Carlos Rogers faces no June 15 reduction

Though many of the 2010 restricted free agents received qualifying offers prior to March 5 that greatly exceeded 110 percent of their 2009 base pay, for some players a 10 percent raise surpassed the amount that corresponded with their initial tender amount.

Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers falls into the latter category.  He’s in line to earn $1.542 million in 2010, and he has yet to accept the offer.

And so June 15 has no meaning for Rogers, who told Jason Reid of the Washington Post that the 2005 top-ten draft pick is in no hurry to sign the tender. 

Actually, his specific response was, “Nah.”

Rogers used a few more words when explaining himself last week.  “I’m going to sign it before training camp,” Rogers said.  “I’m
not saying that in a negative way, but the June 15 thing don’t apply to

Since Rogers has been working out with the team after signing an injury protection letter, he’s exerting no leverage over the club by not withholding services.  So, frankly, he might as well sign it.

Meanwhile, we’ve caught wind of a rumor regarding a possible glitch that occurred on June 1, the date for re-extending the RFA tender offers.  There’s talk that the Redskins nearly failed to get Rogers’ tender properly re-issued.  We’ve been unable to confirm that and, frankly, we’d forgotten about it until seeing Reid’s report.

5 responses to “Carlos Rogers faces no June 15 reduction

  1. Rogers has been excellent at times, and Club-Handed at times. I like him and hope he stays and contributes well. Him on 1 side and Hall on the other……..Hall makes picks, but gets burned more than Rogers too.

  2. A stack of Gatorade cups and 50 extra spikes for cleats would be a fair trade for this guys skill set.
    I don’t want to hear any of the arguements that he’s a great tackler, takes away a portion of the field, and that his only down fall is his hands because he doesn’t.
    He’s great at getting beat by double moves, blaming Laron Landry, dropping pick-6’s, Stating 0 int’s, sitting on the bench behind D.Hall, and blowing coverages.
    Don’t want to believe? Week 1. Dallas @ Washington. Don’t be surprised if their rookie WR locks up the ROTY award in one game because of the man that was supposed to guarding him.

  3. I blame a lot of his problems on the atmosphere at Redskins Park the past few years. If things have truly changed in Ashburn, then his performance will improve as well.

  4. # Rojo Johnson says: June 14, 2010 8:33 PM
    I blame a lot of his problems on the atmosphere at Redskins Park the past few years. If things have truly changed in Ashburn, then his performance will improve as well.
    please punch yourself in the face…..
    his performance is not as simple as a better environment. double moves and dropped int’s are a plague to bad cb’s. he’s a hit with both.
    and he’s contributed to the atmosphere in ashburn!

  5. He got beat by double moves a lot last year. Then again, so did everyone else on Blache’s defense. Maybe it had something to do with the system, which seemed to involve giving every receiver a 12-yard cushion.
    It’s no wonder that they kept on biting on double moves, they had to react to the first move to get anywhere near the receiver on any short range passes. Far from preventing deep pass plays, I think Blache’s conservatism actually made them more likely to succeed.
    I’m not saying Carlos is any good. He is at best a decent cover corner with hands like feet. I doubt he will get many interceptions. He wont ever take a receiver completely out of the game, but he can be a competent starter on a good defense.

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