NFL rips "meritless charges" from union on TV contracts

Responding to the news today that the NFL Players’ Association is challenging the structure of the league’s television contracts, the league issued a public statement striking back Wednesday afternoon.

“The television contracts that the union attacked today were agreed to during the worst economy in our lifetimes,” the statement says. “Far from failing to maximize revenue, the contracts grew league revenue to fund higher player salaries and benefits.”

The league’s statement also quoted NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith himself as saying the league had negotiated good television deals, apparently referring to an interview Smith did with ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning.

“No wonder DeMaurice Smith said publicly this year, ‘My hat’s off to Roger Goodell. Television is locked up until 2014 to the tune of about $5 billion a year,'” the league’s statement said. “The union’s meritless charges, including many inaccuracies, will be addressed in the proper forum, but they are simply a distraction and do nothing to get us any closer to a new CBA.”

23 responses to “NFL rips "meritless charges" from union on TV contracts

  1. So, the league is still making Smith look like a clown (and he is one), but the players’ union still has a point: how can the league negotiate in good faith knowing they have the entirety of the TV revenue to fall back on if a deal doesn’t get done?

  2. true..but if thats the case y are there all these PA problems if the TV was really giving them so much money this wouldn’t even be a topic

  3. this feels like a political campaign.
    it’s cool having millionaires and billionaires fighting to gain the support of the american public who are being priced out of every aspect of their sport during a time when nobody has money. as far as i’m concerned, if they don’t play football next season because of this, they’re both going to burn in hell.

  4. DeMaurice Smith, what rock did he crawl out from under? He’s got dirtbag written all over him.

  5. I know it’s Smith’s job to posture and make the NFLPA appear to have leverage, but the more you hear about this guy, the worse he becomes. I have a feeling that if there is a lockout, Smith will be the main reason for it. He looks like the Eugene Parker of the NFLPA. I won’t pretend to know what is going on in terms of the specifics with the negotiations, but this guy is bad news.

  6. Does anyone outside of NFL players think that this guy knows what he’s doing? Smith seems to be all flash and show.
    This whole situation sort of reminds me of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. You get the representation you deserve. A bunch of morons and idiots run out to vote for the “Hip Hop Mayor”, then act surprised when years later he’s in jail and the FBI is investigating the death of a stripper from a party at his mansion that the Mayor’s people covered up.
    In this case the NFL players ran out and elected a guy who flaps his gums but seems to have no real clue. The players will lose this latest contract negotiation, and they’ll deserve it because they elected this joker.

  7. Master of Semantics, Posturing, and Spin. Or rather, total failure at those things? Months ago, I read on this site that the owners were touting their ability to remain financially stable in the event of no football, due to the huge guaranteed tv payments that are paid even in the event of no football, and therefore act as an insurance policy for the owners to stay afloat. At that time, the union slammed the owners, saying that this money doesn’t keep the owners safe due to the fact that it must all be paid back, is essentially a loan, and therefore creates no leverage whatsoever in negotiations of a new cba. Today though, the union takes the opposite position, stating that these payments amount to a devious and diabolical attempt to create leverage in negotiations with the union, because today apparently it, wait for it………DOES act as an insurance policy that keeps the owners afloat if an agreement can’t be reached. (no mention today of the fact that it is essentially a loan) “It appears that the owners bought a strategy to lock players and fans out and nonetheless financially protect themselves,” Baltimore Ravens cornerback and NFLPA executive committee member Domonique Foxworth said. Genius I tell you, just bash the owners at every turn. Is Aaron Rodgers involved in this somehow? Apparently players think nobody remembers what you said yesterday, wrote down your quote, has access to the internet, recorded your interview, or listens when you speak. Perhaps players should hire someone to speak publicly on their behalf that is not involved in a profession where concussions are a weekly event.

  8. Another classic example of a union be completely an utterly unnecessary.
    Why is there even a “Player’s Union?” Owners are obligated to field the best teams with the best players, or they risk losing their customer base. So, an owner will pay, within reason, for the chance to put out a product superior to that of his contemporaries – which costs money. Or, he doesn’t, which ultimately costs him money. The free market
    All the union does is bleed the owner, and make a select few very wealthy, like that hair-lipped union leader. Creepy lookin’ dude fits right in as a union leader. Also, unions hurt customers because customers have to pay more for the product, and in times of a lockout, don’t even get a product. It’s a freakin’ sham perpetrated by those who otherwise cannot compete on a level playing field. Unions are un-American.

