Dumervil arrives at minicamp

The Broncos continue to play hardball with linebacker Elvis Dumervil, who continues to show up for work.

The unsigned restricted free agent was in attendance at Broncos mandatory minicamp Friday.  He participated in the practice, except for 11-on-11 team drills. 

Denver can reduce Dumervil’s one-year tender offer on Tuesday, but the Denver Post expects the Pro Bowler to sign the contract before then. 

Look for most unsigned restricted free agents to follow suit in the next few days.  

7 responses to “Dumervil arrives at minicamp

  1. Elvis is such a class act. A lot of other players around the league could learn something from him. Finally something to make us bronco fans proud

  2. If the Broncos actually reduce Dumervil’s tender it will be a real slap in the face and will serve as a warning to all other players not to make good faith gestures to the team because they will not be reciprocated.

  3. That is why you must never ever believe those idiots at the Post. Their Story was at least as accurate as the Orton trade they reported.

  4. Elvis Dumervil is everything the Broncos look for in a player. He is a beast on the field, a gentle giant off the field, and is an all around class act.
    If the Broncos don’t pay Dumervil who will they pay?
    The last guy to get big money from the Broncos was Champ Bailey….it’s time to pay someone…make it Dumervil.
    Do it for the fans….do it for the franchise…..As a lifelong Broncos fan anything that results in Doom being a free agent after the season is just unjustifiable.
    Dumervil earned his money. He’s by far out played his contract as a 4th round draft steal in the 2006 draft.
    Look at the number of 1st round picks from that draft who are now afterthoughts…
    Jason Allen, Bobby Carpenter, Donte Whitner, Tye Hill, Ernie Sims, Kamerion Wimbley, Tamba Hali, Manny Lawson, John Mccargo, Michael Huff.
    Even Reggie Bush the No. 2 pick in the draft is now a glorified 3rd down back.
    Elvis Dumervil deserves the outrageous sums that undeserving players received and will continue to receive barring a rookie salary cap.
    Is $10 million a year too much to pay your best defensive player when you’ll give that to a rookie who’s never proven a damn thing?
    Pat Bowlen wake up, your belittling the legacy of your franchise. You’ve always been good to your veterans. Now just stop acting like a Mcasshat Jr. and pay Dumervil.

  5. “The Broncos continue to play hardball with linebacker Elvis Dumervil, who continues to show up for work. ”
    LOL…Way to stir the pot. Both sides are actively working on a deal and Dumervil will have a new one in place by camp. Then it will be back to Tebow bashing for all the wanna be GMs trained by hours of Madden playing who think they know everything.

  6. Finally, one TRUE football player who actually deserves the money and hasn’t signed the Tender, YET, continues to show up to work.
    Please Broncos, continue to treat him like shit so that my Browns can give him a call soon!

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