Happy birthday, Florio

The news leaked before I could even “break” it. 

Yes, Florio was born on this day 45 years ago.  (His toupee doesn’t look a day over 35.)

PFT’s grand poobah gets to celebrate by putting the finishing touches on the magazine that has made his working life miserable challenging ever since the NFL Draft ended. 

For his birthday, hopefully the plebes that work for him can give him back to his amazing family for a few hours.  Perhaps a late night run to the donut shop?

You can leave your birthday wishes in the comments below.  The best present you can give is to keep reading, refreshing, and commenting all day long — no matter what those comments may say. 

(Oh, and buying the magazine wouldn’t hurt.)

53 responses to “Happy birthday, Florio

  1. Happy Birthday Florio !!
    This must mean that Peter King will be announcing his birthday as well, and he will probably offer up his thoughts on your birthday and what it really means to us . . .

  2. Happy B Day Florio. May you grow an inch taller and break the 4 foot barrier this year. Perhaps 3G Gregg can take you on all the rides this year.

  3. Now Mama Florio will really be nagging him about moving out and finding a place of his own.

  4. PFT is the best and so is Florio! Many happy returns on your special day.

  5. Good thing for Florio that his mom thought his dad looked like Mick Jagger for a few fleeting moments, while stoned out of her mind at that rock concert up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  6. Happy birthday, Mike.
    Guess I’ll take this moment to mention how much I’ve enjoyed the site over the years, and how well the feel of the little site has transferred to the big time.

  7. HBD Florio. May you have many more… just not as PFT Grand Poobah 😉

  8. I’ll wish you happy birthday, Florio…. but only if you give us another article on the Rooney Rule

  9. How long til we can get a Florio roast on Comedy Central?
    …am I only allowed to mention NBC? Whoops.

  10. .
    Barely a day goes by that I do not check this site. Thanks for providing interesting football news and editorial comment. Best wishes and happy birthday.

  11. Should the NBC require Florio to step aside right after blowing out a small brush fire’s worth of candles?

  12. # stiller43 says: June 8, 2010 3:19 PM
    How long til we can get a Florio roast on Comedy Central?
    …am I only allowed to mention NBC? Whoops.
    I think NBC owns CC. I could be wrong.

  13. Florio still working on the mag? Man, he must be tearing his hair out by now.

  14. Happy Birthday Florio! I hope the family takes you to a nice restaraunt for your birthday. Then again, in West Virginia any place that doesn’t have a drive-thru or have opossum & squirrel on the menu is considered fine dining.

  15. Happy Birthday, Mike!
    (Maybe this year you’ll finally get out of your parents’ basement.)

  16. Apparently Florio didn’t get any really expensive gifts this year, but he did find $387.36 in small change under his pillow. Left by the Hair Follicle Fairy.

  17. Happy Birthday Mike, my life wouldn’t be the same without PFT! Keep up the great work.

  18. The Real Shuxion says:
    June 8, 2010 3:34 PM
    # stiller43 says: June 8, 2010 3:19 PM
    How long til we can get a Florio roast on Comedy Central?
    …am I only allowed to mention NBC? Whoops.
    I think NBC owns CC. I could be wrong.
    I could be too but I thought CC was owned by Viacom which owns ABC, ESPN and many others.

  19. Happy b-day Florio. I’ve been here since the beginning and you have come a long way from your rumor monger status. Now you are actually interviewing the commish of the NFL, go figure.

  20. hey thats pretty cool i dont find many other june 8th bdays too often……happy birthday to me and you Florio!!!! u still got a few on me…i was born in Allentown PA in 83′

  21. Happy B Day Florio! Thanks for the informative and sometimes hilarious news and rumors. Keep up the good work and don’t let your head swell!

  22. Happy Birthday!
    But… if your name is attached to this magazine, I won’t be buying it. You’re too glit and glam NFL style for my liking. I like real, solid reporting. Lindy’s Season Preview book is the best. then Athlon Sports. Then Yahoo. Then I guess that leaves you guys…

  23. After several years, I’ll take this opportunity, not only to register, but to leave a message as well…
    I wasn’t sure what signing on with NBC would do to the site, but it seems like you’ve kept your own rudder in the water, which I like. (even if I don’t always agree with your insanity).
    Happy Birthday Florio.

  24. Happy Birthday! Thanks for this blog because I get good laughs from the stuff on here all the time.

  25. Happy BDay Mike. I’ve been visiting your site multiple times per day every day for years and plan to do the same for years to come. Thanks for everything…

  26. Happy Birthday Florio!!!
    Been a Fan for a few years…. Keep the reports comming for us NFL JUNKIES. Who can’t get enough football even in the offseason!!
    And watch out for them Miami Dolphibs thi year… People sleeping on us!!!

  27. Crappy birthday you schmoo! You live in a zoo! You post like a monkey! But we can’t live without you! And many more! Congrats, Mike!

  28. Happy birthday Mike, thanks for giving all of us football junkies something to do all day other than work. Also I’m sure all your former clients are happy you quit your day job, keep up the great work, absolutely love the site.

  29. In other news, it was reported that there was small fire in the Florio household after Mr Michael Florio, on a dare from one of the Birthday party attendees, decided to blow out the 45 birthday candles with the old “pull my finger” routine.
    Damage was limited to some of Mrs Florio’s favorite curtains and Mr Florio’s hair.
    Florio Jr told this reporter that his Dad’s hair was “100% improved over the rug he was wearing”
    Mrs Florio however had no comments other than the words “cut” and “off” threw a small fit of coughing due to smoke inhalation.

  30. It’s almost tomorrow on the east coast, so Happy Birthday before it’s too late. For my birthday I want Tiffany Simons to sing me Happy Birthday just like Norma Jean Mortenson Baker sang it famously to CIA victim John F. Kennedy.

  31. Happy birthday Mike. You’re 45 and still look younger than Rosenthal. I’m impressed.

  32. Ya got rich off a website.
    How can you not wish this dude a happy birthday?!

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