Patriots tell Logan Mankins they'll cut his tender

The New England Patriots have warned restricted free agent guard Logan Mankins that they’ll cut his one-year tender offer in half if he doesn’t sign by Monday.

On Tuesday, any restricted free agent who hasn’t signed his tender can have the offer reduced to 110 percent of his 2009 salary. The Boston Herald reports that the Patriots have sent a letter to Mankins informing him they’ll do just that.

And in Mankins’ case, the difference between his current tender offer and 110 percent of his 2009 salary is significant. Mankins was tendered at the first- and third-round level, which means his current offer is $3.16 million. But 110 percent of his 2009 salary is $1.54 million.

Mankins has skipped all of the Patriots’ voluntary organized team activities this offseason. The Patriots’ first mandatory minicamp begins Tuesday, the day things could get very interesting between the team and its Pro Bowl guard.

39 responses to “Patriots tell Logan Mankins they'll cut his tender

  1. Interesting! Even a guy who came in AFTER they last SpyGate Super Bowl is trying desperately to wash away the Cheatriot’s stink. Mankins will probably end up a Raider, like Brady and Seymour — take them back to the Super Bowl
    That’s pretty cruel for Belicheat and crew to threaten to cut his “tender” in half – sounds painful. I guess federal Racketeering and Corrupt Influence laws don’t apply in Boston? Figures…

  2. obviously, he’s going to sign and be a solid guard for another year. It’s his only option besides not playing at all.
    well, I guess he’s got 3 options..
    1) sign and play for 3+ million
    2) wait and sign and play for 2+ million
    3) don’t sign and don’t play.

  3. To ItalianArmyGuy –
    Do you sit here and just WAIT for a word to be uttered about the Patriots so you can post your hilariously ridiculous comments?
    And you really make yourself look like a moron when you comment about federal RICO statutes with regards to a football team.
    You really need to get a life because you are monumentously pathetic.

  4. Another sensationalist story on PFT as usual a day late.
    The Patriots according what has been reported sent the standard letter that most teams have sent to their restricted players who have not signed their tenders.
    This gives them the right to lower the tender, it does not mean that they will do it come Monday.
    As far as IAG, he is like a jilted boyfriend except the Patriots are the ones who have left him in tears as his Steelers continue to lose every time they play the Pats in the playoffs.
    Not to worry IAG the playoffs won’t be an issue for the Steelers for the next few years as Pittsburgh will not be making any appearances.
    They are more likely to mimic that other team in Pittsburgh that plays for the MLB.

  5. logan mankins is not going to be the first or last player to feel like a piano dropped on him.come tuesday,in this economic climate,there is going to be blood in the streets.the teams are going after any excuse to dump salaries and stock up the money larder for the coming armegeddon.

  6. ampats i agree IAG needs to stop worrying about the Patriots and focus on whoever his team is. This is standard operating procedure as witnessed in San Diego with their 2 players. Maybe someday if he wishes on a star his team will play for a SB but i highly doubt it

  7. I’m not in favor of the Pats cutting the tender – he’s worth that money. But I am not in favor of paying him Jahri Evans money either. Guards just are not worth that money, sorry. Plus, the way coach Scarnecchia develops OL, the Pats will be fine. And this is nothing against Mankins, he’s a very good player and a good teammate. Just business.
    IAG, your biggest problem is that instead of making the Pats look bad, YOU end up looking like an obsessed douche. Give it a rest and worry about your rapist QB.

  8. if the patriots would like, the Packers would be happy to trade disgruntled pro bowl watching guard Daryn Colledge for Mankins.

  9. IAG grow up huh? Can’t wait to play your dysfunctional team! Tomlin even know who he’ll have in November?
    All this non-sense happened during his watch!
    Brady or not, here we come. With BB working directly with the defense, I can’t wait! I hope Polumalu is heathy? I don’t want to hear any excuses…

  10. Again, Tony Pepperoni, the Patriots scored two special teams touchdowns in the 2001 AFCCG against “your” Steelers while having about 100 yards of offense.
    Cowher: “We’ve got wristbands to protect against that stuff. They are the team of the decade.”
    Suck it, chodenocchio.

