Falcons ink Shann Schillinger

The Falcons announced the signing of seventh-round pick, safety Shann Schillinger on Thursday morning. 

The 200-pound player helped Montana reach the D-1 (formerly 1-AA) National Championship game in back-to-back years.  To make room for him, the Falcons waived quarterback Eric Ward.

Shann will try to replace the character from Oz played by the father in Juno as the most famous Schillinger of all time.

5 responses to “Falcons ink Shann Schillinger

  1. If that is who we are going with as the guy he most closely resembles, then the Falcons locker room better be prepared for some prison “shenanigans” real soon… they may want to sign Adibisi to keep things even. Either that or Cyril, though he is busy making commercials encouraging us to buy gold right now so he may not be able to make it.

  2. going to the championship “back to back” isn’t quite actually winning the championchip “back-to-back-to-back”.
    go App!
    Too bad for Eric Ward, not a bad qb… ol’ Richmond alum, Tod McShay, is in a pissy mood today. Don’t blink Shann, Carolina’s Armanti Edwards will soon be torching you again here shortly.

  3. Yet again the Falcons ink another BUST! They should just sign high school kids while they are at it. No point they SUCK

  4. areyes89,
    How is Shann a bust? You do realize that the Falcons found a great player by the name of Kroy Biermann out of Montana just a few seasons ago. Keep in mind that even though you don’t know a players name doesn’t make him a bust.

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