Redskins reel in Mike Furrey

Veteran receiver Terrell Owens has said he’d like to play for the Redskins.  The Redskins have opted to sign a different veteran receiver.

The team announced earlier this afternoon that the Mike Furrey has joined the team.

A finalist for the 2009 NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award as a member of the Browns, Furrey flirted with the Bears, given his experience with the Rams and Lions under Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz, but nothing ever came of it.

The versatile Furrey, 33, began his pro career in the XFL.  He has played offense and defense during his time in the NFL.  Last year in Cleveland, he started two games as a receiver, and two as a safety.

It’s unknown whether he’ll be playing defense in D.C.  In the release, he’s listed as a receiver.

The team also announced the release of linebacker Alvin Bowen, defensive lineman Antoine Holmes, cornerback Marcus McCauley, and tight end Sean Ryan.

27 responses to “Redskins reel in Mike Furrey

  1. if one needs more proof that terrell owens’ career is over, one need not look further than this.

  2. Wow, What an offseason for the Redskins. They must really be high on Jake Locker.

  3. Good for Furrey–in 06, he caught 98 passes for 1,086 yards and seven touchdowns. His 98 most for any player in the conference that year, and second best in the league.
    Fun fact: He also set the record for most catches for a non-rookie after a season with NO (!) catches the previous season.
    Yup–0 to 98, in one season.
    (The magic of Mike Martz, anyone?)
    Furrey’s also a decent guy.
    Which means when that choke artist extraordinaire McNabb skips the ball off the sod and into Furrey’s shins, he won’t give him any lip about it.

  4. As a Browns fan I am sad to see him go. He is the consummate professional. God bless him and his family.

  5. This does not mean they will not pick up Terrell Owens. Furrey will not even start for Wash, so I a sure they are still looking at Terrell Owens. The only way I see them not taking him if he still has bad blood with McNabb, so McNabb will have a big role in picking up Terrell Owens or not.

  6. The Skins are challenging the Jets for most misfits and over-rated “has beens”……can’t keep score any more, L.T. Comartrie, LJ, Fuerry, Parker, Haynesworth, B. Edwards, S. Holmes etc. etc. Goodell will have his hands full with just the Jets, Skins, Fins and Packers.

  7. @TheOne — Who are you kidding? Furrey is better than any WR they got not named Moss. He’s more proven that anyone else on that roster.

  8. MrHumble,
    What are you talking about? Also, how can you compare off the field issues between the Jets players and Redskins? I have not heard of any of these guys on the Redskins getting in trouble.

  9. @MrHumble –
    “The Skins are challenging the Jets for most misfits”
    How does this make any sense after signing a finalist for the 2009 NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award?

  10. SSblitz, I think he means becuz most RedButts are delinquents-so he’s a misfit cuz he aint. Gotta agree with that.

  11. Is the WR situation in Washington starting to get desperate already? Devin Thomas doesn’t know what he’s doing. Kelly has been a big disappointment so far. Moss has his share of questions and now the solution is to follow up the signing of 38 year-old Joey Galloway with another old guy who has what, 40 something catches for less than 400 yards over the last two seasons? Add that to the washed up, broke down, and has been group of RBs and that 3500 yard season for McNabb that Big Mike was predicting is looking less likely.

  12. To all the haters out there…LMFAO. That is all I am saying about this raider clone org…..
    Got anything to say Big Mike.

  13. Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson and Willie Parker (aka Earth, Wind, and Fire)
    Santana Moss, Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Mike Furrey
    (aka O-Town)
    Watch out NFC East.

  14. AWESOME!!!!!
    They needed to get McNabb “more weapons”.
    They always will. Trust me. He can never have enough “weapons” top overcome B- squads like the Cowboys and Cardinals.
    It will always be someone else’s fault!

  15. @DanRooney
    Willie has lost his speed and Larry Johnson hasn’t been the same since his 416 carry season. Johnson averaged less than 3 yards a carry in KC while his replacement went off for over 5. Coincedence? Probably not. The WR corps is a joke. One rookie LT ain’t fixing the OL problems. Even if Haynesworth decides to play, Mr. Air Guitar and a decent TE isn’t enough offense to scare the rest of the NFC East. Pretty hard to win if you can’t score. Last place for Washington once again, but at least Big Mike will be excited about another high draft pick.

  16. To all you haters:
    Mike Shanahan = Will make any O-Line & RB look good inluding Ryan Torain.
    Kyle Shanahan = OC of statisticly the most potent offence last year.
    McNabb = The best QB the Skins have had since the glory days.
    Offence = Will be better than it has in the past decade.
    Defence = Annualy in the top 10
    Conclusion = You are all scared of the Skins and you know it! Sleep well bitches!

  17. boysroll says:
    June 9, 2010 8:03 PM
    To all the haters out there…LMFAO. That is all I am saying about this raider clone org…..
    Got anything to say Big Mike.
    I schooled your ass enough in the last Redskins thread boysTroll.
    you can hate all you want but its all you got.

  18. @AlphaQ2
    “Kyle Shanahan=OC of statisticly (sic) the most potent offence (sic) last year” Oh really? 4th in total yards. 10th in scoring. How is that the most potent offense (the proper spelling)?
    “Offence (sic)= Will be better than it has in the past decade.” Oh really? Besides the fact that the sentence makes no sense, why will the offense be better? Broken down RBs and WRs that are either over the hill (Galloway & Furrey)or don’t know what they’re doing (Thomas) or haven’t done anything (Kelly). How many on the OL fit the HC’s prototypical lineman profile?
    “Defence (sic)= Annualy(sic) in the top 10” Oh really? Problems in the secondary and a guy who’s on the books for $100 million and yet is P O’d about his position on the team won’t have any effect at all on that defense (the proper spelling), now will it?
    Conclusion= No one is scared of the ‘Skins. This is still a team that lost to Detroit and KC.

  19. @Tex
    You’re in LaLa land if you truly think the Shanahans are not much more prepared for todays game than Zorn or Gibbs were. If you want to stick your head in a hole that is your prerogative. Denying the obvious may give you comfort, but it will not make the Skins less dangerous.
    BTW, most of us post our comments while at work and don’t have time for proofreading. I guess your english lesson is no surprise coming from yet another pompous texan.

  20. @AlphaQ2
    What makes the ‘Skins less dangerous is an OL that is not fixed (one rookie Tackle won’t repair that mess). Combine that with the other areas in dire need of rebuilding (RB, WR, DB) and then add the discontent from the highest paid member of the team, well, it’s pretty apparent who has their head in a hole and I’m guessing it doesn’t smell very good where your’s is.
    FYI, many of my posts are sent from my Blackberry while I have some spare time on the jobsite. How is being at work an excuse for poor spelling, confusing grammatical structure, and false stats? If that makes me pompous in your world, that’s certainly not a troublesome cross to bear.
    BTW, English and Texan should both be capitalized. If you spent money on your education, you might want to consider asking for a refund.

  21. @ lil’ tex
    You’re missing the point. The Skins lost 8 games last year by less than a touchdown with arguably the worst head coach in history. Hell, by mid-season Snyratto had to bring in a washed up bingo caller to be OC. To argue that the Skins O will not improve with the additions of McNabb, Trent Williams, Artis Hicks, and the Shanahans is simply asinine. I’m not saying the Skins are going to the playoffs. All I am saying is that the Skins will be better than they have been. It baffles me that anyone would even bother to argue the contrary. It’s like saying the Bears O will not improve under Mike Martz (you would have to be an idiot to make that bet).
    Your reference to education / intelligence is just too funny. Let me know if you want to compare W-2’s smart guy. I could use a good laugh.

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