Brian Urlacher on his Gale Sayers comments: "Nothing I said wasn't true"

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher created a ruckus a few weeks ago, responding with stunning candor to criticisms directed to the team by Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers.

Said Urlacher at the time, “Let me ask you a question:  ‘How many championships did Gale Sayers win?  How many playoff games did he win when he played?  None. 
None.  None.'”

Urlacher appeared moments ago on ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning.  And Urlacher expressed regret for his remarks — in only the way Urlacher can.  With defiance.

“I was a little frustrated,” Urlacher said.  “Maybe I shouldn’t have said it.  But I did.  Nothing I said wasn’t true.”

Urlacher also talked in circles a bit when explaining the basis for his frustration, saying that the team has received enough criticism while seemingly acknowledging the ability of Hall of Famers to criticize the team.

Apparently, Urlacher will stand down only when the criticism comes from members of the 1985 Bears, or any other edition of the franchise that won an NFL title.

69 responses to “Brian Urlacher on his Gale Sayers comments: "Nothing I said wasn't true"

  1. You are getting old Brian, and you haven’t won anything either, so shut your mouth and hope you go 8-8 this year.

  2. Only Ditka has the right to talk smack about the Bears.
    Ditka 3026 Florio -24
    Da Bearrrrs!

  3. dude..SHUT UP!! you cant talk about one of the greats and not expect to get flack for it. Just shut UP and play football.
    You could say, “Gayle Sayers is old” and people would find a way to be offended. Just let it go and stop talking about it..

  4. So what was false about what Sayers said then? The fact that Urlacher is going downhill or the fact that the Bears sucked last year and likely will suck again this year? Seems pretty factual to me.

  5. he shouldnt take shots at a legend, this guy gale sayers had like what 7 TDs in 1 game vs the 49ers?
    He could have had like 10 if they didnt take him out. He only touched the ball roughly 250 times 1 season and scored like 23 tds or something (the record at the time), LT had to have 100 more so touches to break the record, as did shaun alexander
    you cant take a shot at a BEAST player if his team wasent up to par. At the same time alums of teams shouldnt take shots at their own team bc its like, they hear it anyways from all the media, its not like the Bears didnt know they had to WIN this year and the pressure going into the season.
    But Urlacher should have just kept his mouth shut. Some things are better NOT said at all.

  6. Listening to Urlacher you would think we had won multiple championships yet he hasn’t and only has two playoff wins so it’s not like he has a wealth of experience winning championships and playoff games?

  7. # Falconmisfit says: June 10, 2010 4:55 PM
    Urlacher is just a crybaby just shut up already
    He matches extremely well with the other crybaby on the team, Jay “pussy” Cuntler!

  8. Da Bears will be in Da Dumpster this year with the league’s leader in interceptions at QB, having Martz in that system will only further accelerate the interception rate. Get ready for a record breaking turnover season!

  9. Urlacher hasn’t been the same since Jerome Bettis emasculated him with that piggyback ride.

  10. Reminds me of my grandpa.. He was a little bitter at the end too..
    FYI – Gale Sayers did more for the game and the franchise then you ever will do Mr Urlacher. You need to show some respect and stop making the modern day athlete look ungrateful. Shape up beefcake..

  11. Who Cares! Why don’t football players just shut up and play football? Everyone these days seems to want the drama. I guess it’s all part of playing for what has become tremendous media coverage.

  12. Pay no mind to the fact Urlacher is right about Sayers. Nah, lest we allow facts to get in the way.

  13. Oh brother–the Mike Florio Bear-bash-athon continues.
    The headline to this article coul just as easily be:
    Brian Urlacher on his Gale Sayers comments:
    “Maybe I shouldn’t have said it.”
    While Pack & Queens players are skipping camp and getting arrested and getting suspended and engaging in their on-going jealous lovers’ feud over Bratt Failvre–all the usual stuff they do–if this is the WORST that comes out of the Bears off-season headlines, I’d say we’ve got an egde on them ALREADY.

  14. His handling of this situation tells me all I need to know about the Bears chances this season. If Urlacher was confident in his team he would simply acknowledge Sayer’s comments as a valid criticism and vow to prove him wrong in the upcoming season. Since he got his panties in a bunch about it you know it hit a nerve.

  15. Maybe if the Bears had Sayers in their backfield, they might have actually won a NFL Championship.
    lets see how many games Urlacher plays before he gets injured again.
    Sayers played on some terrible Bear teams in the 60’s.

  16. I hope this guy shuts up once he retires. Wouldn’t want him to be a hypocrite or anything.
    Better still, I hope he shuts up now.

