Look out futbol, here comes football

south africa soccer wcup south africa mexico--1616472582.widec.jpgSo this World Cup thing started on Friday, and I’m supposed to be excited about it.

I know this because ESPN has been telling me for months that I’m supposed to be excited about it.  So, if I’m not, there must be something wrong with me.  (Or, as the case may be, there’s something else wrong with me.)

On Friday, the front page of ESPN.com asked us all, “Do you have goosebumps?”

Unless the range of emotions that induce horripilation (yes, Tiki taught me that one) now includes boredom, the answer to the question is hell and no.

A friend of mine once decided that he would begin to slather mustard on all of his sandwiches despite his aversion to its taste because, as he explained it, the millions of people who like mustard can’t be wrong.  And after gagging through two bites of a hamburger, he decided that, indeed, they were all wrong.

With this force-feeding of futbol by the Worldwide Leader in Hype, we’re all supposed to conclude that the rest of the world can’t be wrong, and that we should embrace a game that, through the first few days, has featured scintillating outcomes like 1-1, 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 1-0, and 1-0.

While some may claim that we tolerate hockey games that end with similar 1-0, 0-0, and 1-1 outcomes, the two sports have one dramatic difference.  In hockey, the puck routinely finds itself in position to enter the goal; play-by-play man extraordinaire Mike Emrick manages to make his audience keenly aware of every such instance.  In soccer, it’s a lot of open-field running and kicking and running and kicking that rarely results in anything worth actually witnessing.

Said one NFL source regarding the World Cup, “I hope DeMaurice Smith
isn’t watching it.  He might ask for 70 percent if this is our
competition.  It’s like watching Ultimate Frisbee played with feet.”

Maybe that’s why they blow those damn horns for every moment of every game.  It gives the fans something to do while waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting for something to actually happen on the field of play.

So now we even better understand the NFL’s desire to export true football to other countries.  Once they realize that we’ve whipped together a condiment that tastes a hell of a lot better than mustard, our football — American football — will rule the world.

Our message then, to those of you who are falling victim to ESPN’s effort to link watching the World Cup to fundamental notions of apple pie and Chevrolet, the true patriot would rebel against the breathless Bristol narratives invoking a 60-year-old U.S.-England match of which only a small handful of us had ever even heard and somehow tying it all back to the American Revolution.

Right now, we need to do two things to our mother country, neither of which entails beating the Brits at the sport they inexplicably love.  First, we need to compel one of their biggest corporations to PLUG UP THAT DAMN HOLE

That one bears repeating.  PLUG UP THAT DAMN HOLE.

Second, we need to continue to show them how a real sport is played.

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  1. This might just be the dumbest thing you’ve written on here. And that’s saying a lot.

  2. to be fair, the english were saying “PLUG UP THAT DAMN HOLE” about madonna for 25 years.
    nobody listens….

  3. This is a great article. I can’t stand soccer and won’t watch it. People keep saying that if you don’t like soccer, it’s because “you don’t get it.” No, its because its a terrible sports. Please NFL season, get here soon.

  4. Wow, pretty sure this was one of the worst articles i’ve ever read in my life. I want my minute and 20 seconds of my life back, and since I can’t have it back, I had to let you know how stupid this article was.

  5. Just a another lazy soccer bashing article by a lazy “journalist” trying to fill up space.

  6. I can’t believe I’m reading this, Florio.
    The most closed-minded piece of reporting I’ve ever seen on this site. If you don’t like soccer, don’t watch it. I don’t need to read your rants about how ignorant you are – we already know this.
    This is an NFL blog – keep it that way. I hold soccer very dear to me and I love my NFL too. The fact this is a competition which should bring out your national pride. If you can’t stomach 90 minutes of soccer once in your life, what kind of sports fan are you? I do not like baseball or basketball, but in the Olympics, on the world stage, I’ll watch my Yanks.
    This is the same thing, and for soccer fans this is bigger than the Olympics. Yesterday’s match against England was a big deal, too bad you couldn’t catch it. England is a world-class side, ranked 4 in the world, and we hung with them the entire time. I’m proud of our boys!

  7. Wow that sounded incredibly ethnocentric. If you don’t know what that means you can ask Tiki.

  8. On second reading, this is just an awful article. You’ve taken every terrible stereotype about Americans and soccer and whipped it into, as you describe it, “a condiment” of ridiculousness and idiocy.
    Then again, that’s not much different from the crap you turn out on a regular basis.

  9. That one bears repeating. PLUG UP THAT DAMN HOLE.
    Surprised more people are not saying the Pres. Obama administration is sabotaging the project to make more people against off-shore drilling. Kind of a look what happens type of thing.
    Then again, by allowing more off-shore drilling before the leak started Pres. Obama walked into a foot in mouth situation.
    Guy at work keeps talking about this and I still don’t see his point. It is a little funny though, trying to link the two that is. Nothing funny about 1000’s of gallons getting dumped into the planets eco-system on a daily basis.

  10. In a 3 hour NFL game, there is around 11-12 minutes of actual play.
    You probably shouldn’t be complaining about people watching a sport because it involves “waiting” for the action to take place. It makes you sound foolish. Again.

  11. I can’t believe I’m reading this, Florio.
    The most closed-minded piece of reporting I’ve ever seen on this site. If you don’t like soccer, don’t watch it. I don’t need to read your rants about how ignorant you are – we already know this.
    This is an NFL blog – keep it that way. I hold soccer very dear to me and I love my NFL too. The fact this is a competition which should bring out your national pride. If you can’t stomach 90 minutes of soccer once in your life, what kind of sports fan are you? I do not like baseball or basketball, but in the Olympics, on the world stage, I’ll watch my Yanks.
    This is the same thing, and for soccer fans this is bigger than the Olympics. Yesterday’s match against England was a big deal, too bad you couldn’t catch it. England is a world-class side, ranked 4 in the world, and we hung with them the entire time. I’m proud of our boys!
    could not agree more… World Cup its all about national pride!!!
    terrible article Florio!!!!

  12. I am English, a massive NFL fan and a fairly big Football/soccer fan and this article is ridiculous.
    Firstly; true football is clearly football and not American Football.
    Secondly; the patriotism of millions of people being behind the whole country as one is incredible, and something which you can’t descibe. Men who won’t cry when close family members die are reduced to tears during the national anthem. Since the US barely compete at a high level in any “global” team sports, it’s something you won’t experience.
    Thirdly; it was a US company that manufactured the blow out preventer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nascar might be a better comparison that hockey. Hockey is actually very fun to watch, especially while drinking, teams scoring or not.
    Nascar can be quite boring until a crash, and it is almost worth watching 3+ hours for a crash. A Nascar race with no crashes is similar to a soccer game with no scoring.

  14. It’s so funny how there are so many comments about how Florio sucks and all his articles are terrible. Then why do you morons come to this site 15 times a day and help turn it into one of the most popular websites in the world? You can get news and rumors lots of places.
    Anyways I agree with everything said in the article. I’ve been trying to watch this World Cup mess and it’s just so boring. I don’t understand what the hell people are so excited about.

  15. The rig that exploded: American.
    The company that failed to fit adequate blow-off valves to the American rig: American.
    The government that decided that oil companies don’t need to to fit remote cut-off switches to deep water oil rigs: American.

  16. Seriously?
    I can not believe you wasted a portion of your life writing this “article.”
    Yes Mike, everyone knows that football (in the US) is more popular than soccer, but why did you find it necessary to run it down?
    This is a complete waste of space on this web site, and a waste of readers time for everybody who read it.
    Like it or not, soccer is still one of the top (I think it IS the top) sport in the world. Simply because you don’t care for it, you write an article on your PRO FOOTBALL site degrading it?

  17. I don’t like to bitch about Florio’s posts. But this was pretty bad.
    Of course, proFOOTBALLtalk is going to think football is the greatest thing ever and soccer is boring. To be fair, I agree. But I’m willing to admit other regions and other cultures will disagree. Some might say that while soccer players are running around and bouncing balls they are at least doing something while NFL players are in huddles, in commercials, in time outs.

  18. I love both American football and International football. Why can’t they co-exist?
    I get the Us versus Them theme of this post. If you not a soccer fan, thats fine…move on.
    Or is it a territorial thing over the use of the term “football”?

  19. I have to picture Florio as a drug-addled Nigel Tufnel ignorantly insisting his amps are best because they “go to eleven.”

  20. Florio, are you drunk? I know you write a lot, so it can’t all be good, but this article is horrible.

  21. It’s the beautiful game. Your ancestors will be turning over in their graves. Finish scratching your ass, sit back on that plaid couch, and shut up. The rest of us are trying to watch the World Cup.

  22. That’s great. Now you know how the rest of us feel each year when the Super Bowl comes around.

  23. The problem I have with real football is the millions of commercials breaks during games. I literally need another show to watch when watching football. When I watched soccer in the past, I actually started to like it. Not sure why there is this adversarial comparison between two sports.

  24. I like soccer, especially a world cup, but love the NFL. Some fair points in there Mike, you’re allowed your opinion last time I checked. I’ve watched some pretty tedious games from South Africa over the last three days. NFL is the ultimate spectator sport, soccer isn’t.

  25. You’re bored Florio, and this article comes off borderline xenophobic.
    Find better ways to express your opinions during the NFL’s slow period. These Adam Carolla-esque articles will make you lose readers…

  26. Not everybody gets every sport.. I played soccer in college and love when the World Cup comes around. I love American Football and catch a few games every year and watch every week.. On the other hand, I havent watched an entire baseball game in 10yrs.. To me its too slow and lacks action.. With that being said, I know a lot of people view soccer the way I view baseball.. We should all just agree that its based on the individual. And hey, we’ve all seen Florios hair, no one ever accused him of having good taste or style but I still value his opinion on the sport.. Im glad its here actually, its good to see what the PFT planet thinks about a sport I love as much as American Football..
    Its tough to deny the passion of the fans over seas about the sport, its rivals what we have here in college football (only we do it here without riots, throwing flares at players, bonfires in stands, etc)..

  27. Was wondering how long it would take until you did a hey everyone look at me… futbol, basketball and hockey kinda showing you how important you are for the other 8 months of the year?

  28. The most closed-minded piece of reporting I’ve ever seen on this site. If you don’t like soccer, don’t watch it. I don’t need to read your rants about how ignorant you are – we already know this.
    If the guy is so ignorant, the why do you read his stuff? Why don’t you take your own advise: If you don’t like Florio, don’t read his posts.

  29. Soccer is truly an awful game…anyone care to watch some paint dry? The NFL has its sights set on Asia and their billions of people, but why would such a population want to watch a sport that they will almost never play? All the smaller peoples of the world are brainwashed into loving soccer because thats all they can get away with playing…they are simply not big enough to play our sport. The NFL will find a way to make some money overseas, but it will not catch fire like the sports that those people ACTUALLY play. Football is ours anyway…

  30. Excuse me? I like football, both kinds. This is more ignorant than anything I’ve ever read on this site before, and I’ve read some things that have made my skin crawl. Maybe I’ll be taking a little break from your site if this football bashing football continues.

  31. I usually think the douchebags that comment on articles like this are idiots…
    But what the hell happened to proFOOTBALLtalk?!
    This was the most moronic article I’ve ever read.

  32. Actually a lot of people in America like the world cup. You’re just an ignorant tool who can’t open up to the game. Most of America is. Because America isn’t good at it people don’t care. It’s 10 times as better as baseball. If you can get excited for watching baseball and basketball and not soccer then you have something wrong with you. It is more physical then the two sports. Not saying it’s better than football but it’s more competitve and has more passion. It’s a priviledge to represent your nation and a dream to most of these people. But America doesn’t understand this because we are a closed minded nation. There is no national pride in this country, they rather sit down and bitch about the problems and not do anything to solve them.

  33. The US-England match was exciting because there was so much on the line. We managed to punk the British in their own game, leaving their team with a cloud of doubt while the United States’ squad full of ragamuffins holds their heads high.
    I don’t care about any of the other games however.

  34. Wow…you just wasted that much time and effort talking about a sport you don’t like…and for what? What’s your point? You don’t like it, don’t watch it. ESPN is doing what they are doing for $$$. Plenty of people in America will watch the world cup. I can go find any number of articles talking about how much better futbol is than football, and while I would disagree, I’d do so respectfully, unlike you. Maybe don’t diss the rest of the world and look like a dumb American? Ass clown.

