Ray Edwards will skip minicamp, sign tender

The holdout of Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards will continue, at least for another week.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Edwards will not report for the team’s mandatory minicamp that begins this weekend.  But he will be signing his restricted free agency tender before June 15.

Edwards will sign the tender in order to avoid the potential drop of his current offer from $2.521 million to 110 percent of his 2009 base pay, which per Zulgad equates to $1.1 million.

Edwards also could opt to hold out of training camp and pay the daily fines of roughly $16,000.  If, however, he holds out beyond August 10, he’ll lose a year of credit toward free agency.  Thus, if the 2011 rules make players eligible for unrestricted free agency after five or six years of service, the four-year veteran would still be a four-year veteran — and thus once again a restricted free agent.

16 responses to “Ray Edwards will skip minicamp, sign tender

  1. The NFLPA has about as much chance of agreeing to a 5 or 6 year FA waiting period as they have of agreeing to the NFLs opening offer that they take what they have mischaracterized as an “18% pay cut”.

  2. Everson Griffen will fill his spot opposite of Jared and the Vikes will dominate!

  3. Ilovefoolsball says:
    June 8, 2010 3:59 PM
    Let the bum walk.
    Contra says:
    June 8, 2010 4:00 PM
    Edwards is a bum!
    bum, bum, Viking = redundant.

  4. This guy is a loser and sould be traded or cut today. He’s penalizing the Vikings because of terms in the CBA that he doesn’t like, when he should be complaining to the player’s union for having negotiated those terms in the first place.

  5. I say his fine for missing training camp should be exactly the same amount Lord Favre pays, which everyone knows is zero. Make Col Klink pick both of them up at the airport and bring along his trusty knee pads for servicing them both, all in the name of fairness.
    Is it just me or does Ray Edwards think he is a better player than he ever exhibits on the field? I realize most Viking fans think that way about everyone on the 53 man roster but in Edward’s case, its really obnoxious. Jared Allen just looks obnoxious, the Viking fans thinking they are going to the Superbowl is also obnoxious and smelling the inside of the Homerdome is just plain noxious, due to the high number of Viking fans in close proximity to one another.
    But that smell will subside in the fumes of the moving trucks bound for LA.

  6. Edwards you should realize this is your best spot on any team and start practicing again. Suprised I beat Jimmy to the post first time ever!!!! Funny how a packer fan is so obssesed with his rival team pretty pathetic to be honest lol

  7. Release or trade him. Theres absolutely no reason to keep this chump when we have Griffin and Robison on the roster too.
    If Edwards were smart he would sign right away so he can play with the #1 DL in football.
    He really needs to leave.

  8. JimmySmith go bang a kangaroo, wait thats what Brandon Underwood did. At least Underwood is not “servicing” random farm animals like you have been rumored to do. It is ok I am sure there are support groups for issues like this.

  9. The vikings stuck by him when he was caught using steroids.
    The vikings stuck by him when he said players didn’t want Brett Favre as QB.
    They stuck by him when he got 5 sacks in 2008.
    They stuck by him when he claimed he would deliberately injure Drew Brees.
    This guy has the pre-move viking attitude.

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