First-ever PFT summit ends

On Thursday night and Friday, the full-blown PFT team convened in New York for the first-ever PFT summit.

And a good time was had by all.  Or at least most.  Or at least some.  Or at least me.

The meeting included plenty of discussion regarding the things we’re doing right (as few and far between as they may be) and the things we can do better (which are much more plentiful).  We’ll be sharing with you soon some of the plans we have for improving the experience, none of which are major but all of which are meaningful.

So thanks to the entire PFT team — Larry Mazza, Kevin Monaghan, Rick Cordella, Tom Seeley, Eric Black, Brian Gilmore, Gregg Rosenthal, MDS, Evan Silva, and Josh Alper.  And thanks to our hosts and partners at NBC.  And thanks to all of you for helping us grow to the point where a dozen people would even be associated with the site.

Finally, I can disclose that, yes, Rosenthal brought his shinebox.