  17. Aw shucks Urlacher just misses giving Paris Hilton pony-back rides and doesn’t know how to win her back…

  18. Dixon29 says:
    June 10, 2010 4:56 PM
    You are getting old Brian, and you haven’t won anything either, so shut your mouth and hope you go 8-8 this year.
    everybody jumpin on urlacher,he has led his defense to playoffs,he has led them to the superbowl,he has accomplished more in his career than sayers,just cause he is not in the hall of fame yet doesnt mean he wont be there,so how can a guy who never went aywhere in his career jump oon a guy about his,dont throw stones when you live in glass house

  19. Urlacher, here are the facts –
    In at least one of his seasons, Sayers scored a touchdown every 22 times he touched the ball.
    Sayers didn’t win a championship because his career was cut short by injury so serious and so famous they made a movie about it.
    Sayers didn’t have the high-tech preparation you have in order to play.
    Sayers had greater natural ability than you do.

  20. Here’s what I can’t figure out.
    If Sayers isn’t allowed to criticize Urlacher because Sayer didn’t win anything, why is Urlacher allowed to criticize Sayers when Urlacher himself hasn’t won anything?
    Under Urlacher’s own rules, doesn’t it make him ineligible to criticize anyone?

  21. This argument is so stupid. Both Urlacher and Sayers are 100% correct. What are they fighting over?

  22. Dewey Asswound must have taught Urlacher the art of communication…..both those tools talk too much but say nothing!

  23. This guy is a screwball if he thinks he can come off of a non-season; a season where he didn’t do a damn thing, and criticize one of the best backs football has ever seen. I guess the Bears like their players big and dumb nowdays.

  24. @CommanderShepard
    “His handling of this situation tells me all I need to know about the Bears chances this season. If Urlacher was confident in his team he would simply acknowledge Sayer’s comments as a valid criticism and vow to prove him wrong in the upcoming season. Since he got his panties in a bunch about it you know it hit a nerve.”
    Are you mentally challenged? Seriously, your comment makes no sense whatsoever. He can still be confident in his team, and still not agree with Sayers comments. In addition, he can use the things he said as fodder in order to motivate himself and his team. Wouldn’t you get your panties in bunch if a family member criticised your abilities to cook or bring home the bacon? Any person would be offended, cause threatens our very livelihood and reason for existence.

  25. Mike Daly says:
    June 10, 2010 6:09 PM
    Urlacher, here are the facts –
    Mike Daly, here are the facts –
    Urlacher was invited to be a guest on Jim Rome’s “Rome is Burning” show. He accepted. Jim Rome asked Urlacher a bunch of questions. Urlacher answered the questions. Jim Rome asked him about the episode with Sayers. Urlacher answered the question. Urlacher did not introduce the subject. Jim Rome did. Urlacher was not disrespectful in the way he answered the question. He had a bit of a shit-eating-grin when saying that nothing he said was incorrect. Last fact, if you saw the interview and the way Urlacher presented himself, you wouldn’t be taking exception to his comments.

  26. Criticizing the Kansas comet is not going to be very popular with old school Bears fans. Even a very dim bulb should know that. That tells me Urlacher is not the brightest.
    Sayers ability to change direction when approached by defenders was simply unchallenged by any other back until Barry Sanders came along.

  27. Sayers may not have a Championship Ring, but he is enshrined among the Elites in Canton.
    Urlacher will have neither…

  28. you couldn’t shine gale sayers shoes you dumd overrated loser. you never did nothin! you know im right.

  29. KingOkra says:
    June 10, 2010 5:58 PM
    What the hell is going on out there?
    GRAB, GRAB, GRAB, everbody’s grabbing.

  30. i’m sure it’s already been mentioned a million times on here but WHAT HAVE YOU WON BRIAN???

  31. Brian should knock gale out with his fist that happens to weigh 7 pounds because it’s so full of superbowl rings

  32. I hate to see so many people being so hard on Urlacher. I think a little understanding and tolerance are in order. After all, he can’t help being a total asshole.

