Isaiah Stanback could be Seattle's new Wildcat

A hint appeared in our Thursday one-liners regarding a hint from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll regarding a potentially intriguing personnel alignment.  But then the NCAA lowered the boom on Carroll’s prior employer, and everything he previously said since leaving USC had instantly been forgotten.

Here’s a quick refresher.  With the Seahawks claiming receiver Isaiah Stanback on waivers from one of the coach’s other prior employers, Carroll suggested that Stanback could line up from time to time at the position he played in college, nearly beating the Trojan as the signal-caller for the University of Washington.

“He can offer some help to do some things if we needed it at the
quarterback spot
to salvage a few situations,” Carroll said.

In other words (possibly), Stanback may be used in a Wildcat-style package.

Of course, it’ll only truly be the Wildcat if Stanback already appears on the field as a receiver, and then slides into the snap-taking position after coming out of the huddle.  That specific approach poses a much greater challenge to defenses, since they get a much more limited opportunity to adjust than when, for example, Mike Vick trots out and Kevin Kolb comes off.

It remains to be seen whether Stanback can crack the primary receiver rotation in Seattle.  Or, for that matter, make it onto the 53-man roster.

8 responses to “Isaiah Stanback could be Seattle's new Wildcat

  1. He’s a longshot to even make the roster. There are 16 WR’s in camp. The team usually only keeps 5 0r 6. Right now things stack out as follows:
    T.J. Houshmanzadah
    Deion Branch
    Deion Butler
    Golden Tate
    Morey (signed to be ST ace)
    Ben Obomanu
    Mike Williams
    I can’t see Stanback pushing any of those 7 down on the depth chart.

  2. I know Golden Tate doesn’t have the passing experience that Isaiah Stanback has, but he is a better playmaker with the ball in his hands.
    Don’t believe in Tate’s skills? Check out this video that mostly highlights him running out of the Wildcat.

  3. It’s an intriguing idea but thus far in his career this guy has had major problems staying healthy.
    Dallas waited 3 seasons for him to show something and he got injured early all 3 years.
    He’s now on his 3rd team after being cut by the Pats and signed by Seattle. He’s a great guy but thus far I can’t help getting the impression he’s made of chalk.

  4. hmmmm Branch and Butler both suck and who the hell is Morey? and i highly doubt that Golden Tate will break out like Percy Harvin. So it looks like the TE Carlson is the go to guy this year again. Oh i forgot they have TJ Houshman(who cares). Seattle easily falls 2nd to the bottom of the West under Carroll.

  5. @RickS408
    Thank you for gracing us with your highly scientific, educated expert analysis regarding the coming season. Can I depend on you for betting purposes?

  6. Hey Florio you jerk – get off your Carroll bashing. The mess at USC was caused by Reggie Bush not paying his former agent. This mess was completely caused by Bush’s alleged debt to a wannabe agent who wanted to be reimbursed for expenses he paid for Bush’s family. If Carroll knew anything about that relationship, he would have strongly advised Bush to pay him, or even paid him himself to keep this matter hushed up. It seems obvious that Carroll was hoodwinked by Bush’s claim that none of the ‘agents’ claims were true. Unless Florio the Mouth has any evidence that Carroll himself knew what was going on, you should STFU about Carroll the Seahawks coach. Maybe Pete Carroll will stuff your toupe in your mouth if he ever runs into you.

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