All five Browns restricted free agents sign tenders

The great restricted tender signing party of 2010 just added four new names to the mix.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports that all five unsigned Browns restricted free agents signed their tenders on Monday.  We previously knew that D’Qwell Jackson caved came to his senses.

Matt Roth, Jerome Harrison, Abe Elam and Lawrence Vickers also signed on the dotted line to avoid having their salaries cut.  Roth is set to earn $1.809 million in 2010, while the other four players are due $1.759 million.

In most cases, these long delays in restricted free agent signings only served to give the players a nifty way out of organized team activities.

Look for the Browns to shortly cut a handful of players you’ve never heard of to make room.

18 responses to “All five Browns restricted free agents sign tenders

  1. Abe Elam should have did us a favor and continued his holdout! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That dude is grade a hot garbage!

  2. Must be a real bitch to have to “settle” for such pocket change.
    Duan is correct. And Abe Elam can take D’Qwell with him to the practice squad…

  3. Take note, the Cleveland Browns have serious depth at linebacker, running back and the secondary this year. Other than Roth and Vickers, these guys value dropped during their little hold-out.

  4. The thinking climate must change for the Browns to reach the pinnacle once more……….nice to see them come to their senses and start on the road to a winning tradition, for a short period again.

  5. A lot of things have changed with the Browns. Seems like as soon as Mangini arrived, but much more so when Holmgren arrived, they started doing things differently in terms of players’ character, hard work, dedication. The old Browns seemed to be ok with signing over the hill vets, didn’t really care much about whether they had cancers and idiots on the team, and generally just ran a much looser ship. Considering how much the culture has changed- and how the staff seems to like to play hardball now, I’m hoping this translates into more than 4 or 5 effing wins a year.

  6. not one who boo’s his team? Ever heard of passion, my friend? I have been a Browns fan my whole life and am sick and tired of them being a whooping post for the rest of the NFL…if they suck, I am sure as hell going to tell them about it! Does that make me less of a fan than you? Hardly. I also doubt that you have never booed the Browns (assuming you have spent money to watch them).

  7. Oh yeah!!!! Here we go…. I can smell it now. These signings get the Browns to the Superbowl.
    And with the 3rd pick of the first round of the 2011 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select from the University of
    Luck to get 5 wins this year. Mangina gets fired and Holmgren steps into the position letting Heckert be the GM. You heard it here on 6/14/2010

  8. ppdoc13; if you knew anything about the Browns, you’d know that they actually do have alot of young talent on this team. Not saying they will make the playoffs, but they will win more that 5 games. BTW, Heckert is the GM. Do some research next time so you don’t sound like such an idiot.
    Go Browns!

  9. “Homie” Holmgren don’t play no games, boyeees.
    Maybe they finally realized how lucky they were to be paid that level, for their level of talent. Buck up boys, you could actually WORK for a living.

  10. Nice to see that now pft is with nbc instead of witty comments they are comments made by TPT. Way to go florio…and when are the comment ratings coming back so o can rate all of these zeros

  11. Does anybody actually yell the word “boo?” I have allways thought the “boo” sound was the combination of all the moaning and groaning done by the collective stadium crowd. As a browns fan and out of state season ticket holder I have moaned and groaned at many a home game. Lots of “are you kidding me!” or “come ON!.” But never actually the word “boo.” (or “hiss” for that mater.) With that being said, like every year, I am conviced that this is our year. I love coolaid.

  12. @ ppdoc13
    “Mangina gets fired and Holmgren steps into the position letting Heckert be the GM. You heard it here on 6/14/2010 ”
    I will definitely remember, mostly because it was one of the stupidest posts i’ve ever read.
    1) It’s illogical that the team president, who has the most power an exec can have over a team without owning it, would want to step down to coach. I can smell the gears burning, now you’re thinking…he’ll do both then…no he won’t, or at the very least, if he does, no he shouldn’t. That is entirely too much for one man to take on and I fully believe he learned his lesson when he was in a HC/GM role in Seattle – aint happening
    2) Mangini – note the spelling (I’m tired of the cutesy low self image-compensatory nick names for the head coach of my football team), may or may not get canned at the end of the year, but it won’t be holmgren in his place, it’ll be the guy that Holmgren choses.
    3) Most obvious for last, Heckert IS THE GM.
    Why are some of the least logical posters so incredibly proud of themselves and their visions into the future. “You heard it here on 6/14/2010” ROTm.f.F, LMAO!!!!

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