Raiders sign former Jaguar John Henderson

All has been quiet on the John Henderson front since he didn’t visit the Chiefs just after April’s draft, but the free agent defensive tackle has finally found a new home.

Notorious collectors of former first-round picks, the Raiders have agreed to terms with Henderson — the No. 9 overall selection in 2002 — on a one-year contract, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
Behind perhaps only O.J. Atogwe, Henderson is the premier defender on the free agent market.  Henderson, 31, has lost much of his pass-rush ability, but remains a quality run stopper.  He is also capable of playing both defensive end in a 3-4 defense and tackle in a 4-3.  The Raiders have hinted that they will be using more 3-4 fronts by trading for outside linebackers Kamerion Wimbley and Quentin Groves, and drafting Nick Saban disciple Rolando McClain with the eighth overall pick.
At 6-foot-7 and 335 pounds, Henderson gives the Raiders an imposing bookend for 6-foot-6, 310-pounder Richard Seymour.
The Raiders, though, will probably still find a way to again rank among the NFL’s worst run defenses.

82 responses to “Raiders sign former Jaguar John Henderson

  1. You guys would be a lil more respected if you kept the jabs out the articles. Must have been beaten up by a raider fan

  2. This guy has been a force since entering the NFL.. One thing is 4 sure, that Oaklands Dee will be breaking teams off this year..
    Looking Good Raiders, Looking Good!!!
    10-6 in 2010.. GO RAIDERS!!!

  3. Seymour, Kelly, Shaughnessy, Houston, Bryant, Henderson. Looks like the Raiders are really serious about shoring up the run-D. Add McClain to stuff runners, I think this will allow Wimbley, Scott, Groves, and Howard to rush the passer. Greatest offseason by Al Davis since the early 2000’s picking up Rice, Romanowski, Sam Adams, etc. Not saying this is the year to make a run to the Super Bowl, but it sure gives reason for optimism for Raider fans.

  4. Given the state of the Raiders’ rushing defense last year – 29th in yards, 28th in yards per attempt, 31st in touchdowns – the move makes a lot of sense for Oakland. Whatever Henderson contributes has to be an improvement.

  5. The last comment was totally irrelevant, not to mention, has as much verifiable truth to it right now as I do when I say the sky will turn purple tomorrow and we will all start eating metal. Thanks for the commentary, but really , it should be in the responses to the story, not the actual story itself.

  6. “The Raiders, though, will probably still find a way to again rank among the NFL’s worst run defenses.”
    That’s it Silva, keep taking shots at the Raiders and maybe someday you’ll be hired by Yahoo with the rest of the scumbag journalists Silver, Cole, Robinson and MJD.

  7. The Raiders, though, will probably still find a way to again rank among the NFL’s worst run defenses.
    Wow. Just wow. This guy doesn’t even write the one liners

  8. Uh Quinton Groves and John Henderson? Hasn t worked for the Jags the last few years…..Hey wadda you gives us for Reggie Nelson??

  9. wow.
    Al Davis to you I bow.
    Glad they’re feeing you the right medicine now.
    Warren Sapp-STFU

  10. Evan Silva, though, will probably still find a way to again rank among P.F.T’S worst Florio and Rosenthal fill in.
    Where do you find these guys Florio???

  11. I’m not even a Raider fan and this all becomes very petty and unprofessional in the articles. The readers are not interested in your personal agenda. But I guess if it gets all the chuckleheads to comment and gets you in good with Florio… so be it. At least there were no Rosenthal typos for once. Thanks, Evan!

  12. RAIDERS have been terrible as of late. . so,
    it’s good to see them finally makin serious moves in free ageny. & they even showed good direction in the draft.
    Is all Davis’s mental condition improving, or did they hire some GM mastermind that I must not have heard about? / serious question.
    Dmac would have been better off playing for the Raiders.

