The possible method to Stephen Ross' apparent temporary madness

When Dolphins owner Stephen Ross declared on Saturday a belief that his team will be playing in the Super Bowl come February, plenty of folks concluded that Ross had lapsed into a short period of insanity.

While it’s healthy to have high hopes at this stage of the year, when every team has zero losses (indeed, the NFL has profited greatly from cultivating such optimism on a widespread basis), the guys who hold the keys to a franchise should never be talking so openly and candidly about actually achieving the goal of a championship.  At a minimum, it puts pressure on the coaching staff to fulfill the high expectations, since the coaching staff could be blamed for failing to take to the top of a mountain a team that, on paper, has all the tools needed for the climb.
But during a Tuesday morning segment with Jeff DeForrest of WFTL in Fort Lauderdale, it finally hit me that Ross possibly knew exactly what he was doing.
V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells remains under contract for two more years, and he can leave at any time and collect the balance of his contract.  When he goes, whether after this season or the next, it’s widely believed that long-time Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson will become the next captain of the ship.
Peterson will want to hire his own people to handle the key jobs, like head coach.  And Peterson quite possibly won’t want Sparano, a hand-picked Parcells hire.
So what better way to grease the skids for making a change than to set Sparano’s bar so high that he’ll have a hard time clearing it?  Though Ross can dump his head coach any time he chooses, the fans and the media won’t support the move if they don’t believe the coach deserves to get fired.  By pushing a mediocre roster to overachieve and make the playoffs, Sparano would enjoy widespread support.  But if the fans and the media perceive that he couldn’t finish the job with a team stocked like a fish bowl full of trout, no one will complain if/when Peterson concludes that it’s time to make a change. 
Men generally don’t become rich enough to buy football teams without being incredibly shrewd.  And Saturday’s comments could eventually be proof not that Ross still has whatever it is that put him in position to purchase the franchise.

54 responses to “The possible method to Stephen Ross' apparent temporary madness

  1. The possible method to Mike Florio’s apparent temporary madness.
    Mike hates the Dolphins, this has become obvious this off season. Mike also needs to come up with articles for this site, so when the news is slow he has to make it up.
    So instead of a owner thinking they have a good chance of making the Superbowl (which the lowly Jests came 1 game from making it last year). Florio has to make up a giant conspiracy theory that is based on complete bunk.
    So instead of inspiring his team Florio thinks that Mr. Ross is planning on firing a coach two years from now.
    Also how can you call the roster mediocre? Top class additions and they won the division 2 years ago and just missed winning it last year.

  2. Now you’ve gone full blown tinfoil hat on us. All you need now is a chalkboard and you can be NBC’s Glenn Beck.

  3. This article is rediculous. You have a new owner of team that is excited, thats all. What did you expect him to say, Hey if we clear 500 I’ll be happy?

  4. I hope your WRONG!!! Parcells finally turned the Fins around. As respected as Carl is, he is D-U-N!
    Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!

  5. Ok, wait a minute. Let me get this straight….So, are you telling me they’re setting Sporano up to get fired by a guy who isn’t involved with the team yet? Why would they do that? Unless, they thought the team was heading in the wrong direction. Any true Dolphin fan who had to suffer through Wannstadt, Sabin and Cameron should feel lucky to have Sporano as coach…even if they’ve made some big time blunders in the way of free agents and a couple of botched draft picks. I would put that more on Parcells and Ireland than Sporano…I have to call BS on this story.

  6. clearly a slow news day. what a reach of an article based solely on no evidence whatsoever. how could this peterson clown even become another GM. he did absolutely nothing during his 15 plus years with the chiefs.

  7. @paleandpasty
    C’mon now, Florio’s a Vikings fan. I really doubt he cares about the Dolphins enough to hate them.
    You’re right about him writing stories based on nothing more than an idea that popped into his head, though.

  8. Mike Florio should just stop writing about the Dolphins, period. He doesn’t have a single useful thing to say. How do guys like this keep their jobs? I think his boss needs to read some of these articles from time to time.