  9. It’s too bad that all this time spent generating PR statements and arbitration filings could be used towards negotiating a new CBA…… there are no winners here

  10. “What rock did DeMaurice crawl out from under?”
    First of all, why is it De Maurice and not just Maurice? What is the “De” part for?
    Second, he’s an African-American male, so we really aren’t allowed to question or criticize him. We all know this.
    Bottom line is this:
    I am tired of everything NFL-related costing so much.
    $200+ for a jersey? Really?
    I can get the same exact thing overseason for $35. The only difference: $165 saved from my pocket that doesn’t go into the NFL, the NFLPA, the players, the agents, etc. pockets.
    Tickets are too expensive.
    The DirecTV Sunday Ticket monopoly costs WAY TOO MUCH and it has gone up so much from the past 5, 10 years it’s a joke.
    I hope they lock out the league, a la the NHL, and I hope the NFL players are forced to take 50% paycuts as the NHL did.

  11. Perhaps when this loan is due and the owners are repaying their 5 BILLION dollar per year loans to the networks, the players will be contributing their fair share of the principal and interest payments? Somehow I don’t see that happening.
    Funny, the NFLPA has come out and very loudly (just loud enough to be sure the owners can hear) told the players to financially plan for a season with no pay. But, when the owners take out what again, the players have already called a loan to keep them afloat in the event of no pay, the players want a cut of the loan!!!!!

  12. Tiger Woods says: June 9, 2010 4:07 PM
    $200+ for a jersey? Really?
    I can get the same exact thing overseason for $35. The only difference: $165 saved from my pocket that doesn’t go into the NFL, the NFLPA, the players, the agents, etc. pockets.
    I love Hong Kong.

  13. Hauschild, if it weren’t for unions in America, you’d have the very rich or the very poor with no middle class. And its the middle class who are the blue collar workers who built this country. As a union member, I take offense at you calling me and any other hard working american un-american.

  14. NFL is made up of a group of well educated business men and continue to prove that. While on the otherside the NFLPA is DeSmith(all talk no walk) and bunch of thugs(with a few exceptions). My money is on the owners winning this one.

  15. Like any company, the owners took the risk in buying or starting the franchise. They do all the work and put a LOT of money in building state of the art facilities. They negotiate the contracts for TV, radio, online media & marketing.
    The players get free college scholarships, get handed a big fat pile of cash on potential. And when they fail to live up to said potential, it comes out of the owners pockets. When they DO live up to their potential, they demand more money with 3, 4 & 5 years left on their contracts because they “out performed” their rookie deal.
    Hey NFL players, where else are you going to take your skill sets to earn millions of dollars ? And don’t whine about the injury risk or a reduced quality of life. You got paid millions while the blue collar guy who is laying brick, delivering beer or spent half his life driving a truck probably doesn’t outlive you and has less money, less opportunities & less education.
    Stop all the posturing and pulling in details that aren’t relevant and do a fair deal with the mindset of what’s in the best interest of all parties involved (owners, players & fans). Because players can be replaced a lot easier than owners or fans.

  16. How much money did the players and the union put up for the purchase of the teams and stadiums? How much risk do they assume? How much do they invest in the communities they live in? When the answer to these questions matches that of the owners then I will listen to their complaints.

  17. Smith is an idiot, which explains his friendship with Obama…but in this case he actually has a point. The NFL has no incentive to agree with the union, in fact it has a huge incentive not to…the owners will get paid and won’t have to pay the players so it’s all going to be profit. Pure genius on part of the league. NFLPA, you are screwed, so just bend over and take it like a…

  18. @ Hauschild
    I have alot of responses to your “unions unnecessary” and “un-american” but let me come down to the gutter where you are so you can understand…..You’re a Moron…..By the way, nice first sentence. Your grasp of putting words together must have been taught to you by a non-union teacher.

  19. If this were Politifact, I’d rate this as Half True or Pants On Fire. The NFL’s CURRENT deal was signed in 2004 and went into effect in 2006 and the economy wasn’t as bad and THAT’S when the average per year revenue skyrocketed and THAT deal went from 2006 to 2011.
    In 2009, they did manage to get more money out of DirecTV BUT they extended the contract for 2 years with the others for no increase in rights fees. In other words, the NFL is LYING – BIG SURPRISE.

  20. I wish the NFL wouldn’t lock the players out so we can have scab games. As long as there are guys wearing the orange helmet, we’ve got football. So we won’t have a bunch of roided out superhumans out there, big deal. We don’t cheer for individuals in football, we cheer for teams.

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