  35. Just because a game ends in 1 – 0 doesn’t mean there wasn’t any offense. Considering the offsides rule, which states that when a ball is played by the attacking team, the player that receives the ball has to be in front of at least 2 defenders. Therefore, the chances are usually contested. A team can get over 10 shots in a game and they just don’t happen to convert. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any offense in the game.
    If you actually knew what you were talking about then this article may be more valid but, obviously, you have no clue about the sport whatsoever so everything you wrote was a waste of our time and your’s.
    What’s wrong with ESPN hyping the biggest sporting event in the world? The rest of the world is watching it and ESPN is a sports network….use your brain for once.

  36. Sure the game’s boring. And sure, it’s nothing compared to American football. But it’s one sport in which we can represent our team internationally.
    One game, one goal. Not like the crap olympics. After beating Spain last year and staying close with Brazil, people feel like the United States has a chance to make some noise. It’s a false feeling of hope, but it’s an excuse to watch nonetheless.
    I’ll watch the World Cup for as long as the U.S. is still in it and American football isn’t on.
    It beats baseball.

  37. Wow man, you are so ignorant. I am a huge Football fan, I love the Titans, Ive played ball in high school and in college and its my favorite sport. But I’m not stupid and I recognize skill and passion when I see it. The sport of soccer is the most popular in the world and it truly is a great sport. The reason games end 1-0 or 1-1 is because getting a goal is very hard, it makes it all the more amazing when you live the moment that its scored. It makes it that much more special that it doesn’t happen often. And the game has so much within it that makes it very entertaining, you need to know about the sport and strategies of it. To the untrained eye it might look like the ball is being kicked back and forth like its easy….I bet you cant do 1/1000 of the moves or maneuvers that any of those players would call “simple”. I’m a fan of PFT and Ive been coming on here a lot, I have seen you guys HATE on people, make fun of people, have good arguments, good points, and bad ones, but this right here? lol….It made me register an account…just so I could let you know how stupid and ignorant this sounds. I know you probably dont care and dont understand that you should, but I really care less….its more about me letting it out. There is nothing worse in the world than smart people….that say dumbass shit. ignorance is bliss though right? I am a Football Fan, and I am a Soccer Fan….oh yea…its possible to be both. Go Titans! Go USA! and F*ck the haters like you…..

  38. im not a huge soccor fan,but im not gona bitch and moan about it or cry like a 5th grader sayn MY SPORTS BETTER THAN YOURS NAH NAH NAH!! if u dont like it dont watch it. if u kinda like it(like i do) half ass watch it or wait 2 watch the highlights on ESPN!!! very simple.

  39. Seriously…what the hell is wrong with you? You have to write an article killing soccer during their biggest event that only happens every 4 years? What an asshole.

  40. damn this article sucks kid…..you are ignorant to the max! lmao! its like a little boy wrote this and used a thesaurus

  41. Please get over yourself – Futbol could not care less about football. It generates 20 times the revenue of the American game and has over a billion more fans. Yes – that’s billion with a B.
    That would be more fans than America has people.
    The NFL could only dream about those numbers.

  42. I agree with the article completely…….until the end. When will you understand that most of us frequent this site to get away from politics, news, etc. This is supposed to be the place where we leave the polarizing bs behind and read about what we all agree on, the greatest sport on earth NFL FOOTBALL!!!! Please stick to the football, and the occasional slam on the World Cup is always welcomed.

  43. Florio, quite simply, you are an idiot.
    What did you think the reaction was gonna be when you wasted everyones time to bash the most popular sport in the world? Its like you want to get ripped on.

  44. I used to like you Florio, but I’ve noticed over the last few months that you are just an angry dude that really isnt as smart as some may think you are.
    Have fun watching commercials when American footall comes back on again.

  45. I think this is the first time I have ever agreed with an entire article you wrote Florio. Its so boring. The only reason it is such a popular sport internationally is because that is all you can do in these poor-ass countries. Lets just kick around a ball because thats all we can afford and there is nothing else to do. Europe likes it because they are gay.
    Real football is too complex for these random countries and the Eurotrash to handle.

  46. Hey Florio, if they counted by 6 pts per goal like they do in american football would you like the sport then?

  47. I don’t know, Florio. If some of the games were on NBC you’d be singing a diferent tune.
    Now, when are we going to get ProFutbolTalk.com?

  48. Dismantle the company and sell the pieces to provide the escrow fund needed to clean what can be cleaned and compensate those who suffer because of the company’s carelessness. Shame the company spokespeople who parade as our elected officials; let the public know the source of their motivation.
    At least real football will be here soon. So I’ve got that going for me.

  49. Have to agree with florio on this one. To each their own, but the perception is all wrong that Americans are somehow less sophisticated because we don’t appreciate the nuances of this game. Bottom line: a game between two mismatched teams will often produce a draw because it is just too damned hard to score no matter how much more skilled a team might be in the other areas.
    Also, it’s funny all the crap florio takes in these comments. Why don’t you all ask for your money back if you don’t like the site? Also what compels someone, after reading several comments saying “wow florio, this is horrible,” to post another one saying the same thing? Here’s an idea: articulate why you dislike it. Explain your own thoughts on the subject. Soon you’ll find yourself to be an interesting person, who contributes something to the public discourse, rather than just another mouth breather, spouting inanities.

  50. no doubt florio that a large reason for your post is to draw a reaction. even so i can’t help but bite. i’ve never commented on here so i guess you must be doing something right.
    anyway. i’m from australia where american football is a minority sport. and as a big supporter of american football i find myself forever having the “you don’t get it” conversation with my friends about american football.
    i’m not saying that you must love football, of course you don’t. we play rugby league down here in australia, and while i’m not a follower, many of my friends are. and there opinion of american football is that those who play it cannot be compared in toughness to those who play american football.
    we don’t use pads or helmets down here, so american football players must be weak right???

  51. Thank you! You’re quite aware I’m not a fan of yours, but where the hell else am I going to go for rumors? Your reporting is good, but the opinions… dear god I don’t know where you get them.
    But this… this is something I can get behind. Damn Futbol. It’s nonsense.

  52. And once again Americans prove just how stupid they are. Try watching a whole match without any commericals just once. You’ll never watch another boring NFL game again.

  53. another tired soccer bash. i am a huge football fan, but i am also a huge soccer fan. every four years, my football friends ask the same questions about why i like soccer so much – the answer is, it fills something in my sporting mind that football doesn’t. and, of course, football scratches an itch soccer can’t reach either.
    but the point is, the two can’t be compared. they’re different sports that appeal to different parts of the human mind and experience. both are valid. but the fact of that means that football will never, ever, ever, ever replace soccer around the world. never, ever. never. it just shows a real ignorance of why humans are drawn to sports in the first place to suggest such a thing that will never, ever, ever, ever happen. never. i hope football expands. but it won’t replace soccer in the minds of those who like both, and it certainly won’t replace soccer for the billions who only love soccer. not ever.

  54. A-f*cking-men, Florio. There’s nothing about 1-0, 1-1, or 0-0 that is compelling in any way, shape or form. F*ck the World Cup.

  55. First, futbol is horrible.
    Second, ESPN is only pushing it because they’re showing it.
    Third, if NBC was showing it, you’d be talking it up and blogging about it too.
    Wait, you wouldn’t sell out to a sport nobody cares about…
    damn, forgot about the incessant Olympic blog/pimpin… Hmmm….

  56. Florio – I love this site. I love “American” Football.
    I also love sport. This is, as others have pointed out, seriously close minded.
    I can turn on the Olympics, and without real knowledge of a sport still support the Red, White and Blue (That’s *us*, Mike, the USA)
    True sportspeople appreciate sport. Athletic endeavor.
    Then again, you’re a lawyer, right? Masquerading as a reporter (or is it a writer?).
    All of a sudden, I’m not really surprised by this post. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
    Now, go do your job.

  57. I couldn’t agree more with this article.
    It is by far the worst popular sport to watch.
    The only reason it’s so popular is because it takes no athletism, talent or skill to play so anyone can play it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any athletic people playing because I know there are. It just doesn’t require it.
    They always say that religion is the opiate of the masses. I think I would say that Soccer, outside of the US, is the opiate of the masses. Here is your escape from your crappy life…. the most boring sport in the world.
    In the name of patriotism, you have to watch this TV, which will make your eyes bleed.

  58. Thank for the hole plug comment. We are very upset down in Florida!
    Soccer is boring. To fight a lack of interest & boredom I have created a world cup soccer fantasy team.
    Drinking helps too.

  59. “Since the US barely compete at a high level in any “global” team sports, it’s something you won’t experience.”
    US is currently the last gold medalist in rugby, and the game is back in Rio!
    Also US won silver in hockey at the olympics (my Canada won gold, woo!) And other sports that the US would compete at a high level (football, baseball) have been excluded from global competition because there aren’t enough good teams in the rest of the world, although I think baseball should be back soon from the looks of the World Baseball Championships, other countries are catching up to the US.

  60. I don’t agree word for word with all of your posts, but you deserve an award for this one. Well written, sir.

  61. You are missing the point of the mustard/condiment story – it’s that reasonable people can have different tastes. Just because your friend dislikes mustard doesn’t mean that mustard is bad, it just means that he doesn’t like it. Likewise, it’s foolish (even egocentric) to say that world cup is bad because you (or some people you know) don’t like it .
    Also, what’s wrong with ESPN promoting the World Cup during a slow time for the NFL? I mean, is the attention they are paying it really keeping them from following compelling stories like “who will be the backup QB in Denver” or “Is Favre coming back” months before training camp starts? If you don’t want to watch soccer, then don’t – there are plenty of other shows to watch (and NFLN), not to mention other things that could be done while the news is slow away from the TV and computer. Besides, it’s not like it’s 24/7 coverage for soccer – I counted 11 hours of soccer programming the entire day Sunday between ESPN and ESPN2. That’s less than a quarter of their total broadcast hours from today.
    Even though I’m no fan of soccer, I found the close-mindedness of this article to be disappointing and below the standards I expect from PFT when reading here on a daily basis.

  62. texasPHINSfan – I think the biggest mistake you made was assuming Florio is an actual reporter, not just some joker that blogs about rumors… That’ll get you ever time. 😉
    Wait, that’s pretty close to being a reporter these days.

  63. Wow! You pansy soccer fans sure are fragile.
    If soccer is such a wonderful sport, and American Football is not, like so many of you claim, then why the hell are you on an American Football website to begin with?
    Mike Florio, I agree 100% with this article!

  64. I come to this site to read football news and rumours, not to hear about your opinions on another sport, or about an oil spill or whatever
    Stick to football and if you don’t, I and a lot of others won’t come back to your site.
    Don’t think your more important that you are, we care about the football news you pass to us, not about you

  65. look I don’t care how many hrs. espn tries to shove down my throat I will not watch it. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about it. does the rest of the world care anything about our sports? maybe if some of those countries spent as much time on educating and feeding thier people as they do on soccer they might not be so poor to begin with, or maybe they would not need all the aid they recieve from the U.S. and then I might give a damn what they think about us.

  66. And once again Americans prove just how stupid they are. Try watching a whole match without any commericals just once. You’ll never watch another boring NFL game again.
    Have you seen some of the Super Bowl commercials? Even the worst one is about 100 times more interesting than anything that happens on a soccer field.

  67. If NBC has any respect for their image, they should give Florio’s ignorant ass his walking papers tomorrow.

  68. “Oh Florio why do you have to talk about soccer… you don’t understand….. blah blah blah”
    Who cares about his motivation for writing this? Soccer sucks, and he’s done well enough to have the platform to tell thousands that it sucks.
    Don’t waste time trying to tell people like me “oh the rest of the world loves it” … most of the rest of the world doesn’t shower regularly. That’s a weak argument.
    You would like it if you understood….. no, I understand AIDS, doesn’t mean I like it, either.

  69. Soccer rivals tennis for the sport that is most boring to watch…I really would rather watch golf…and I don’t even consider that a sport.

  70. ESPN, (aka the propaganda ministry that keeps trying to shove this soccer crap down our throats), is simply wasting it’s time and money hyping the most boring team sport on Earth.
    Soccer is the simplest and stupidest of sports. There really isn’t all that much to it: you attempt to score a goal. You pass to your teammates in an effort to move the ball downfield. The defense attempts to stop you. You flop like a little girl, when a defender breathes on you wrong in an attempt to draw a yellow card, or if your acting is truly brilliant a red card.
    That pretty much sums it up.

  71. I’ve never felt compelled to respond to anything posted on this site. But now I had to go and register just so I could reply to this.
    Look, the NFL is my favorite sport. The Buffalo Bills are my favorite team of any sport. I would never take anything over NFL given the choice. I however love soccer as well. The element of suspense is almost always there, goals can happen from anywhere within 30 yards of the net, every corner kick can end up with a goal. I could go on and on. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and that’s mine, but what is the point of this article? I’ve never thought any article on this site was really that bad, or enough to warrant complaining about, but this is garbage that does not belong on this site.
    If you don’t like soccer, then don’t watch it. No need to post a rambling article trashing it. You’re better than that.

