Antoine Bethea is a rich man

One down, three Colts veterans to go.

Indianapolis agreed to terms with safety Antonie Bethea on a four-year, $27 million contract, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  Bethea is due $18 million over the next two years.

On one hand, it’s surprising to see Bethea get paid before Peyton Manning.   But this was a simpler deal to finish and the Colts clearly placed a priority on Bethea over disgruntled veterans Robert Mathis and Reggie Wayne, who both have two years left on their deal.

We are somewhat surprised the Colts are willing to pay another safety so much money after sinking cash in to Bob Sanders.  Most teams don’t value the position that much, but Indianapolis identifies core players and isn’t afraid to pay them handsomely.

Next up: Peyton Manning.

26 responses to “Antoine Bethea is a rich man

  1. Mathis and Wayne aren’t getting squat, nor should they. Disappearing in the Super Bowl should not and does not = extension/raise.

  2. Is Reggie’s performance because of Manning, or is he that Great?
    Odds are, its a lot of Manning….

  3. I thought the Colts wanted to wait to see what the new terms were going to be before they redid any new deals

  4. Joseph says:
    June 11, 2010 2:00 PM
    Mathis and Wayne aren’t getting squat, nor should they. Disappearing in the Super Bowl should not and does not = extension/raise.
    Neither should throwing a pick 6….

  5. The Colts don’t need Reggie Wayne, they can just dig up another mediocre white dude with decent hands for Manning to make a Pro Bowler out of. All the racists in Indy will love it and spend big money on jerseys. For best effect, he’ll need to have a first name with a Texas city and a last name that starts with a C, like Lubbock Calhoun or Irving Crockett or some nonsense.

  6. So much for Bill Polian saying no one is getting a new deal until Manning’s is done.

  7. Those two guys get to play for pay in the NFL so I would classify them as “gruntled.”

  8. Bethea was the true star of the secondary for the Colts. Bob Sanders gets the headlines (but too many inuries), Bethea has been the best player in the secondary.

  9. AlanSaysYo says:
    June 11, 2010 2:48 PM
    “The Colts don’t need Reggie Wayne, they can just dig up another mediocre white dude with decent hands for Manning to make a Pro Bowler out of. All the racists in Indy will love it ….”
    I don’t know about the racists in Indy…..but I sure as hell know a racist when I read one….you POS. YOU are the lowlife that introduces race into a discussion where no one else is seeing color.

  10. hey alansaysyo i dont know if youre white or black but your point illustrates why the N word is still around, your way of thinking makes it so, you stupid ass.

  11. 2 white recievers, well 1 and a tight end, and you are declaring the racists?!?
    That’s hysterical because Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne (along with every other reciever in Indy for the past decade) should be blowing Manning for making them look like they are 10 times better than they really are…
    He could go out on the field with a mentally handicapped girl scout tribe for and entire season ans still finish over .500…
    At the end of the day he’s the greatest QB to ever live… Bottom line…

  12. Like everybody else posting on here, I think Reggie Wayne is overrated. I thought Marvin Harrison was overrated too. Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie wouldn’t have been nearly the rookie WR’s they were this year if not for Manning. Manning makes everybody he throws to look good. Dallas Clark is good but I know for damn sure he doesn’t get those stats when any other QB is throwing to him. Manning makes everybody around him better.

  13. Great job locking up Toine, he deserves every penny he gets. Class act, great player!
    Calling Reggie Wayne “overrated” is a bit much dont ya think?? The guy is a playmaker, always has been. If he played for Buffalo all these years would his numbers be the same?? Definitely not. But you cant say hes just a “system” player. Do you people think Jerry Rice was overrated because he played with Monatan and Young?? Hell, Reggie was a higher draft pick than Rice, so he must be more talented right?? Stupid argument
    You wanna talk about system players, look at the Pats. They turned troy brown, deion branch, wes welker, reche caldwell and david patten into stars!! Not to mention the6th round draft pick with the gay hair that they use at quarterback…

  14. “Still makes me wince thinking about his missed tackle of Steve slatons rookie year”
    Colts18 – That missed tackle was not Antoine Bethea, it was Melvin Bullitt. I remember Bethea was played up on the line of scrimmage and got blocked out of the play. Bullitt was our one deep safety on the play and got embarrassed by Slaton. Probably the poorest play of the season for Bullitt, thankfully his only mistake of that sort!