  9. The Dolphins will be at the Super Bowl holding their owners little, stupid computers looking at instant replays.

  10. Sorry, but your theory does not work for the simple reason that Mr. Ross is the biggest U of Michigan fan, and Chad Henne fan. When Mr. Ross said the Super Bowl prediction which you are refering to, he also made an even dumber comment of saying that Henne would eventually be the best QB the Dolphins have ever had. Now, I love Henne and believe he will be a great QB, but by saying that he will be better than Marino, he really put Henne on an imposible position, and he would have no reason to do that. Obvioulsy, you guys forget that he is a lifelong Dolphin’s fan and discount the fact that this is simply a huge fan who is extremely optimistic and over the top and said a bonehead comment. As far as getting rid of Parcells and bringing in Peterson, it would be a PR disaster after his last couple of years in KC.

  11. I guess we all should realize that Florio and the rest of his ‘ilk’ sit around an laugh when they have absolutely nothing to report so they say ‘Watch this’ – I’m going to put some BS theory on the web and watch all the bored fans react. ….well, this is how he keeps his job. No news and yet we are all commenting on an idiotic ‘non story’.

  12. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. He wants his coach to fail? come on. He probably wants to sell more tickets. And no one knows what Bill Parcells is gonna do. He might get an extension at the end of the year as far as we know. He loves south florida and this is the best scenerio for him. Why would he leave.
    And Peterson is not gonna take over. If anything Jeff Irland will take over the team

  13. No guys Florio hates the team I support and only throws things out against his favorite team (in this case Miami) to throw everyone off and give the appearance of partiality.
    In any case this is a stupid supposition by the Meathead.

  14. If Stephen Ross somehow believes that Carl Peterson, who completely ran the Kansas City organization into the ground, is somehow a better pick to run his franchise than the future Hall of Famer who has 2 Super Bowl wins, 3 Super Bowl appearances (with two diff teams) and 4 Championship game appearances (with three diff teams)…then the man is obviously not as intelligent as you are giving him credit for being.
    And that makes two of you…

  15. Your an idiot mr ross if you think peterson who was booed in kc can accomplish a superbowl title faster than tuna

  16. Florio is a moron. Write about the Jets and Duante Culpepper and tampering all day but don’t you ever write about the Dolphins again because you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about!!!

  17. Florio, this story is pathetic. Tuna and the rest of the organization are finally turning this team around and Ross is only trying to excite the fan base. This story smells like complete bullshit

  18. Florio, next off season take a long vacation. This way we will not have to read your written delusional thoughts. I know that Parcells at times has acted like a jerk toward the media but coming up with delusional conspiracy theories only makes you look bad. Did it dawn upon you that perhaps Ross was trying to get the buying public excited enough to purchase season tickets.

  19. Well I guess since this blog post (article, people? that implies journalism and this is a rumor site. Let’s not forget where we are) no longer appears on the main page Florio must have been convinced by the above posters that this is a huge stretch.
    dphinfan’s opening sentence puts it best.
    But to Florio’s defense, I’m a huge Dolphins fan and I don’t think he hates the Fins. I just don’t think he’s a fan. Steelers fans think he hates the Steelers, Jets fans think he hates the Jets, Bengals fans… etc. etc.
    It seems to me as though he just doesn’t hold any biases (especially now seeing as his beloved Pat White probably won’t see the field in 2010).
    He reports on what’s in the news, and quite frankly it hasn’t been that great for us aside from Brandon Marshall’s signing and Ricky Williams ESPN documentary (which was gold!).

  20. That’s it!!!!!!!!! This Florio idiot finally has said enough stupid things to make it worth it just to sign up for this message board to say,,,,”Florio you’re an idiot and nothing you say (especially about the Dolphins) is worth a pinch of crap. You’re site used to be informative and usefull,,,now your just a rumor starting (stay in my basement) junk, wanna be reporter.
    Come up with a true and how about an important and usefull story.
    enough of this PFT crap,,,,,CNNSI for some credible news for a change,,,
    Florio you suck at this!!!!!!!