  72. Boo. There’s room in my life for multiple sports. Especially because of how much the NBA and MLB suck. World Cup is fun.

  73. this article draws a nice lol but seriously the idea of american football taking over football as the worldwide sport is as conventional as a utopia…t’ain’t gonna happen, florio. although i do like the hitler-esque writing style employed to make it seem like if we have our chance we will rule the world. i agree that soccer is about as boring as track and field. but think about it…even somewhere as bad as detroit can still manage to afford football equipment and coaching. in africa, all but south africa CANT afford that and therein lies the problem. europeans are too holierthanthou to integrate a sport americans invented. and asians are way too small for football. south america is so far up soccers ass they ran out of bread crumbs to get out. i hope as much as you that football spreads like…like…crude oil in water(?) through the world but im a realist. it aint happening any time soon. lets just leave it to americans for now.

  74. No one will ever pick up American football get that through your head florio NO ONE ELSE LIKES IT! We love it have grown up with it, but it will never ever be as big as soccer. Heck just to outfit one man in football your looking at over 300 bucks for good equipment and wear. I can go to sports authority and make myself look like a badass soccer player for about 40 bucks.
    Welcome to reality its a money world and our sport will never spread, heck schools are taking it out cause it costs too much, if anything you weill continue to see a growth in soccer players while football remains the same.
    Lastly if you ever actually watch soccer you will realize its the only sport in the world that makes you go absolutely crazy. I have never celebrated a Lions touchdown like how I celebrated for the US score once that moment finally comes and the ball hits the back of the net after many tries its the most intense sport feeling in the World.

  75. If you wrote this article to merely incite a slew of “love it or hate it” comments… kudos, job well done.
    Unfortunately, all you’ve done is reinforce all of the reason why the world hates the US.
    Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it horrible. It just means you don’t like it.
    I don’t even like soccer, but I felt like I should watch a game to rebel against your inane, childish, small minded article.
    If you actually meant the ethnocentric things you said, I fear for the children you influence and the lack of class and culture you instill them with.
    This blog has lost has lost my respect.
    And, just to repeat, I don’t even like soccer.

  76. I tried to watch the USA v England match out of patriotic pride, but slept through most of the match!
    But, I was awake for the two goals so I didn’t miss much.
    Rugby, Aussie rules, and Gaelic football are far superior to soccer.
    If you Americans who feel compelled to follow foreign sports, want to persuade the rest of us, Rugby and the other two are far more compelling than the lame and downright boring game of soccer.

  77. screw your brit bashing piece florio. the “damn hole” that needs plugging was caused more by american failures than any brits but has led to a round of anti-british vitriole by xenophobes like you all over the US. 20 years ago, US corporate failures caused an oil rig explosion (Piper Alpha) that killed 180 men, mostly brits. It led to no anti-US sentiment, no embarassing posturing by british political leaders or press. You should read the the articles to educate yourself on class and on tolerance, then when you have finished reading them, roll them up tight and shove them up your arse…

  78. its funny how people say if u dont like florios opinion dont come to the site, 1. it says lastest news and rumors, that article was niether. 2. the exact same argument applies to florios article, if u dont like it, dont watch it.on another note its sad how close minded and hateful these anyomous posters seem , calling countries “random” as if they dont count for anything because they know anything about them, this whole chest thumping, crotch grabbing “Im an American I’m better than you” attitude is why other countries dont care when a 747 full of people is crashed into a skyscraper full of people. try a little humility and class florio god dont like ugly

  79. Yawn… I get so tired of every sports person trying to earn credentials by saying they hate soccer. In a country where we have god aweful baseball, WNBA, and NASCAR shoved down our throats, soccer comes way ahead.
    Seriously, baseball is so boring that the best highlights only come from non-scoring plays like pitches or catches.
    Soccer haters try to compare the game to high scoring sports but to better understand it then think of it as a boxing match and a score as more of a knockout blow.

  80. With NFLN on TV, and plenty of online sites to get your NFL fix, why the hell would you waste your time on ESPN?
    The only reason to watch ESPN is if you like whatever sport they have the TV rights to that time of year. Because that is all they talk about, Sportscenter is nothing more than an infomercial for other ESPN programming.
    I couldn’t care less about baseball, basketball or soccer, so ESPN rarely gets turned on from February through September. Then it is only for college and monday night football, since the NFL is covered much better elsewhere.

    Union Carbide and Piper Alpha. ‘Nuff said.
    Plug up your damn mouth and apologise to a country that has stood by yours (and vice-versa) for decades, whilst the rest of Europe has sneered at our two countries relationship.
    Trust me, if Obama talks down BP anymore (and thousands of Lousianan’s who depend on the company for work are praying he doesn’t) your country will have NO friends east of Ireland left, thanks to moronic comments such as yours, which perpetuate the (misplaced) idea that Americans are insular idiots.

  82. Why do you soccer fanatics care what Florio or any other sane American sports fan thinks about your precious soccer?
    For those whining about Florio, he gamed you perfectly. He did what any great writer does: he got an emotional response out of you.
    The fact that many of you registered just to respond, shows the power that Florio’s writing has over you.
    Soccer is not the “world’s sport.” It has almost zero popular following in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and the USA.
    Add those country’s populations together and fully over half the world does not give a crap about soccer!

  83. Sit back Relax and lets enjoy the world cup its the only time where soccer is really cool…Once every 4 years…
    Go USA

  84. The World Cup has reaffirmed that the rest of the world loves to jog up and down a perfectly good field and they freaking love ties.
    WTF kind of sport ends it’s biggest competition in ties?
    Oh I get soccer, it’s all about creating angles and passing lanes. That’s fine, Americans already have a perfectly good sport that uses soccer techniques. We call it basketball and we dropped that stupid offside rule. You don’t want to get beat deep then you better have a freaking man back to protect your goalie.
    The reason why soccer is popular every where but America is simple. First, other countries like having athletes that look like them. They think “that guy is the exact same athlete that I am I could play this game” Second, the only piece of equipment needed is a ball. Even the poorest African village can scrap up enough money for a community ball.
    Americans enjoy watching our best athletes play the most complicated sports. Football may only have 12-15 minutes of action but there is far more strategy involved with each play. In soccer, you score once then hold the ball. Game over. That is boring as shit.

  85. You don’t know squat about Futbol Florio, you didn’t even need to make this post. 2 Thumbs down.

  86. You’re right florio. I should watch baseball. 12 innings waiting for someone to effing score already so we can get the hell outta here.

  87. Stupid article.
    The reason of the low scores is:
    1) Its the 1st game and no one wants to lose it because you only have 3 games to play in the group and if you lose the first you are almost out of the tournament.
    2) Because you are watching just the very first games, when every team plays (both, the good teams that can win the tournament and the bad teams that just try to not lose every game. Wait until the REAL games start: I mean, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina,… playing between them.
    Also the reason because most americans dont like futbol its because they only can watch average players playing in their league, every good american player plays in Europe, where real futbol is played.

  88. Good article; good point. The only soccer I watch is World Cup, then, only the playoff games, as someone has to win. 0-0 is decided with a shootout.
    Soccer would be much better if the average game was 3-2 instead of 1-0.
    I guess I am somewhat of a soccer fan, but understand the people who hate it, it is very very dull a lot of the time.
    By the way, there are no 0-0 games in hockey since the lockout brought us the shootout.
    And hockey is great; constant fast action, even the rare 1-0 game can be exciting.
    Hockey and football are by far the best sports. Not much into Basebore, and Basketball ? Lots of action, but when each team scores 40-50 baskets a game, it devalues the value of a score. Often the whole game can be seen in the last 2 minutes. And how boring is it when the last 2 minutes take 15 minutes to play with constant time outs and commercials.

  89. @CanadianVikingFan . . .
    How can you give me two thumbs down when supporting a sport that forbids the use of hands?

  90. I love football,Im a die hard Giants fan, I have them tattoo on my leg thats how PASSIONATE im am about football and the New York Giants but this has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, 1-0 is equal to a game thats 7-0, 21-7 is equal to 3-1!
    The reason why “we”(USA) dont care for the game because we dont understand it, we dont know why people stop there civil wars because there country made it to the world cup for the first time(Ivory Coast),people watch FOOTBALL and think this is a bunch of fat a$$ players with there hand on the ground and smashing into each other, no one knows whats going on, they throw the ball and it hits the ground and they stop every 10 seconds, but we understand it thats why it makes sense.
    Anyways the sport Soccer doesnt need us they have 1.3 billion people watching the World Cup Final to our 100 million watching the SuperBowl!

  91. “Soccer is not the “world’s sport.” It has almost zero popular following in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and the USA.”
    Thats the most stupid comment in here, CONGRATULATIONS:
    In Russia, Japan, China and Ireland futbol is #1 sport, in New Zealand and Australia they have rugby as #1 but futbol is increasing, they both are playing in the World Cup now.

  92. Marion Barry just called, he’s missing a crack pipe and thinks Florio might have it.
    I like and appreciate both sports, Florio has obviously posted this to get a reaction and he’s getting it. From my angle, it’s not September, it’s freaking June and I’m going to watch – and enjoy – the World Cup. I’m certainly not getting excited about OTA’s, that’s for sure.
    And if Florio wants to lecture British firms on corporate responsibility and disaster management (despite this being a distinctly American flavoured disaster) perhaps he should google “Union Carbide” and “Piper Alpha”. Fortunately, from my experience here, I know that this inane, narrow-minded, ill-judged, misinformed and xenophobic piece is not representative or America or Americans as a whole.

  93. For those of you soccer fans, that came onto and even registered just to bash American Football at the expense of soccer, a comparison:
    The NFL takes in $8 Billion annually.
    The 2006 World Cup took in $3.5 Billion.
    The NFL is far more profitable than World Cup soccer.
    So, who really cares what the rest of the world thinks about the NFL?
    And, you soccer fans truly are hypocrites. In one breathe you demean Americans for not loving soccer. In the next, you proudly shout that the world will never care for American football.
    In other words, it is fine for the world to be parochial, but bad for America to be the same?

  94. Your entitled to your opinion. And if you ask me persons who go to law school and lend their skills to operating a football website, more of a hobby than a career, are a waste of space, and resources. Thats my opinion on lawyers that dont practice.
    Vamos Argentina!!

  95. RyanT, you are possibly the biggest moron I’ve come across on this site’s comments section and that’s saying something. Soccer has 0 popular following? Did you just make that up on the spot for lack of a substantive retort? If they have 0 “popular following” then why are Australia, USA, and New Zealand in the World Cup right now participating? Ireland was a handball away from qualifying as well.
    Ireland follows football considering they have a decent league of their own with Rangers and Celtic being popular clubs that are known throughout the world.
    Russia has a few solid teams in their pro league as well with CSKA Moscow and Rubin Kazan being the more successful teams, recently. UEFA just designated Russia’s top league #6 in terms of most competitiveness. Russian billionaires are throwing plenty of money around in their home country for soccer.
    Japan’s and Australia’s pro leagues are young but are showing strong signs of progressing with pretty solid attendance from the fans.
    So, why are the pro leagues doing so well when they have “0 popular following?” Nobody really cares what sports Canada plays as none of them generate any money to be noticeable. The NHL is now an almost exclusive American sport when they phased out Canadians, probably because American can generate more money than Canada ever could.

  96. Some of these posts show how dumb some of us football fans are. And thats okay.
    I like football way more than any other sport and its not even close.
    That said I do like good soccer. It is a great sport when played appropriatly and regardless of what aybody on this site thinks is growing in this country.
    Will it catch football, never but I would’nt be suprised if at some point in the future its top 3.
    I don’t get the “hate” of any sport. It’s all just sports. if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Why bash it?

  97. You only need to watch 1 game in an european stadium to change your mind about futbol:
    5 minutes before the game start, game in spain:

  98. Florio, why are you so threatened by soccer that you would write such an unnecessary, sophomoric piece?

  99. close minded Americans is right… I love American football with a passion, much more than I love watching soccer, but your article just blows my mind.
    Most countries are very poor. Why would they spend money to pay for a sport as expensive as football when it comes to equipment for such a large amount of kids… America can afford it. Do you think the inner city kids of America (who turn into the pro football athletes that we idolize?!) would pay for their equipment? I think not.
    Secondly, there isn’t club football like there is club soccer for teenagers… Because you have to pay for club soccer in the US… High Schools pay for the kids to play football and provide work out facilities for players to grow. Then they go to college where everything is given to them again.
    Bottom line, football is free for everyone in the US to play and evolve as a player. Other countries would not spend that money.

