Tensions rise over Adrian Peterson's absence from minicamp

When word first emerged that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will miss a pair of Saturday practices at a mandatory minicamp due to Peterson’s attendance at the fourth annual parade in East Palestine, Texas named for him, most assumed that the team had no issue with the development.

Most assumed wrong.

Coach Brad Childress said Friday that he learned of Peterson’s looming absence after reading Internet reports regarding the event, and that Peterson didn’t say a word about the conflict between the parade and the practices until Wednesday or Thursday of this week — even though the Vikings gave the offseason schedule to players “at a very early stage.”

The work’s here,” Childress repeatedly said, per Tom Pelissero of 1500ESPN.com.

“I just know that there’s a bunch of guys here,” Childress said.  “This has the term
‘mandatory’ for a reason, and the work’s here, period. . . .  You can say
whatever you want.  This is the fourth annual Adrian Peterson Day.  I
don’t know if it’s going to be like every year they’re going to have
that.  We’re going to have this, too.”

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune points out that Childress did not say whether Peterson will be fined for his absence.

We surmised when word of Peterson’s absence emerged that the move possibly reflects Peterson’s frustration over the fact that the team has yet to sign the hard-charging tailback to a long-term deal.  Today’s developments serve only to bolster the possibility that Peterson has contracted a case of the blue flu.

And it appears that Peterson will miss the entire three-day minicamp.  Pelissero reports that Peterson did not appear on the practice field Friday, and that Childress doesn’t expect him to return for the final practice on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Rosenthal wonders whether the Peterson celebration in Texas will feature activities like “don’t fumble the water balloon” and the firm handshake competition.

UPDATE:  The full video of the press conference appears at the team’s website.

59 responses to “Tensions rise over Adrian Peterson's absence from minicamp

  1. When he grows a pair and says the same thing to Favre, he can say it to Peterson.

  2. 2 fumbles & a third given to Brett Farve that was really AP’s in the NFC Championship. That fumble on the 4 yrd line was the real back-breaker. Could have given the Vikings a 7 point minimum 3 pt halftime lead & he just dropped it. Seen it 20 times with this kid. He learned nothing after fumbling away the game in Chicago & then vowing to never let it happen again.

  3. Well damn, can you imagine that? A guy misses a mandatory minicamp while he’s under contract.
    Never heard of such a thing!
    If you let one guy do this, pretty soon you’ll have other guys…oops!

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  5. WOW.
    Is Childress racist or just that stupid? Favre gets the free pass, and at the same time not a whisper from Childo. Last time I checked even injured players/surgey recovering attend a mandatory minicamp.
    Peterson kept Childress his job in ’07-’08, Favre couldn’t get him to the Super Bowl thanks to fumbles and 12 men in the huddle. Yet Favre can do whatever he wants, and the FUTURE of the franchise gets called out publicly
    As soon as I saw the Vikings had drafted Toby Gerhardt and I watched a highlight video of him, I told my friends that before Childress’ contract is up either Peterson or Childress will no longer be with the team.
    Trust me, Childress will trade Adrian Peterson 2-3 yrs from now to move up in the 1st rd and draft a QB.
    Toby Gerhardt isn’t going to be second string forever.

  6. Childress is an idiot. How do you not expect this when you have different rules for different players already in place?

  7. Sage Rosenfel wants to know if he can get some snaps as a runningback.

  8. Uh, yeah Brad… “the work” is there, but your starting QB isn’t.
    You need to wake up and realize what special treatment for Favre does to words like “mandatory” for the other star players, Chilly.

  9. This whole thing is a little, strike that, is VERY narcissistic, is it not?
    Why, I don’t even think that Rick Astley has a day named after him, yet!

  10. OMG this guy Brad Childress is one arrogant dude. He calls out AP but gives Favre a pass on all workouts. He talks as if he is a BIG TIME SuperBowl winning coach like Bill B. Doesn’t he know he has ONLY WON ONE PLAYOFF GAME!!

