D'Qwell Jackson signs his tender, moves on from unhappiness

NFL_jackson_250.jpgD’Qwell Jackson huffed.

And D’Qwell Jackson puffed.

In the end, however, he opted against blowing the house down.

In early March, agent Brian Mackler complained loudly to the Cleveland Plain Dealer regarding the contention that the team made promises to Jackson that hadn’t been kept.  As the next few months unfolded, Jackson stayed away from all offseason activities.

But with the June 15 deadline threatening to take more than $1 million away from his pending tender offer, Jackson opted to suck it up and sign the one-year, $1.759 million contract, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

We’ve separately been told that Jackson’s gesture doesn’t mean only that he’s protecting his money.  Instead, it’s our understanding he plans to move on from his claim that promises were broken, and he plans to focus on having a strong season as a member of the Browns.

9 responses to “D'Qwell Jackson signs his tender, moves on from unhappiness

  1. Based on reports out of Cleveland, I’m not even sure he will start this season. It seemed the defense got a little better last season AFTER his season ending injury.

  2. Well…hopefully he comes back healthy and helps the Browns surprise some people. Then he can cash in after the season. You shouldn’t cash in after a season that you only played 6 games. Now we can hope that Jerome Harrison doesn’t think that he deserves to be paid Adrian Peterson money based on 3 weeks.

  3. Good idea DQ. Now come back, show the new FO that your healthy and capable of playing at a high level… You will be rewarded in the end!

  4. Thank the heavens, our season has been saved. Phetooey. He was the one out of 5 we couldn’t care less about.

  5. Man, how’s he gonna put food on the table for just $1,759,000.00 this year?
    I mean, that’s only 40.77 years worth of earnings for the median American with a bachelor’s degree.

  6. Moves on from unhappiness? How can you be happy when your team will lose every game, play to an empty stadium, and have the first pick in the draft next year.

  7. Jackson is a good player, glad to see that he signed, now lets move on and try to improve this sorry team.

  8. Jackson is a good player on a really bad team. Now, with the improvements, maybe we’ll see his real potential. Then, cash in, Baby!!!

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