Toby Gerhart will attend some of Vikings minicamp

The NFL rule barring rookies from taking part in offseason activities until the school year is out has cost Vikings running back Toby Gerhart most of his chance to get acclimated with the team before training camp.

He’ll start changing that this weekend. Gerhart took his last final exam at Stanford on Tuesday night and caught a flight to the Twin Cities where he will participate in some of this weekend’s minicamp before flying back to Palo Alto to take part in commencement exercises. Then it is back to Minnesota for the final week of the offseason program.

In an interview with the team’s website, Gerhart said he is working with running backs coach Eric Bieniemy to catch up as much as possible before hitting the field this weekend. He should have ample chances to show off what he’s learned while Adrian Peterson takes off from camp to be the guest of honor at Adrian Peterson Day in East Palestine, Texas.

It’s far too soon to know what Gerhart will bring to the table for the Vikings but they’ve got to be glad to finally get a chance to see what they selected with the 51st overall pick in April’s draft. Given Peterson’s hard-charging style and his difficulty holding onto the football, they surely hope Gerhart shows them enough that they can count on him to carry a heavy load if the need arises during the 2010 season.

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  1. Dumbest rule in sports.
    95% of drafted players don’t take a step on their college campuses after their final football season ends.
    I get the symbolism, but seriously.

  2. Not sure if Toby Gerhart will be the real deal or not. All I can say is that I wish the Vikings had found a way to keep Chester Taylor around. Chester will be missed, especially when AP starts laying the football on the ground again.

  3. The only heavy load that Gerhart might see is the one Favre will leave on Chilly’s forehead.

  4. Don’t hurt’em TG
    Vikes make another incredible draft choice. This kid will change some minds and be a great #2 behind the man.
    You Go Rick

  5. don’t know if the vikings can count on him “carrying a heavy load”, but i hear he likes to “catch heavy loads”….on his face

  6. A great 1-2 punch! I love it. Defenses around the league will have a hard time stopping this duo. I do hope Gerhart has hand to catch some passes as well. Great job in the Draft Vikes!

  7. This dude is going to be force…6’1″, 235 lbs. of downhill force. Favre, Peterson, Rice, Shiancoe, Harvin and now Gerhart.
    Better bring your hardhat and lunch come the 4th quarter opponents. LMAO.

  8. “It’s far too soon to know what Gerhart will bring to the table for the Vikings…”
    No it’s not.
    Let me help you with this, because it’s really ALWAYS the same, and always will be:
    He’ll bring delusion, dysfunction, disappointment (the pernnial variety), scandal, hype, trophylessness, classlessness, schisms, sell-outs (NOT so fast, Queens fans–not THAT kind!), fairweatherdom, faggy Swiss-Miss hairstyling, cheap shots, off season chest-thumping, braggadociousness, and further Failvre-worship…
    I know he’s brand new and all, but FACT:
    once a player joins the Purple Fairies of the North, he takes on the entire (dis)organization’s “attributes”.
    Does this mean there’s NO hope for him?
    Not neccesarily–look at the redemption of Taylor, for example.
    But as long as he’s sporting that fruity purple and urine-yellow and blowing horns and taking marching orders from Childressaurus Brett, there’s no hope of any real dignity or accomplishment for him.

  9. I hope he pans out sooo badly.
    AT WORST he’d be like Mark Madsen, and we Minnesotans love our Maddog.

  10. The vikings expensively spent 2 of their first 3 draft trading up for the nonfumbling Gerhart to take over the starting role from Peterson, the NFL’s most fumbleprone RB.
    Peterson’s production has declined from 5.6 yards a carry his rookie season to 4.8 yards/carry to 4.4 yards/carry last season.
    Last season Peterson lost yards or was stuffed 24% of the time.
    The vikings need Gerhart to take over the starting role at least initially between the goallines and 30 yard lines where Peterson’s fumbles have been so devastatingly costly.
    Gerhart will eventually be starting between the 30’s as well.
    Fantasy Football players, the biggest mistake you can make is drafting Adrian Peterson. Huge reduction in carries this season, especially at the goal line.

  11. Eric “Sleeping with” Bieniemy. I loved that guy when he was on the Bengals. I heard that dude was putting up crazy weights on the bench and squats when he was in Cincy. One of the strongest RBs I had ever heard of–especially for being like 5’8″ or 5’9″.

  12. JimmySmith says:
    June 9, 2010 4:47 PM
    The only heavy load that Gerhart might see is the one Favre will leave on Chilly’s forehead
    Please stop posting your masturbation fantasies here, this site is for football talk.

  13. I applaud this kid, most players don’t even finish out their schooling. If the NFL doesn’t pan out for this kid, he has his education done and out of the way.

  14. Its hardly a fantasy, its real life in the Viking organization. Chilly picks up Favre from the airport, Favre can change any play he wants, Chilly tries to take Farve out of the game, Favre refuses. So, if Chilly is going to be Favre’s bitch, what really happens behind closed doors?

  15. wow jimmy you really run at the mouth without either knowing all of the facts or you just don’t think. amazing….. how old are you?

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