Marion Barber played with torn quad in 2009

Cowboys running back Marion Barber has played injured for much of the last two seasons.  While he has only missed a total of two games, the injuries have obviously affected him on the field.  He has appeared to lack burst, and his yards-per-carry average in 2008-2009 was 4.02, in comparison to 4.81 in 2006-2007.

It comes as only a mild surprise, then, to discover that Barber played nearly all of last season with a tear in his left quadriceps muscle.  According to Cowboys running backs coach Skip Peete, Barber suffered the injury in Week 2.
He still has a hole in it,” Peete revealed to Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas.
“There is no question about his toughness,” added Cowboys strength coach Joe Juraszek.  “He’s prideful about his job.  As tough as he is and as much pride as he has, for him to miss any time is a surprise to me.”
The Cowboys, laughably, maintained throughout last season that the injury was “a bruised thigh.”
Since season’s end, Barber has dropped ten pounds in an effort to regain quickness.  It is believed that his starting job is still in danger.  

25 responses to “Marion Barber played with torn quad in 2009

  1. Hey at least they reported it as some sort of injury. That’s more than most teams do. And they didn’t asign the injury to another body part either. Close enough for government work anyway…

  2. Yea Yea, they are just saying to as an excuse for another shyty year… Big Back Jacobs played with a partially torn ACL last season, u dont see him making excuses…
    Typical Dallas… Typical

  3. Cowboys suck, who cares
    Crappy QB + Injured RB + Jerry Jones yesman coach = nobody cares

  4. What the author failed to mention was that Barber averaged 4.4 yards per carry in 2009-2010, an increase from the previous season.

  5. Cowboys made no mention of a torn quadriceps, but did state that Barber had perfect trisceps.

  6. @GurpBadesha
    932 yards 7 TDs 4.4 yards per carry
    835 yards 5 TDs 3.7 yards per carry
    Can you identify the “shyty” year?

  7. ChargerDillon says:
    June 8, 2010 5:24 PM
    Cowboys suck, who cares
    Crappy QB + Injured RB + Jerry Jones yesman coach = nobody cares
    You cared enough to post, dumdum.

  8. jERRY JONES is happy now, he can just release him… all he cares about is the MONEY! he is worst than the Glazer family!
    Typical dallas, typical

  9. @GurpBadesha and yet Barber had on average more yards per carry, had more yards carrying as well as more yards receiving. Which is typical of him as he always has better stats than Jacobs.
    Romo is entering his 4th year as a starter on a team that has now won the NFCE 2 out of 3 years. The only QB that has more 300 yard games than Romo is Brees. Do you just come to the boards to make stupid comments?

  10. See where loyalty and pride get Barber when his carreer is cut short because he played when he should have sat. CUT.

  11. @GurpBadesha
    “JERRY JONES is happy now, he can just release him” Do what? Do you think Dallas would cut MB3 because of last year’s thigh injury? Are you a complete moron? You can’t “just release” players who are injured if that was your inference. In order to “release” a player who is injured but under contract, the club would have to reach an injury settlement with the player. You’ve already made yourself look quite ignorant. You should probably sit out a few posts before you say something even dumber.

  12. @GurpBadesha
    I seem to remember Jacobs bitching all last year about his injury, and used it as an excuse for his season.
    It’s a legitimate excuse, just as it is with Barber. If you have a blown tire, it’s hard to be a running back. Haters always like to say they are making excuses, but are you telling me if the QBs arm fell off and he had a down year, that the lack of an arm wasn’t the reason? Idiots.

  13. “ChargerDillon says:
    June 8, 2010 5:24 PM
    Cowboys suck, who cares
    Crappy QB + Injured RB + Jerry Jones yesman coach = nobody cares”
    This coming from a Charger fan…at least Barber didn’t cry like a 4 year old when he was on the sideline. Talk about a franchise that no one cares about…
    “BigMikeSkinsFan says:
    June 8, 2010 6:36 PM
    drama with a capital DUH…”
    An injury equals drama to you? In that case, Clinton Portis is an overdramatic little bitch. Go play in traffic.

  14. But the thing is, jacobs ran like the wind and has dominiated before.. just ask the 18-1 patriots……
    its a “what have u done for me lately league” and barber is on the outs…
    tuff luck dalllas fans, u blow

  15. He will get CUT, and thing is, jerry jones, the loser he is, wont even make the call, he will probably get the assitance to the travelling secretary to make the call…. coward, all u dallas fans… i look down at u guys, ur not better than me!

  16. “Yea Yea, they are just saying to as an excuse for another shyty year”
    Yeah, won the NFCE, what a shitty year.
    Don’t even bring Brenda Jacobs up. She’s alllllwaaaaaays hurt. Weighs 265, plays like 185.

  17. “he is worst than the Glazer family! ”
    Only the Glazers are flat broke and Jerry Jones is a billionaire.

  18. “drama with a capital DUH…”
    Better than the Deadskins with a capital SUCK year after year.

  19. hmmm, if he was a Patriot every post on here would be about how they cheat. Funny how misrepresenting an injury all season long by the Cowboys is nothing more than “laughable.” I wonder what happens when it comes out that MB3’s college teammate has been playing with a broken brain and a stubbed toe. You know they will all want to tar and feather BB…

  20. I’ve been saying for years that Barber is the hardest running RB in the game. The guy just hurts people. And yes, he runs harder than Jacobs. I hate seeing that guy in the lineup. I suspect he’ll be back to old form this year.

  21. GurpBadesha says:
    June 8, 2010 7:20 PM
    But the thing is, jacobs ran like the wind and has dominiated before.. just ask the 18-1 patriots……
    ummm have you ever seen Brandy Jacobs run? The only thing he “ran like the wind” for was to the ladies room to grab a tampon because he is a big pussy. Besides that he is slooooooow as sh*t and is a “power runner” if you can even call him that. He kind of runs like a bitch. If he ran the ball even half ass hard as MB3 does with his size he would be the best back in the league.

  22. Hey ChargerDi_K,
    What team let the MVP of the last Super Bowl, walk away. How have the Chargers been doing? You had a rookie QB come to your house and whup your butts. I really wouldn’t throw stones until you do something. HEE HEE, you let DREW BREES walk and kept Rivers… what fools. You want more proof of stupidity..DING! DING RYAN LEAF. Keep your rocks in your pocket until YOUR team does something.

  23. That explains a lot. He’s an awesome situational back.
    He had a good year, but often looked tentative. That’s not like him, he’s an attacker.
    Here’s to an EVEN BETTER 2010-11.
    How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!!!!

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