  11. @bh103 says: June 12, 2010 5:22 PM
    Why do people even acknowledge IAG?
    Because you are from Boston, and you are so used to losing and getting your teeth kicked in, both personally and professionally, that you over-zealously clutch onto any perceived sports win (even when the win was the result of SpyGate cheating or RoidSox juicing by Manny and Pappi), and you lash out at any perceived slight in order to “protect” your incredibly fragile senses of self esteem
    For example, if I were to crack a joke about the Bruins pulling the all-time greatest sports choke job in the playoffs this year, or about the thousands of Nicaraguan kids wearing Patsies 19-0 jerseys even though they choked the Super Bowl away in their “perfect season”, I would be rabidly attacked by slobbering Boston fans, fiercely protective of their delusional belief in their “heroes” and “champions” because they feed their misplaced sense of arrogance and entitlement
    Boston fans are even more crazed and enraged when they are laughed at by coon-a$$ hicks from Pittsburgh, where we don’t even offer education past the third grade for our poor, dirty, bare-footed kids, and where we certainly don’t deserve to have a 6-time Super Bowl winner to cheer on
    By the way – nice photo of handsome Tom Brady hanging out with his old juicing buddy (allegedly), Barry Bonds, in yesterday’s newspapers. Hilarious that on the day Barry beats his federal rap, we see that he and Tom never stopped being close friends all these years. Just got to wonder how many times Greg Anderson injected them both in the buttocks?

  12. IAG,
    You live in a world of delusion.
    You see taping signals as the difference in the Pats winning 3 Super Bowls. The people who matter, the NFL, say that isn’t so.
    You see the Sox 2 World Series championships as having been won by roided up players. MLB doesn’t see it that way.
    You see the Bruins doing the biggest choke in sports history. The rest of us see the Yankees having done that.
    You see the Pats choking in the Super Bowl on the way to a would be perfect season. The rest of us see a fluke catch in the last minute pulling off an upset.
    You see Pittsburgh as something other than just another Midwestern shithole. The rest of us see it for what it is.
    The problem for you is that nobody that matters sees anything the way you see it. Only other goofy delusional dysfunctional internet trolls see things your way.
    And that is the reality of who and what you are.

  13. The Pats have 30 players entering the last year of their contract this season. That is by design.
    The unclear labor situation in addition to the very real likelihood that the economy will be a complete shamble by the time this season concludes has Kraft positioning himself as flexibly as possible.
    Unfortunately for Mankins and even Brady, financial discretion must be applied, at least for the time being. Hopefully, the worst will not come to pass and these situations can be righted as I’m sure the Pats would like to do.

  14. This uncrapped crap is making me lose interest in pro football.
    It’s not about the teams/players/fans anymore… it’s all about the money.
    Why should I care?
    NASCAR is crashing and burning after they moved to the “play it safe Chase” crap that makes winning meaningless.. and the NFL will do the same if they don’t get back to basics.

  15. Bonus points to poster named BP for using the word “flexibly.”
    I don’t think it’s a real word, but I knew exactly what he meant. And since language is used to convey meaning, does that mean…it really is a word?
    Flexibly. The more I say it out loud, the more I like it. That really, REALLY should be a real word.
    (Oh and as for Mankins, is anyone here suprised. He’ll b*tch and moan but at the end of the day, he’ll sign the tender.)

  16. @BP – right on cue – thank you for making my point perfectly
    I’ll just go back to the trailer home now, see if toothless grandma’s got the damm hot-dogs cooked yet

  17. I don’t care how the Pats won 3 superbowls or the Red Sox won 2 world series. Anyone that does is just crying like a school girl with a skinned knee…isn’t that right IAG….lol.

  18. Come on guys, don’t be so hard on the Italian Army Guy….. judging by his name I suppose he has alot to be bitter about.
    Hey IAG, I do have a couple of Italian Army rifles for sale, NEVER fired and ONLY dropped ONCE!

  19. “ampats i agree IAG needs to stop worrying about the Patriots and focus on whoever his team is. This is standard operating procedure as witnessed in San Diego with their 2 players. Maybe someday if he wishes on a star his team will play for a SB but i highly doubt it”
    That’s so funny–you know who he is, but aren’t smart enough to figure out that he’s a Stillers fan? You know, the team that’s won two Lombardi’s since your team won its last tainted trophy? I’m a fan of neither team, but Pats* fans seriously need to understand that the rest of the League rightfully sees asterisks where they see championships. And those Patriette* fans talking about the Steelers going down the drain need to understand that their team will be two steps ahead of them down that drain. When’s the last year the Cheats* have had a good draft, and how many players are up for contracts next year? Just sayin’…..