  100. I’m not a big Hockey fan, but for you idiotic soccer fans to disparage hockey is hilarious!
    You try skating on freaking ice for an hour, attempting to move a flat puck with a stick, while getting slammed into the boards by the defense!
    Hockey doesn’t have much scoring but it is still way better and a much more difficult sport than soccer.

  101. So let me see if I understand this RyanT. You want to compare a full year of NFL vs. a month tournament. 32 teams playing 16 games equals 512. Then there are the playoffs. The whole World Cup consists of 112 games. Apparently the NFL isnt as profitable as the World Cup.

  102. I really enjoy all sports- I can even watch the nordic combine and curling during the winter games-
    But both Hockey and Soccer are HORRIBLE games. The talent and strategy of players has surpassed the sports full potential; the winners of either depends more on luck than anything else. Much like Bowling, the sport can be mastered and then it just comes down to who is luckier.
    Football has a high aptitude- there will always be innovation and strategy can be debated endlessly-
    Unfortunately football is also very expensive- but i would love if the game somehow caught on with the rest of the world- I would love to be able to watch football year-round

  103. Mike Florio says:
    June 13, 2010 3:43 PM
    How can you give me two thumbs down when supporting a sport that forbids the use of hands?
    Haha, keepers use hands. You are allowed to throw the ball back into play when it goes out of bounds, after all it is called “foot” ball, meaning its primary means of playing the ball is with your feet.
    I’m and avid soccer fan, yet Football (NFL) is my favourite sport, soccer players are whimps and whiners I’ll be the first fan to admit that, and I understand you like many find it boring, but the same could be said for the NFL in their shoes.
    You have got to be raised on the sport or take an interest. Neither are boring to me, and many others.

  104. Yesterday morning I wached South Korea Vs. Greece in Arabic on ESPN.com…in HD…for free.
    The World Cup represents everything that is RIGHT with the world.
    I love American football best, and especially playing it, but there is nothing like the World Cup.
    It is the greatest sports spectacle this planet has going right now.

  105. @RyanT
    And what about us soccer fans who clearly said that while we prefer NFL we still enjoy soccer and just think the article is baseless bashing of the sport?

  106. Some of you guys needs to watch some CNN or something to stay current on what is happening in our country and around the world.
    That one bears repeating.
    Surprised more people are not saying the Pres. Obama administration is sabotaging the project to make more people against off-shore drilling. Kind of a look what happens type of thing.
    Then again, by allowing more off-shore drilling before the leak started Pres. Obama walked into a foot in mouth situation.
    Guy at work keeps talking about this and I still don’t see his point. It is a little funny though, trying to link the two that is. Nothing funny about 1000’s of gallons getting dumped into the planets eco-system on a daily basis.”
    Obama is in support of off shore drilling.
    “Soccer is not the “world’s sport.” It has almost zero popular following in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and the USA.”
    I am not a soccer fan but soccer is the not the number one sport in Australia, India or Ireland but it is still one of the most popular sports in those countries.

  107. WOW Florio i lost what little respect i had for you.. you’re an idiot and know nothing about the real football. I love American football and some would say im obsess with it, but this article is dumb because soccer is the most popular sport in the world for a reason.. if you ever played it you would understand it.. but you obviously don’t, the sport is cheap and accessible to every kid and person in the world at no coast.. no equipment to buy, kids in Brazil play with no shoes.

  108. No fairy-ball in the US. Its a game for little kids to play before theyre old enough to strap on the shoulder pads and play an actual sport.

  109. +1 everyone is supposed to pretend to care about soccer. look, we have football..that’s why no one cares about soccer..football rules!!

  110. @RyanT: “Soccer is not the “world’s sport.” It has almost zero popular following in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and the USA.”
    Really? Last time I looked, ‘real’ football was the most popular sport in China, the Republic of Ireland, Japan and Russia. It is also the most popular participation sport in the USA, and pretty popular in Australia. I’ll give you Canada and New Zealand though.
    @KingMiedus: “US is currently the last gold medalist in rugby” – true, but that was in 1924 and only three countries entered! At the last Rugby Union World Cup, the US lost all of its games (28-10 to England, 25-21 to Samoa, 64-15 to South Africa and even 25-15 to Tonga).
    @KingMiedius “Also US won silver in hockey at the Olympics (my Canada won gold, woo!)” No, you’re wrong. Germany won the men’s gold and the Netherlands won the women’s. You’re thinking about ice hockey, which is something of a niche sport outside of North America, Russia and Scandinavia.
    In terms of global team sports, the one that the USA is best at is actually football (by which I mean real football / soccer etc). The US has reached the World Cup quarter-finals twice and lost in the final of the Confederations Cup only last year. Surely that counts for more than being best at a sport that only that nation plays?

  111. to all of you crying bloody murder – get over it. one man’s opinion.. i agree completely, it’s like watching grass grow. i just tried to watch a game that finished 4-0. That offensive blow-out had me napping throughout the game (match – whatever)… soccer stinks.

  112. mpoles, then you really need to look again.
    Gaelic Football is the most popular sport in Ireland. Followed by Hurling. Then Rugby.
    Soccer is a very distant 4th in Ireland.
    In Japan, Baseball is by far the most popular sport. Soccer isn’t even close!
    In Australia, Aussie rules and Rugby are far more popular than soccer. Cricket is even more popular than soccer in Australia!

  113. Florio you make some of the dumbest remarks on Football, but you have now reached Futbol as well. I have got to stop reading your dumb columns, I actually keep hoping for something, but will never happen, dude you are seriously brain damaged.
    As in Football the best part of a game is what happens before you get into the end zone, that is where gamnes are won. Fubol (Soccer, Calcio) is no different, but it takes a brain to actually see that, and you Florio don’t really have one.

  114. What a waste of time reading such a pointless article without national pride. I moved to Argentina so as to be with her and family. I discovered what soccer is all about and national pride. I have been an American football fan since the 60’s and continue to follow it as my favorite sport. However, when the World Cup arrives as well as any other national sports (Olympics) I feel the pride of my country. You have many times given your pride to the state of West Virginia and coal mining. I respect that pride even though I have a great amount of disrespect for the coal industry. International sport is a chance for countries to compete without politics or needless bloodshed. It is a chance for a country to be proud of their team and give full support. Why can’t Americans be proud of their team and the national chemistry it evokes….Yes, the people of Argentina love to watch the Super Bowl, but don’t expect them to ever field a team as Rugby is more popular. I love American football and always will, but I can say the same about my country, the USA.

  115. This is total provincial idiocy on the part of just about everyone involved in this discussion.
    All sports have intrinsic good qualities, otherwise people wouldn’t play them.
    Modern pentathlon, a supremely boring combo of running, shooting, swimming, fencing and horse jumping, is actually a well-designed test of the skills necessary to being a military officer in the early 20th century.
    Even buzkashi, the game where horsemen attempt to throw a headless goat into a circle, has the positive impact of teaching young Afghan men how to ride in a close combat-type situation.
    Like what you like, and shut up about the rest. You don’t see people rudely calling another out about their choice of ice cream flavor, why the hell would you care any more about what sport someone likes?
    Hate of traditional rivals is, of course, absolutely necessary within any sport. But why hate on other sports? Just seems like a waste of time.
    PS-the best sport in the world is rugby FYI.

  116. Justin, so you call me a “moron” and then claim that the NHL is “phasing oit Canadians.”
    Hilarious! Just in you are the king of all morons.
    Example for my point about your sheer and utter stupidity: 2/3rds of all NHL players are Canadians!
    And, ping-pong and volleyball are far more popular in China than soccer!

  117. These riled up soccer fans are being overly defensive because they secretly know how boring their boring sport is.

  118. You idiots claiming that “futbol” is the most popular sport in Ireland, have obviosuly never been to Ireland!
    You morons ever hear of the GAA?
    GAA is by far the most popular sports in Ireland!
    Soccer isn’t even close!
    Hell, even Rugby is more popular in Ireland than soccer is.
    I’m Irish, so don’t even try your lies you soccer wimps!

  119. Florio is just mad cause he tried to play soccer as a kid and failed just like every other sport but he found football that easiest to write about so now he “likes” football. What a dumbass.

  120. One of the few articles I have enjoyed from florio in awhile. Sure there is alot of stuff that will upset others but for a change I’m actually entertained. Was starting to get boring around here.

  121. Have a son playing U14 Elite and love to watch his games. Watching World Cup is excruciatingly boring(to me). I HATE the NBA, haven’t watch a pro game since Dr. J was taking off form the foul line and dunking that cool red whit and blue ball. But…most of the folks I work LOVE it…good for them.
    Soccer, until the alcohol kicks in, is boring except for the rare run here and there,
    BTW 14-0 NFL game= 2-0 soccer game.

  122. Florio nailed it, and the response from soccer people is predictable. If you don’t like their uninteresting waste of time, you are viewed as the enemy. NASCA aloso sucks, but at least there is the chance of a horrible accident.

  123. What kind of girly-man doesn’t like mustard? This was the most offensive point of all.

  124. The soccer fans on this site are displaying their immaturity and hostility to basic facts.
    We are supposed to swallow their propaganda that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. When we bring up individual countries that like us, don’t find soccer all that interesting, they resort to lies and petty insults.
    FACT: According to FIFA, (the world governing body of Soccer), there are 265 millions soccer players in the world.
    Comparitively, according to the FIVB, (the world governing body of Volleyball), there are 800 million volleyball players in the world.
    Source: The Sports Book 2009, published by DK

  125. Soccer is a wierd sport.
    As a kid, I loved it. And its not particularly boring to play.
    But like baseball, its just incredibly boring to watch. Mostly, nothing is happening.
    Now, Iwouldn’t prefer a sport like basketball. Basketball is an abomination with how meaningless the 1st 3 quarters of play can be.
    Hockey, Football, and Lacross (yeah I said it, lacross) have it right.
    You need enough scoring and scoring attempts for a sport to be exciting to watch.
    People who pretend like a 0-0 finish can be exciting are morons. Period.
    There is nothing exciting about a 0-0 or 1-1 tie in soccer. MAYBE I could say a 2-2 tie that was equalized late would be interesting.
    But seriously, American Football will dominate Europe once it gets over there.
    The only advantage of futbol is that is such a pansy sport you can have boring games to watch all the time.

  126. Americans don’t like soccer, that’s fine, but don’t act like you’re better because of it.

  127. Saying soccer is the most popular sport in the World is propaganda? are you kidding me? Get out of the bubble man… soccer is clearly the most popular sport in the World.

  128. First of all I’d like to say that I love “american football” and I really enjoy visiting this site many times each day. I support the Seahawks so as you could believe I get my fair share of assault here on PFT. But this article is just really bad on many levels . I get it that many people don’t like soccer. It’s very understandable, like baseball, hockey, cycling and even football it’s simply not for everyone. But this article is terrible for a couple of reasons. For example;
    1. I thought this page was for football news, not for soccer “news”.
    2. I thought this page was for football news, not for Florio to talk about things he likes or dislikes that have little to do with football.
    3. The main point of this article seems to force people into two groups, Us and Them.
    4. “Once they realize that we’ve whipped together a condiment that tastes a hell of a lot better than mustard, our football — American football — will rule the world.”. OK, this I kind of get. I love football, it would be awesome if more countries played football, but to think those countries watch soccer because they don’t know better is just really close minded.
    5. “First, we need to compel one of their biggest corporations to PLUG UP THAT DAMN HOLE.” I think everyone with a sane mind would agree that we need to plug “that damn hole” but don’t act like it’s all their fault.
    This article really annoyed me and though the purpose of literature is to provoke emotional response I think we can all agree that news are not meant to get people angry at the writer. I will continue to visit this site everyday, I only consider this a rare miss rather then general ignorance. I just really hope we won’t see more of this kinds of reporting.

  129. I like coming here to read about the NFL, not the World Cup. Just because you don’t like/understand/care about something doesn’t mean you have to bash it. Stick to the NFL Florio.

  130. @El Toro

    So whats your point? To me there’s nothing like hearing that any given sunday. Crowd noise in a futbol game means nothing to me.
    That being said, Florio you’re a xenophobic asshole.

