Nancy Gay discusses Isaac Bruce's HOF chances

AOL FanHouse columnist Nancy Gay is a member of the 44-person voting committee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Gay penned a piece for FanHouse Monday evening that indicates she expects Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce to eventually have a bust in Canton.

While Gay doesn’t go so far as to predict Bruce will officially enter the Hall in 2015, she seems to put Bruce in the same class as Tim Brown, Cris Carter, and Andre Reed.  Though they were not elected, all three of those receivers made the 2010 finalist list. “Brown, Carter, and Reed … almost surely belong (with Jerry Rice) in the Hall of Fame,” says Gay.
Gay predicts that Bruce will not be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but suggests that it’s only a matter of time.
“Bruce may see his name as a finalist for several years before his turn finally comes,” she wrote.  “Like the great ones before him, he may simply have to wait.”

23 responses to “Nancy Gay discusses Isaac Bruce's HOF chances

  1. Myeeeh….they could enter his name as Bruce Isaac for all the difference it would make in his chances.

  2. With all respect to Mr.Bruce
    He is not in that same class or WR’s at all.
    Tim Brown had who knows throwing him the ball and put up amazing numbers
    Cris Carter is solid
    and Andre Reed played in the weather of Buffalo
    Bruce played most his career indoor.

  3. … “Nancy Gay discusses Isaac Bruce’s HOF chances”… is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  4. Someone please explain to me how Nancy Gay AOL Writer is on the HOF selection committee?
    I understand she has written football articles mostly west coast stuff but seriously??
    There are alot of great NFL writers around the country. Unfortunately we have only one in Boston, Mike Reiss.
    Does anyone really read AOL fanhouse ??

  5. Well, if she says it, I won’t believe any of it. What a “know nothing” idiot.
    How she can even keep a job is the amazing part.

  6. I’m just saying I’d be mad if I was 3rd, 4th or 8th all time in receptions and knew the only reason I wasn’t in the HOF is because some chick had her period during the week of voting.

  7. You could see this coming. 1,000 catch wr’s piling up on Canton’s doorstep like trash bags during a garbage strike.
    Changing the passing rules in 1978 was like baseball lowering the mound in 1969. It changed the dynamics of the game.

  8. Anyone who thinks Bruce doesn’t belong in the HOF knows nothing about football period.

  9. Andre Reed Zero Rings
    Tim Brown Zero Rings
    Cris Carter Zero Rings
    Isaac Bruce….He has a ring. And the game winning TD catch in the Super Bowl. His numbers are as good, if not better than the three WR’s above. But the ring put’s him above them.

  10. @Chris
    Bruce is number 2 all time in catches. 2. As in, only the WR god Jerry Rice has more. He deserves to get in, and is in the same class as all three of those WRs.
    You make a very good point. Along those same lines, I think you will start to see less and less defensive hall of famers.

  11. He’s going to have to wait, but I think one of the things that will help him is he does have a Super Bowl ring. Chris Carter and Andre Reed clearly are great, great recivers, but neither has a ring and I think in some voters (I said some) that’s going to make a difference.

  12. @ chris,
    The only receiver on that list with more of a claim to Canton is Brown. He’s equal to both Carter, who was never considered the league’s best like I’ve seen as an argument against Bruce, and Reed, who also played in a pass happy system, surrounded by other great players throughout his career, the other common thread I often see cited to discredit Bruce. This guy went 80 in a Super Bowl for the deciding points…it doesn’t get more clutch than that. He was the number one receiver in that system, he dictated the coverage, or have you missed Torry Holt’s rapid fall from grace since his separation from Bruce. He had the numbers before all of those other pieces came to the Rams, before Warner, before the Martz system, before Faulk, before Torry Holt…some of you guys needed to have actually observed these guys’ game closely before commenting.
    What makes a Hall of Fame receiver? He consistently got open, caught the ball, ran for a lot of yards and caught a lot of touchdowns….seems like the criteria to me. He was a playmaker his whole career.
    We’re supposed to penalize him because the rules changed the league? Well, you should’ve kept Dan Marino and Jim Kelly out until Ken Stabler (considered one of the best of his era) is in because their careers just happened to coincide with the dawn of the new passing era; therefore, their numbers are skewed, yet they have no rings (btw, an absurd notion, too, in my opinion).
    He put up numbers way before the “Greatest Show on Turf” came to town and caught passes from stiffs like Tony Banks and Chris Miller before anybody knew who Kurt Warner was. Just because he wasn’t flashy and wasn’t a loud mouth, don’t over look this guy. He’s to be penalized because the franchise he spent most of his career with surrounded him for much of his career with 21 other stiffs? Give me a break.
    Not to mention, with all the commentary on morals being a factor for Hall of Famers because of Lawrence Taylor’s latest indiscretions, his public persona should be a welcome addition by the moral in crowd.

