Panthers' Thomas Davis suffers torn ACL

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis suffered a torn ACL during organized team activities and is expected to miss the entire 2010 season.

The injury is to the ACL in his right knee, which he also tore in November. He said today that he’ll have surgery again to repair the ligament again.

Davis was a restricted free agent who signed his one-year, $3.268 million tender offer on Tuesday.

Davis suffered the injury while backpedaling during individual drills. Reporters on the scene said he simply fell over and clutched his knee without being touched.

39 responses to “Panthers' Thomas Davis suffers torn ACL

  1. Man, talk about bad breaks. Sure hope this doesn’t ruin Davis’ career or Carolina’s 2010 season.

  2. ug!!! he was rushing back from the first tear and it’s imo on fox and the medical staffs head that he re injured it. no reason for him to be running drills in ota’s and running 40 yard dashes 5 months after a major knee injury. i don’t care if he felt good or not, you play it safe so something like this doesn’t happen. dan connor, james anderson, and jamar williams are on notice

  3. He tore his ACL in November and was participating in OTAs? Geez, you’d think he’d take until at least real training camp. There are no heros from hurrying back (or being hurried back) from that type of injury.

  4. I bet he’s glad he signed the tender. Awful advice to report and compete in OTAs too early.

  5. A non-contact season ending injury a day after signing his contract? Very suspicious.

  6. Reporters on the scene said he simply fell over and clutched his knee without being touched.
    Something about that reminded me of Strahan’s record-setting “sack” against Failvre.

  7. Man this sucks…
    Now when I play the Jets or Vikings on Madden i’m NEVER going to be able to stop the run. Because everyone know those are the only two teams anyone ever plays as Live.

  8. these guys keep coming back too early. Carolina fans, whats up with Dan Connor? Is this finally his chance?

  9. Sounds to me that he may have rushed things a little and hadn’t completely healed from the first injury.

  10. Man, I feel bad for this guy. He was having an outstanding year last year, a breakout year for him, before the injury. I really thought he was gonna be a stud. Hopefully he comes back from this.

  11. Wow!
    That sucks. Hopefully his career isn’t over. He was a very promising player coming out of college.

  12. Davis is a stud. Bad news for the Panthers, one of the few bright spots on that team and he won’t be able to play.

  13. Not good for the Panthers, Davis is a great player. No Peppers, no Davis is a huge blow.

  14. I’m a longtime Saints fan that hates having to play against this guy and even I must say this sucks. It’s not fair.

  15. I really, really wish I didn’t just read this.
    Huge loss for that defense, and a very unfortunate situation for Thomas Davis.
    I hope you make it back, TD. Be tough.

  16. Did he come back too fast?
    Was Dr. Nick Rivera the one who did the first operation?

    It’s too bad when anyone gets injured in OTAs or training camp.
    Anyone know how much money he will get from that $3.268 tender he just signed?

  17. ICEWALKER says:
    June 9, 2010 9:03 PM
    Did he come back too fast?
    Was Dr. Nick Rivera the one who did the first operation?

    It’s too bad when anyone gets injured in OTAs or training camp.
    Anyone know how much money he will get from that $3.268 tender he just signed?
    I believe he gets all the money. Teams often ask guys to miss team activities because if they get hurt they are responsible for the full salary.

  18. He had signed an injury waiver, so he was going to get paid if he got injured anyway. No, there is nothing “fishy” about the timing–just a horrible coincidence.
    He’s been working out with the team for a while now. In fact, he just ran a 4.5 40.
    This is just bad, bad luck. It’s a shame, because he’s one of the best LBs in the game.

  19. Damn i really liked TD….i wonder if we will try and find some one new to take his place or trade.

  20. Some of you are idiots. You really think he is going to blow out his knee because he signed a 1-year tender for $3 million? It could cost him 30-50 million. Morons.
    I was at the OTA and my son saw him fall. He followed him off the practice field. He wasn’t even limping. Just angry

  21. James Anderson played VERY well in his place last season and there is Dan Connor, so there are options there. This still sucks, though, especially for T.D. He was this close to signing his first big contract extension and now this happens… it’s definitely a career-threatening deal just considering the timing involved.
    Hopefully he can come back strong. I mean, if he can run a 4.5 40 in 5 months the first time hopefully he can at least make it back to playing shape the 2nd time.

  22. You can replace the tackle amounts, but you can’t replace the range Davis provided. Carolina’s front 4 isn’t occupied by Jenkins and Peppers anymore, it could be a rough year against the run and that’s where you need your sideline to sideline players to keep outside runs under 4 yards

  23. TD went from safety to weakside backer and was deemed for a short while as a “Vick” stopper, sideline to sideline speed was ridiculous, “pop” at the point of attack explosive, this hurts Carolina.

  24. Panther fans have already jumped ship from last season, i’m sure if the panthers go back to 12-4 they will come crawling back, such a bandwagon fanbase, i was at the Carolina/Buffalo game last yr in Charlotte, pathetic turnout from the panther “fans”, more Bills fans than anyone. But ya, feel bad for TD

  25. hold on Diesteelersdie one most of the true fanbase of carolina is working their asses off to support their families and can’t travel to games. Two I for one can tell you the biggest bandwagon fanbase there this is is the Saints fans. I can tell you you’re assumption is based off the bills fans that either are retired, make enough, or just let their families go hungry so they can go to a game. I know plenty of fans who wish they could go to every game its just not in their budget. I know myself rasing an 8 month old, having a wedding this year and other expenses I would love to go to a game and support my team does that make me a fairweather fan? one can assume from your post that answer is yes

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