Jay Glazer throws us a bone

While sauntering down the red carpet at a recent Spike TV event, our good friend Jay Glazer fielded a question regarding his opinions as to this specific one-stop NFL news, information, and analysis portal.

Glazer likes it.  We’ll let him tell you all about it, courtesy of MANjr.com.

Recently, Glazer has faced criticism regarding his efforts to provide MMA training to football players during the offseason.  Our pal Brooks recently broke the situation down in expert fashion, pointing out that Glazer’s activities represent a variation on the dynamic of journalists co-authoring books with the sports figures they cover.

In both instances, the audience has the ability to factor the relationship between reporters and athlete when assessing the information disseminated by the journalist.  Far more troubling are the potential conflicts of interest that go undisclosed, such as draftnik who is represented by the same agency as the rookie on whom the draftnik is heaping relentless praise.

The reality is that we all have actual or potential conflicts of interest.  The question becomes whether we conduct our work with integrity — or whether we slant coverage in order to remain in the good graces of a source and/or a friend.  Even then, plenty of reporters would argue that such periodic puff pieces play an important role in keeping the pump primed for other information.

Either way, Glazer is a good friend.  So anything we say about him should be viewed through that lens.  And we’re OK with that.  If we thought he was a scoundrel or a guy who deserved to be criticized for living the dream, we wouldn’t regard him as a good friend.

6 responses to “Jay Glazer throws us a bone

  1. Oh, you mean the collusion story? I wonder if Glazer read that one? Maybe he thinks players should all make a 50 million a year too?
    PFTPA.com where the players are always paid…
    and the owners are a bunch of greedy money mongerers!
    Especially the ones that are sucessful and active in the community! That field a winner year after year! Let’s promulgate this story for awhile!

  2. The main thing I care about is how good Glazer is at getting a story. Can’t say the same for the ESPN boys who like to take credit and retract free willingly.

  3. Glazer threw you a bone? I’m surprised he was able to extricate it from those locking jaws.

  4. Let me give you a clue to you Florio and you’re staff of “professional” journalists”.
    No one but “journalists” give a crap about your so-called profession. No one respects journalists as professionals, knowledgeable or worthy of any respect whether you are Florio, King, Kornheiser or Cossell . You are all a bunch of egotistical idiots and no one cares about your made up “professional ethics” except you and your peers. Everyone else knows it is complete BS!

  5. Only amongst sports and political journalists would both actual and potential conflicts of interest be dismissed as “No big deal, all of us journalists have conflicts, and as long as we work with integrity, even though no one can know if our work has integrity because of both the blatant conflicts of interest they know about and the ones we’re hiding and won’t disclose, it is all good.”
    Bottom line is that even in the best case you can’t look at the work of a journalist that has either disclosed or undisclosed conflicts of interest and somehow tell if they have integrity, because there is no way to know what they may not be saying or may not be reporting.

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