Arizona's offseason, in spoken words and moving images

The PFT Daily operation continues to be dark, thanks to the inability of the folks at Time Warner to solve an ongoing Internet issue relating to the system that we use to pipe video to Stamford, Connecticut — and the failure of Time Warner to show up to continue working on the problem between, as promised, 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. ET on Monday.

Yes, Time Warner, we’re calling you out for generally poor customer service.  Especially since your guy who came last week tracked dirt all over the carpet in my basement.

So while we wait for the string between the two tin cans to be reconnected, we’ll continue to roll out the video reviews of the offseasons for each team.

Today, the Arizona Cardinals.


7 responses to “Arizona's offseason, in spoken words and moving images

  1. On the bright side, Time Warner will sell you ‘Sweatin to the oldies’ to occupy your time in the basement waiting for repairs.

  2. Things I learned from the video: apparently Ken Whisenhunt pronounced Antrel’s name wrong, Jerheme Urban switched to tight end after the season was over, and Mike Florio’s idea for re-alignment was a vital element of Arizona’s offseason.
    Love you, Mike, but the real story of their offseason is the debut of four new pass-rushers: Stevie Baggs from the CFL, Joey Porter who spent last year with the Dolphins, O’Brien Schofield from Wisconsin and Cody Brown who spent last year on IR.
    Mike’s comments were interesting but Gregg gave no supporting reasons for why Matt Leinart was going to be bad. Is he basing it on emergency use? Is it a lack of confidence in the pocket? Is it his decision-making? If you are going to predict a guy will be horrible, there must be some reason or reasons.

  3. that’s it? if it does not involve some dui or other criminal activity it’s just not a story…the Cards are not concerned with the opinion of a 5’6″ 125 lb pip squeak who looke like he buys his sportcoats in the junior department at kohl’s

  4. Time-Warner cable has horrible customer service? Wow. Was Jack Trudeau a bad quarterback as well?
    Two words for PFT… U … VERSE

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