Spagnuolo "very, very hopeful" Rams will re-sign Atogwe

There hasn’t been any news today on free agent safety O.J. Atogwe, and no news is good news to Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, who says he’s still hoping Atogwe stays in St. Louis.

I am very, very hopeful,” Spagnuolo said Tuesday, per Steve Wyche of “I am doing this [crossing his fingers] and I’m on my knees all the time hoping that this thing works out.”

Although the Rams made Atogwe a free man rather than increasing his tender offer to nearly $7 million, Spagnuolo said that’s not an indication that the team wants to move on without him.

“Our hope all along was to try and get a deal done with O.J. to keep him on the Rams,” Spagnuolo said. “We want him to stay here, and I think he wants to be here. It’s ongoing and we’re very, very hopeful.”

Atogwe has now been free for a week, and the Rams are the only team saying publicly that they want to sign him. That seems like a good sign that Spagnuolo will get his man — and that Atogwe won’t benefit from a bidding war for his services.

6 responses to “Spagnuolo "very, very hopeful" Rams will re-sign Atogwe

  1. I dont understand how nobody wants the best safety in the league. Oh well, that just means we have the best chance of bringing him back.

  2. The Rams dont want atogwe back this is all for the fans they are tryin to save face by acting like they are trying to bring him back….Look for Atogwe to sign a 1 year contract with a contender

  3. That’s because he’s not the best Safety in the league and being 29 and wanting big bucks doesn’t help.

  4. He isn’t the best safety in the league. Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, and Bob Sanders are the best when they’re healthy. I would like to see the Jets sign this guy though, they could use another solid safety, it’d give them great depth.

  5. does anyone have any idea what is keeping the eagles from looking at this guy? he knows spags defense which must look a lot like jj or sean mcdermotts and with jackson going down, is andy doing spags a solid, or do they and everyone else know something we don’t?
    any ideas out there?

  6. Because Florio says “no one is looking at him” it must be true? How many players fly under the radar and then are signed by some other team, “out of the blue.” Time is on his side.

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