  21. The only flaw in your reasoning is that if Ross hires Peterson, it will be Peterson who takes the heat for firing Sparano, not Ross. Actually, it wouldn’t be Peterson either, it would be Jeff “Is your mother a prostitute” Ireland.
    So why would Ross be maneuvering now for a thing that might not happen, and which wouldn’t really affect him?
    That’s assuming Peterson would even fire Sparano. He’s pals with Jeff “Is your mother a prostitute” Ireland and presumably Ireland is comfortable with Sparano.
    So your speculation really looks like a conspiratorial reach.

  22. 1). He’s a rich guy with a a giant ego, a sky box full of b-list celebrities and shiny new toy. Talkin’ smack ain’t a big shock.
    2). More importantly, who in their right mind amongst media and fans actually thinks the Dolphins will be in the Super Bowl this year?

  23. Sporano is GREAT! Look at the Players on the sidelines. They love him! I am sure they will get rid of him because it is all working to well. lol
    dphinfan says:
    June 8, 2010 9:11 AM
    Ok, wait a minute. Let me get this straight….So, are you telling me they’re setting Sporano up to get fired by a guy who isn’t involved with the team yet? Why would they do that? Unless, they thought the team was heading in the wrong direction. Any true Dolphin fan who had to suffer through Wannstadt, Sabin and Cameron should feel lucky to have Sporano as coach…even if they’ve made some big time blunders in the way of free agents and a couple of botched draft picks. I would put that more on Parcells and Ireland than Sporano…I have to call BS on this story.

  24. Florio you’re a fool for creating this conspiracy theory even though he may be the next guy after Parcells. However why can’t an owner be optimistic and set the bar high. Also who knows Henne could be the next best thing to Dan Marino. That would be sweet!

  25. Gotta be the dumbest article I’ve seen in a while. Just say NO to Peterson- he’s a loser.
    Where do you get this drivel?

  26. Everyone is right about the misplaced speculation from Florio. That said, consider this Dolphins homers before you go into complete denial: Parcells has averaged less than five years with any team, and that is after 8 years as the Giant’s HC. Since that time, he has been with the Patriots 4 years, Jets 3 and Cowboys 4 years. He hasn’t been to a SB in 14 years, and hasn’t won one in 20. He’s been amazing at turning teams around, but most of the teams he’s taken far were filled with players who were on the team before he got there. Belichick was his DC for both Super Bowl wins and Tom Coughlin was the OC for the second one.
    Don’t get me wrong, Parcells is an amazing football person who deserves a great deal of respect – I’d take him over Peterson any time! Just don’t expect him to stick around past that 5 year mark whether they win in that time or lose.

  27. i love the recurring “bill parcells leaving” stories. this has been going on longer than the “desean jackson isn’t unhappy with his contract…yet” stories.
    i miss when this website was great.

  28. If Ross was as “shrewd” as you claim him to be, Florio, then he would know better than to dismantle a well reconstructed team on the rise to hire a vp/gm that has been running another franchise to the ground for years.

  29. Florio, you’re an idiot … you’re really grasping for a any semblance of a story here …
    Why can’t you simply accept the fact that Mr. Ross is excited for his team’s chances? Or better yet, name one owner, GM or team president that starts out a season differently? If you don’t play to win and be in the Super Bowl, then WTF do you play for??
    Ross is an intelligent owner, and to think he would do ANYTHING to rock a boat that has finally been set back on course is ludicrous.
    You’re a dumb F**K …

  30. Yeah, I’d want to see someone who ran the Chief’s organization into the ground head our football operations. Kinda reminds me on when Waandstadt was hired as coach. He ran that Bears program into the ground and then did the same for the Fins.
    F— ROSS and PETERSON!!
    Oh and F— THE JESTS TOO!!
    Sorry, had to get that one in there.

  31. Dolphins and Super Bowl should never be used in the same sentence.
    Dolphins and Macarena …..yes
    Dolphins and Jenny from the Block ….yes
    Dolphins and Sabado Gigante….yes
    Dolphins and assault of a pregnant woman….yes
    Dolphins and knife assault in the parking lot….yes
    Dolphins and breaking and entering…..yes
    Dolphins and Super Bowl….never

  32. A real ‘reach’ by the writer of this story. Just goes to show his dislike and jealousy for Parcells. Not sure where you come up with this stuff Florio. And to say the roster is ‘mediocre’? Based on what? The fact they missed the playoffs this season because of key injuries and the hardest schedule in the NFL. I think your going to be eating some crow this season Florio when the Dolphins end up having a fine season.