  20. A word of warning to the Patriot brass. Mankins is one tough player and his agent is even tougher. Frank Bauer held one past pro bowl player out an entire year (Merriweather) and a first round draft choice out an entire year. Anothter veteran client of his held out for 10 games.All players eventually got the contracts they sought. He’s one of the best in the business and they are playing witre here.

  21. @ IAG
    I know what your problem is. The don’t ask don’t tell policy!
    @ all other haters
    No title that anyone has ever won in any sport has been tainted in any way except maybe the ’72 Russian basketball gold medal.
    You all mention the Pats and the roided up Red Sox. I can go with the roided up Steelers in the 70s and the salary cap circumventing Broncos of the late 90s. I can play this game in any era from the tainted NFL of the 50s and 60s with Hornung and Karras betting on games to Pete Rose betting on baseball. There were more Yankees on the Mitchell report than Red Sox.
    It’s just a dumb game to play because it’s a circular argument. Whatever you come up with, I can come up with something else. Seriously, ya gotta stop!
    Just sayin’.

  22. Murabma,
    You’re a Bills fan. Repeat after me asshat:
    “0 for 4”
    Just sayin’ douchebag.

  23. IAG:
    If you weren’t obsessed with the Patriots, then why is it that you post a comment about them on every thread that has anything to do with them – as well as on many threads that have nothing to do with the team?
    Seems to me that IAG has an incredible insecurity and inferiority complex and has even now, five years later, still never gotten over those two AFCCG losses.

  24. As usual, it’s always hilarious to watch you pathetic Boston pussies whine about what others say about your overrated teams. And as usual, you all can never take on an opposing poster one-on-one but have to gang up on that poster due to the fact that there is no other way for you to pretend that you have actually beaten someone at their own game (much like you little Irish punks fight ten-on-one in real life because none of you pussies can win a real fight on your own). Carry on the fine job that you are doing, IAG. Pussy New England/Boston retorts in 3…2…1.

  25. ampats…you would know all about “jilted boyfriends”, wouldn’t you, living in the land where gay marriage is a way of life for you male New England sports fan, now wouldn’t you? LMFAO!!!!

  26. @IAG
    You’re welcome. Problem is though, you don’t have a point.
    What you do have is a double standard. I doubt you rankle too much about the Steelers steroid use in the ’70s, which was illegal, as any use of non-prescribed drugs was illegal at that time.
    You also have a phony posture, portraying yourself as concerned with what is right, when your interest is exactly the opposite. Otherwise you wouldn’t cite violations of rules made up by the authority of the NFL, then completely ignore that authority’s conclusions in favor of your own kangaroo court proclamations.
    It’s not my fault the Midwest has degraded under the transition from an industrial base to a service economy. Don’t shoot the messenger. And cheer up. The rest of us will be joining you soon.
    Flexibly is a word; it’s an adverb. (according to Merriam-Webster anyway)

  27. @ Muramba
    You say “the rest of the League rightfully sees asterisks”????
    What’s the “rest of the league” in your shit for brains? The collection of a dozen trolls Florio is stuck with here?
    The NFL doesn’t say they’re tainted, so those of us with a clue will take their word for it over you, the “Commissioner of Mom’s Basement.”

  28. and you lash out at any perceived slight in order to “protect” your incredibly fragile senses of self esteem ”
    Well said- the chowder head posers in Baston need to grow a pair.

  29. Murabma,
    I don’t know what is more laughable a Bills fan talking about winning a Super Bowl and talking about a teams draft.
    Hows Aaron Maybin working out? Marshawn Lynch, Trent Edwards ??
    This image of the Pats poor drafts is laughable since last year they had one of the best drafts in years. 24 new players on the roster in the past two seasons.
    Looks like Buffalo will probably have the 1 st pick in the 2011 draft since looks like a 1-15 season for the Bills.
    And remember what your legend Jim Kelly (what a loser)advises, never draft a QB from California !
    Tom Brady.
    Please tell me why is Buffalo such a dump and you go across the falls into Canada and it is so beautiiful ??
    Just sayin ……..

  30. Who is this YawnFlorio? He sounds like another internet tough guy. Talking about the irish in Boston. He should change his name to Archie Bunker. By the way, sounds like repressing all his homosexual tendencies has made him very angry.

  31. What’s with YawnFlorio pulling out the Irish trash talk?
    Wow dude, someone really struck a nerve for you to call out one group of people where Boston isn’t just Irish.
    I’m Irish and have never had anyone jump into one of my fights. Have no idea what you’re talking about. Why don’t you give us your ethnicity and see what we can come up with? Internet tough guy/girl is all you are…

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