  33. @cadillac,
    They’re fighting because Sayers is grumpy and jealous about the amount of money players make today–anyone in the Chicago area already knows this. He’s constantly out bitching about current players, the current Bears teams/players, and just generally doing anything else he can to get media attention.
    Sayers is an immense talent and a legend and all that, but he’s also a petty, jealous, sour grapes-suffering media whore who seeks out exchanges just like this.
    Urlacher’s only fault is engaging him.
    And Pervy–the day your loser-ass BiQueens have a LB that has even a FRACTION of Urlacher’s talent, leadership, instincts, toughness (minus a game or two in 02, I think, last season was the only time in his 11-12 career that he’s even missed any time), excellent coverage abilities, marketability, and overall bad-assedness, then you can take the shiny purple helmet out of your mouth and try talking about Bears players.
    At least we don’t need Packers players to get us into the playoffs–how pathetic is that?
    In the Failvre-era, REAL Viking fans–those with any kind of dignity (seemingly contradictory, I know), would boycott the collection of criminals, scumbags, narcissists, cheapshot artists, crybabies and douchebags that currently populate the roster (and fanbase).

  34. How many championships did Urlacher win? NONE. NONE. NONE. Wow Brian. You got lucky one year and MADE IT to the Super Bowl but didn’t win. Keywords = DIDN’T WIN. You were somebody who could have been one of the greats, but you fell off. Bad! You are in a war of words with a man who may not have won a championship or a playoff game, yet he only played 6 years and was the youngest player ever in the hall of fame. You are heading farther and farther from the Hall with every season your sorry ass continues to step on that field. When people talk Bears linebackers they ask “does Urlacher still play”? You’re terrible. Shut your mouth and try to stay healthy for once in your life.

  35. Mike Daly says:
    “Sayers didn’t win a championship because his career was cut short by injury so serious and so famous they made a movie about it.”
    And I always thought the driving force of that movie was B.P. dying of cancer. All the while it was a knee injury. Silly me.

  36. Everything Brian said was true. Gayle Sayers is a legend but he didn’t bring home a championship either. And the Bears don’t need criticsm from within their own organization. You all are just haters to shut your pieholes!

  37. By the way, Pervy Harvin- nice choke in the NFC Championship game by the Purple Peeter Eaters! haha

  38. What do you expect from a guy who nailed Paris Hilton.
    The guy is one of the most overrated LBers of all time.

  39. Most of you people are the same pathetic losers that called Fran Tarkenton a bitter old man when he spoke his mind about Brett Favre and even pointed out the Tarkenton never won a championship in spite of his great personal stats.
    I heard the same type of comments about Jim Brown on this site as well.
    So now Sayers is holy and Urlacher can’t be honest when he is ripped by a man who has not played the game in 40 years?
    So which is it?
    Just tell the truth.
    You really don’t know shit about the game and it does not matter if it was played in 1946, 1966 or 2006.
    Just clueless, whiney pukes playing know it all behind the monitor again.

  40. Okay, so what Urlacher said was true. Congratumafrigginlations. Know what else is true? You have EXACTLY as many championships as Gayle Sayers and HE was a hell of a lot better and more respected player. Shut up while you’re behind, Brainless.

  41. If Sayers can criticize Urlacher, why can’t Urlacher criticize Sayers?
    Or is there some kind of double standard at work?

  42. Ghost Peppers says: June 10, 2010 5:00 PM
    Only Ditka has the right to talk smack about the Bears.
    Even Ditka was a Cowboy!

  43. Urlacher is one of the most overrated players in the history of the NFL. Hell he was rated most overrated by his peers within the last few years here. STFU urlacher, we get it you’re miffed that you got herpes from Paris Hilton….

  44. Brian MEHlacher. So overrated and gets waaaaaaaay to much media time. It’s like a statue was given the ability to talk. Would love to see Butkis beat him down. If Briggs wasn’t such a bumbling idiot, he would be the mouthpiece for this defense and not the most overrated middle linebacker in history. MEHlacher, takes some notes from Ray Lewis. He may have been involved in a murder, but at least he knows to respect those who have come before him and created the league we know today.
    By the way, mark my words. Bears take last in the North this year. Lions will be better. They made some great offseason moves and have a better QB.

  45. NICE….At least Lack is holding his ground…..But lets drop the drama and focus on the next championship ~!~ Bear Down ~!~