  33. hahah appears as though many others beat me to it.
    retarded conspiracy theory florio comeon. wouldnt talking up henne take less pressure off the coaching staff? that wouldnt be in line with ur theory would it?
    also, more believable of an ulterior motive would be to attract atogwe to lower his asking price by getting him to think he could sign with a confident fins team with high aspirations.

  34. Men generally don’t become rich enough to buy football teams without being incredibly shrewd.
    Having lived in a Ross owned buildings for almost two decades, I can tell you exactly how he did it. In NY State, the Democrats control NYC. The Republicans control upstate NY. No Democrat would re-write the NYC rent laws because they would never get elected again. However, for reasons that defy explanation, NYC rent laws are control by the State Government, not the NYC government. Ross, and several other high end landlords, realized this and went on a Republican buying spree. If you were Republican and NOT from NYC, Ross and the others stuffed millions into your campaign coffers. Now, nothing in life is free. Ross and the other landlords expected something back for all that money and they got it big time. Upstate Republicans re-wrote the NYC rent laws to heavily favor the large landlords. The little guy who owns one building is still in a tough place (that’s what you get for not buying your own State Senator, peon!). The big guys, like Ross, made out like bandits. It should be illegal and should be called what it is – bribery. However, thanks to an inbred Supreme Court it is, ironically enough, called free speech. The fundamental problem with this Country is all it’s lawmakers – local, State, and Federal are for sale to the highest bidder. The only difference between them is the higher up the food chain you go, the more the bribe (sorry, “free speech”) costs. That’s how Ross did it. He gamed the system and it was all, sadly, perfectly legal.

  35. LOL.. These Cockamamy stories are much funnier when they aren’t about my Jets….
    Welcome to Miami Mr Peterson!!!!!!! See Ya, Mr Soprano, you had a nice little run, even beat the Great Jets a few games.

  36. Mr. Florio,
    Very nice work of fictional creative writing. You covered most of the basic criteria:
    Point of view
    Just one component you normally include yet left out of this piece.
    Dialogue… you didn’t have “an unidentified source which chose to remain anonymous”. Therefor, I’m can only give you a B.

  37. The day Carl Peterson displaces Jeff Ireland and/or fires Tony Sparano is the day I stop being a Dolphins fan. Those two actions would only be allowed by an owner who truly doesn’t care if his team wins.

  38. Of course Peterson will be the GM when Tuna retires. If you don’t think he is giving Ross his opinion on everything football, then your boyfriend finally broke down after your nagging him about spending time with you, and he gave you some sites to read on your own, so you feel like you can contribute to a conversation at the tailgates or make roster moves on your “Bennifer or Brangelina” nicknamed team in the office league. Their CEO is on the HOT seat, if the Dolphins don’t sell out everygame. Peterson has his own guys to run the business ready to go once the path is cleared for him to put his own stamp on the Dolphins organization.
    “King Carl”, was an NFL GM for 20 years. He brought Montana to KC. KC had a winning record during his tenure. He is respected amongst the people who actually make decisions for their teams. In the three years of the USFL, he was the GM of the team that played in all three championship games and they went 2 for 3 in titles(that stat is like throwing around the ’72 undefeated team over and over, it means nothing unless you’re enjoying the early bird special at Golden Coral). Miami is lucky to have an outside voice creeping in, considering that the last time a Tuna controlled team won a playoff game was when he ran the Jets.

  39. 123…..
    perfect season with a title to back it up.
    so it’s been 30 years- big deal. yeah, tampa bay was a real powerhouse in the testaverde years. you would have thought they were doomed for the next millenium.
    we know how that turned out.
    you make it like miami is detroit.
    thank you come again.

