Bucs' offense "very similar to Gruden's"

In 2009, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired head coach Jon Gruden, then hired and fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinkski, then gave the coordinator duties to Greg Olson in September. In 2010, Olson actually has an offseason to install his offense — and to the players who have been around for more than a year, it’s an offense that feels a lot like Gruden’s.

“It’s very similar to Gruden’s offense,” running back Earnest Graham told Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. “It’s the same mindset, the same offense. What he has the quarterback doing, the receivers and the running backs — it’s pretty much the same system.”

The running backs seem particularly pleased with the offense Olson has installed this offseason.

“I think of us as a run-first team,” running back Derrick Ward said. “I’m pretty sure if you ask Cadillac [Williams] or Earnest, they’re going to tell you we’re going to set the tone for the offense.”

Although things didn’t end well with Gruden in Tampa Bay, after last season’s 3-13 record, the Bucs would gladly take Gruden-style results from their Gruden-style offense.

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  1. so hey fire gruden,hire all new guys now,they go back to the def they used when he was there and now switch back to an offense like when he was there,seems smart to tear down and build back up the same way

  2. Yeah, but instead they have a coach who is in over his head and a team that will suck once again.
    Dumping Gruden was a terrible mistake.

  3. I’m glad to hear that! Gruden has a brilliant mind for thinking up offensive schemes but he’s just not a good Head coach. He needed someone to run the team as a whole and just let him focus on drawing up offensive plays.
    For 1) he never drafted well, 2) he spent to much time creating new offensive plays instead of focusing on executing them with precision 3) Huge ego and because he was the HC/OC he spent year after year neglecting the defense while he wasted draft picks on players like Dexter Jackson (2nd Rd!!) & Michael Clayton, 4.) Most importantly the guy won 0 playoff games since that super bowl season.
    The new staff may lack experience but being a loyal fan and looking at the big picture they have made HUGE strides in putting together a competitive team this off-season! They may only end the season with a 5-11 record but they FINALLY have a core nucleus of guys that they can build around and that will get better and more comfortable playing together with each season.

  4. Of course it’s the same offense. Well, other than scoring 50% fewer points than the old offense, and winning two-thirds fewer games.

  5. hey overswil…Gruden ever develop a QB?…and how come since he was such a offensive guru, they always sucked?…you pine for a failure my friend. The team HATED him because he was a complete fake…something a dumb redneck like you could NEVER relate to….you love you some shiny objects…yyyyyyeeeeehhhhaaawwwww!!!

  6. As a buc fan i can tell you firing Gruden has been the only good decision the owners had made in the past years, he was supposed to be a offensive guru than was unable to install a decent offense, the question is why do they want to return to something than didn’t work at all?

  7. J,
    I agree with you about firing Gruden being a GREAT decision I hated him as a HC, but in his defense I think he is a very good offensive coordinator. His offensive schemes are actually very good. ONE OF HIS PROBLEMS and the reason his offense was not successful was he overloaded the players with plays. You only have so much time in a week to install your new game plan and get the players on the same page and executing the plays with precision. There comes a point where more is not better. I remember one game where the game was on the line and Jeff Garcia later said that the play Gruden called was one that they only practiced a few times several weeks prior, (BTW they lost that game)!!
    The complexity of his offense along with the fact that he couldn’t get along with his players well enough to keep some consistency in his offense was the reason his offense sucked! Plus he and Allen did a terrible job evaluating talent in the drafts.

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