  13. Mr. Silva,
    The pathetic Raiders Run Defense is ONLY matched by YOUR pathetic 2010 “mock draft” predictions.
    Didn’t you have the Raiders taking Charles Brown (OT from USC) at #9???
    Not only didn’t Brown get picked in the first round..he almost didn’t even get picked in the 2nd Round!!! (picked by the Saints at #64).
    Try this next time INSTEAD:
    “Henderson is an upgrade over Gerald Warren who was released earlier this offseason and signed by the Patriots. In giving Henderson a one year contract only, this situation is similar to the recent fliers the Raiders have taken on players like Lorenzo Neal and Henderson’s old Jaguar teammate Donovin Darius…Henderson will get a chance in during Training Camp to prove he has something left in the tank. If not, he will be cut before the regular season.”
    Why don’t you try some analysis like that Mr. Silva instead of whitty one liners?
    John Stewart you ain’t…Leave that stuff to Mr. Florio.

  14. Is it just me or are the Raiders on a streak of making good off season moves? Even with the horrible drafts of the past few years and a no name coach they never were the worst team in the NFL, they just keep getting hammered in the press like they are. Whats going on here? Smart decisions, nobody getting arrested?
    Go Raiders!

  15. WTF?
    Even if this were supposed to be nothing more than a crappy blog site, I expected more from the “journalists.”
    I’m no Raiders fan, but that last comment showed a complete lack of professional decorum and just goes to show what an incredibly big asshole you are.

  16. The snide comment at the end absolutely wasn’t needed.
    Need more of a Dragnet approach-Just the facts!
    Bad enough we have to read it from Florio. Et tu brute!

  17. Whenever you have an offense that doesnt score pts. only scores FGs, teams score a TD and then run the ball the rest of the game to kill the clock.
    In other words, since the Raiders have had a pathetic Offense the past few yrs its easy for them to be ranked last in Rushing yds because it wont be an airing attack by both teams.
    In 2010, It looks that will change. With the team atleast scoring 3Tds a game teams will not rely on the run but the pass to keep up. Making the Run Defense stat wise look better.

  18. Evan Almighty, I will ahve to disagree with your last comment.
    Cable being there brings a feeling of continuity that has been missing for years. Players are getting hunrier in Oakland , wanting to win. Its not just sit back and collect your paycheck like with Sapp & Moss a few years back. Theres a new feeling in the locker room, and it starts with the absence of Russell.
    Henderson has been a solid NFL player his whole career, lined up with Seymour in the front will take up 4 lineman right there. that gives you McCLain, Wimbley, Groves and Morrison(?) with the ability to get at least one of them into the backfield, either unconctessted or against the fullback.
    I think the RaiderHaters are in for a change this year, honestly. Teams cant be terrible forever, and all the right moves are being made in Oakland right now to change that. And in that division, they could easily be two or three close games away from a playoff birth.

  19. Come on Silva, you use a terrible last line like that but don’t use “We’re sure Cable will slap Henderson before each game.”

  20. The D looks like its going to be up to the task of stopping the run this year. My only worry on our defense now is will the LBs get exposed in pass coverage?

  21. Stupid is, as stupid does……
    Evan, your mom told you to stay off the computer….
    Quit trying to be a journalist and go back to playing in your back yard

  22. Ok…..
    So the Raiders drafted the best player available in round 1…..
    Then they traded for a upgrade at QB…..
    Then they released a terrible QB, even though it cost them a ton of cash to do it…..
    Then they sign a quality and versitle defensive lineman…..
    Granted their track record hasn’t been good since John Gruden was the coach, but these have all been solid footbal decisions. Good for you Raider Nation!
    Am I living in a parallel universe?

  23. ive gotta agree with DEMOLITION. you wonder why all the people on here make fun of your pathetic articles is because you write them like you are 12 years old, like the Raiders used to bully you when you a little kid. there comes a time when people have to grow up. i suggest you do so now and do some real reporting. i mean you guys dont even proof read your crap, and you sit there and talk shit about other people doing poor at their job.

  24. The Raiders, though, will probably still find a way to again rank among the NFL’s worst run defenses.
    Hey Saliva, did they teach you about supporting your comments with reason? Great journalism buddy! Fact, fact, opinion no support. Tard!

