Broncos backing off Brian Westbrook

Brian Westbrook successfully drummed up interest after the NFL Draft, but he’s yet to make a decision about his future.  There are indications that at least one suitor is tired of waiting.

Bill Williamson of ESPN writes Denver is “softening” its pursuit of the former Eagles running back.  Instead, the Broncos want to see how J.J. Arrington looks in a third down role during training camp.

The Redskins remain interested in Westbrook, although we wonder if they would like to finally get an answer from him, perhaps before the team’s mandatory minicamp next week.  Westbrook visited the Rams first, but St. Louis appears to be his fallback plan.

8 responses to “Broncos backing off Brian Westbrook

  1. westbrook should take whatever money and health that he has and stay at home with his family!

  2. I could see the skins taking him, giving him like 6-8 plays a game. He could do some work. Obviously they haven’t thrown some big contract at him or we would have made his decision.

  3. Big Stretch,
    Brian Quinlan’s reading comprehension should be questioned, as should yours. That is NOT what the article stated.

  4. Is it the ring? Is it the quest for a championship? I hope so. I can’t think of any other “nobel” reason for this guy continuing to play.
    I’m sure some guys play 6-8 years without concussions, then, BOOM! two in two weeks and they think, “…oh, it’s not that bad”. Apparently it is. A couple of bad dings followed by some questionable financial decisions, followed by the wife walking out and 3 years later, this guys living under a bridge. It’s no SNL skit.
    Hey Brian! Walk away.

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