  131. Ryan T,
    You represent the idiotic nature that is America. Hockey is soccer on ice you moron. They just closed the field and took out free kicks, try playing soccer first. It’s a game for fit people because you are active 45 minutes or more non stop, there are no timeouts. Since America is filled with lazy ass people with the worst education in the world, they aren’t expected to care. It’s all about America not having any pride what so ever , there were people outside a bar in New York to see the game since 7 am. Soccer is the Worlds sport there is no doubt about it over 200 plus teams by for 32 spots and unlike here where players are ego centric, their best athletes want to represent heir countries every 4 years. not like the NBA or baseball where they don’t care. It all boils down to not being consistently great here in america and national pride. Nothing America has accomplished . You don’t like soccer that’s fine, but don’t knock it like you understand it because you don’t.

  132. Florio i just lost all respect for you and i do like you a lot so that is saying something. i love football and american football, soccer is the ish try it sometimes, However then again you were probably not an athlete enough to play any. In terms of total fitness, stamina soccer players are miles ahead of any sport. I am sorry but for the next month its all soccer baby

  133. Buying a can of paint, slapping some on a wall and then watching it dry. Compared to soccer, that’s exciting.

  134. Well at least the winner of the world cup will be legit world champions. The only world champions the USA produces comes from sports played exclusively in the USA.
    Last time I checked, BP were trying to plug the hole, the people of Louisiana an other south eastern states will get their compensation as BP has an excellent balance sheet with good cash flow. Now if only the White house would stop making irresponsible statements about dividend payments which can only hurt pensions on both sides of the Atlantic….

  135. The only reason soccer is so big, is because all you need is a ball and 2 posts for a net. If third world countries could afford football equipment they wouldnt play soccer either, they just have no choice.

  136. Florio, you’re way off on this one man.
    Soccer, Futbol, Football, The Beautiful Game. Yes, there are 1-0, 0-0 results. No, there aren’t touchdowns or homeruns, but there’s more to the world cup than the first 3 days.
    Have a little patience, would ya? The best is yet to come! And just how many matches did you watch so far anyways?? Give it a chance for crying out loud!!

  137. Come on Florio, we all know that nfl source doesn’t exist, is your imaginary friend.
    I lost a lot of respect for you today Florio.

  138. condeclar says:
    June 13, 2010 2:47 PM
    I couldn’t agree more with this article.
    It is by far the worst popular sport to watch.
    The only reason it’s so popular is because it takes no athletism, talent or skill to play so anyone can play it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any athletic people playing because I know there are. It just doesn’t require it
    No athlethism, dude i play soccer extremely well, basketball extremely well, and i have dabbled in football when i came to the states bring yourself over and i would show you that soccer definately requires athletism. So what sport do you want me to take you to the cleaners with???

  139. Albert, you are delusional!
    “Nothing America has accomplished”???
    Are you serious with this nonsense?
    America routinely kicks the hell out of the rest of the world in athletics. But, don’t take my word for it, just count our Gold medals every 4 years at the Olympics!
    You need to do some research before you comment and make an absolute ass of yourself.

  140. I never understood why some people feel compeled to trash soccer. I am a huge NFL fan and have loved playing football on my college club team and on a flag-league team (tight-end, reciever). I also loved playing Div I soccer back in the 80’s. They are both great sports.
    It is weird, every four years when the World Cup starts, there are articles in many publications on how soccer sucks? I don’t get it. I don’t care to watch poker or the WNBA but I don’t feel like I must write an article saying how much it sucks and that the people that watch these things are morons.
    I have coached youth soccer and youth football. There is a difference between the cultures, i.e. parents. As a general statement, the football parents seem to be…. uh less smart. This is just an observation and I have asked several people what they think and they think the same way. This was not a scientific observation, just a thought from my own experiences.

  141. More inconveniet FACTS for the stubborn Soccer fans:
    The top sports leagues by revenue and attendance:
    1. NFL (by a wide margin over number 2)
    2. MLB
    3. NBA
    4. EPL (English Premier League-soccer)
    5. NHL
    As you can plainly see, the richest soccer league in the world doesn’t hold a candle to the National Football League.

  142. It isn’t a matter of which sport is the “best”. The fact is, Florio doesn’t understand the game, and he dislikes ESPN for promoting it. Therefore, he has concluded that it’s a waste of time, boring, etc.
    THAT is close minded.
    The fact that he ties it to a disaster in the gulf – born out of incompetence, and our insatiable desire for oil – is cheap. (What’s the MPG on the ’68 VW anyway?)
    As others have pointed out – there’s been no Tennis bashing, or Golf bashing. Why not?
    It seems the ESPN fueled inferiority complex is the motivation behind this article.

  143. Sure are a lot of new posters all of a sudden. I wonder which one of the soccer pansies e-mailed the link to his pansy friends and started this uproar. Soccer is a game for girls and women any man who plays it should be ashamed.

  144. What a turd the writer is. Gridiron football has tried for years to suppress soccer with many things including the joke World League of American Football appropriately known as What A LafF. I played American football but both of my boys played soccer
    and one was good enough to be player of the year in New England and go on play at Princeton. Soccer is a great sport loved throughout the world. Both sports have Occaisional deficiencies in their players but football in our society seems to develop more criminal
    behavior, bad social
    and personal
    habits and often wastes a college education. Sad but true. Hopefully the low intelligence guys who become sports writers will re-evaluate their sports view and learn to love the beautiful game.

  145. Albert,
    You sir an abomination of serious thought.
    So, you’re claiming that American athletes are primadonnas but English athletes aren’t?
    That is laughable!
    Exhibit A: David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.
    ‘Nuff said. And btw moron: The players get PAID to play in the World Cup.

  146. JimmyB- The word “football” was created by the British not the Americans, get your history right jackass!

  147. I love the NFL but nothing can match football (or Soccer if you must).
    The 2006 World Cup final attracted an estimated audience of 715.1 million people.
    Super Bowl XLIV drew an average audience of 106.5 million viewers.
    No contest.

  148. Who the heck is making you watch soccer Florio? It comes on at 7:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 2:30 p.m. The only sport in conflicts with is afternoon baseball.
    Why be a pure hater? Nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head saying watch soccer. I love soccer, and I don’t mind if other people don’t enjoy it. There are 150 HD channels on my TV. You can watch whatever the heck you want.
    This is stupid.

  149. Florio’s troll succeeds. You’ve drawn out the elitist soccer fans and the imbecilic American rednecks in one fell swoop.
    I used to absolutely HATE soccer and I’ve always loved the NFL.
    Last couple of years though I’ve made an honest effort to actually understand the game and I can say now I am a fan.
    I would suggest even if you don’t enjoy watching soccer, pick up FIFA 10 or PES 10 and play it for a while…most people enjoy these games and they do a fine job of teaching you about the game / strategy.
    Or read a soccer strategy blog like zonal marking.
    Lastly, I don’t knock people for having opinions…if you genuinely don’t like soccer / NFL football that’s fine. But whenever the argument goes beyond taste…whenever people start bringing up objective facts to try to quantify something unquantifiable, the ignorance is painfully obvious.
    Stats are meaningless in this discussion…”better” is completely subjective, so trying to throw out numbers that “prove” one sport is “better” than the other just makes it seem like something else is driving your rage.

  150. Right on Florio ! This is one of the truest and funniest things I’ve read in a long time! “If millions of people love mustard..they must be right”

  151. I did not watch the soccer game, and guess what I did not miss anything. They might as well shook hands at the beginning and gone for a beer because the result is the same. I treated it like the NBA, flip over and see what the score is. The wife hated the horns so I had to go to mute after that. Personally I was pulling for England so the US can go ahead and lose and I can stop hearing about this crap. Frankly the Billy the Exterminator marathon on A&E was way more exciting than the game.

  152. condeclar says:
    June 13, 2010 2:47 PM
    I couldn’t agree more with this article.
    It is by far the worst popular sport to watch.
    The only reason it’s so popular is because it takes no athletism, talent or skill to play so anyone can play it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any athletic people playing because I know there are. It just doesn’t require
    WOW!! are you kidding me? i would like to see this guy play soccer.. haha.. soccer is the sport that requires the most coordination and stamina.. is constant.. no in and outs and have you tried to kick a ball 60 mh on the air? probably harder than hitting a fast ball with a bat. if you want to bash a sport why dont you start with golf or baseball..

  153. Ryan T,
    “Comparitively, according to the FIVB, (the world governing body of Volleyball), there are 800 million volleyball players in the world.”
    Strangely thats not actually reported on FIVB’s website. Even then its reported as an estimate. FIFA’s number come from a survey sent out to all 204 national members and 20% didn’t even respond. Not to mention if you have a pickup volleyball game that counts in FIVB’s estimate. Pickup games don’t count in FIFA’s survey.
    Aside from that in American football no player plays the entire game. In Futbol you can only have 3 substitutes nor can you sit on your ass for 5 minutes or hope to play for only a hour (Futbol is 90 minutes long). How many lineman can kick a ball with any sort of control?
    The superbowl may get 100 million worldwide viewers, the final match of the 2006 World Cup was watched by over 600 million people (and over 20 BILLION with a B watched the series).

  154. Ok…hold on for a moment here,
    I am an American that really misses watching the NFL becasue I live now as a missionary in Brasil. There is nothing like the World cup- in terms of the cultural expearence that one goes through while in a country that is more about Soccer than anything else.
    I have read a lot about Soccer sice coming here 5 years ago. I NEVER saw a game of soccer while in the USA before coming to Brasil. I have learned to be a student of Soccer in some ways, just so I can relate to the people here.
    In terms on personal enjoyment I would trade the preseaon of any NFL team for watching all the world cup games except The USA and of course the Brasil games.
    My play station recently died and that was the last bit of football I had to watch here…and that was Madden 04!
    I have met maybe 2 people that did not care much about Soccer here in 5 years of ministry.
    Most people are very very radical about their teams in terms of the things they buy, and the colors of the team. In The Cup, there are massive waves of yellow and green everywhere you go here in Brasil (yellow and green are two main colors for the Brasilian team and the Brasilian flag).
    The Soccer season is almost all year long, and is on TV on Sunday and on Wed nights (Intresting it conflictrs with Church services too).
    The World cup builds up over a 4 year period.
    There is a LOT of games that go into a team makign and playing in The Cup.
    In the USA, there was a lady that worked at a Church that I went to, and when her team made it to the playoff she openly said in Church she would be at home watching the games.
    Here most Churches would rather just not have a service and bring in a projector or a Big Screen and watch the Brasilian Nation team play in the Cup.
    Brasil does not go to war.
    Brasil does not usually get
    into international mess.
    Brasil would need a lot of time to relate
    to the NFL…though the desire is growing for many to know more about the NFL, most people here know less about the NFL than Florio seems to know about Soccer…and that says a lot.
    There is no other sport like the NFL.
    After my family and English, I miss
    watching NFL games jsut about as much as
    anything…but please do not trash other sports-
    whatever they are. Let them play, let them watch, be happy you live in a country where you can see what you want. Be happy that the Superbowl is every year!
    Sorry for the length,
    just something to think about.

  155. Florio,
    You often, and proudly, bring up your Italian heritage. Nothing wrong with that, I have a little Italian in my blood, as well. Soccer is THE game in Italy and has been for decades. I’m curious, are you claiming your ancestors were ignorant fools for watching or was escaping soccer the sole reason they came to America?

  156. Wow…I have been coming here to read football news for quiet some time and never have I read such a worthless piece of garbage.
    The two sports are completely different. Soccer is about endurance, patience and finesse. Football is about speed and power, so much so that players can only get through 16 games. There is absolutely no comparison between the two sports.
    Majority of Americans have no emotional attachment to soccer, thus they don’t care about the World Cup or the MLS. Europe and the rest of the world are at the other end of the spectrum. It comes from decades of watching the game with their families and friends, seeing players like Pele and Maradona and watching their teams win and lose in the World Cup. For many poorer countries, such as Ghana, winning a World Cup game is an event that lifts the spirit of the entire nation.
    Also take into account that most people are not as wealthy as Americans. To play soccer all you need is a ball, to play football you need expensive gear. Soccer is a practical and affordable game for the entire planet.
    Similarly, not having been born in the U.S., I find baseball, “the great America past-time”, a complete bore to watch. Perhaps my attitude and opinion of baseball is similar to what many Americans think of soccer.
    I find it offensive, arrogant and plain stupid to say “all the world is wrong and America is right because we watch/play our own style of football.”
    Both sports, soccer and football, display great athleticism and should be appreciated by their own fans in their own right.
    My conclusion is that Florio might know a good amount about football, but unless he wrote this article just to piss of a lot of people, he is a complete moron when it comes to anything else.

