Harbaugh OK with Reed's absence

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, who had hip surgery this offseason, has chosen to rehab in Colorado, rather than at the team’s facility.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is fine with that.

“Ed is really working hard from everything I’ve heard,” Harbaugh said, per the Baltimore Sun. “Ed is at the stage of his career where he knows himself better than anybody.”

Reed is also at the stage of his career where players tend to slow down — he’ll turn 32 two days before the Ravens’ regular-season opener — and whether Reed can get back to speed is one of the biggest questions facing Harbaugh’s team.

22 responses to “Harbaugh OK with Reed's absence

  1. not worried either,give the man a chance to rest,hell i wouldn care if he missed mandatory camp either,let him have a bunch of rest,he earns his pay every year,and then some

  2. Ed Reed is a monster…and I hope to hell he’s back to form this year. I’ve got a world of respect for his game.
    Having stated that, though…
    The cracks are showing, Ratbirds! Just like in Shittsburgh…and neither will do better than 8-8 this year.
    And no one gives a shit about the Ben-Gals.

  3. Suggs absence is troubling, but the one guy you don’t have to worry about is Ed. Not concerned in the least.

  4. In my opinion the defense was more stingier when reed wasn’t playing because zibikowski wasn’t freelancing but you also didn’t get game changing plays like you do out of reed even though zibikowski had 2 ints in 4 games.

  5. Every other day there’s something about a noshow at Ravens camp. Team chemestry sounds pretty solid for the “Superbowl Contenders”…

  6. I think he will be more like the 2008 Ed that should have been D MVP than the guy we saw last year who struggled to stay healthy, but still dominated when he was. His game is like a mix of Prime and Woodson with a little bit of Ronnie Lott. The best ball hawk at FS I ever saw who can chop down the biggest of backs. Brandon Jacobs has never looked the same since he had that good first Q vs the Ravens and Reed chopped him down at the goal line. Moreno got a nice welcome to the NFL moment from Ed this year. He is as close ot a lock for the HOF as J.O. and Ray, and looking around the NFL at guys like Sharper and Dawkins, the expiration date on FS is not what it is at Cb.

  7. Harbaugh has ZERO control over his players… First they snitch on him for practicing too “hard” then he cant get 2 of his best 3 players to show up for camp?
    Steelers may have some off the field issues but at least they respect the coaching staff and front office.

  8. They definately repect the coaches and front office but not so much their girlfriends, paper towel dispensers in gas stations, stewardesses/BAC limit, and random scuzzy barflies who say no. Not to mention each other. Yeah Pittsburgh, banner off season. Keep reaching knobs.

  9. Stillerz- Are you kidding me? Are you in the locker room? Do you attend the meetings? Have you interviewed any of the Ravens players?
    No?? Oh because I thought if you are going to make that type of statement, you would have at least one iota of evidence that can be substantiated.
    People losing their minds over VETERANS missing VOLUNTARY camp is just ridiculous. Your spending your time in JUNE trying to find weaknesses? I have never read once, in any publication, that John Harbaugh doesnt have the control or respect of his players.
    Let’s stick to things we can prove and not our allegiance in a rivalry….

  10. ArtModellsPimp, I don’t think even you believe that the Ravens will be 8-8 this year.
    Unlike the Browns, we have an actual franchise QB, one of the top RBs in the game (you can have him later when we’re done with him) and have seriously upgraded the WR, TE and DLs.
    8-8 is something for the Browns to aspire toward, but probably not realistic for you this year.

  11. @stillerz
    Ed Reed and Ray Lewis have never shown up for otas many veterans on many teams don’t. You don’t think the head coach isn’t penciling them in as starters week 1?

  12. @ StillerZ
    “Some” off the field issues? You need to be medicated – Come back to reality – for your loved ones if nothing else.

  13. @Art Modell’s Pimp –
    You are delusional. But it is ok. Just don’t drive or operate machinery

  14. *Yawn* enough ratbirds stories already. Bert is never going to get it done in the playoffs, if he even gets there…

  15. @Flaccodelic…. Man the term “franchise QB” sure has lost it’s luster when people are putting it on Joe Flacco. Have you ever seen him play a playoff game?

  16. Cutplax- I think you might be confused on the meaning of ‘franchise QB’. A franchise QB is a quarterback who based on his play looks to be locked into the position for a long time. Joe Flacco fits that mold just as well as anyone in the league. Even a Steelers fan would have to admit that his play has earned him that status. There is no QB controversy in B-more.
    I think you understand ‘franchise’ to mean ‘elite’.
    If that is the case, I would agree. Stamping Flacco with an elite status at this stage of his career would be jumping the gun. However, there was a big leap in production from 1st to 2nd year. He is not yet elite, but I believe he is on the cusp of a break-out year. New weapons on offense and 2 years under his belt.
    I am not anointing him, but take a look at his stats for years 1 and 2 next to Peyton Manning’s and you will see a very similar progression. If Flacco ends up being 1/2 of the quarterback Manning is, then he can be called elite….

  17. Everyone forgets that our defense did even BETTER without Reed last year. Reed gambles too much and often leaves the corners out to dry.
    Zibikowski did GREAT in his absence. I’m not worried.

  18. and Cutplax…….yes, I HAVE seen him play a playoff game……5 as a matter of fact, and he won 3 of them……how many other QBs in history (other than Big Ben) have played in that many playoff games in their first two years???????

  19. Allan, I would certainly hope Flacco winds up being more than just 1/2 the QB of Peyton Manning…….this would entail him having to choke in all of his games, not just playoff and SB games……….

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