  25. @ ChiefsFan4Life:
    Thanks for all that insightful infomation…The entire WORLD is now better off after seeing your post (The puns were especially funny BTW).
    Now please press the “Caps Lock” button and go back to you job as a telemarketer before your boss looks over your shoulder and FIRES YOU.

  26. We all need to find ChiefsFan4Life’s High School English teacher and beat her. At least he spelled Chiefs right.

  27. Chiefsfan4 life,
    Hide your head. Your post looks like it was writtten by an 8 year old.
    And I would root for the Chiefs over the Raiders any day but really ???

  28. I dont know Chiefs fan 4 life, Oakland has come to Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs recently. I sat at Arrowhead and watched it. I hope the Chiefs are better, but get real. We still have a lame LB crew, the OL is very very questionable and the
    Dline got ran over last year defending the run. Dorsey is not very good at all. And although Flowers is good, they still need a cornerback. And most of all, the jury is still out on the QB. I am just speaking the truth about my team.

  29. Decent pickup.
    Chiefs fan, that was a whole lot of retarded for one comment. Like, even more than usual.
    When was the last time KC was even within sniffing distance of the AFC west title?
    /maybe get ONE MORE running back
    /Hey they can NEVER take away SuperBowl IV, am I right?

  30. I’m a confirmed Raider Hater, but signing Henderson is a smart move, especially to a 1-year deal, where’s the downside?
    The “commentary” Florio & company feel necessary is getting old. Report what happened & be done with it. Stop embarrassing yourself with ridiculous predictions that consistently go wrong. It shows your lack of football knowledge & that you are devoid of any journalistic credibility.
    Just because you have a platform on which to write doesn’t require you to say something snarky about every subject.
    Taylor does a much better job over at CFT, much better.

  31. @chiefsfan4life…..Hate to tell ya but the chiefs suck too……Just as bad if not worse then the raiders.

  32. Jaguar fan here. Henderson is near the end of his career and did not play very well last year. He was a dominant player from 2002-2006 but he started to regress in 2007 even before Stroud was injured/suspended/injured/traded. If his motor was running at full speed all the time, he could dominate games. But he obviously was playing with minimal effort sometimes.

  33. Chiefs rule the west? you have to be joking, the Chiefs have not mattered since Len Dawson and that was a long, long time ago.
    As for Florio and the Raiders?, Al Davis may be his Daddy but has never given him the time of day. “Live From Our U-TUBE Sports Desk” lol.

  34. Quitcherbitchin, ya buncha pussies. The zingers and one-liners are what makes PFT PFT.
    And, sadly, as unoriginal and predictable as the zinger was, it was probably accurate.

  35. ChiefsFan4Life— Dude, my daughter graduated kindergarten yesterday, and can spell better than you. They have these new things out, called spell checkers. But you have murdered your words so bad it might be funny to see what a spell checker thinks you are trying to say.

  36. Looks l ike another 5 and 11 season for the Silver and Black. God I miss the 70s and 80s when the Raiders were NFLs true bad boy team.

  37. Holy jeez. That Chiefs fan’s rant was ridiculous. When was the last time the Chefs made the super bowl, huh? Exactly.

  38. Damn Chiefsfan4life, you really showed your maturity level. I applaud idiots mocking idiots, I actually see the Raiders doing better than *usual* this season

  39. “Henderson is an upgrade over Gerald Warren who was released earlier this offseason and signed by the Patriots. In giving Henderson a one year contract only, this situation is similar to the recent fliers the Raiders have taken on players like Lorenzo Neal and Henderson’s old Jaguar teammate Donovin Darius…Henderson will get a chance in during Training Camp to prove he has something left in the tank. If not, he will be cut before the regular season.”
    Now THAT is jounalism. Take note, Silva. You just got Punk’d by ‘Redleg’ in your own house. lolol.
    2nd place goes to Tinbender, for “But you have murdered your words so bad it might be funny to see what a spell checker thinks you are trying to say.”

