Broncos take hardball approach with Dumervil

Citing a source with the NFL Players Association, the Denver Post reports that the Broncos have threatened to reduce unsigned restricted free agent Elvis Dumervil’s tender offer if he doesn’t sign the team’s initial one-year proposal by Monday.

Dumervil is currently wearing a first- and third-round tender that would pay him $3.168 million in 2010.  He would prefer a long-term contract, and has made a good faith gesture by practicing with the team on an injury waiver during negotiations.  Dumervil led the NFL in sacks last season, is only 26 years old, and by all accounts is a quality citizen.  He fully intends to participate in Denver’s minicamp this weekend.
The Broncos are still playing hardball.
Second-year coach Josh McDaniels’ team could reduce Dumervil’s tender to as little as $630,000 if he doesn’t sign the $3.168 million offer by next Tuesday.

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  1. Question: By “reducing the tender”, does that also lower the draft compensation if another team signs him? Elvis would look pretty tempting at the 3nd round level….for a team that had multiple 1st/2nd round picks in the 2010 draft. Just sayin!

  2. a 1st and 3rd wouldn’t be a bad deal for a playoff team looking for an out side line backer.

  3. The mentioning of McDaniels name is obviously to bait a response bashing him. I’ll do the opposite. I can’t wait until he wins a bunch of games doing things the right way. I wonder who will admit they were wrong. Probably a whole lot of people saying they knew all along…

  4. He’s undersized for a 3-4 linebacker and is mediocre in run support. Still, he’s a good player, but in no way should they blow him away with a DeMarcus Ware contract.

  5. I’m a Browns fan, so it’s rare I see an organization conduct business worse than my own. Being a Browns fan also qualifies me to speak regarding past Belichick assistants that think they know what they’re doing as Head Coaches. I never though Cutler was the “franchise” QB everyone seemed to tout him as, but between him, Marshall, Hillis (thank you), and now Dumervil, I wonder how long before Moreno, Royal, or even Bailey are f’ed with.
    I don’t dislike the Tebow pick, in fact, kinda wish my Browns had ended up with him. But 25th overall?? This is just another example of McDaniels (like Mangini quite often) thinking he’s smarter than everyone else. Operative word: thinking.

  6. CT Pats Fan: The period to sign restricted free agents from other teams has passes, so there is no risk of losing him by lowering the offer other than upsetting him and causing him to sit out longer.

  7. This can be seen another way.
    Instead of the organization being stubborn, it is a clear expectation that Dumervil do what is expected.
    Virtually everybody who reads this blog has expectations from a superior (coach, c.e.o., dean, superviser, etc) in their place of employ. Dumervil is no different.

  8. @bronco1st: lay off the roids.
    How is holding a player to his contract terms (the tender) classless?
    Its called “business.”

  9. There are dozens of restricted free agents getting the same letter from other teams. Why isn’t this mentioned in your “news” story?

  10. Weather Josh McDaniels is doing things the right way or wrong way will be determined by winning or losing. If the Broncos don’t make the playoffs this season Josh should be in trouble.

  11. # milehiclown says: June 10, 2010 10:47 AM
    @bronco1st: lay off the roids.
    How is holding a player to his contract terms (the tender) classless?
    Its called “business.”
    It’s my understanding that he is a restricted FREE AGENT. So what contract do you think they are trying to hold him to? He hasn’t signed his tender…obviously. So he busted his rear last year, has kept his nose clean, and is practicing with the team in good faith. In a sport where your career can end in the matter of 1 second, I’d want some insurance as well when it came time. The last thing I would want is to play on a year to year contract. Sounds like that is all he wants, a multi-year deal.
    Sounds like good business by a guy who has already fulfilled his actual contract. Now he wants to get paid and the team wants to lock him in on a year to year contract.

  12. All the people supporting management are clowns. Can you guys really say you would stay with a company that was grossly underpaying you? Or would you find a job in the competitors company if they would pay you fair compensation?
    The broncos hard stance on paying their “superstar” players is just plain stupid. What proven superstars are left on the broncos team, and will they want to stay and get underpaid once their contract is up? Do you think superstars in the prime of their career are going to want to play for the broncos?
    The team has always used character issues for taking hard stances against their superstars, but doom has done everything right. Its just a shame cause having a good character team with no superstars will only take you so far… talent still wins championships in this league.

  13. McDAniels and company will drive another talented player out of town. Who do they have left?

  14. McDaniels problem is he’s trying to hard to be Bill Belicheat. The only reason the Pats were able to treat top notch talent the way they did was because they WERE WINNING SUPER BOWLS. Until you prove you’re an organization that gets it done you have to make some compromises with the people most likely to get you to the Super Bowl. McD doesn’t seem to understand that.

  15. For the record several other teams are taking the same approach but of course this article does not mention that so many of you over reactive girls can have something to talk about.

  16. It is funny how it has become all money in Denver since Denver dumped all of it’s good players. The one thread in common between them all it was time to pay up with all of them and they did not.
    How slow are these Fans, being told it is about winning when in fact all they did was bring in a kid as coach and refuse to pay even their best players. Denver is broke and in deep financial trouble and has become a joke. Tebow for this wreaking machine on D they will now try and sell the fans.

  17. Funny that this happens every single year on every team. Somehow Josh McDaniels is a punk who wants to be like BB and alienates all his “star” players.
    I’m still trying to understand how Cutler and Scheffler are stars.
    I can’t deny that Marshall is a star. He needs to thank a McDonalds bag and his women issues for that one though.

  18. Jay Cutler – Pro Bowl – gone after that year.
    Marshall – Pro Bowl back to back years- gone this year
    Wiegmann – Pro Bowl – gone in 2 years.
    Dumervil – Pro Bowl – Won’t pay the man, probably gone in this next year…
    Denver fans, do NOT vote any Bronco for Pro Bowl, because they are obviously gone. Clady made it, but he’s hurt now.. It’s a curse to play good in Denver.

  19. McDaniels is going to go down hard when he fails to make the playoffs for 3 years straight. This guy’s ego is reminiscent of Mangini prior to Holmgren arriving and putting on the beat down. McDaniels is another egomaniac to come out New England. Better win buddy or your Tebow pick and all your other moves will make you look like an idiot!

  20. WTF is happening with my team?? I haven’t been excited with all the drama that has gone on but all I can say is that with the “players” they’ve replaced them with they had better perform to make it legit. If Doom goes then maybe they can replace him with a Guy in the draft or through free agency next year…….but f*ck man its always friggin “NEXT YEAR” with this damn team and as a fan I’ve bout had rough of this bullshit*t! Mickey D ur ass better perform and right now

  21. Mr Bowlen: Please resign McDaniels to a long term deal, he’s exactly what you need there in Denver.
    Raider Nation.

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