing well under bad situations.
    I have been a fan of the Boys since 1965. I was 4! I love being a fan of a team that is the most hated and most loved team in the NFL. I cannot IMAGINE being a fan of a team like the TEXANS a city that couldn’t keep the Oiler’s and are mired in mediocrity at best.

  33. DEC 19
    2009 week 15 Romo 22/34 312 yds 1 TD O INT
    Brees 29/45 298 yds 1 TD 1 INT
    FINAL SCORE Cowboys 24 Saints 17
    2009 NFC Divisional Playoff Game
    Romo 22/35 198 yds 0 TD 1 INT, 3 FUM, 2 LOST
    Favre 15/24 234 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT
    FINAL SCORE Vikings 34 Cowboys 3

  34. “fnwlf08 says:
    June 8, 2010 12:05 AM
    This will be only his 4th year as a starter and is shattering records left and right. Tony can’t win the big one? How many did Marino win?

    Don’t compare Romo to Marino. Marino made it to the Superbowl very early in his career. They were outmatched by a very good SF team.
    Romo also has 2 things that Marino didn’t, A Running Game and Defense that doesn’t give up 30+ points a game.
    Marino has lost many a game scoring 30+ points because the D just sucked.
    Also, don’t compare him to Marino until he puts up the numbers that Marino did.
    After 3 FULL seasons, here are the stats
    Marino 122 TDs, 61 INT, 13,967 yds, passer ratings of 108.9,84.1, 92.5
    Romo 88 TDs, 42 INT, 12,142 Yds, Passer Ratings 97.4,91.4, 97.6
    also inflating Romo’s numbers are the new Pussy Rules for QBs. WRs also do whatever they want with DBs, unlike the 80s when a DB could use his hands a bit more and control a receiver.
    I’m not saying that Romo isn’t good or won’t be better than Marino, but to compare him at this stage is a bit pre-mature.
    Romo is a top QB, but lacks something to push him to be great. If he had Marino’s heart and drive, I don’t doubt that he would be even better than Marino, but he’s content to be where he is at and that is what is holding him back.
    The great ones would be working on their game and deficiencies during the offseason, not trying to qualify for a golf tournament. Nothing wrong with that, he can do what he wants, but when things go wrong, you’ll have people question your dedication.
    When Marino wasn’t playing well, no one questioned his work ethic or dedication, either he just F-ed up or someone made a good play. That’s the difference. You give people ammo to throw back at you when you don’t meet their or your team’s expectations.

  35. Romo is a top QB, but lacks something to push him to be great. If he had Marino’s heart and drive, I don’t doubt that he would be even better than Marino, but he’s content to be where he is at and that is what is holding him back.
    Lmao… Florio, is that you?
    Do you hang out with Tony Romo? Do you know how he spends his mornings and afternoons?
    You know just as much about his football drive as you know what he had for breakfast this morning. You think he’s the only one to play a round of golf in his off time? I guess he should go make an Ace Ventura movie like Marino did to show his “drive”, right? Also, Marino wasn’t questioned? Of course he wasn’t. He plays for the Dolphins and no one outside of Miami gives a crap about them. So you aren’t big news. If Ronnie Brown had gotten his DUI on the Dallas Cowboys, you’d still be hearing about it. Not to mention, the media is a TAD bit bigger now then it was in 1994. Don’t be jealous because Romo banged Jessica Simpson and Marino banged Ray Finkle.

  36. I apologize if this is already posted… but I’ve waited almost 30 min, and it hasn’t show up. so here it is again
    According to those who think you’re not a good QB unless you win the SB, apparently Drew Brees has only been good for 4 months of OFFSEASON, Peyton has only been good for about 2 years and Big Ben is the 2nd best QB in the league behind only Tom Brady(Give me a break). In fact those are the only 4 “good” qbs in the league.
    Hey, whats the name for the part of the season where there isn’t much going on, even for the players, other than working out and doing a bit of studying preparing for TC and practice? OFF season? If you have something against a player playing golf in his spare time, you’re a loser. Flat out loser.
    You want to know why people use the term “Romo-hater”?? Its because this dude is a flat out class-act, literally. He has done nothing but work his ass off to achieve what he has from basically nothing. Something 99% of you know nothing about. He’s praised by the organization and teammates as one of the hardest working and most dedicated players on the team (
    He’s been cited doing generous things for random people in the Dallas community. He’s shattered franchise records while remaining humble. He’s talented enough to be MVP of the tiny college division he played for, starting QB of the Cowboys, scratch golfer, and attractive women everywhere would love to be with him.
    So yeah, Romo-hater, makes total sense. Hate on Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Vick, or someone who has shown that he has questionable character or makes poor life decisions (not that his biggest character flaw is going on a trip on his off days in a playoff week) Get real, or you are just a flat.out.HATER

  37. Ah yes, the great Dan Marino with his 8-10 playoff record. 1 SB appearance. 56% career playoff completions. 77.1 career playoff rating. Just shows you how much “heart and drive” equates to success.

  38. You guys are a bunch on idiots..he is a decent QB that is still learning the game. He could be the first in /last out and you guys would say “where is the dedication”. Are you guys at the Cowboys complex or part of the organization? NO, you’re not so shut up. You have no idea what he does in terms of dedication and trying to improve his game. I have no idea either so I shut the hell up. Everyone has an opinion on here that has no backbone or proof to back up their statement. What a bunch of morons. He is an undrafted QB that is still learning. He has had 3 full seasons. Give him a couple more years before you kill him. And at the Bret Favre stats from the Cowboys did Bret make out against the Saints????????? He sucked and how did he make out in the NFC championship game against NY a few years ago…CHOKE CITY..threw into triple coverage and blew the game. Before you rip Romo take a look at Favre in the big games. And realize that Romo doesnt play LT. Get a clue you morons.

  39. For all those who are bagging on Romo for playing in the US Open qualifier and acting as if everyone has the game to play (Robert Ethen, that means you, moron), here’s just a few people who had to play in the sectional qualifying; Davis Love III, Steve Elkington, Ben Curtis, Corey Pavin, Rocco Mediate, Bob Estes… Guys with multiple wins on the PGA and some majors in there to boot.
    And what the hell is wrong with dropping out when you know you won’t be able to finish? The same morons screaming because he dropped out would be screaming even louder had he blown off Tuesday’s OTAs to finish his second 18.

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