  11. LMAO!!!! FAVRE=SCHISM!!!
    “I don’t know where this came from. Like I said, I don’t think anybody on this team knows what schism is, let alone could use it in a sentence. I thought it was an STD when I first heard it. And I was like whoa, we preach abstinence around these parts.”
    ~~~Jared Allen

  12. LINDA GYGAX says:
    June 11, 2010 7:08 PM
    Hey, moron… Stop spamming every single sports website. I had yours removed from the Star Tribune.

  13. Peterson called Favre and Favre said it was OK to miss mandatory practice. He even said he does it all the time.
    ‘Nuff said, next….

  14. You reap what you sow, Chilly. If your franchise QB can come and go as he pleases, why wouldn’t your franchise RB expect he can do the same?

  15. Wow! This is big biggity big!! I can’t see how this team could possibly hold it together now!! Might as well just release him….. and Farve! Give me Ryan Grant anyday!!

  16. Uh, yeah Brad… “the work” is there, but your starting QB isn’t.
    You need to wake up and realize what special treatment for Favre does to words like “mandatory” for the other star players, Chilly.

  17. Anyone who is currently making considerably less than a seven-figure annual salary and is also writing to us that it is indeed Mr. Brad Childress who is the idiot would be well-advised to check that image coming from their personal mirror in the mornings a tad more more closely than apparently has been occurring heretofore.

  18. This is what makes Col Klink so special, he loves to try to act like he is some hot shot head coach, I’m in charge around here-type guy.
    But in reality, he is a cross dressing BrINT Favre Butt-boy chauffer. This is just the beginning of many schisms as he puts Favre on a pedestal and tries to exert discipline to the rest of the team. You can’t have two sets of rules just like you can’t have 12 men in the huddle, it just doesn’t work.
    That’s why I’m thrilled they signed this clown to a long term contract extension. The Viking’s fan base is so dumb they think he is the next incarnation of Bud Grant except Grant got the Vikings to the Superbowl. Actually 4 of them, need I remind everyone that they lost all 4 prompting the famous joke, “What the difference between Linda Lovelace the Vikings? Linda doesn’t choke on the big one.
    The latter day Vikings still carry that tradition losing all 5 NFC championship games since their 4th Superbowl loss, a remarkable consistency of choking in the big games, meanwhile Linda reportedly retired to a LA suburb and ironically is looking forward to buying Viking season tickets in a couple of years.

  19. Absolutely hypocritical. Childress has no credibility to gripe about Peterson when he’s so open about catering to any whim Favre has regarding skipping all the offseason stuff.

  20. The best thing that ever happened to the Green Bay Packers, aside from Cleveland trading future Hall of Famers in the late 50’s-early 60’s, was Minnesota not letting Brad Childress out of town until he signed a contract when both teams were seeking head coaches!

  21. Guys, this is how Brad Childress rolls. I’m a life-long Viking fan and every year a player doesn’t attend mini-camp, Childress lashes out through the media just like he’d doing right now. He calls it “The Mother Hen in him”, wanting everyone there in camp.
    What I worry about is the possibility of this wrecking the locker room because Favre can do whatever he wants, and Peterson, the Vikings best player, gets scolded by Childress through the media.

  22. From the article
    “I think that, first of all, it’s a special circumstance,” Childress said of Favre’s situation. “I don’t think Adrian’s batting around retirement in his mind. So, it’s a special set of circumstances. You can say, ‘Well, is it special? Is everything equal?’ Obviously, it’s not, and that’s just the way it is. … I think everybody understands that on our side of the equation.”
    So if Adrian threatens to retire all is good?

  23. sick of reading the “well favre does it”,let me know when AP is sill playing and puttinng up huge numbers at 41-42,oh and hasnt missed a single start in like 300 games,you cant just treat it same for everybody,because every situation is different

  24. JimmySmith,
    Check your humor–you’re not as smart as you think you are. Linda Lovelace died in 2002 as the result of a car accident.

