John Harbaugh wants the Ravens to be a "dynasty"

Ravens coach John Harbaugh doesn’t want to win a championship.  Instead, he wants to win all of them.

“The idea is to build a dynasty,” Harbaugh told the team’s official web site.  “That’s what
we’re trying to do.”

Every team would like to do that.  Few talk about it.  Even fewer can do it.

“[T]o do that you’ve got to win multiple championships,” Harbaugh said.  “We’ve said
that.  And to win multiple championships, first you’ve got to win one.  
They won one in 2000, and we need to win our next one, and this year is
as good as any to get that done.”

The Ravens very well could be on the cusp of being a serious year-in, year-out contender.  Indeed, for the first two years of Harbaugh’s tenure, they’ve been just that.

79 responses to “John Harbaugh wants the Ravens to be a "dynasty"

  1. this is like the 4th john harbaugh post in a span of about a day and a half that is ridiculous.

  2. YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!!!!!!! Try and win ONE first thats hows the game is played or just send Ray out to knife the other teams

  3. Comments anyone? I HAVE to give Squealer fans a pass on this for obvious reasons – but Clowns fans? Bungle Fans? Oh yeah, you haven’teven gone to the playoffs twice in row- let alone aspiring to be a dynasty.

  4. Harbaugh would like to model his after the one built by the famous Chinese coach Ming many years ago.

  5. They’re on the cusp…until Flacco completely flops out this year. He started great last year and then teams got tape on him. After that he stunk and I expect that to continue for years to come. There’s a reason this guy couldn’t even start at Pitt. He’ll be the Ravens second first round QB bust.

  6. Is it something in the water in Baltimore ??
    First you get Rex not kissing anybody’s rings and kicking every team’s ass and now Harbaugh is talking about dynasty’s without first winning the AFC North not withstanding the Super Bowl.
    The Ravens have a great team but haven’t won anything yet. They very well may make to the SB.
    Interesting how you don’t see the Colts or the Patriots telling everyone how great they are.

  7. Good, that’s what every coach should want. Of course posting it here is just another excuse for Squeelers and Clowns fans to make out-of-context references to Ray Lewis. Shameful.
    PS- Ben Roethlisberger rapes underage girls.

  8. Try making it to the Superbowl first. Win it and then repeat the next year. Then maybe you can talk about being a dynasty.

  9. Good to shoot high and have high expectations. Maybe that will help the Ravens from taking a step backwards like they did in 2005 and 2007. Ozzie Newsome seems to be a good evaluator of talent and their defense has ranked among the top three in the league in three of the last four years. Impossible to say if they’ll win another championship soon but the Ravens do seem to have the pieces in place both on and off the field to be a serious contender for the next few years.

  10. this constitutes as newsworthy,,doesnt every team think and say the same thing,but he is right,first he has to win one befoore they can even think about dynasty,maybe first he can get all his veterns in otas

  11. What is up with all the PFT Ravens ballwashing and pom-pom waving?
    The Rats will never win a title with Joe Flacco at QB. 46.5 career QB rating in the playoffs, 1 td vs 6 INT’s. The guy is Captain Choke-a-lot. Their horrid corner play won’t help matters either.
    Take a lot of balls and zero brains to talk about a dynasty when you haven’t even reached the big dance.
    Pathetic. Is somebody from Baltimore paying PFT to run these fanboy Ravens stories or what???

  12. The team that won ONE division title (2006) in 6 years is talking DYNASTY?!?!?
    Can’t wait for the Lions to start talking Dynasty too!

  13. Hey Baltimore, there is a team in your division that has won 2 of the past 5 SB’s, while you have won merely 1 division title.
    The team with multiple rings isn’t talking dynasty, so why the hell are you?
    “Baltimoron” a word has never rang more true!

  14. Hey ampats – he said he “wants” to build a dynasty – he didn’t say that they were one. Have you recovered from January yet?

  15. Florio just LOVES teams that wear PURPLE. Says a lot about his sexualtity…
    PS – Joe Flacco rapes muppets, mainly Ernie.

  16. Ozzie does not get enough credit for what he has done with the Ravens. Greatest GM ever!

  17. dont you have to win a super bowl first? in the past 2 years i must of missed the ravens winning the super bowl!

