Britton Colquitt takes the lead in Broncos' punting competition

The Denver Broncos continue their search for a new punter via a head-to-head battle betweenBritton Colquitt and A.J. Trapasso.

For now, one of them holds the lead.

“I think Britton is ahead,” coach Josh McDaniels said Sunday.  “We’ve done a lot of different situations, we’ve charted them, we’ve put them in some tough predicaments and we’ve monitored their progress.  I think both players have really improved a lot in 16 practices and I think, you know, it’s always good to have young players pushed.  Again, that’s a competitive situation, you know, like we have at a lot of places on our football team, and I think that’s only making both of them better but at this point, I’d say that Britton has kind of pulled ahead.”

Trapasso’s only NFL moments of note have come in the 2009 preseason, during which he ran untouched for a touchdown in the Hall of Fame game and touched the oversized drive-in theater screen with a punt against the Cowboys.