  13. The ring’s the thing.
    All these guy’s are deserving, but it is one of those things where the “slobberknocker”/”you can’t touch the guy” eras butt up against each other. New criteria will have to evolve. There will be enough big number offensive guys eligible in the future to create a logjam.
    It isn’t fair, but the ring will matter.

  14. Isaac Bruce absolutely deserves to be in the the Hall Of Fame….someday.
    He has 8 1,000 yard seasons and before anyone jumps on him with the “greatest show on turf argument” let me say, he lead the league in catches and recieving yards in 1995(only his second season in the NFL). He followed that season with a 1300 yard performance in ’96, so he was not just a product of a system, although speaking of that pass happy system he did put together a string of 3 straight pro bowls, thousand yard seasons along with 2 super bowl appearances which as previously mentioned he set a SB record for longest reception on the game winning touchdown.
    On a related topic: Let’s not throw Chris Carter’s name around like he is a borderline HOF guy, yeah he never won a SB but he has the greatest hands in the history of the game to go along with statistical production second only to Jerry Rice. Chris Carter already should be enshrined in Canton.

  15. Apparently Real Football Fan isn’t a real fan with such a silly statement as saying that Cris Carter wasn’t considered the league’s best. While he may not have been #1 (because Jerry Rice was that), he was clearly the 2nd best WR of his era. To say he isn’t shows you know absolutely nothing about football.

  16. @swede700,
    Apparently you missed Michael Irvin, Sterling Sharpe, and the emergence of T. O. among others overshadowing Carter until Randy Moss came to Minnesota and they had that 15-1 season in ’98. That’s when he got the media spotlight, much like Bruce didn’t get spotlight attention until the Greatest show on turf days. However, unlike Bruce, Carter was actually reduced to the 2nd guy on his team while Bruce was the number one on that RAm team, he dictated the coverage, not Holt.
    You probably need to save that attack dog statement for someone who doesn’t watch football as avidly as I do or know it’s history as well as I do because at no point in Chris Carter’s career was he ever universally lauded on the same stage as those guys I’ve previously mentioned. In hindsight, it makes the media and ankle biting public at large look silly, but I remember watching games then, he wasn’t spoken in the same breath as those guys until late in his career when he no longer was on the level to be spoken of as one of the best….he was overlooked much like Bruce has been while putting up amazing stats. Don’t get your mind twisted about what real football fans like me knew, I said how he was perceived at the time, you should be able to see the difference between those two statements.
    Because I don’t know what 90’s world you lived in where he was ever considered by the media and in turn by the public at large the 2nd best receiver behind Rice or Irvin or Sterling Sharpe or later T.O. or later his own teammate, Moss. It just didn’t happen outside of Minnesota, sorry.

  17. A “Ring”,15,208 Rec YDs(#2), 1,024Recs(#5 ), 91 TDs(#9), when he retired…Hard to find a better first time ballot choice at the WR position than this guy…should be the last of the L.A. Rams to get in 1st time Ballot also

  18. Andre Reed never gets enough credit playing in that stadium and putting up those numbers. I spent 15 years living in Western NY and the winters there are horrible. The wind in that stadium is terrible. Reed was a class act, I personally watched him sign autographs in the freezing cold for what seemed like 2 or 3 hours several times.
    Jim Kelly on the other hand…don’t get me started.

  19. Silver Fox says: June 8, 2010 8:29 PM
    Tim Brown couldn’t carry Sir Isaac’s jock strap across the damm field!!
    That’s crazy talk, did you ever see Brown play?

  20. Real Football Fan, well stated argument. Swede, it’s obvious for more than one reason that you’re homering here, but I don’t disagree that CC was one of the best in his era and deserves HOF enshrinment. To be picky and rebut, you’re angry at someone for insinuating, in so many words, exactly what you wrote? Really? Perhaps you should read the post again, thouroughly.

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