  157. # Panther51 says: June 13, 2010 7:11 PM
    I did not watch the soccer game, and guess what I did not miss anything. They might as well shook hands at the beginning and gone for a beer because the result is the same. I treated it like the NBA, flip over and see what the score is. The wife hated the horns so I had to go to mute after that. Personally I was pulling for England so the US can go ahead and lose and I can stop hearing about this crap. Frankly the Billy the Exterminator marathon on A&E was way more exciting than the game.
    And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are not sophisticated.

  158. Holy shit Florio!!–listen to all these soccer fags kickin’ ya in the nuts with their light loafers—And why to the 90 assholes supporting soccer try to pigeonhole people that don’t as close-minded??—Soccer blows

  159. Hey Ryan T – Your right there is only 1 NFL (I love it by the way)
    There are, however, more than 50 soccer leagues and just in Europe the have revenues of over 20 billion USD (not counting champions league or tournaments). So if you want to count the dollars….
    How’s that for an inconvenient fact?

  160. i am not a soccer fan but i enjoy the world cup. i would really like to finally see a columbus crew game this summer. never been to the stadium but i have driven past it many times and i think it would be fun.

  161. I am doing exaclty what I and all of you should not be doing – responding to this poor excuse for journalism. What these contributers are tracked and rated on is actually how many responses they get, in turn allowing msnbc to tabulate how many readers they have for their content. However what this person is doing is basically cheating and just throwing out some trash of an opinion – very short on vision and understanding – he is smarter than this – I think…but is banking on the passion and knowledge of all those who oppose his views. So – good job for bulking up your numbers, but its a short term gain for you.

  162. I really like this site, but don’t understand why you would write something so mean spirited and aggressive.
    It doesn’t really matter what you think though, because the majority of the world disagrees with you. It’s just disappointing that you wasted time on this and made yourself look a bit petulant.

  163. Last I checked, NFL games take over 3 hours to watch them complete a “60 minute” game… of which there is only 10-12 minutes of actual action… And you’re saying that there is too much downtime in soccer???? I love both sports… it’s just a funny argument on why one is better than the other… LOL… don’t let the facts get in the way on that one bud!

  164. I root for the U.S., but soccer is boring. That is just a fact. Same thing with hockey. That’s why nobody in the U.S. watches both sports. This article was just as boring, but it sure got a load of responses.

  165. It is obvious that most of the Soccer fans posting on this article are either non-Americans or pathetically apologetic, sniveling, and spineless “Americans” who are ashamed of their own country.
    Well, move to Europe and let us “rednecks” (it’s obvious you don’t know the meaning of the term, btw), have the country to ourselves.
    As far as the Englishmen posting on this site: what was the score again? A 1-1 draw? Ha ha Once again the English are the most overrated team in international soccer.

  166. Just wow. How stupid you are to think that American Football will ever be able to be much anything more than a tiny sport outside North America. It’s too expensive and too complicated for it to gain any substantial popularity internationally. Not too mention a lot of the world dislikes the USA and will be adverse to bothering with it because of that reason alone. Soccer (real football) is the most popular sport in the world by light years.
    The beauty of it is that the tension throughout the game is so high because the entire game can be decided by 2-3 kicks. You people who claim that it’s boring (really only because you don’t care who’s playing) are really missing out on one of the best sporting experiences there is. Obviously the NFL is beautiful, but it’s really an acquired taste, and only a small population outside the USA will ever be interested in it. Soccer on the other hand is huge, and the only international tournament where pretty much EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD really wants to win is the FIFA World Cup.
    It just occurred to me as I see this post is the most commented that Florio possibly posted this in order to increase the internet traffic that comes to his site to comment on his dumb post.

  167. It is obvious, that a soccer website linked to this article and thus we are subjected to a bunch of soccer morons damning us for not liking their effete “sport.”
    Why, don’t you stick to your pansy soccer websites and leave American Football fans alone?
    You won’t convert many with insults and lies. Read most of the soccer fan posts and you can see the anti-American rhetoric that most of them employ. Disgusting and pathetic! If you hate America and Americans, then get the hell out!
    We embarrass you? How the hell do you think pathetic quislings like you make us feel?

  168. I mean if it’s not your cup of tea, you don’t have to like it.
    But to say it takes no athleticism is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site.

  169. Florio,
    Once again pure genius! I was excited all saturday morning as I was planning to go to my british friends house for the game! After enjoying the entire bland affair I was able to do what??? I don’t know it was a freakin tie? How can an entire nation rally around a tie?
    I tried and I love my kids early morning efforts at ties but it just makes me realize how thankful I am for the BALTIMORE RAVENS!!!!

  170. Wow, Florio. Well done. Usually you need a Tom Brady manpurse reference or another Roethlisberger rape victim to get this kind of response.

  171. Just a pointless ignorant article. I’ve always been a huge fan of this website for it’s great insight into the football world. However, to show such a lack of respect for one of the greatest sports in the world has lessened my respect for you greatly.
    I understand how ESPN can be extremely annoying with the way they market/promote things that are nonsense (constant polls and stupid bits) but the world cup is the greatest sporting event that brings huge amounts of pride to the majority of the world.
    Bottom lines: That article was a stupid rant you should have kept to yourself.

  172. Not sure which is worse about soccer, the fact that it’s rare for a goal to be score (two goals by one team in a game is worthy of a national holiday) or the fact that’s it’s almost as rare that some team actually wins (or loses) a match.

  173. Terrific article and its the truth! The only holes that needs plugged now are the Kardashian’s!

  174. Typical example of American arrogance/ignorance/stupidity: if I don’t understand something, it must be wrong.
    No wonder the entire world hates your stupid country and is watching happily as it goes down in flames consumed by its own hubris and greed.

  175. The WWL is completely out of control with the way they’ve force fed us this lame playground game. That pathetic “I scored a goal in the World Cup” feature that they air every day? Sad. Would they air “I kicked a field goal in the wild-card round of the playoffs and we still lost” feature? Just need to tough it out for a few more months – the actual World Cup and then the inevitable proclamations about soccer now being a major sport in the U.S.- before we can all get on with our lives and Soccer Fan can crawl back under his rock.

  176. It’s amazing how many people missed the point of the arcticle. It is an absolute fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not like soccer and do not watch.
    The point of the article is that despite that indisputable fact, ESPN and pro-soccer people will promote this World Cup as a must see event and if you don’t agree, you’re either unpatriotic or you’re just too dumb to appreciate the greatness of soccer like the rest of the world.
    That is crap. Just look at all the soccer people complaining in this thread and calling those who dislike soccer “closed minded.” I’ll tell you what’s closed minded, is assuming that the ONLY reason why Americans don’t like soccer is because we don’t understand it. It’s a very simple game. We get it. We just don’t like it because it’s very boring.
    I watched every second of the match (see that soccer guys, i said match instead of game to show my open-mindedness). I found it boring and most of all frustrating.
    It is nearly impossible to score in soccer unless the other team makes a mistake or gets tired, or if they just plain stink. The offsides rule kills scoring.
    Imagine a WR running past the Safety getting open deep for a 50 yard TD reception. In soccer, that’s a penalty. The WR would not be allowed to run past the Safety without the ball. Imagine if basketball didn’t allow fast breaks. Imagine if baseball had no strikezone, so pitchers could just throw unhittable pitches all game. That’s soccer.

  177. @ MODESTO
    Hey slugger, I am assuming you arent from America right? OK so the fact that you are speaking English as opposed to a type of German would indicate that you should thank us and shut your damn mouth.

  178. It’s funny…the rest of the world thinks you should learn a real sport. Another thing that’s funny is that offending the fans of futbol doesn’t legitimize football or any other sport. The fact is, futbol/soccer fans don’t sit around talking about baseball, football, basketball, or hockey (unless they are fans of that sport as well). Anyone who reads this #$*%#! disguised as an article/blog entry, laughs at you. Your lack of understanding bleeds through your words and with each period you put at the end of these poorly thought out sentences, you look more and more uneducated. Why fault a game that actually makes it more difficult to score, adding to the suspense and glory…and just because a TD in football is worth 6 points doesn’t make it better than a goal. I don’t want you to like futbol, I just want you to shut up and do what your paid to do. Stick to what you know, and let the “rest of the world” handle what we know.

  179. This is stupid, I love the NFL and I love football, but this talk of american football taking over as the most popular sport in the world is nonsense. I’ve been coming to this site for the last 4 years, and Florio puts out at least a couple of articles per year talking about his fantasy of the NFL becoming the beatiful game worldwide. I’m sorry, I don’t see little kids in Buenos Aires forgetting about Boca Juniors and start following the Buenos Aires Gauchos, or little kids in Madrid rooting for the Madrid Matadors instead of Real Madrid, or little kids in Istanbul….Rome…London….Marseille…..Munich….Copenhagen…..Sao Paulo….Barcelona…Guadalajara….etc…etc…etc

  180. Like soccer or not, the actual meaning and significance of the World Cup is much greater than the game itself.
    End Discussion/
    Go Panthers.

  181. Best article in years Florio!
    Still rolling over the “Ultimate Frisbee played with feet” comment. LOL
    To the moron who said regarding real football – “It’s too expensive and too complicated for it to gain any substantial popularity internationally”
    Then the rest of the world should get richer and smarter my friend… because soccer and boring are… just damn!
    Dexter Morgan says: “Americans don’t like soccer, that’s fine, but don’t act like you’re better because of it.”
    Psssst… Dexter. It’s not an act.
    In any case… great job driving up your views and traffic Florio – by picking on the the worlds unfortunates (aka soccer fans), and telling the god’s honest truth at the same time.

  182. Yeah, you weak Euro punks hate America, yet you want us to love your effete sport of soccer?
    You hate us because your jealous of American power and prestige.
    You Euro-trash run to us hat in hand for money all the time! When Greece needed bailing out you ran to good ol’ Uncle Sam.
    It is a habit you picked up since we saved your ungrateful asses in WWI and WWII and then saved Europe from communism and becoming a 3rd world hell hole with the Marshall Plan.
    We forgive you your envy but show some respect to the nation that saved your bacon on several occassions. Ok, Euro-trash?

  183. did any of you watch that game yesterday? that HISTORIC matchup? the BIGGEST soccer game in US history?
    what a f–king waste of 2 hours!

  184. WTF? You should stick to “football” if you dont like FOOTBALL. I come to this website to read about “american football” as we call it back home and not a biased rant about football.Even your use of “futball” is totally wrong,it just how other countries call it or in other words spell it.You should not write about something you do not understand just to bash it.Do you remember how the NFL Europa league faired in Europe?I dont like baseball but I am not going to bash it because its not my sport,I didnt grow up with it,dont even understand what the heck they are doing but I just SWITCH it off when it comes on.I first couldnt stand “american football” because I couldnt understand it but the fact that I am on this website should tell you what I learned later.Just as you have the right to say what ever you want also means you can switch off your freaking TV!!! What in the name of God happened to journalism? Blogging I guess.Just stick to what you know.

  185. This was a waste of an article. People who don’t like football, American football, ex 2tremely boring. 10 sec of play, with 2 minutes of huddles and replays of everything. Every sport is boring, except hockey IMO. Football, if you boil it has probably minutes of action, if you’re lucky, in an entire game. Baseball, wow, I won’t even go there. NBA, zzzzz, and refs that call what they want, just like WWE. The same people who don’t like soccer, probably love golf and Nascar too. If you don’t

  186. believe it fantastic to be so passion about your sport,as American I prefer my sports,and the reasoning is in America where brought up with winning and scoring and defensive set up,I believe that NFL player could not compete in an elite soccer league as I believe that a soccer player would not compete in American football except if he is a kicker,the reason I believe that NFL player is not capable of running all day as in soccer,just as I believe that a soccer would not go over the middle to catch a pass,because of it being phyical.The main difference between Soccer and American sports is the traveling if I am right which I do not know I am guessing that elite team do not travel as much as the American sports team in a shorter period of time,as in Baseball you can have as many as 15 to 17 games in a row and travel over a hundred thousand miles in a couple of weeks without a day off.
    Here is another difference if I am right,soccer is developed in leagues throughout Europe and south America and throughout the world and then they get drafted into teams or promoted,I think that’s how it done,In America its a process from little league to grammar school to high school,to college, its based on the educational process,also I believe that soccer is more popular in poorer countries because of what it cost to play the game,and in other countries it`S really the only sport that is sanction by their government,not like the US which pays from grammar school to college for equipment to play the other sports.I am 53 years old have know many kids who have played soccer and loved it,get to high school and realize that the way to get sports scholasrship is playing other sports,because there are not that many soccer scholarship,and the reason that is because college soccer could never support itself in this country.A good example is duke or north carolina usc they draw maybe if lucky about 800-1000 fans while in football season its not unusal to draw 80,000 to 100,000 for a football game,it comes down to what help support the university.

