Police release video of Vince Young altercation

Usually, surveillance videos that become evidence in legal proceedings have image quality on par with the Zapruder film

The cameras apparently have improved.

Our pal Brooks has posted the footage of the Vince Young scrip-club scuffle, which seems to show Young initiating the exchange.  In so doing, he shows no regard whatsoever for the possibility that his effort to strike the man who apparently made an upside-down Longhorn with his hand almost resulted in a nearby woman getting cold-cocked.

Young has received a citation for Class C assault, punishable by a fine of up to $500.  We’ve got a feeling the penalty imposed by the NFL under the Personal Conduct Policy will be slightly stiffer.

55 responses to “Police release video of Vince Young altercation

  1. It must be real hard to not be at a strip club at 3 am and getting into fights. real hard

  2. apparently Young became infuriated when told by the club manager that the club would not be going forward with its scheduled event, “Chippendale’s Banana Hammock Spectacular”, but rather having women dancing on stage instead.

  3. See the difference Steeler haters? Vince Young was charged! Big Ben was not. Rodger Go0dell better suspend his ass for 6 games.

  4. Luckily the guy wasn’t hurt as Vince delivered the blow with an odd 3/4 arm pushing motion as if he was throwing a shot put.

  5. hand jesture? really?
    was he claiming the wrong set? does Vince think he’s a gang banger? WTF

  6. Well, if he were a lineman, you could say he works well in a phone booth. LOL. Not much space there.

  7. Florio, thanks for the links to the Zapruder film and to the video of Adam Jones. That really made the article for me cause I have never heard of either before of JFK or strip-clubs.

  8. A violent criminal act by Mr. Wonderlic at a
    scrip club??
    If I hadn’t seen the second video I might have said scrip was something like Spell Checking, Rosenthal Isn’t Progressing.
    4 game suspension will cost him more than $500.
    The Floyd Resse curse keeps on giving at whatever scrip clubs his draft picks Adam Jones and Vincent Young tear up.

  9. This jackass gets a 2nd chance after proving he is a moron and proves again he is a moron.
    Time to get rid of him.

  10. Well, VYoung is certainly no T.Tebow.
    Maybe he just needs someone in his posse to carry a knife or gun…for “protection.”

  11. I like when people assault other people over something ridiculously stupid.
    “Ohhh, you drew Muhammad. I’m going to stab you.”
    “Ohhh, you showed my college’s handsign upside down, I’m going to hit you.”
    Why are so many people so idiotic?

  12. heh trying to make a story that doesnt exist. “no regard for a woman getting hit” Well, she didn’t get hit and he hit his target.. so where did it show he had such bad aim he almost hit someone else? I know that I have never ever missed my target in my life.. and have never heard of someone doing the same in my experience.. ghaha

  13. dude got in a fight, OH NO!
    it happens.
    seems that one guy was TRYING to piss him off. guess you get what you want sometimes.
    I hope this doesn’t become a huge story

  14. You can take the person out of the environment, but you can’t take the environment out of the person

  15. club onyx is one of the finest strip clubs in dallas but some of their non stripper employees can be very stupid some times.opens til 5am!!!!

  16. “his hand almost resulted in a nearby woman getting cold-cocked.”
    What?! Urbandictionary gives 4 definitions, I’m assuming you mean the first one and not the fourth one.

  17. Seems a little early to tell on this one, who knows what led up to it. Besides, it can’t be too serious if it was only a $500 fine. Before we get all high and mighty, we should consider how often this happened with our heroes before the days of youtube. Maybe he was acting like an asshole thug, maybe it was just a scuffle, who knows.

  18. Looks like the Titans…Pac Man Jones…Steve McNair…Vince Young and the Bengals use the same scouting criteria for their draft selections.

  19. Nothing good happens after 2:00 am.
    Just ask Rapistberger, Pac Man Jones, Ray Lewis and Plaxico Burress.
    Thugs all.

  20. The guy was asking for trouble.
    See what happens to any of you the next time you flip “Down Horns” to a Texas fan. You’ll get your teeth smashed in, and deservedly so.

  21. He was stupid 2 take the bait…he has 2 learn that he is a high profile individual and people will come out of the woodwork like roaches 2 try 2 bring him down, and 6-8 games oughta cover it…

  22. Umm….for the record there, Rape-apologists…..
    Vince Young being suspended for 6 games doesn’t HELP the Steelers.
    Vince Young PLAYING helps the Steelers.

  23. Will this be an 8 game suspension? You get 6 games for not being charged with a crime, so actually being charged must be 8, right?

  24. @ Free Ben
    Yeah Vince was charged because there was a camera around. Ben knows better, go to a restroom where cameras aren’t allowed. Maybe Ben is smarter than we all thought.
    Vince Young is just another spoiled brat athlete who just doesn’t understand that their professiona and their status means they have to be much more aware of their actions. Suspend this dude for 2-3 games. Everyone runs their mouths at bars, thats how it works when you combine a bunch of drunken men in a small area. Most of us are smart enough to walk away, Young obviously isn’t that bright.