  46. No, you dumbasses–THESE are the facts:
    Prior to last season, Urlacher has only missed a couple games in his 12 year career, and the bears are clearly a rudderless defense without him.
    The honors speak for themselves:
    * 6× Pro Bowl selection (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006)
    * 4× All-Pro selection (2001, 2002, 2005, 2006)
    * 2000 Male Athlete of the Year (UNM)
    * 2000 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year
    * 2001 Football Digest Defensive POY
    * 2005 AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year
    * Defensive Player-of-the-Week (4)
    * Special Teams Player of the Week
    * NFL Rookie Defensive Player of the Month (10/2000)
    * Brian Piccolo Award (2007)
    * NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
    * Led the NFL in fumble return yards in 2001
    * Most tackles in a season (UNM)
    * Most tackles in a season (Bears)
    This doesn’t include the knack for making big plays at key times. Anyone who watched the Bears miraculous 2006 comeback win against ARZ on Monday Night, for example (the “they are who we thought they were” game), saw Urlacher single-handedly take that game over on the defensive side of the ball.
    OC’s actually gameplan AROUND him.
    The raw talent for the game and his position, the ability to be a defensive general, great coverage skills, and intangibles such as leadership, instincts, marketability, toughness, and general bad-assedness–all make him an elite-level talent, the likes of which the Biqueens or Pack could only HOPE to draft at that position.
    He led the Bears as the LAST North team to represent in the Super Bowl (and in THIS decade, no less), and I suspect he’ll lead them back again before he’s done.
    Now, anyone who lives around Chicago can tell you: Sayers, while a legend in his own right and an immense talent, is also a bitter, grumpy, nostalgic, sour-grape suffering media whore, who constantly gripes about how much money current players make, and how little money he made in “his day”.
    He’s constantly hurling garbage bombs at the modern-day versions of the Bears/players.
    Urlacher’s only fault is that he actually engaged him in this petty nonsense.
    At least our legends, whatever their faults, aren’t just leftover retread castoffs from the Packers.
    Now, the Biqueens can’t even SNIFF the Super Bowl, and certainly not without the help of a PACKER.
    How absolutely pathetic is THAT?
    The few Viking fans out there that have any sort of dignity (I know, contradictory, isn’t it?) wouldn’t root for their current collection of scumbags, criminals, cheaters, narcissists, former-Packers, blowhards, and cheap shot artists–the idea that ANY of you spineless fairweather Failvre-worshipping purple-helmet polishers would mock Urlacher is just laughable.
    P.S. For the record–this is like my 4th goddamm
    response here, but Florio is such a thin-skinned BiQueen fanboy that he refuses to let any of them through.
    Typical censorship-loving liberal that he is.
    Come on, Mike. WTF?

  47. Love all this hate on my bears. Bunch of idiots don’t recognize a great when they see one. He has way more success than any other middle linebacker has had. Has actually made it to the Damn SUPERBOWL. Qb we had was a idiot ill admit. But defense did badass dats how we got there in the 1st place. He was the leader

  48. what did he say that was wrong? growing up a bears fan and huge butkus fan the fact remains those teams sucked! yea the bears sucked last year and eveybody has let them have it for it but they made moves to improve thisy ear and all anyone wants to talk about is last year,so yea I would be a little pissy to if that was all I heard. so what your saying is it’s ok to talk smack but not expect a response from who it was directed at?I loved the 85 bears but because of injuries and egos they did not follow up after that and have no reason to talk should they want to.

  49. 1st off, the Bears would of NEVER signed Favre. It would be sacrilege to sign the enemy as our QB. The simple fact that the Vikings signed him, a fellow NFC North team is a complete disgrace. Viking fans should be ashamed of yourselves. Why do you think most Packer fans hate him now? Not because he left, because he went to a rival within the division. Pathetic!! The whole team, Ziggy, the fans, the whole state of MN should be ashamed!! Yea that’s right, Favre will keep on blowing your chance to ever winning a ring. Karmas a Bitch! Chicago Bear fans would riot before we let that tool put on a Bear uniform. Pathetic franchise and even worst fans!! Disgrace!!

  50. The Vikings would love Urlacher
    This is true though Brian. You were out of position and burned in the Super Bowl against the Colts.
    At least your team beat the Saints.

  51. Just do your job, get out there and play the game. I don’t really care at all about what you have to say about Mr. Sayers.

  52. @ areyes89:
    Wow! You mean Urlacher’s actually MADE it to a Super Bowl? One? And this gives him leverage? Again, congratumafrigginlations. While no one would ever accuse say Trent Dilfer of being a better QB than Dan Marino, want to take a guess as to what makes Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, John Elway, and Steve Young all better QB’s than Dan??? Oh, but at least Dan MADE a Super Bowl. My bad.

  53. Here’s all you need to know about Sayer’s integrity and commitment to the Bears. During the ’06 SB appearance year he was asked what he thought of Devin Hester’s record breaking, rediculous year as a returner. Verbatim he said “He’s (Hester) had a good year.” That’s all he had to say about the single best special team’s performance in the history of the NFL! It was good?! While I love Sayers, he’s just a bitter old man that was born too early. Indeed he wanted to make more money similar to what players make today. Too bad- go enjoy your success as businessman, and quite whining like your entitled to something else from a sport that we would all love to play!

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