  18. Try not to get swept by the Bengals again before you “build a dynasty” there, Johnny.

  19. How is this news? Every organization and head coach in the league wants to do and say the same thing! If Rex Ryan wouldve said such a bold and daring statement then the comments wouldve been flooded with ppl that love his tenacity and fire lol but since harbaugh said it then tons of ppl who won’t admit to which shitty team the root for will come on here and spit 10 year old jokes about Ray Lewis and how theyre paper champions when nobody but fans have crowned them that. Not one member of that team has gone on espn or Twitter and talked about how there the favorite in the conference or division yet it seems like a member of the cowboys does every year. You fans on here have such a double standard it’s ridiculous. Comming from a chargers fan who can only sit back and admire the ravens front office coaching staff players and organization bcuz of how profesional they are when my team cuts a future hof player constintl. Treats players with disrespect and doesn’t have the balls to get rid of ppl they should (norv turner/the kicker who shall not be named) I applaud u ravens

  20. He said a dynasty is the goal . . . not what’s he already done. Pats had a dynasty and the Colts could’ve if Manning didn’t choke in big games

  21. Dynasty?
    Yeah…that’ll happen. Just as soon as Art Modell is elected into the HOF.
    Jump, Art…

  22. Dude, how stupid are you people.
    “Try winning one first.”
    Did you not read the damn article? He even said “And to win multiple championships, first you’ve got to win one”
    The stupidity of you people is through the charts.

  23. To be honest reedhof20 I was not surprised that they lost last January. I didn’t feel we had a Super Bowl team last year, a playoff team yes.
    When you compete every year for the Lombardi, you get a feeling if that team could be special.
    When Welker went down that sealed the fate.
    Last year was LY it has nothing to do with what will happen this season otherwise your former DC has plans to be in Dallas in February.
    Talk about wishful thinking.

  24. Joe Flacco just pulled a Willie Beamen and threw up in the huddle at practice.
    Dude cracks under pressure in a playoff game how is he gonna handle a superbowl or 3??

  25. steelerfansarere-tards says:
    June 11, 2010 1:53 PM
    Dude, how stupid are you people.
    “Try winning one first.”
    Did you not read the damn article? He even said “And to win multiple championships, first you’ve got to win one”
    The stupidity of you people is through the charts.
    YES MORON we did but how can he talk about a dynasty . He should of just said can we win one because a dynasty is more then one or two

  26. @TheBengal13
    he swept the bengals his first year, and I’ll be awaiting your carson wasn’t our quarterback excuse.
    You are an idiot steeler fan posting on ravens articles because of your concern that you are gonna be beat again
    You of all posters should know the ravens have won in the playoffs when they beat the dolphins (assuming that is your team) in the wildcard playoff game.
    And everybody talking about flacco’s qb rating in playoffs, first year he was a rookie, 2nd year his leg was nearly broken and both years heres the kicker he had derrick mason as his #1 let that soak in for a little bit. Now he has 3 great pass catching tight ends, boldin, mason and stallworth as his receivers, and ray rice as his running back (who was a nonfactor flacco’s first year) expect a lot more from flacco this year.

  27. Cutplax wut do u cut and paste ur comments? Ur so repetitive….. like Cutler’s interceptions…

  28. Sorry Ravens-Cream of the AFC is the Steelers, Colts and Patriots. You can dream though.

  29. Is every item posted supposed to be a ‘news item’? From my short time reading this site things would be pretty boring if ‘stories’ broke as slowly as ESPN. com or NFL.
    You dudes would be super bored, and would have no outlet for your mysoginistic rants!
    Do people read threads before posting or is it always,”I’ve got a great line!” and then blindly post the same thing everyone else does?

  30. Any coach that is dumb enough to say “I want us to be a dynasty” will never have a dynasty.
    Worry about beating the Bengals first, before you talk about your dynsatic fantasies.