  25. You idiots equating this to Big Ben – a momentary shoving match between two guys, where seemingly no one even really got hit, is as bad as assaulting a drunk young woman in a bathroom stall while your bodyguards bar the door? Yeesh – please stay off of juries, thank you.
    Didn’t see any woman getting ‘cold-cocked’. Did see a very strong-looking blonde come in at the end and really haul the big bruiser in the striped shirt backwards. Most entertaining part of an otherwise muddled video.

  26. Vince Young playing helps the Steelers?
    Not sure this constitutes enough for Goodell to come down that hard on Young. It’s certainly dumb and Young should know better than to be at a place like that.

  27. When will the NFL start weeding out these players who cannot or will not behave in a law abiding way?
    Most every “common” person is required to live according to the rules and laws of society. And, when they break these rules or laws, they are required to pay the consequence as set forth by society. Many times they are even removed from society for an extended period of time.
    Not so with the players in the NFL (and other pro sports). One is involved in a killing and faces no charges. Another is involved in a rape and faces no charges. Still another is involved in assault and battery and faces a small fine.
    What happens when a “common” person is involved in such crimes? If convicted, he or she is weeded out of society…for an extended period of time
    When will society hold NFL players to the same rules and laws the “common” person must live by? When will the fans be spared the unending spectacle of NFL perps eluding justice? Again, when will the NFL start weeding out its law breakers?

  28. “In so doing, he shows no regard whatsoever for the possibility that his effort to strike the man who apparently made an upside-down Longhorn with his hand almost resulted in a nearby woman getting cold-cocked.”
    You owe the English language a huge, huge apology.

  29. Why are people defending him? Young did something wrong and got caught, so he should be suspended. 4 games sounds about right. Less of an offense that Big Ben, but still should be heavily punished since it is yet another black eye on the NFL.

  30. Saw video.
    Saw scuffle.
    Didn’t see punch.
    Didn’t see diss (hook’em horns flip).
    This could only rate headline “news” to Pro Football Teletubbies.
    Can see …
    … more hand-wringing teeth-gnashing navel-gazing rubber-necking from Teletubbies if Goodell does or doesn’t punish Young for something this silly.
    It’s not the crime, it’s the time.

  31. So even after all the crap with Pac-Man, we still have high-profile NFL players hanging out in strip clubs at 4:00 am?

  32. All these steeler fans are getting old comparing everything to their precious QB. Yes, he didnt get charged, and he still got suspended. Get over it. The NFL was tired of him putting himself in situations where the NFL is getting cast in a bad light. They didn’t care where the case went, they don’t want their star players getting accused of raping women while they are suiting up for an NFL team.
    So stop complaining, its getting annoying.

  33. Does anything good ever happen in a strip club? Dude can’t get no putty tat on his own? Did anyone else notice the ” strippers” in the vid? I wonder L.T. was invited.

  34. Cmon, Vince! You have to pay the strip club owner to tape over the tapes. That’s pretty basic. even Big Ben knew that.

  35. Found this quote from a dumb ass Horns fan on the videos message board
    “first off anybody thats not from texas doesnt like texas so they always have something bad to say. second football is everything in tx and to throw a horns down in vince young, the guy who won a national championship at UT, is very very disrespectful. what would you do if someone disrespected you and the university you went to where you kicked everyone elses ass?? like i said anyone thats not from texas doesnt like texas and always has something bad to say.”
    This is just assinine to think HORNS nation feels its more important to protect the integrity of TEXAS than protect ones reputation and pocketbook 5 years after they have graduated……VY stands to lose a lot more than UT does from this scuffle…But hey TEXAS can’t be respected ….Whatever ..Get over it VY ….Be a man and walk away….I’d have thrown a few hundreds at him and walked off..

  36. I’m going to start a Mobil Scrip Club for NFL players. That’s right fellas, no more 3:00 a.m. arrests at the local strip club for fighting! We provide some random idiot ready to flash some inexplicably enraging sign or insult your GF/ wife! You can pummel them with no consequences! We also provide chicks who WANT to be groped in the bathroom! Heck, they’re paid NOT to tell on you! Amazing! Shoot yourself in the leg? No problem! The same great people working with Marvin Harrison are here to make sure that gun goes bye- bye along with any questions! Need to beat your girlfriend? We have Lady Gaga ( nothing wrong with punching a man )! We even have a pregnant suit for her! Itchin’ to shoot/ maim/ drown animals? Come on down to the weekly field trip to the SPCA, where YOU get to do the euthanizing 😉 Call now before you forget! Idiots!

  37. again… from these statements.. majority of you are the most ignorant uneducated short sighted hypocrits I have ever seen… hahah You people do worse than what happened in that video daily.

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