  40. I’m almost shocked how commonsensical this off-season has gone for the Raiders. Correction, I am shocked. Clearly, Undead Al has loosened his grip over personnel decision, much like he did under the Gruden regime, minus the Seabass pick.
    As much tread as Henderson has on his tires, he’s still a big upgrade over anything else the team had at the critical space eater DT position. His presence should free up Tommy Kelly to make more plays in the backfield, while still not justifying his payscale.
    I’m glad the team wasn’t forced to give up a draft pick for a DT, because they still need to add more quality along the O-line. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the team go after either Jammal Brown or Jared Gaither, now that the market for them has cooled down. My money’s on Gaither, given the Hue Jackson connection, but my preference would be for Brown. If Cable feels good about Henderson, then Gaither makes more sense as a hedge, because he could shift over to RT unless/until Mario falters. A lot would depend on Hue Jackson’s opinion about his work ethic or lack thereof. Again, my preference would be for Brown, because of his proven Pro Bowl pedigree, plus I believe he’s just nastier than Gaither.
    It would also make sense to take a one year flyer on the black sheep pariah of free agency, current NFLPA prez Kevin Mawae. With the rest of the AFC West transitioning to the 3-4, it makes sense to utilitze a bigger center, which Samson Satele is not. (Sigh), why did Undead let Grove go to the Fins anyways?

  41. This offseason really could not have gone any better for the Raiders!!! 10-6 AFC Champs this year

  42. lots of players moving back and forth between the Raiders and the Jags…just think: in a coupla years, that will likely be an in-state move…

  43. Im a Ravens fan and I think Henderson is a great addition to this team. He will likely play NT in their defense.
    (LB) Scott – Howard – McClain – Wimbley
    (DL) Seymour – Henderson/Scott – Houston
    This is going to be one really good defense when adding Asomougha and Branch to the mix.

  44. Really Evan? Of all things you can knock about the Raiders, they are definitely more stout against the run than they have been in a long, long time.
    In fact, we are so big at linebacker, I’m concerned about our ability to cover the pass. Yes, Thomas Howard will be in on passing downs, but still, Wimbley, McClain, and Scott might actually be too big.

  45. i guess when we tell want to post the truth, you don’t post it. This is call the “edited version of pro football talk” Where only positive comments about PFT, and their hatred of the raiders will live on , and only if you agree with that, will your comments be posted.

  46. It remains to be seen if Oakland’s run defense will man up this year, but Silva could have noted that they are making an effort to improve the roster. If Silva would make an effort to improve his writing, I would give him credit for it.

  47. Hey Saliva,
    You just put your foot in your mouth!! Another jackass reporter who gets off on criticizing the Raiders, because you know for a fact like all other crappy wanna-be editors that by doing so, the smartest and loyal fans in football “Raider Nation” are going to respond in groves just like you have already seen. you probaly never had as many feedback as you do now on this article, which is the 2nd most read from your post today. So be nice and keep your idiotic thoughts and predictions to yourself, unless you want to write about that as well, and dont forget now who puts the potatoes on your table now!
    stick to the facts’re screwing up a site that used to be informative, and now i may have to find another site that can just give me that..Facts!
    Canoga Park, Ca.

  48. Great move Raiders Im just surprised it took so long.
    Ryan35 says:
    April 28, 2010 9:47 PM
    the raiders WILL sign henderson!! Just watch.
    (since he didn’t visit the Chiefs-article)

  49. I think a really huge move for the Raiders that is being overlooked is the hiring of Mike Waufle as the new D-Line Coach.
    Funny, according to Warren Sapp and other “experts,” no quality coach or player wants to be a Raider. Waufle already held the position in Oakland from 1998-2003, which just happens the be last period of time our defensive line or entire team were any good.
    Of course, he went the Giants in 2004 and turned that D-line into an absolute force during his time there. I don’t think it was coincidence that the Raiders and Giants had title-caliber defenses when he was on the staff.
    I guess with his resume, the only option he had was to return to the team that quality guys stay away from, right?
    Mark it down. The Raiders defense will be finally be feared once again this season and a big reason will be Waufle’s ability to get the most out of his players, and turn above-average and good pros into very good or great.

