Cortland Finnegan wants to toughen Nate Washington up

Suspensions, apologies, squawking, and fights: Monday’s Tennessee Titans practice had it all.

ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky passes along an entertaining tale of cornerback Cortland Finnegan and wide receiver Nate Washington yelling at each other for much of practice.

At one point, Washington said that he shows up on gameday and it’s not about Monday through Friday.  (Titans fans might disagree.)

One of Finnegan’s responses: “You’re too soft, we need you to toughen up.”  
(Kuharsky writes Finnegan can be “over the top” with his intensity.  Sounds like a good problem.)

In the end, Washington said the team shouted the two sides were just trying to make each other better.

The same can’t be said for tackle David Stewart and defensive end William Hayes.  Those two tussled and Stewart wound up ripping Hayes’ helmet off and firing it at him.

Luckily for everyone, Stewart is no Ubaldo Jimenez and misfired.

15 responses to “Cortland Finnegan wants to toughen Nate Washington up

  1. Keep in mind that temperatures in the Nashville area have been in the mid-to-upper 90s today — extreme heat can cause tempers to flair quicker than they might otherwise.

  2. Cortland Finnegan had one slightly above average year 2008.
    He was exposed last saeson now there shouldn’t be a receiver in the league afraid of him.

  3. @Draft King
    Nashville is the only part of the country that experienced high temperatures lately?

  4. nate washington is so soft. fast but soft.
    too bad ten-a-key is stuck with him for the next 6 years? i think… didnt he sign a 7 year deal? maybe not.
    oh well. hes soft.

  5. This is what happens when people don’t know who’s in charge. Is it the coach? Is it the owner?
    I want to play this guy, no I want to play this guy. I sign your check,,,,,,,well yes you do.
    It’s a black hole in Nashville. Kinda like the Raiders and the Cowboys isn’t it. Sucks to be you.

  6. You included a baseball reference just to plug
    Genius..I love that site

  7. Cortland Finnegan is a sawed-off runt with short man syndrome. He’s a been a D-bag for a long time.

  8. “In the end, Washington said the team shouted the two sides were just trying to make each other better.”
    What does this even mean? As it’s written, it says that the Titans yelled at Nate Washington that both players were trying to make each other better.
    English fail?

  9. Hey Nate,
    We need a better 3rd receiver than Antwaan Randle El (even though his 82 in black still sits in my closet…), come back to the ‘burgh and join the reunion partay!

  10. No one can question Cortland Finnegans intensity…even after he signed the “big contract”…

  11. @☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc
    Supreme Court land’s 2008 was more than “slightly above average.” He earned a trip to the Pro Bowl. A hammy got the best of him early in 09 and is probably the primary reason for the 0-6 start. He will be back with a vengeance in 2010.
    Off the field, he is a gentle man, courteous to a fault (yes sir, no sir). He is also very civic mined, donating quite a lot of time to charity.

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