  187. I believe the reason football never took hold in other countries,is because of the educational system,football american style is very complicated soccer a child understands.It takes an educated mind to understand certain thing in life soccer is not one of those,you find nfl boring again the reason you cannot comprehend whats going on,and with the game of soccer the only thing you have to do is was them run up and down and try to kick a ball into oversize net, you do not need intelligence for that

  188. american football is too slow and boring for other countries. 3 hours to play 4x 15 minute quarters
    and we named our sport wrong. and rugby is more exciting than american football
    author just sounds like a usual xenophobe livin in a trailer

  189. A couple of things surprised Florio when he wrote this article. Yeah he got his reaction, but he probably felt that a majority of readers on this site shared his asinine views on soccer, well i guess he was wrong since about 80-90% of the responses do like soccer and definately acknowledge that this article was written in poor taste even if they didnt follow soccer. So Florio enjoy this month and yes its a goal

  190. Horrible, just horrible, the only reason he is beating the sport down is because NBC doesn’t broadcast it… i have officially deleted PFT from my favouites bar, can’t read articles from someone who is as ignorant as Florio, this is just tasteless, discusting, self absorbant, narrow minded, pig headed, one sided, embarrasing and plain rude journalism. Now please excuse me while i head to Foxsports for all of my news updates as they are clearly the better and more classy option here (that is even hard to type let alone think). The worst part here is i don’t even really care for ‘Football’ (the original). Good Bye and Good Night PFT, you are officially dead to me.

  191. RyanT. says:
    June 13, 2010 4:37 PM
    “Justin, so you call me a “moron” and then claim that the NHL is “phasing oit Canadians.”
    Hilarious! Just in you are the king of all morons.
    Example for my point about your sheer and utter stupidity: 2/3rds of all NHL players are Canadians!”
    Yet, the majority of NHL teams are in American cities with American fans paying American dollars to attend them…
    Also, if you’re going to call someone a moron then you might want to spellcheck first because that’s just easy ammunition.

  192. For a sports reporter, you really have a closed mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love football. But I really love the world’s football, a game that requires more than just kicking. If soccer really was how you described it, it would be a kid’s game where all the players charge the ball. But there is so much more to the sport. Their is so many strategies and formations you can play. The passion is so intense from teams that represent entire countries. Billions of people watch to support their country, so no one can say soccer is unpopular. Perhaps it is hard to watch if you don’t understand the sport, but when you do understand, it is the greatest sport to watch, and even greater to play. I also play soccer, and it is not an easy sport where you can just kick and hope it goes into the net. I want to keep going but I don’t want to spend forever on this site. I realize that this is a football site, but it is uncool to report on it with such a terrible bias. Please, if you don’t like the sport and you are asked to report on it, pass the assignment on to somebody who actually enjoys the sport. There are billions of people out there who do.

  193. @ Chapnasty
    Yes, because Americans invented English, right? (English-England, ring a bell? No, sorry, you’re American. Go eat a hamburger and a hot dog so you can add to the national fatness).

  194. “Oh I get soccer, it’s all about creating angles and passing lanes. That’s fine, Americans already have a perfectly good sport that uses soccer techniques. We call it basketball and we dropped that stupid offside rule. You don’t want to get beat deep then you better have a freaking man back to protect your goalie.”
    Doesn’t sound like you get soccer at all mate.
    Look, I am from the UK and a huge NFL fan, I literally live for it. When the season ends, it is a horrible moment that leaves a huge void in my life. I spend plenty of time talking to people about the game when they ask about it, hell a couple of weeks ago I actually gave a lecture on it at my college.
    What this article does is attempt to create a choice between the two sports which doesn’t need to exist – at least, if we want to spread the word, it had better not. Soccer is a great sport, provokes feelings, engrosses millions. Just because you can’t understand it does not make soccer ‘worse’ than Football.
    The whole tone of the article is staggeringly xenophobic. I actually feel a bit uncomfortable, but judging by the comments, it seems you’ve misjudged plenty of your fellow countrymen – something that at least is reassuring.
    Your final point about the oil spill is just plain offensive. I have no knowledge of the situation, but I imagine BP themselves aren’t sitting on their hands hoping the whole thing clears up on it’s own whilst billions get wiped off the value of the company. It’s not like you telling them this will somehow clear up what they need to do. ‘Ah, plug the damn hole, why didn’t I think of that?’
    All of this without mentioning Exxon Valdez, the Prestige, or any of the other countless disasters attributed to negligence on behalf of U.S registered companies. I think you should be ashamed of a cringeworthy article, but as I say, I admire the response of the commenters on here, who seem to have a rather larger brain capacity than you.

  195. Ha, I figured everyone would get all worked up and red-faced over this article. Soccer blows. Just catch the 30 seconds of highlights on Sportscenter and save yourself a few wasted hours.

  196. Shawn. Lowrie,
    Oh my! The English would never be guilty of “xenophobia” now would they?
    Do me a favor, go to the UK Times online and in the search field type “NFL International.”
    See, the NFL sold-out Wembley Stadium easily, and your British reporters did not like that one bit.
    So, clean your own “home” of xenophobia before you worry about ours.

  197. Modesto,
    Listen you Euro-trash tick, obesity is on the rise in the UK as well.
    And, at least our women aren’t drunken trollops with horrible snaggle teeth like your English women.
    Go to the dentist. There really have been great advances in Dentistry. Your nation doesn’t have to lead the world in retched teeth anymore if you’d just take care of them.
    Oh and wear deodorant and shower more than once a week, will ya?

  198. I just pulled some stats…
    203 shots in 8 games – of which only 33% were on net and only 6% scored. Also in terms of fouls committed…197 in those same 8 games.
    There is equal parts diving in soccer than shots on goal. I can’t respect that as a sport.
    Thing is…I’m kind of the same way with Football. I endure commercials (which soccer doesn’t have) and 4 yard clock draining drives for a FG attempt or a punt.
    At least with hockey the clock stops when the play ends. It’s 60 mins of action.

  199. @ Modesto
    Obviously they educate you guys pretty well over there. I obvioulsy understand the origins of the English language before hip hop an text messaging destroyed it, I am referring to when we saved your sorry backsides in WWI and WWII. OUR brave men and women are why you don’t speak German.
    Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you today. It’s a little slow at the office today. And by Office, I am referring to our actually funny version of the show on these very own NBC networks.

  200. you are an idiot florio!
    just curious why is it so exciting to see a great pitching duel in baseball when the score ends up 1-0? there is no offense there yet people go crazy over it.
    maybe you should actually learn something about the sport before you dismiss it and bash it.
    can you kick the ball and make it bend and curve to your will? can most people? hell no! soccer takes a lot of talent and is very strategic.
    again do some research and maybe watch some games before you shoot your mouth off you idiot.

  201. jimm did your mom help you type your comment?
    no intelligence to understand soccer? maybe on an extremely high level but to truly understand it take much more than any intelligence you obviously have.

  202. Ryan T,
    First of all, I’m not from the UK, but I understand your assumption because, as an American, you must not know there are many more countries in the world.
    Second, as it’s already been pointed out to you, why don’t you first learn your language? (obviously, as an American, it’s unthinkable that you could learn another language, so concentrate on trying to learn your own correctly):
    “You hate us because your jealous of American power and prestige.”
    Since you won’t even know where your mistake is, let me point it out to you: it’s not “your jealous”, it’s “you’re” or, so you can understand it better, “you are”.
    Third, American prestige? Half of the world hates you and the other laughs at your stupidity. When the Chinese decide to pull the rug out from under you and ask you to pay back the billions and billions you’ve loaned to keep on eating hamburgers and nachos, the concept of “superpower” will be a distant memory. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy your freedom and liberties by drowning in beer, junk food and sports.
    You’ve got the great life in your country. Enjoy while the last neurons last!

  203. Modesto,
    Ah, you are quite the pedantic little moron aren’t you?
    Look at your own post, Modesto!
    You are missing adverbs all over the place.
    But, since you are obviosuly foreign dreg, you probably wouldn’t understand what an adverb is or does.
    For example: “Enjoy while the last neurons last.”
    You’re missing an IT as in “Enjoy it”, because moron you’re insult makes no sense without the word IT after Enjoy. And, that is just one example. Go back to Mexico, Modesto.

  204. @ modesto
    I personally don’t care if the world hates us. Good. Envy is a great thing. The fact that you think all of us eat fastfood and drink beer is also humerous and shows your ignorance above and beyond any lack of intelligence you have inferred upon us. While I personally enjoy beer, fastfood is repulsive. And I am not sure if you are aware, and obviously you aren’t, most Americans don’t actually enjoy American Beer. Most of us drink beer from other countries as it tastes far better.
    We also have no need to learn any other language. The rest of the world learns ours. It is a great thing. I am also pretty sure most of the world will accept American currecny as opposed to how we handle things. We send you to customs to exchange your paper for our money. Not to mention the EU is actually crawling to us for a bailout, your stock market is directly impacted by what our stock market does.
    Should I go on? While I enjoy meeting people and making friends with people from all over the world, I cannot stand the select ignorant few like you who give everyone a bad name. You are like the illegal immigrant who rapes and murders a woman giving an unfair negative perception to all hispanics. It’s a terrible thing and most of us who are intelligent enough to know better don’t pay attention, but idiots like base your entire opinion off of some fat redneck slob.

  205. Ryan T,
    Even something you can use and undertand like a Google search will show you that the phrase is correct. Your failure to make sense of it only proves that you are indeed using the very last of your neurons.
    As I said, enjoy while they last!

  206. Hey RyanT, what sort of Irish are you, real Irish or the “my great great great great grandfather came over on a boat so I am Irish” sort? I live here, work here and Football/Soccer is massive. GAA is also huge, so is Rugby, but Soccer is a massive national pastime and passion played in every town and village.

  207. Where are you from Modesto?
    You should be proud of the Third World Hell Hole from which you were spawned….

  208. For the foreigners decrying the NFL and proclaiming it has “no chance” of gaining popularity outside of the USA:
    You may want to Google, “NFL International Series.”
    The NFL had no problem selling out their games in London’s Wembley Stadium, much to the chagrin of the British press.
    The NFL also had no problem selling out Aztec Stadium in Mexico City for a freaking pre-season game!

  209. Ryan T,
    I’m from the Great People’s Republic of Granada. We study in straw universities and don’t even have clean water but, as you can clearly see, even under these conditions we are much smarter and well educated than you and your fellow dumbed-down and fat countrymen.
    God bless McDonald’s and MTV.
    In stupidity we trust.
    Long live the great cultural heritage of the American Empire!

  210. dmciggle,
    I’m the type of Irishman that does his research before you spouting off. For example: the government of Ireland sets the matter straight in their report entitled: “Sport in Ireland”:
    Gaelic football is the most popular sport in Ireland in terms of match attendance and community involvement, and represents 34% of total sports attendances at events in Ireland and abroad, followed by hurling at 23%, soccer at 16% and rugby at 8%, and Initiative’s ViewerTrack study measuring 2005 sports audiences showed the sport’s highest-profile match, the All-Ireland Football Final, to be the most watched event of the nation’s sporting year.[2] Swimming, golf, aerobics, soccer, cycling, Gaelic football and billiards/snooker are the sporting activities with the highest levels of playing participation.

  211. When games get out of the opening rounds (when ties are really great finishes for many teams), the games will be much more compelling and entertaining for the average American fan who thinks American football is the only sport worth a damn.
    Usually, many dummies out there only like whats “cool” to the people they idolize. I bet if Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Phillip Rivers, and Tony Romo came out and said they absolutely love watching the World Cup than over half of the readers on here would automatically become life long soccer fans.

  212. Modesto,
    Ok professor. I’ll keep your words of “wisdom” in mind, while you pray for your Chinese overlords to take down the USA.
    Modesto, you’re a joke man!

  213. Modesto,
    I forgive you for your bitterness and jealousy.
    If I was from the “Great” (snicker), Republic of Grenada, I’d probably be as warped and bitter as you are.
    Btw, genius: you misspelled Grenada, unless you meant the Spanish province of Granada, (which I hate to break it to you is not a Republic, since Spain has a king).

  214. dmciggle,
    According to the official statistics, Soccer only accounts for 16% of attendance and participation in the Republic of Ireland.
    16% may seem “massive” to you, but it really only represents a small minority.
    Much like Soccer in the USA, it is far from being the most popular sport in Ireland.