  40. pftfanboy says: June 8, 2010 11:50 AM
    perfect season with a title to back it up.
    so it’s been 30 years- big deal. yeah, tampa bay was a real powerhouse in the testaverde years. you would have thought they were doomed for the next millenium.
    Actually its been 36 years but why split hairs.
    Of course past results are no indication of the future…unless you’re talking about the Jets.

  41. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a Fins homer, but this is pretty way out there Mike.
    This is exactly what makes people dislike you and your site. He takes an overzealous NFL owner and a comment he made about his team going to the SB and twists it into Ross’ way of getting Sparano fired…. I love a good conspiracy theory and it’s not totally out the realm of possibility that this could be Ross’s reasoning, but it’s really, really a far fetched theory….
    Let’s have another article on OTA’s being too tough, Mike, it’s your forte…

  42. Yeah he’s opened up his wallet for Marshall and Dansby to set them up for failure. What a stupid article! I’m getting sick of PFT.

  43. Barring a complete meltdown, there is NO WAY they can justify firing Sparano at this point. All he has done was completlely revive a “winning culture” in Miami and compile a 18-14 record with a lackluster roster. They were 1-15 the year before he showed up. Now, they are young and talented across the board and poised to be contenders to years to come.
    Firing Sparano = alienating the entire fanbase that suffered through the utterly incompetent Wannestedt, Saban, and Cameron regimes.

  44. That’s gotta be the dumbest thing you’ve said since the time you actually admitted that you’re a creationist. And there are plenty of contenders. Are you one of those guys who “went to college” in your pajamas? From the comfort of your own bed? And then on to Hollywood Upstairs Lawyer School?

  45. Please, that’s a reach. Do you mean that Rex Ryan, or Dirty are setting themselves up for failure and resulting dismissal or trade by making even more foundless boastful assurances?
    Did Mrs ‘Florio, by any chance, date The Tuna at some point in the past? I can’t explain any other reason for all this piling on.

  46. @ finsbooyah
    Would dumping Tuna, Ireland and Sparano for say Bill Cowher with Carl taking GM duties really alienate the Dolphins fan base? You would rather have Sparano as the head coach because, why? Saban was smart to get out of Miami for Alabama, I think it turned out to be an okay move for him.
    You could put Vick at QB, TO & Rae Carruth at WR, bring Maurice Clarett out of the halfway house and Lawrence Phillips on work release to play RB while Tom Cable is patrolling the sidelines, as long as the team is winning, nobody cares. It’s all about winning and winning now. Don’t care who is the coach, who is on the field. Winning takes care of everything. If your team is not winning why should you waste your time and money on them?

  47. craigolney,
    Of course winning cures everything, but the Dolphins have been completley rebuilt into a real contender now, and for the forseeable future. So how can you justify firing a coach that has proven he can win with even less talent?
    Cowher is no doubt a proven coach… But so was Saban, and Jimmy Johnson when they took over and the Fins weren’t able to win with them. It doesn’t make sense to fix what’s not broken

  48. So what if Florio is an idiot?
    So are all you folks on here who are making mince meat out of dog poop just because Florio–who doesn’t hate the Fins but does love the Jets (yeah I know that’s a bit hard to believe…the he doesn’t hate the Fins part that is)–says just about the funniest thing on here since he claimed to love Pat White.
    Calm down…at least Florio isn’t Alex Marvez! Calling Parcells a “crime boss”?
    and rumor has it Florio IS going to take a job at FOX News! This site is just practice…
    The Doormat Be Jets!

  49. The state of the media is so sad and depressing now a days. If there isnt anything to write about, just make stuff up

  50. this article exemplifies why i rarely visit this site anymore. i think i’ll stick to from here on out.
    thanks for the good reads over the years, PFT.

  51. Insane speculation, Jesus.
    Although I will say, if they hire Petersen I am no linger rooting for this team, and I’ve been a fan since 1986. Petersen destroys franchises, and even has a track record of doing this.
    If Ross is going to hire his buddies, then he clearly doesn’t care about winning. I miss Wayne Huizenga – at least he kept his mouth shut. Ross is turning this into a circus.

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