  31. These comments are so ridiculous it is hard to even respond. Cutplax, how ’bout taking a breath and collecting your thoughts instead of posting 4 comments in 7 minutes.
    These are the facts boys and girls. Few teams even make the playoffs in back to back years (any comments Bengal fans?). The Ravens won 3 games in the past two playoffs (both with Flacco at QB) with both losses coming to the AFC Champs. That is not bad. And you can preach all you want about his stats, but with QBs it is all about wins and the Steelers golden child put up some lousy stats in his first few playoff games (particularly the Super Bowl). And yes, the Bengals swept the Ravens last year. They also were one and done in the playoffs losing at home. That leaves them and their franchise QB winless in the playoffs over the past 20 years I believe. So I will take my 3rd year QB with 3 playoff wins, back to back playoff seasons and a sweet unibrow. All Harbs is doing is setting the bar high. It’s really not that surprising.
    No go unleash hell somewhere else Steeler fans!

  32. Keep Hatin on Flacco. Pretty easy to figure out when you have 1 receiver to throw to. He will light it up this year. Ravens have nothing to shy away from and they have every reason to believe they’ll be in the hunt for the SB for the next 5 years at least.

  33. flo…take down the poster of harbaugh that is nailed to your ceiling above your bed

  34. WVUColumbus says: Cream of the AFC is the Steelers
    HAHAHAHA….. Swept them too.
    I personally love it that he says he wants to build a dynasty cuz just like the fat coach in NY, its gona make it sweeter when they blow it….again.

  35. what’s a coach supposed to say? “Yeah, I’d like to maybe win just one super bowl and then dabble in mediocrity until I get fired.” ok.

  36. DemocratsAreStupid says:
    cutplax has a tiny penis
    Correction – Cutplax has a tiny puss-filled penis

  37. @Actlikea2yrold
    u ra living up to your name. since when have the ravens blown their chances at being a dynasty. they are a competitor to win the division year in and year out and reach the playoffs. The bengals have yet to take ownership of that tradition. The ravens are definitely high on the list to win a super bowl this season and more.

  38. @cutplax
    You are an idiot steeler fan posting on ravens articles because of your concern that you are gonna be beat again
    WTF are you talking about MORON the ravens fan post more on the STEELERS articles then Steelers fans . I love the part about being beat again hmmmmmmm thats funny

  39. Seriously? This is a story? Every coach in the league is aspiring to accomplish the same thing.
    If there is one coach saying “hmm, just one super bowl and then I would like to stink for a while’, he should be fired, immediately.
    Also, people want to bash Flacco’s performance in the playoffs like he is the only guy on the field.
    What is his record in the playoffs (only stat that matters is wins, the rest is for fantasy players)?
    Oh yeah, 3-2, including a trip to the AFC championship game in his first year.
    Steelers fans have a legit point in having a great quarterback…Carson Palmer, what is his record in the playoffs? Don’t get me started on the Browns.

  40. All Bengals fans:
    So how does this work, you perk up for one good year after a terrible year and now you think your the best in the AFC? Short lived, trust me.
    And to every person using the phrase ‘how can you call the Ravens a dynasty?’:
    He didnt you morons. He said he wants to BUILD one, and first he has to win one. Never said ‘we’re close’ or ‘we are a dynasty.’
    I cannot WAIT for Flacco and this new pass happy offense to show up for game 1 against the Jets, crush that D, and hear the collective silence of all of you idiots on here who think Flacco chokes and a bust.

  41. The heck with the Ravens, I want the Vikings to be a dynasty. Problem is we have to actually get to the Super Bowl first. That hasn’t happened since the 70s and it probably won’t happen any time soon.

  42. I dont see it happening. Ravens few D. stars are getting old and their window is closing fast.
    Nice team overall but not looking to be a “dynasty.” It’s hard these days unless the league gets behind you… cough, cough, cheatriots, etc. and look at them now- hopeless.
    Their window looks to be closing also. Just worry about winning one-at-a-time.

  43. John’s comment is far better than Mike Tomlin’s, Rex Ryan’s, and Belichick’s that they want to lose EVERY game this year

  44. And everybody talking about flacco’s qb rating in playoffs, first year he was a rookie, 2nd year his leg was nearly broken and both years heres the kicker he had derrick mason as his #1 let that soak in for a little bit.”
    Ok, all soaked in and all it sounds like are excuses. Thats all.

