Chris Johnson says he's not mad at the Titans

NFL_johnson6.jpgTitans running back Chris Johnson, the 2009 Associated Press offensive player of the year, has boycotted the entire offseason program in protest of a contract that pays him base salaries that fail to reflect his value to the team.

But he’s not upset with the team, despite its failure to give him a hefty raise.

“I like my team.  I’m not mad,” Johnson said Monday, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “I am not sure what is
going to happen.  I am just working out right now trying get stronger and
faster, and just been focusing on my workouts.  I’ve been trying not to
pay attention to anything else, really.”

The Titans have five more practices before breaking for several weeks until training camp opens.  Johnson has faced no fines as a result of his absences, because the Titans employed no mandatory offseason minicamps this year.

Coach Jeff Fisher has said that he’d like to meet with Johnson, and Johnson has said he’s willing to do it — but only at Johnson’s football camp.

“I will meet with [Fisher] at my youth camp if he wants,” Johnson said.  
“I didn’t ask him to come, but if he comes, he comes.  But I am only
coming in for my youth camp.”

Though Johnson won’t talk about when he plans to report for work, a growing number of league insiders believe that he’ll comply with the 30-day rule, which requires a player under contract to show up at least 30 days before the start of the regular season or lose a year of credit toward free agency.

Offseason participation or not, Johnson has big plans for 2010.  “I am just focusing on trying to stay in shape and being ready when I am
back on the field,” Johnson told Wyatt.  “My mind has
been on one goal, to continue to be the best running back in the league. 
I’ve had a great offseason.  I plan on being even better than I was last

If Johnson plays even better than he did in 2009, it could be time to throw out the record books.  And, if it hasn’t already happened by then, it’ll be time for the Titans to tear up Johnson’s contract.

13 responses to “Chris Johnson says he's not mad at the Titans

  1. Dear Chris,
    That paper you signed? It’s called a contract. Not sure what that means? Well, that means it’s a binding agreement. Still don’t understand? How about this: when you signed it, it means that you agreed to what was written down. Just because you don’t like it now, it doesn’t mean you get to change it. It sucks, buddy, but welcome to the real world, where you’re supposed to live up to your word.
    If you don’t like it, go get a real job, and make ends meet on $60K a year.

  2. I think the Titans threw away the entire last season trying to get CJ’s 2,000 yards. There are several Titan’s that feel the same way.
    He should seriously just play out his original contract. He just seems really, really selfish to me.

  3. There is only one reason he is demanding a new contract. He knows that he will not be able to get those yards again. His value is as high as it will ever be. He knows that it is downhill from here. less yards = less money. Desperation is a foul odor.

  4. Saying that the Titans threw away last year for CJ to get 2K yards is asinine. Yes, CJ had the most carries in the league. But that also came with the best YPC. CJ was the lone bright spot on a team that never took off and only outscored opponents when Vince started halfway through the season. How do you not give CJ the ball when your next best option is Justin Gage or Bo Scaife? He’s your best option on offense so of course he gets a ton of carries. Try not to disguise opinion as fact. The only Titans game that you watched was when they beat your 49ers and Alex Smith threw 3 picks.

  5. # 49erFanLivingInDallas says: June 15, 2010 2:04 AM
    I think the Titans threw away the entire last season trying to get CJ’s 2,000 yards. There are several Titan’s that feel the same way.
    He should seriously just play out his original contract. He just seems really, really selfish to me.
    So you’re telling me that they started 0-6 because they were trying to get Chris Johnson 2000 yards? Sorry, that makes absolutely no sense. They went on an 8-2 run to finish the season, which would be the time when they would be trying to get him yards. Really the only game they force-fed him was the Seattle game to end the season and they still won that. Please show me some of the Titans that feel that their team threw away the season for Chris Johnson. I would love to see someone blame the 0-6 start on trying to get Chris Johnson 2000 yards.

  6. More displayes of girliness on this site counting other men’s money or even discussing another man’s money. You’re worth what somebody else will pay you in this free market based on capitalism, last time I checked. But yeah, let’s compare him to a $60,000 a year worker who can be easily replaced by somebody else who can do the same job. Yes, let’s make that comparison, Get over yourselves and your jealousy. If you want to bitch about the “real world” 24/7, why are you watching? I’m so sick of that nonsense….stop projecting the struggles you might be facing with another person’s better station in life. Jealousy like that is truly a gay ass trait.
    He over-performed his contract and has every right to want more, especially since an RB’s career and effectiveness will always be short, relative to other positions in football.
    So according to all you, “stick to the contract you signed” dummies, the only running backs that should get big money is a guy with a great college career because you do realize a signed rookie has no out until he’s played 6 NFL seasons….average NFL RB career span, 3.5. Think about that and stop whining by defending billionaires from rewarding the star players responsible for driving revenue for the NFL.

  7. He is the best RB in the league making nothing
    He has a right to want to get paid RIGHT NOW for what he has done and what he will do.

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