  50. gotta love the rat teeth name….Gotta agree raiders are back on the path to being a contender. earlier this week, even Mel Kiper had to recant what he said about the raiders draft pick, and now stating that the 2nd rd pick -L. Houston out of texas is just as good as MCCoy. Plus getting the best player Nick Saban stated that he has ever coached MClain in the firstare solid additions to the d. The front 4 of Houston, Henderson, Kelly, and Seymour is one heck of a big d-line. All these guys are 300lbs+. McClain, Wimbley, and Howard at the linebackers, , and backfield of Nnamdi, Johnson/Routt, Branch, and Huff, & the wildcard 2nd rd pick Mike Mitchell from last year is on paper as good as a d that the raiders have had in a long long time. Which just goes to show Evan Silva does not know crap.
    Now the Raiders just need to add a cherry on top, to their best off season since the gruden days, and sign Kevin Mawae to a one year deal as well.

  51. Don’t forget that the Raiders also picked up the Defensive Line Coach Mike Wauffle. He’s had a lot of success in the past with the Giants and I think it will continue with the Raiders.

  52. cevin424: I said it first…of course, I’m just joking. But to me, the most telling thing is that Waufle was in Oakland during Gruden’s tenure and remained until Callahan was let go after the 2003 season.
    If things are so awful and nobody with any options wants to go there, why would he go back? And he was very successful in his first stint w/ the team. As far as rushing goes, I think they ranked 3rd overall in 2002 but were good to very good each year except 2003.
    If you recall, the Raiders were giving QB’s the Chris Chandler/Chris Simms treatment all season long in 2000. They knocked out 3 QB’s in one game against the Seahawks, the one with the slightest concussion had to go back in the game. Considering what he went on to do with the Giants after leaving Oakland the first time, why would he go back to a place where coaches can’t coach or win? And don’t talk about $$$, Waufle can get paid anywhere.
    Al Davis might overpay players, but anyone that knows how he works realizes he will not overpay a defensive assistant. I’m just surprised this move has been so under the radar and guys like Silva keep acting like nothing can change, despite proven results of those being brought in.
    Goes to show you that most of these”experts” and journalists just follow the poular trend and mimic what they say on big time networks ESPN and other media outlets with similar agendas and ethics. Very little in the way of reseach or both sides of the story. It’s all “unnamed sources” and opinion stated as fact, with “witty” comments meant to ridicule thrown in.
    John Henderson’s signing is a great example of how the media only knows what the Raiders want them to know. I’ve heard his name linked to several teams but never once have I heard or read anyone report the Raiders interest in him or his possible signing. I saw fans discuss it as wishful thinking and 1 or 2 articles saying he might be a nice fit, but nobody knew about his being in Oakland or signing with the team until it happened. Pretty much the same with Jason Campbell, Richard Seymour, etc.
    Yet, multiple outlets had or have sources all over the place reporting Donovan McNabb, Big Ben, TO, Chad Ochocinco and countless others headed to Oakland. And how the hell did ESPN and everyone suddenly know so much about the team during the Lane Kiffin fiasco? Hmmmm, I wonder who was doing all the talking and wanted to sabotage the team? But he’s made out to be the martyr just trying to do his job in the media.
    Sorry so long-winded, but I’m just glad that fans like you and a lot of others here, Raiders or not, are tired of the gossip reporting and petty agenda and are looking for actual objective reporting, or at least news and opinion pieces being kept separate.

  53. Anybody would be an upgrade over Tommy Kelly. All the money thrown his way and he still can’t play. Who woke Al up and make all these smart moves?

  54. Evan Silva you are truly a classless act. Congratulations on showing your true colors and how unprofessional you are! I just looked you up on google. Next time I see ya I’ll have something nice from the Nation for you.

  55. No matter how well the Raiders do
    Silvia will find a way to bash the Raiders in the end.

  56. Damn, I missed Cheifan4life’s post……. from the comments of everyone else, it was probably pretty damn funny…..

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