  45. I was going to say…….”Insert ignorant Brownstain loser fan comment here”…….but, I see ArtModellsPimp already beat me to the punch………..and special mention goes to cutplax……congrats to you both!!!!

  46. Rules to becoming a dynasty
    1. Aquire a starting caliber CB
    2. Make sure your STARTING Defense is young enough to sustain several championship runs
    3. When at least 1 championship in the last 3 years.
    4. You are permitted to talk about possibly your first championship if you (as a head coach) made it to at least the AFC championship game the previous season
    5. cheating helps
    curious as to how far they are along on that list

  47. I think it’s hilarious that Steeler fans keep holding on to their Raven sweep 3 years ago lol LET IT GO…and if I recall it correctly…the Steelers were looking up to the Ravens last year. I love alll the hate!! truth is that Flacco has been statistically the most impressive young QB in his first two years since Peyton Manning. Look at Flacco’s stats and what he has accomplised with (formely) one of the worst WR cores in the NFL. Flacco’s main target over the last 2 seasons has been a 37 year old WR…lol. Can’t wait until the season starts!!!

  48. Wow. Harbaugh says that his goal is to win a championship. That’s really controversial. Then he says the real goal is to build a dynasty. Like every coach in the NFL would like to do. Also very controversial.
    When are you Squealer and Bungle fans going to learn how to read. What did he say different than any coach in the NFL? Difference between him and most of them is that he has been coaching for two years and has two years of playoffs and a trip to the AFC finals. Both years we lost to the eventual SB winner. Big shame there.
    For all you idiot Bengal fans who keep talking about how those big bad cats swept the Ravens last year, let us remember how you pissed down your leg and lost to a rookie QB in the playoffs making your franchise QB ofer his entire freaking career in the playoffs.
    For you Steeler fans who are commenting, at least your team has won multiple SB’s. You have the right to talk trash. That doesn’t change the fact that most of you are miscreant progeny of incestuous relationships of course, but that is a different issue.
    Go Ravens.

  49. People keep saying Flacco can’t win in the playoffs. The kid is 3-2 in his first two seasons in the league!!! That’s the best or 2nd best record in history for a 2 yr QB. Does this not strike anyone else as absolutely moronic??? I mean I understand it’s coming from a jealous Steeler fan, but still.
    Nobody complained when Ben won the SB with the worst QB rating in history. All Flacco needs to do is not trip over his unibrow and we’re AT LEAST going to the AFC Championship game.
    Don’t let your jealousy get in the way, Steeler fans. We’re not worried about you, we’re thinking about the only other legit competition in the division, the Bengals.

  50. @mmartian
    Since when has acquiring a starting caliber cornerback been the #1 priority of anybodies priorities list for building a dynasty. Good thing the ravens have a couple, they’re just not the best in the NFL.

  51. The guy talks about it, never won a championship before, for crying out loud, he sounds like a Viking fan.

  52. Actlikea2yrold says:
    June 11, 2010 2:49 PM
    WVUColumbus says: Cream of the AFC is the Steelers
    HAHAHAHA….. Swept them too.
    I personally love it that he says he wants to build a dynasty cuz just like the fat coach in NY, its gona make it sweeter when they blow it….again.
    You do realize that communism was still a viable political ideology, New Coke and Pepsi Free were the top selling soft drinks, and Whitney Houston and Paula Abdul were sober the last time the Bengals won a playoff game, right?

  53. The Ravens had a chance to build up to “dynasty” status after their one and only SB title, but they decided to give Trent Dilfer the boot in favor of Elvis Grbac. How did that work out by the way?

  54. Wethog………yeah, and Trent Dilfer is a dynasty building QB………are you really this stupid?

  55. So the Ravens coach says he wants to build the team into a dynasty & theres a bunch of “genius” Steeler fans on here calling HIM a moron………..shocker! Maybe he should have said something brilliant & profound like, “We’re gonna unleash hell!!!”
    Bottom line….as the coach of a team that made the playoffs in his 1st two seasons with a rookie QB, no #1 WR, and an “old” defense…I think him believing that he can make that team a dynasty is’nt that far fetch.

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