  215. Can´t we all just get along?
    NFL: great sport
    Soccer, football, futbol, futebol, fussball, voetbal, calcio (you know this word Florio, you should): great sport
    Greatest world sport event: World Cup Final, unfortunantely happens only every four year
    2nd greatest world sport event: tie between Super Bowl and Champions League final…
    Will NFL one day become most popular sport worldwide? No way.
    Will soccer one day be as popular as the NFL in the USA? No way.
    But there is no reason why one person cannot enjoy soccer and the NFL, I lived as a teenager in the USA and at first I was lost, no soccer coverage at all, couldn’t get highlights, just barely results on the newspapers (no internet back then) so I decided to learn about american sports….basketball is truly international and it was fun to watch the Celtics (Larry Bird) Lakers (Magic, Kareem, James Worthy) or a young Michael Jordan….baseball puts me to sleep, I’m sorry….but the NFL was truly exceptional, I was lucky enough I guess to have lived in South Florida during the Marino prime years, and it was fantastic….I still consider myself a huge fan of the game, I have even set up a fantasy league to play with my friends.
    Anyway, both are great sports. Go Dolphins y vamos Argentina!!!!

  216. RyanT, so you do not answer what sort of “irish” you are. will guess you have never even visited as your observations of irish life are based on reading government reports not on any personal evidence.
    Your arguments are crap, by the way. Earlier you said Rugby is bigger than ssoccer then you cite official reports saying soccer is twice as big as rugby. You say that there are four or five major sports in Ireland and that soccer is the smallest and then cite a report that soccer has almost 20% of the participation?
    Soccer is the global team participation and spectator sport, it does not make it better than another sport, but your attempts to argue that any other team sport is played and watched as widely as any soccer is futile.
    Finally, in response to the pathetic anti-british bullsh*t you spout that the NFL game sold out to the chagrin of the british press, the british papaers wnet crazy with enthusiasim about the nfl games year after year running 8 page pull outs on the games and the teams and running competitions to win tickets. That is another example of your and florio’s appalling racist xenephobia. The brits embrace US companies and US people, they forgive them Piper Alpha and Union Carbide, they support their misguided wars because they are allies and cultural friends. They embrace their sports and their customs. Many americans do the same, but the loud ugly brutish minority like you and florio hate what you do not understand, and fear anything that is different. I love america and chose to take citizenship, I embraced the america that embodies so many of the values that make the world a better place. However, as in most cultures, not far beneath the surface is the ugly small mionded racism that you embody.

  217. dmciggle,
    What is this hostility you soccer fans have towards official statistics?
    I’ve been to Ireland a few times and many of my cousins still live there.
    I cited the official government stats because that is the only scientific way to prove that GAA is more popular than soccer, by a wide margin.
    I am not anti-British. I rather like the UK, but just because I hate the lousy sport of soccer, you assume I hate all British people. Fine. Make assumptions all you want to. I like Rugby. Why you English people prefer Soccer to Rugby is a bit of a mystery to me, and while I think your daft, I don’t hate you.

  218. dmciggle,
    If it makes you feel any better my all time favorite band is Def Leppard.
    They hail from Sheffield, England.
    I’m not a “xenophobe” or a “racist” like you claim.
    If I hated English people than why would my favorite band be English?

  219. Pellucov is spot on. No need for bitter tit-for-tat.
    To be honest, the first 10 games haven’t been so great (though the Germany-Australia game was ok) as teams try desperately not to lose. It’s always a bit of an anti-climax that hots up through the rest of the competition.
    I just hope that we don’t have more of this kind of bizarre crossover stuff on here again. I come here for NFL news and to be truthful, the site has gone downhill in that respect lately too. If I had to put up with odd Brit-bashing I’d probably just go elsewhere.

  220. I would also like to point out to all of those people that say Futbol, the game you Americans call soccer, that if you look up the origin of the word soccer; it is a BRITISH word!

  221. “boknowsvt says:
    June 13, 2010 2:18 PM
    If the guy is so ignorant, the why do you read his stuff? Why don’t you take your own advise: If you don’t like Florio, don’t read his posts.”
    I come here for the NFL news genius, not his views on soccer. That’s why I said “if you don’t like soccer, keep it off this site”.

  222. “pellucov says:
    June 14, 2010 11:09 AM
    Can´t we all just get along?
    NFL: great sport
    Soccer, football, futbol, futebol, fussball, voetbal, calcio (you know this word Florio, you should): great sport
    Greatest world sport event: World Cup Final, unfortunantely happens only every four year
    2nd greatest world sport event: tie between Super Bowl and Champions League final…
    Will NFL one day become most popular sport worldwide? No way.
    Will soccer one day be as popular as the NFL in the USA? No way.
    But there is no reason why one person cannot enjoy soccer and the NFL, I lived as a teenager in the USA and at first I was lost, no soccer coverage at all, couldn’t get highlights, just barely results on the newspapers (no internet back then) so I decided to learn about american sports….basketball is truly international and it was fun to watch the Celtics (Larry Bird) Lakers (Magic, Kareem, James Worthy) or a young Michael Jordan….baseball puts me to sleep, I’m sorry….but the NFL was truly exceptional, I was lucky enough I guess to have lived in South Florida during the Marino prime years, and it was fantastic….I still consider myself a huge fan of the game, I have even set up a fantasy league to play with my friends.
    Anyway, both are great sports. Go Dolphins y vamos Argentina!!!!”
    Wow, great post! (Makes sense since you’re a Dolphins fan 😉
    And I agree completely. I don’t see why people can’t enjoy both. I know I do.

  223. I dont like “futbol” either. But Florio, this is dumb. Just because you have freedom of typing whatever goes through your head doesn’t mean you should. Example A: this article.

  224. Football is a more rational game than soccer. You draw lots of plays, and emphasize execution. There is not much room for improvisation.
    Soccer is a more creative game. Scoring is hard, cannot usually be planned, and it often takes the spontaneous and technically superb cooperation of several players in order to accomplish.
    While in football you can settle for FGs and win a game that way, in soccer anything less than the perfection of the full thing means nothing. Often a team comes “this” close to scoring without succeeding, building the tension up, only to have the other team score in their first reasonable attempt and take the game.
    So that’s some reasons why you would like soccer, if you were to take the time to build rapport with the sport.

  225. Me Florio. Me like big men run into each other. Me like big scores. Me dumb man. Me no know better.
    You’re opinion on this Florio is equivalent to that of a caveman.

  226. Hey peruano88:
    It is “your” not “you’re.” Your grammar is equivalent to that of a caveman.

  227. Seriously people. We’re pitting apples against oranges here. I already laid into Florio for making a fool of himself for the 1000th time. Now, for everyone who is on here making personal attacks, you’ve lost sight of this whole thing. Soccer does not need new fans. Especially people who have already decided that it is not worth his/her time. I’m a huge sports fan. I’m more than likely one of the biggest Chicago Bear’s fans on this planet. I coincidentally played Division 1 soccer in college. The rest of the world is not a true statement. I have traveled a large portion of the world playing soccer, and not everyone loves it. Just like not everyone here loves the NFL. In the end it’s about respect. If you can’t respect me for what I enjoy, choose to watch, play or what ever….then leave me alone. This article and the arguments that followed were to be related to sport. Not where you’re from and the proper use of this, that, and the other. I guess it all depends on what your definition of is is.

  228. I love soccer. I’ve played it my whole life. The World Cup is exciting. It’s continuous action, not like American football (or handball) where there’s eight to thirteen minutes of action and the rest is walking and talking. If you don’t like it, go watch reruns of Muder She Wrote.

  229. As one poster put it, it solely depends on the individual but I will say that close-minded people will never get it. Its sad that you folks won’t even give it a chance but then again you’d eat your own to have the NFL season start up tomorrow. Pathetic, unpatriotic lumps of shit you all are. You’re prolly the same idiots who think the Olympics suck too.

  230. Okay, I usually am against the idea of watching soccer, but I work with one of my best friends, who is Mexican/Columbian, and he has gotten me to watch it. I am still not a fan, but I did catch part of the England America game as I was at Buffalo Wild Wings, It was fun when America scored but outside of that, there really isn’t a lot of excitement.
    To the people that compare football to soccer is crazy, As a true fan of the NFL every play is exciting. There is just so much going on on the field.
    And baseball is definitely more exciting then soccer. in soccer if you are behind by one point there is a chance you will never get that point, or it will take the rest of the game to get it, but in baseball everytime someone is at bat there is a chance they will hit a homerun and tie the game, or if someone is on base when the homerun is hit suddenly the other team has the lead, it is impossible for a comeback like that to happen in soccer.

  231. masturbate on your own time, florio.
    don’t waste ours with your overtly ignorant ejaculations.

  232. It’s possible to like both sports, you dumbass.
    Reporting what you think instead of reporting important information about the NFL– is exactly why I’m jumping ship from this site at the first opportunity. There will be a copycat soon enough, with a similar format, but without you & your merry band of idiots.
    What you don’t understand is that SOCCER CAME FIRST AND THAT’S WHY THE REST OF THE WORLD LOVES IT. It’s the sport that they knew first, and they’re having as tough a time adjusting to our sport as we are to theirs. However, I don’t see FIFA cramming soccer down Americans’ throats the way Goodell is trying to ruin the NFL regular season with games outside of the States.
    That doesn’t make soccer ‘better’ than football, it just makes it better established.
    Hell, I live in Texas; to mention soccer in the same sentence as football is sacrilege. I love football more than I love air.
    Our country began as a colony and evolved its own sports culture apart from the rest of the world, with little outside influence, in conjunction with our own evolving American badass attitudes, hence the awesomely violent sport of football.
    Americans should at least learn to respect the sport of soccer, even if it’s less entertaining. If you can’t get on board with rooting for our country, even if it’s because it’s the only sport we’re never favored in, then just shut up in front of the people that care about it. You’re losing us, Florio.
    USA! USA! USA!
    Go Texans!

  233. robert ethen says:
    June 13, 2010 2:11 PM
    It’s the beautiful game. Your ancestors will be turning over in their graves. Finish scratching your ass, sit back on that plaid couch, and shut up. The rest of us are trying to watch the World Cup.
    Then what the hell are you doing commenting on this site. If you lawn ferries are so busy watching this over blown specticle, I would figure you should not have time to comment or even read this thread. It’s not like we spend Super bowl sunday logging in to http://www.lawnferry.com
    P.S. I love my plaid couch. I probably beats the $hi+ out of the plastic 5 gal. bucket your sitting on. You 3rd world dirt farmer.

  234. Forio, this is so lame……even for you…..Bashing ESPN, Football, and BP just to make your nbc masters happy??? Really, really LAME!!!

  235. Mr. Florio, for once, you and I are in agreement. The only thing worse than watching soccer is watching the PGA. At least, soccer isn’t nearly as pretentious as men’s professional golf. What’s all the hoopla about the World Cup?
    Brazil is going to win it all, anyway.
    And for all those Rugby fans who think American football is for wimps. I wish there was a way to bring the Rugby players to the U.S., suit em up and let them play American football with the Pittsburgh Steelers just once. We’ll see if the rugby players have a day’s work ahead of them.

  236. Florio doesn’t like soccer. Florio doesn’t understand why people like soccer. Florio doesn’t like ESPN. Florio writes about stuff he doesn’t understand. When it comes to stuff you don’t understand, my advice to you Florio is to “PLUG UP THAT DAMN HOLE”. Stick to your post baiting, Favre-watching, NFL-player-tampering conspiracy theory stories. They are what generates the rare gems and (sometimes) hilarious, oftentimes pathetic commentary that most people really come here for.

  237. Ryan T said:
    “If it makes you feel any better my all time favorite band is Def Leppard.
    They hail from Sheffield, England.
    I’m not a “xenophobe” or a “racist” like you claim.
    If I hated English people than why would my favorite band be English?”
    Maybe it’s because Def Leppard are the Devil’s creation of US bland rock (Boston, Journey etc) spawned in a Mutt Lange test-tube, dimwit?
    I’ve read your (or should it be “you’re”) posts in this particular feed. From here to Granada, or Grenada. Do yourself a favour and resist the urge to express yourself via a keyboard. You do NOT come out of it well.
    Neurons etc. Love and kisses from the homeland.

  238. This article obviously didn’t take much thought! It is short on fact with lots of boorishness!
    Notwithstanding the complete lack of understanding of football you clearly do not understand anything about BP either!
    Cast your mind back to 1998, if your brain has that ability and you will remember a merger between two oil giants – British Petroleum (BP) and American Oil Corporation (Amoco) formerly Standard Oil COmpany of Indiana.. The merged company – BP Amoco eventually became BP Global, but no longer was it British Petroleum!
    So ease up on the jingoism and spend more time getting your facts straight. You might even find you win more friends!

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