College football earthquake will continue

The ’68 VW bus has returned from New York, and one thing I’ve generally noticed over the past few days of meetings, Broadway shows (MDS bought me tickets to Guys and Dolls for my birthday), and street corner gyros is that the world of college football as we know it has landed in a blender with the dial set to “frappe”.

I didn’t know what in the hell was going on, so I checked out our sister site,  Within ten minutes, I had a much, much better understanding of what has happened and, more importantly, what could happen next.

Every successful website enjoys a moment where it comes of age, and John Taylor of CFT seems to realize that this is that moment — and he’s seizing it.  And the record traffic generated by the site proves it.

So if you’re not following CFT on a regular basis during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and confusion in college football, you’ll be spending most of your time uncertain and confused regarding precisely what in the hell is going on.