  25. Basically all the vikings organization and fans are saying “Brett do whatever you want all our hopes are on you”

  26. Maybe East Palestine can help out by not scheduling the parade when Butterfingers is supposed to be practicing.

  27. Coach Favre hasn’t showed up yet, why should Peterson or any of the other players? Chilly (and Bevell) are lucky to be employeed with their pop warner offense.
    Besides having two of the biggest turnover prone players off of the field is probably a benefit. Now, if they could get Chilly off the sidelines this team can start cooking with gas.

  28. it’s weird, i just don’t care anymore. the nfl continues to be less interesting every single day. all they do is bitch.

  29. As Green Bay continues to develop their third great QB in the last 50 years this is further proof the Packers made the right call in telling Favre to get bent.
    What an obvious distinction in two franchises. One is the greatest team in the history of the NFL and the other is possibly the biggest loser in league annals.

  30. Why would anyone care what Chilly thinks or wants ? He hasn’t accomplished anything. Favre = 1st ballot HOF, ADP = best back in the game (2nd if we’re strictly speaking fantasy football). I mean, he’s still whining about it days after ADP told him ? Pull the stick outta ur ass, man.
    Just a thought … handling a heavy ball (slow down) while doing drills … wouldn’t that make it seem light, like you’re not holding onto anything when you’re holding one that isn’t filled with sand ? That’s right up there with “keep choppin’ wood” …
    Is that how Tiki & Westbook cured THEIR fumbling issues ?

  31. Uh, yeah Brad… “the work” is there, but your starting QB isn’t.
    You need to wake up and realize what special treatment for Favre does to words like “mandatory” for the other star players, Chilly.

  32. I believe what you guys are missing here is that Adrian Peterson will get the time off and wont be fined.
    Same goes with Favre. Childress whines about Favre not being there either but he really doesnt mean it. I doubt he cares if AP is missing a day either, he is just saying what he has to say to keep others happy.

  33. JimmySmith says:
    June 11, 2010 7:54 PM
    That’s why I’m thrilled they signed this clown to a long term contract extension. The Viking’s fan base is so dumb they think he is the next incarnation of Bud Grant except Grant got the Vikings to the Superbowl. Actually 4 of them, need I remind everyone that they lost all 4 prompting the famous joke, “What the difference between Jimmy Smith the Vikings? Jimmy doesn’t choke on the big one.
    You said it Jimbo!

  34. No Favre–no problem.
    No Peterson–problem.
    I agree with everyone here who wrote that Childress can hardly complain about Peterson when Faver isn’t also called to task for not showing up.
    I guess Childress spells “mandatory” differently for Old Brett.

  35. Missing camp is not a problem. Childress has made that clear, Jared Allen has made that clear, Favre has made that clear, and representing the Viking fanbase, Chickenhead has made that clear. No problems.

  36. Chilly leads the way on strong coaching – no one gets treated special, not even the stars.
    Unless you’re white. Then its all good.

  37. Be sure not to be consistent with all your players. That always helps team chemistry.
    Peterson should have said he was having a 24-hour surgery-recovery so he could lay out that day.

  38. i love all you idiots saying “well it’s different, peterson hasn’t earned it”
    you’re right!
    and that’s exactly why having brett favre on your team is a negative. if he wasn’t, you wouldn’t have your star RB parading around Texas and not preparing himself for the season.
    not to mention all the fun stuff that still hasn’t happened… i mean, it’s not even TC yet!
    go pack go!

  39. Leroy’sButler says:
    June 11, 2010 11:38 PM
    Brett can’t even spell manditory.
    Evidently, neither can you!
    Thats just beautiful. I love it when morons prove that they are morons. Priceless.

  40. This really sounds like a hold out. The story is framed as him going to AP day but I don’t think he would if he had his extension in hand.

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