  15. I actually agree with Bill Polian not giving Wayne and Mathis an extension. But I don’t agree with Bethea’s contract. The defense as a whole just isn’t that talented enough for that kind of money. I can’t take a player outside of the talent of Freeney that is worth big money period. The whole defense per dollar seems to be overrated. You can take this offense and stick it on the Raiders and you would have BLOWN out the Saints by 3 touchdowns, thats what I think about the Colts defense. Its the agents that are dillusional and what more money, I think the players know coming in that if they went to another team perhaps they don’t fit and the Colts situation is truely unique giving “smaller” players an opportunity. Bethea is talented but Polian could plug someone else in that is just as good that can’t stop the run, misses tackles and is not intimidating against the pass. Over the years I can’t think of ONE defensive star from the Colts who was let go, go on another team and jusitify their huge contracts. Cato June, Nick Harper, Jason David, and others in the overrated Dungy defensive era. Maybe Bethea is better then we are giving him credit for, but Robert Mathis, Marlin Jackson, Jason David, Nick Harper, Cato June were all overrated. Robert Mathis is certainly average without Freeney.

  16. I think Bethea deserved to get a deal done way before wayne and even moreso, before mathis. He was a guy that didn’t always have the most picks in the league, but he has stopped many big plays and made key stops solidifying a bend but don’t break Def. I don’t know that I ever saw him in some bad blown coverages where it seemed like he was lost or in an entirely different zip code when the ball was in his direction (Keeping in context that I am a Fan/not a pro).
    While you could argue that the front end of the new contract is expensive – you could easily argue that his cost/performance ratio for the past 2-3 seasons, he was very underpaid in comparison to other FS in the league. Yet through this, there was no public drama that he created about lack of another contract before the other expired and he stayed healthy. Bethea was the glue that allowed Bob Sanders to stalk the LOS without creating a huge liabilty against the pass and kept the D from falling apart when Bob has been injured. I wouldn’t have trusted anybody on the roster to play FS on anywhere near the same level as Bethea had, were he to have gotten injured and been out a significant amount of time.
    Then you look at his longevity – knock on wood – the guy has played a lot of games for a position that allows a player to pick up momentum in the open field before a collision (although this open field/more momentum theory of mine may be way off b/c any body can get injured on the field – just ask Anthony Gonzalez who tore his knee during a play with no contact).
    Mathis – not only does he disappear if/when freeney is out or not 90+ %, Mathis’ size and speed are unique and he would not be a fit on a lot of other teams. I don’t want to disrespectfully give him the “system guy” association – because when he is on the field, he gives 100% and you can see the emotion and passion he leaves out on the field for all 4 quarters-but it is what it is – he is a 245 lb DE (no, that is not a typo). He has played with his hand on the ground as a pass rushing specialist and teams may not be willing to gamble on a veteran player contract that may or may not work out as a potential LB for a multiple role type defender. It seems that several teams have moved to the 3-4 recently that were 4-3 and/or developed a roster that could be a hybrid of both but I don’t see Mathis in those schemes – so his trade value is somewhat limited and that eliminates places he could go. Due to size, I couldn’t see him in the same roles that Raheem Brock had on the Colts D being able to bounce around the DL.
    I think Reggie Wayne is a top-tier receiver even if he didn’t have p. manning, although manning does make him look great. I there are few times he hasn’t had huge games, but he makes his targets count. His hands are outstanding and I’d be interested in seeing his actual percent of dropped balls over his career (really analyzing if balls were catch-able or deflected vs. being sloppy/uncoordinated and not being able to reel it in). He may not be the fastest in the NFL or a physical freak WR but hes plenty fast to get the job done. I’d take a completed catch over a Ted Ginn Jr. or a Terrell Owens-esque case of the dropsies EVERY day of week…That being said, what peyton did with a rookie WR (thank [your] omnipotent diety for Collie having hands that can catch) and a DIII speedster who had VERY little experience and pretty much sat for a year – it speaks volumes about what peyton can do for a player who is humble and has natural ability to catch.

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