David Tyree says it's "very likely" he's done playing

David Tyree made one of best catches in NFL history in helping the Giants win the Super Bowl two and a half years ago. But he never played for the Giants again after that game, and with teams not showing much interest in him this offseason, he admits he’s probably done playing football.

It’s very likely I could shut it down and I won’t have any qualms about it,” Tyree said during a visit to the Giants’ organized team activities Friday. “Like I said two years ago, if everything ended with this I had to be happy. It’s been a crazy ride.”

Tyree played on special teams in 10 games for the Ravens last year, and he was chosen to the Pro Bowl for his special teams work in the 2005 season. But he says that even if an NFL team called to offer him a roster spot, he hasn’t been working out enough to be ready to play at that level now.

“A little bit but not at the high level it takes to consistently down punts a couple of times a game,” Tyree said when asked if he’s staying in shape. “I’m putting in some work but not enough to play at a Pro Bowl level, in all honesty.”

And so Tyree is ready to walk away from the game, secure in the knowledge that his catch in Super Bowl XLII ensures he’ll never be forgotten.

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  1. the fact that he hasn’t been working out shows what a loser this guy is……….unbelieveable.

  2. I don’t know if it is one of the “best” catches. But definitely one of the most amazing.
    Before you people get in a tizzy, best to me is all about skill, like “The Catch”. That was a perfect call, perfect throw, perfect catch.
    This was almost a hail Mary type of throw after running around and almost getting sacked. And then Tyree caught the ball on his helmet with it just barely missing the ground as he was swung down. There was a lot of luck going into that play.

  3. I remember my SB party that year, a friend of mine was outside for a smoke. When Eli avoided that rush, and Tyree somehow pinned that ball next to his helmet and came down with the pass, my house erupted. The guy came in and asked if he missed Brady getting killed.
    That catch will be seen for decades to come.

  4. And once again proving that perhaps the best team of the past 15 years lost the Super Bowl, in part, to one of the flukiest plays in NFL history.

  5. Everyone in the world says it’s very unlikely they even knew he was still playing.

  6. I think that we already knew this. I will now hold a press release letting everyone know that I will no longer be running for president.

  7. Dave Tyree we thank you for your years of service to the classiest organizations in all of sports. You are an inspiration to all young people from essex county keep doing your thing and congrats on an amazing career!

  8. Of course, this is a guy who’ll never have to pay for another dinner in New York for the rest of his life.
    I knew he was playing in Baltimore after the G-Men cut him.
    He freely admitted that that paticular Giants camp was not a good one for him, and he didn’t blame anybody for being cut but himself. I mean, just how often do you hear that kind of admission coming from a player? Tyree never got into any off-season or off-the-field kinds of trouble. a reall class guy.
    Nice to go out with a Super Bowl ring having made one of the greatest if not THE greatest catch in Super Bowl history, and being a part of one of if not THE greatest upsets, too.
    If you’re hanging up the pads you couldn’t go out much better that Tyree. Thanks again, David.
    Giants Fan in Kentucky

  9. I still cant believe how open they left Plaxico on that TD play. I was screaming at the TV Snap and throw it to plax quickly!

  10. lol the dude above me said giants fan in kentucky……..go back to growing corn and avoiding tornadoes….or whatever you weird people do in the middle of the country

  11. Not only was he one of the best gunners who ever suited up for the Giants, but he was always classy and never once ran his mouth. He went in and did his job to the best of his ability. The helmet catch? I’ll never forget it, and one day, I’ll tell my children and grandchildren all about it with a huge smile on my face. Fluke or not, it was an incredible moment in NFL history. Thanks, David!

  12. “And once again proving that perhaps the best team of the past 15 years lost the Super Bowl, in part, to one of the flukiest plays in NFL history.”
    The Patsie dynasty began, “in part”, because of one of the “flukiest plays in NFL history” when Goldenboy fumbled & (somehow) it wasn’t a fumble.

  13. I don’t care for the G-Men, but that catch was unbelieveable. UN-frickin’-believeable. It’s too bad that he didn’t ‘catch’ on with someone else. Now, his lack of preparedness will eliminate any possibility. I guess he’s content. I wish David Tyree good luck.
    After the Randy Moss debacle in Oakland, I told my Patsies-fan friends that “any team with Randy Moss on it will NEVER win the Super Bowl.” Moss shamelessly stole $9M from Al Davis, & karma has come to call.
    In fact, I went so far as to say that the Raiders will win their 4th Super Bowl title before the Pats do. After Moss caught the go-ahead TD pass in the Super Bowl, all the Patsy-fans were flaming me for saying that.
    After Tyree’s catch though, you could hear crickets chirping. lol. After Plax’s catch, I rubbed it in a little “Oakland will win the Super Bowl before the Pats do”. No one argued. They were still traumatized by David Tyree’s “dynasty ending” catch. Looking back on it, that one catch seems to be the beginning of the end for the Pats.
    …just like the tuck play was the start.

  14. Call it what you want…
    The 72 Fins are still the best ever for one season, or for even two. (73 team was actually better).
    Thanks Tyree! Go Fins!

  15. @trademcscab
    LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! That’s so weird that someone in a different state from the one their team is located in would actually like that team!!! Especially someone from Kentucky, which has no team. And even weirder – get this…get this… the Giants and Jets…get ready…they dont even play in New York. Weird! So most people who like them don’t even live in the state which they are located. What a wild world!
    Googly eyes! Crooked line! woot!
    Please shut up, trademcscab.

  16. @golongboyee: how does that make him a looser? He said that he thinks hes ready to move on with life…so why put all that effort to be in tip top football shape if hes not playing football anymore? You should think before you speak from now on.

  17. @golongboyee…. i don’t see how he is a loser. He is rich,he has one of the best plays in football history,and hes not cripple or brain damaged. When was he suppose to stop playing?? … If i was Jamarcus Russell i would do the same thing, id make a couple million and dip and show the NFL why they shouldn’t pay people so much to play a child’s game

  18. Get a good agent and interview for an analyst job with one of the NY stations. Over time with that and public appearances / autograph shows he’ll make more money than he would have made hangin’ on in the League.

  19. trademcscab says:
    lol the dude above me said giants fan in kentucky……..go back to growing corn and avoiding tornadoes….or whatever you weird people do in the middle of the country
    wow. idiot.
    a: kentucky is NOT in the middle of the country.
    b: kentucky is not privy to tornadoes. too hilly.
    c: tobacco, not corn.
    d: i cant believe i just defended kentucky
    e: you are a complete doucher

  20. Xpensive Wino says:
    June 12, 2010 11:54 AM
    That catch turned Eli Manning into the most over paid player in NFL history.
    No that will forever belong to JaMarcus Russell.

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